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1. autonomous system – seperate n/w operating within 1 administrative domain

External BGP- relationship between peers in Different autonomous system
Internal BGP – relationship between peers in SAME autonomous system
Prefix – Block of IP Addresses
Private AS range – Value from 64512 – 65535
Public AS Range – Value from 1 – 64511

2.Wireless LAN Controller

dynamic RF feature – access points automatically adjust their strength
easy deployment process – The controller provides centralized management of users and vlans
easy upgrade process – the controller image is deployed automatically to access point
optimized user performance – The controller uses load balancing to maximize throughput
Ref: https*:*/*/*www*.cisco*.com/web/AP/wireless/pdf/Benefits_of_centralizedWLan.pdf

3.PPPOE Message Type:

PADI : A packet that is sent with the dest-addr sent to broadcast addr. the packet indicates the type
of service requested
PADO : A packet that is sent with the dest-addr sent to unicast addr of the pppoe client. the packet
contains an offer tot he client
PADR : A packet that is sent from pppoe client with dest-addr sent to the chosen access concentrator.
The packet contains a session request from the client
PADS : Apacket that is sent as confirmation to the client. The packet contains the unique PPPOE
session ID
PADT : A packet that is sent to terminate the PPPOE session


dynamic MAC address – MAC address that is learned by the switch through normal traffic flows
MAC ACL – feature that determines whether incoming traffic will be allowed
MAC address table – associates a learned MAC address with its connected interface
MAC aging – removing an inactive MAC address from the address table aftr a specified period.
MAC learning – adding a previously unkown MAC address into the address table
static MAC address – MAC address that remains in the MAC table aftr a reboot


Control Plane:
-routing state exchange
Data Plane:
-device access
-establishes Telnet sessions
-data encapsulation
Note: 9tut says QoS is data plane but from my study and ref. it is control plane


ip dns server – enables the DNS server on the device

ip domain list – specifies a sequence a domain names
ip domain lookup source-interface – enables DNS lookup on an individual interface
ip domain name – specifies the default domain to append to unqualified host names
ip host – statically maps an IP address to a hostname
ip name-server – identifies a DNS server to provide lookup services\

– 1. Initializing(Discover to server)
2. Selecting(from Offer from server)
3. Requesting(Request to server)
4. Bound (from Ack from server)
5. Renewing( from same dhcp server)
6. Rebinding( from different dhcp server)


HTTPS – call to the APIC- EM API from library

RBAC – token-based security mechanism


1. What is the status of port-channel if LACP is misconfigured?  Errdisable

2. Which two statements about using leased lines for your WAN infrastructure are true? (Choose

- Leased lines with sufficient bandwidth can avoid latency between endpoints.

- Leased lines require little installation and maintenance expertise.

3. How can you disable DTP on a switch port?

 Change the administrative mode to access.