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ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007

the status of actions from previous a) the status of actions from previous a) results of internal audits and
management reviews; management reviews; evaluations of compliance with
applicable legal requirements and with
other requirements to
which the organization subscribes;

b) changes in external and internal b) changes in: b) the results of participation and
issues that are relevant to the quality 1) external and internal issues that consultation (see 4.4.3);
management system; are relevant to the environmental
management system;
2) the needs and expectations of
interested parties, including
compliance obligations;
3) its significant environmental
4) risks and opportunities;

c) information on the performance c) the extent to which environmental c) relevant communication(s) from
and effectiveness of the quality objectives have been achieved; external interested parties,
management system, including including complaints;
trends in:
1) customer satisfaction and
feedback from relevant interested
2) the extent to which quality
objectives have been met;
3) process performance and
conformity of products and services;
4) nonconformities and corrective
5) monitoring and measurement
6) audit results;
7) the performance of external

d) the adequacy of resources; d) information on the organization’s d) the OH&S performance of the
environmental performance, organization;
including trends in:
1) nonconformities and corrective
2) monitoring and measurement
3) fulfilment of its compliance
4) audit results;
e) the effectiveness of actions taken e) adequacy of resources; e) the extent to which objectives have
to address risks and opportunities been met;

f) opportunities for improvement f) relevant communication(s) from f) status of incident investigations,

interested parties, including corrective actions and preventive
complaints; actions;

g) opportunities for continual g) follow-up actions from previous

improvement. management reviews;

h) changing circumstances, including

developments in legal and
other requirements related to OH&S;

i) recommendations for improvement.

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