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Key demographic trends in the USA:

American society is getting older - In 2010, the median age in the United States had reached 37.2
years of age, up 1.9 years from the 2000 median age of 35.3 years.

American society is getting more diverse - soon there will be no majority racial or ethnic group in the
United States—no one group that makes up more than fifty percent of the total population. Already
almost one in ten U.S. counties has a population that is more than fifty percent minority.

American society is getting older and more diverse AT THE SAME TIME - Non-Hispanic whites
are the oldest; Hispanics are the youngest. The youngest populations are the most diverse; forty-seven
percent of children younger than five belong to a racial or ethnic minority group.

Family structures are changing - many marry older, many don't marry at all, some groups have
many children and some groups have none or few, Millennials and the birth of helicopter parenting.

Current demographic make-up of the USA

Race and ethnicity: white- non Hispanic – 64%, Black non-Hispanic – 12 % - living mostly in the
north of the country, Hispanic – Latino – 17% - mostly south, California, New Mexico, Florida, Texas.
California is a state where already Latinos became majority.

ORIENTATION: A 2006 UCLA study reported that 4.1% of Americans aged 18–45 identify as gay,
lesbian, or bisexual. The most of the LBGT adult percentage is in the west of the country: Washington,
Oregon, Nevada California, but also Maine, and South Dakota.

AGE: USA is a graying society, people in age 15–64 years make 66 % of the society, teenagers –
20%, old people – 14%.

SEX/GENDER: Female – more in the old confederate states, Male – in the north of the country.
Generally more women.

POVERTY RATES: In 2011, poverty rate – 15 percent, homeless children in US – 1,6 million,

BIRTH RATES: there is less and less births, The United States population growth is at an historical
low level as the United States current birth rates are the lowest ever recorded.

URBANIZATION: progressed throughout its entire history. Over the last two centuries, the United
States of America has been transformed from a predominantly rural, agricultural nation into
an urbanized, industrial one. The biggest urban areas are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San
Diego, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Huston, San Francisco.

CRIME: the most dangerous cities: St. Louis, Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore, Detroit.
African-Americans constitute majority of the prisoners, then Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites.


Majority of the country is Protestant, less than 25% -

Catholic. Christians altogether constitute almost
80% of society and about 16% of citizens don’t
declare any religion.