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Stefan Hörth

Standard FR4 PCBs for

advanced LED lighting
LED Light for you Workshop 19.06.2013

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Standard-FR4 PCBs for LED Lighting.
No contradiction…

Add On for
Standard FR4 PCB Requirement 1

1. Standard Materials
• Well proven FR4 & copper Add On for
• High reliability / lifetime Requirement 2

2. Standard manufacturing
• Common processes
• Standard assembling Add On for
Requirement 3
• Cost efficient production

HSMtec 2
Company Overview

Haeusermann GmbH

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Located in

Austria / Europe
 1907 Founded
 Innovation leader
 2006 Innovation award Austria
 2011 European business award


 Multilayer HDI / Microvia Boards

 LED Printed Circuit Boards
 Thermal management boards
 High current applications

HSMtec 3

1 Thermal Management

HSMtec 4
Achieving a low thermal resistance of LED
Printed Circuit Boards.

Thermal resistance

Rth =

L …. Length of thermal path [m]

λ …. Thermal conductivity [W/(m·K)]
A …. Total cross sectional area Goal: Rapid heatspreading
for heat dissipation [m2]
directly below the LED

HSMtec 5
Copper offers advanced material properties for
HB-LED applications.

Thermal conductivity

Material λ [W/mK]

Copper 300

Aluminium 150
Solder 51 x 1.000
x 10.000
Ceramics 24

FR4 0.25

Air (unmoved) 0.026

HSMtec 6
Common solutions:
Standard FR4 board

FR4 board with “Thermal vias”

A <<

HSMtec 7
Common solutions:
Plugged FR4 board

FR4 board with “Plugged thermal vias”

A <<

HSMtec 8
Common solutions:
Metallic Substrate Boards

Exemplary layer stackup of MC-PCB

λ = typ.
0.25 – 3.0

λ = typ.
150 W/mK

HSMtec 9
Embedded copper enables sophisticated thermal
management within standard FR4 PCBs.

Exemplary cross section of board

Embedded copper parts


Copper HEAT FR4


HSMtec 10
HSMtec – Innovative FR4 / copper PCBs
Highest LED power, intelligent lighting, innovative optical design

Copper profiles and wires integrated into standard

FR4 - PCBs enable

High Performance PCBs Intelligent LED Lighting 3D - PCBs

 Optimised thermal performance  Integration of complex  Individual orientation of
for the highest LED power electronics within LED PCBs single LEDs
 Electrical isolation up to 4kV  Multilayer boards including  Innovative designs and
integrated into the PCB thermal management mechanics
 Thick copper directly below the  FR4 / copper guarantees  Fully integrated thermal and
LED‘s solderpads highest reliability electrical connections

HSMtec 11
HSMtec - Complete your LED visions
Intelligent Printed Circuit Board technology for innovative LED luminaires

HSMtec 12
HSMtec provides best-in-class thermal performance
compared to other thermal PCB solutions

Thermal resistance [K/W]







HSMtec Cu-MC-PCB Alu-MC-PCB FR4, filled /
2.5 W/mK insulation layer 4 W/mK insulation layer
FR4 / Embedded 75µm thickness 100µm thickness
plugged vias

*Based on actual thermal measurement with T3ster. Heatsink directly attached to rearside of HSMtec PCB.

HSMtec 13
High Power LED Modules
Application example
Ultra high power LED modules

Lighting Engine

 50 x 50 mm  Ø 28 mm LED Cluster  Ø 19 mm LED Cluster

 49 LEDs a 2,5 W  33 LEDs a 2W  30 LEDs a 3W
 PCB-thickn. 0.8 mm  4-layer PCB  Rth ≈ 0,15 K/W

HSMtec 14

2 Multilayer LED boards

HSMtec 15
HSMtec allows full integration of intelligent control
electronics on the LED PCB

Typical solution – 2 PCBs HSMtec solution

IMS / MC-PCB for LEDs Fully integrated FR4 Control & LED PCB


 Embedded copper profiles support

selective thermal management
 Multilayer boards enable a flexible
electrical layout of intelligent control
FR4 PCB for control electronics electronics

HSMtec 16
Innovative PCB designs and mechanics enables
advanced LED luminaires

Multicolor LED-Wash Stage Spot Light

200 m m

 Stage luminaire  Up to 66W of LED Power

 Up to 600W total power (54 x 12W)  4 different coloured LED chips
 Control electronics / driver on board individually controlled
 4 Layer Multilayer Board  4-Layer board achieves a flexible layout
* Source - Sample Pictures Internet * Source – LDDE Vienna

HSMtec 17
Accent lighting module for shops / showrooms.

