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6 New Inspiration 2

Unit 6 Standard Test

VOCABULARY 3 Complete the sentences.

1 Complete the sentences with the correct 1 You can learn about history in a m__________.
animals. 2 You can watch a football match in a
1 You can see s_________ in the trees in Hyde s__________.
Park. 3 You can go for a walk in the p__________.
2 Richmond Park is famous for the d___ that live 4 You can have a coffee in a c__________.
there. 5 You can eat a meal in a r__________.
3 You can see l_____, m_____ and g_____ at 6 You wait for the train at the s__________.
London Zoo. 7 The t__________ will tell you what time the
4 Kentish Town City farm is a place you can go to next bus will arrive.
see s_____ and g_____. /7
5 The Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park has a lot of
d_____ on it.
4 Tick the correct sound.

2 Match the first lines of dialogues 1–10 with Ch (Much) Sh (She) F (Phone)
their replies a–j. laugh
1 This is an amazing view. shop
2 Ssh! Don’t make too much noise. The baby’s wash
asleep. photo
3 Cheer up! It’s Friday!
4 Do you know where the teacher is?
5 Are we ready to go?
6 Watch out! There’s a huge spider in the bath.
7 How do I make this cake, it’s delicious.
8 I don’t believe it! Our flight is delayed.
9 You can’t be serious?
10 Can you turn the TV up? /5

a) Thank goodness. No school tomorrow.

b) It’s absolutely stunning!
c) That’s why it’s a good idea to check the
information before you leave.
d) There. Is that loud enough? 5 Complete the sentences and questions with
e) Yes. Here she comes. the present perfect form of some of these
f) OK. Sorry. verbs.
g) Well, the best way to do it is …
be buy have go see do know work
h) You’re pulling my leg!
not take make
i) Yes, but there’s one problem …
j) I’m not joking!
/10 1 A: ________ you _____ an argument?
B: No, we _______.
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New Inspiration Level 2 Tests Unit 6 Standard Test

2 Tracy ___________ any photos this week. (5) ____ down the Nile?
3 You _______________ horrible to me today! Kari: Yes, I (6) ____ all those things. But I’ve
never (7) ____ a joke and I’ve never
4 A: ________you ______ out how to use the acted in a play. I’m too shy.
camera. Jim: Have you (8) ____ about this before?
Kari: No, this is the first time.
B: Yes, I _______. Jim: Well done, then. You’re getting better.
5 A: What ______ you ________ today? Do you know any jokes?
Kari: Yes, of course, and Judy (9) ____ me a
B: We ________ tigers, hippos and monkeys. good one.
6 A: _______ Ellen ______ any presents? Jim: Tell me then.
Kari: OK. (10) ____ the joke about …
B: No, she ________.

/10 1 A never gone B never went C ever been

2 A not B ever C never
3 A been B ‘ve never been C ’ve been
6 Write the words in the correct order to make 4 A Have you seenB You have seen C Did you see
questions or sentences. Put the verb into the 5 A sailing B sail C sailed
correct tense. 6 A ’ve done B ’s done C done
1 lose / ever / anything / you / have / important 7 A told B tell C said
8 A never talked B ever talked C just talked
_________________________________? 9 A has just said B has just told C has ever told
2 never / so beautiful / be / I’ve / anywhere 10 A You have heard B Have you heard C Did you
3 they / ever / anyone / famous / meet / have
4 ever / visit / this place / no one / has 8 Read and complete the sentences with too
____________________________________ much, too many or enough and some of these
nouns or adjectives.
5 find / ever / anything / you / have / valuable
big cafés money noise people time

Problems with the new shopping centre

7 Read and complete the text. For each number  There are (1) ______________. It’s really
1–10 choose the correct option A, B or C.
Kari: Have you (1) ____ to another country?
Jim: No, (2) ____. I really want to go to  There’s (2) ____________because of all the
countries like China, Japan, Egypt …
Kari: I (3) ____ to Egypt. people. You can’t hear yourself talk.
Jim: Wow! You lucky thing! Why?
 There aren’t (3) __________ or restaurants –
Kari: My parents went there for work for two
weeks so I went with them. so there are long queues.
Jim: (4) ____ the pyramids then? Have you

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New Inspiration Level 2 Tests Unit 6 Standard Test

 I spent (4) _____________because really spectacular. Then monuments to look at,

I love the Taj Mahal in but I know it and I
everything is really expensive. India because it’s so know lots of the
beautiful and so people. I know where I
 The car park isn’t (5) __________ so you romantic. I like Bangkok can go to meet my
too because I love friends, where the best
can’t find a place to park.
shopping in all its shops are, what time
markets and it’s a big, the cinema starts,
/5 busy city, and I love where all my friends
eating there too. Thai live. This is very boring,
food is so good. And I know, but that’s fine.
READING Egypt with all its The place I like best is
fabulous monuments. my home town. I like
9 Read the texts, choose True or False and give No, I don’t have a travelling but I always
reasons for the false answers. Then answer the favourite place. I want want to come back
questions. to travel until I’ve seen here.
all the countries in the
Toby Mitra world!
My favourite place is The place I like most is
Hong Kong. I love it. It’s New Zealand – it really 1 Toby doesn’t like city life. True/False
so beautiful – it’s on is beautiful. It’s very
the sea, with green, has lots of ______________________________________
mountains all around mountains and snow
and it’s full of shops and beaches, and the 2 Mitra doesn’t like too many people.
and high buildings. weather is good too.
Hong Kong never The people are friendly True/False
sleeps – it’s always and the country isn’t ______________________________________
busy and always crowded. That’s what I
crowded. Some people like – lots of big, empty 3 Anys likes good food. True/False
don’t like that but I do. spaces. You can eat
It means you can well in New Zealand
always do things and too – lots of fish and
meet people. And at meat. And there’s so 4 Nicholas doesn’t like visiting new places.
weekends you can go much to do there. You
to the mountains and can go sailing, walking,
visit the country parks skiing, surfing, ______________________________________
or the beaches on the swimming – all in one
small islands. Hong day if you want! And 5 Toby doesn’t like to leave the city. True/False
Kong is great – a big, the wild animals are ______________________________________
fast city and lovely, fantastic, especially the
quiet country … but it’s sea animals like the 6 Mitra likes seeing wild animals. True/False
very, very hot. whales.
Anys Nicholas
My favourite place? I I know the place that I 7 Anys hasn’t found her favourite place yet.
don’t know. I like lots like best – it’s where I
of things in lots of live. It isn’t beautiful, it True/False
places. There are the isn’t exciting, there ______________________________________
waterfalls in Zimbabwe aren’t lots of things to
– Victoria Falls. They’re do, there aren’t lots of 8 Which place has a good market?

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New Inspiration Level 2 Tests Unit 6 Standard Test

_________________________________ _______________________________________
9 Which place is good for outdoor activities? _______________________________________
Why? _______________________________
10 Which place is always full of people?

/10 _______________________________________

10 Listen to five different people and complete
the chart. _______________________________________

Person Favourite Reason _______________________________________

Ben _______________________________________


Liam _______________________________________


John /20


11 Your teacher has asked the class to do a
project on famous landmarks in your town or
city. Write about one landmark that you know

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