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II. Complete the chart with the present and past tense of the verbs.

Present Past Present Past

buy ___________ go __________

come ___________ have __________

drink ___________ __________ met

_________ ate read __________

feel ___________ __________ saw

III. Complete this paragraph with the following past tense verbs.

was / were lost did moved became opened

laughed had got hid wrote screamed

My best friend in school ________ Miguel.He and I ________ in Mrs. Gilbert's third

grade class, and we ________ friends then.We often ________ crazy things in class,

but I don't think Mrs. Gilbert ever really _______ mad at us. For example, Miguel

________ a pet rat named Curly. Sometimes he ________ it in Mrs. Gilbert's

desk. Late, when she ____________ the drawer, she always __________ loudly and

the class __________. After two years, Miguel's family _____________ to another

town. We ____________ letters to each other for a few years, but then we _______ contact.

I often wonder what he's doing now.

Describe your father’s job.
1. __________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________
Adverb Frequency

Always 
Usually 
Often 
Sometimes 

 Are the sentences true (T) or false (F) for you? Change the adverbs in bold to correct the false

1. I usually get up at 6:30 a.m. ____

2. I never walk to school. ____

3. I always eat lunch at school. ____

4. I often play tennis with my friends. ____

5. I sometimes go to school on Saturdays. ____

 Choose an appropriate adverb to make true sentences about yourself.

1. I ______________ do my English homework.

2. I ______________ get up early at the weekend.

3. I am ______________ sleepy in the mornings.

4. I ______________ eat breakfast in bed.

5. I am ______________ noisy in class.

6. I ______________ go to sleep in class.

7. My friends and I ______________ play football after school.

8. I ______________ have pizza for lunch.


The present continuous is to talk about things that happening now.

1. Terry is talking Korean again. (Get on the wall…. TERRY!)

2. Susan and Cindy are going for a walk.
3. Terry, Alfred, and Steve are singing love songs to Cindy.