Light ing solut ion:

• Zhaga book 3 com pat ible design
• M icrocont roller based RGBW colour cont rol
• Int egrat ed colour sensor
• 36W light out put

PCB solut ion:

• Driver elect ronics and LEDs on t he sam e board
• 18 red, green, blue and w hit e Osram Oslon LEDs
• Ø 26 m m LED Clust er, Ø 50 m m PCB
• 4-layer PCB enables flexible rout ing
• Therm al decoupling bet w een LEDs and driver elect ronics

* Source – Cogilux

HSMtec 18
The LED-layout is the basis for a optimal
PCB design.

HSMtec 19
Optional integrated insulation layer for the highest
dielectric strength and thermal conductivity

Optional: Up to 4 kV
Rapid heat spreading
dielectric strength
by embedded copper parts
directly integrated into the PCB

Copper Dissipation


HSMtec 20
Outdoor luminair PCB with integrated
isolation > 4kV
Requirem ent s:
• Rapid heat dissipat ion of each LED clust er
• Dielect ric st rengt h of > 4kV bet w een LEDs and heat sink w it hout addit ional layers
• Signficant im provem ent of reliablit y / lifet im e com pared t o Alum inium -M C-PCB
Solut ion:
• Fully int egrat ed isolat ing layer provides dielect ric st rengt h of >4kV w hile m aint aining t herm al perform ance
• Direct connect ion t o em bedded solid copper pieces guarant ess rapid heat spreading
• PCB t hickness of 0.8 m m enables m inim al t herm al resist ance of t he PCB
70 m m
120 m m

HSMtec 21

3 Reliablity / Lifetime

HSMtec 22
Thermal stress and temperature differences are a
major source of defects for IMS Alu-MC-PCBs

Temperature Failure
Different Mechanical
expansion of stress to due to cracked
Comp. & PCB solderjoint solderjoint

Temperature cycling caused by Material
[ppm / K]
 Operation of device Aluminium 23
 Environmental conditions Copper 16
FR4 15 – 17
 Switching / dimming
Ceramic LED 4–8
*Source: Osram OS

HSMtec 23
FR4 / copper enables optimal reliability & lifetime
when compared to a typical Alu IMS / MC-PCB

Shear force tests kindly provided by Osram OS have confirmed a

high resistance of HSMtec LED PCBs to thermal stress.

Shear force as a %
of the initial value
Data kindly provided by

HSMtec / FR4

60 HSMtec / FR4
HSMtec / FR4


HSMtec / FR4


Number of thermal
0 cycles
0 = initial situation 1000 cycles 1500 cycles (- 40° to +125°C)
after soldering

HSMtec 24
HSMtec enables an optimal LED lifetime & reliability
when compared to a typical Alu IMS / MC-PCB

Thermal cycle test - Results

FR4 copper Alu

Number of thermal cycles - 40 to +85°C Temperature
tested to 1% failure rate
0 – 60°C > 2 x IMS 450 %

- 40 to +85°C > 3.5 x IMS 100 %

/ IMS * Results after 6 months testing time


Data kindly provided by

0 100 % 200 % 300 %

HSMtec 25

4 Multidimensional LED PCBs

HSMtec 26
Multi-dimensional PCBs enable flexible optics and
innovative mechanics

3D Printed Circuit Boards

 Individual optical orientation of single LEDs

 Self-supporting stable mechanical structures
 Innovative design opportunities

HSMtec 27
Rapid heat transfer within the board enables
innovative thermal concepts

3D HSMtec PCBs

 Multi-dimensional technology supports the use of

simple and cheap heatsinks for multiple LED clusters
 Fully integrated thermal and electrical connections
within the 3D board

Embedded copper parts

to enable
 Electrical connections
 Heat transfer
 Mechanical stability

HSMtec 28
Manufacturing of 3D – PCBs
Produced – Populated - Bent

1 PCB manufacturing

Population of
2 components (flat PCB)

3 Bending of FR4-PCB

4 Assembly of luminaire

HSMtec 29
Innovative PCB designs and mechanics enables
advanced LED luminaires

Street lighting Camera lighting module

 Mechanically stable PCB segments  Flexible illumination of objects

allow reduced additional cabling and
assembly costs  Adjustment of inclination angle for each
individual PCB segment
 Simplified handling
* Pictures: Schreder Group * Pictures: Buechner Lichtsysteme

HSMtec 30
Innovative PCB designs and mechanics enables
advanced LED luminaires

Signal light - Helicopter Tunnel – Floor light

HSMtec 31
Choose the right PCB to meet your

Individual thermal concepts Innovative optics / designs

 High power applications / arrays  3D concepts for optimized illumination
 Partial thermal management  Dispense for add. mounting/cabling effort

Advanced FR4 / copper boards


Intelligent lighting control Reliable systems / high lifetime

 Flexible Layout  Use of well proven materials
 Lighting Intelligence  Minimize risk of defects

HSMtec 32
Your business partner for…….

…to complete your VISION.

Partner of

HSMtec 33
We are pleased to assist you throughout the whole design process


Austria, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Zitternberg 100
Phone +43 2985 2141-9620
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