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Data Collection Form # 2 Submitted by: Lauren Smith

Date: 6-15-2018

Child’s Name: Gabriella

Prompts and Responses Response/Pro %

Goal/Objec mpt Ratio Corre
tive ct
d on

Building Prompt G V V V V G VI V P V V 6/11

Relationship I I I 55
s %

Respon +/ + > + +/ + +/ > + + 9/11

se > + > > 81

Engaging Prompt V G I M M M M M I V 5/11

and P 45
enriching %
Respon +/ > 0 0 +/ +/ + + + 8/9
se > > > +/ + 89
> %

2-3 word Prompt V M M G G V V 1/11

utterances V V VI V .09

Respon > + > 0 +/ 5/10

se > > +/ +/ +/ > > 50
> > > %













Prompting Key: G= Gesture M= Model I= Visual VI= Verbal Indirect V= Verbal
p = Partial Physical P= Full Physical
Response Key: 0 =No Response IN = Incorrect > = Approximation +/> =
Close Approximation + = Target Observed S = Spontaneous


Gabby was in her home during this observation exploring and scooting around the kitchen. Cierra

was there and prompted 2-3 word utterances through the use of toys, other items in the house,

and through modeling and the use of gestures or verbal prompts. We noticed that Gabby speaks

more when she is isolated and not around a lot of people unfamiliar to her. She also speaks more

knowing that her mom or nurse is nearby and not leaving. It is important that she feels secure

and safe during the interventions and preferably at least 30 minutes after her feeding is done.

This week we worked with Gabby in her home. Cierra played with Gabby and prompted her to

say 2 word utterances through toys and other activities. She was seen scooting around the

kitchen and spoke more then she ever has when she was isolated and working more one on one.

She also did not get afraid and continued to play when Brother Christopherson came to the IEP

meeting- as well as not start to gag or throw up when we came for the intervention. At the

beginning of the intervention we sang ‘”I knew an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly” with prompts

which Gabby stayed engaged in for almost 10 minutes.

Objective Description of Data and Observation:

Gabby scooted to the fridge and it sounded like she said “refrigerator” but it wasn’t pronounced

correctly. She also answered “food” when Cierra asked what was in the fridge. She said “star

stickers” when Cierra asked her what kind of stickers were on the counter. She scooted towards

the door to outside and pointed outside. Cierra asked if she wanted to go outside and Gabby said

“okay”. Cierra said later we could go outside and Gabby said, “okay” again. Gabby pointed also to

a painting and said “down” while pointing. She also participated in playing peek-a-boo with Cierra.

Cierra used the kitchen table to hide and also her hands. Gabby also used hands and pointed to

table while saying “table”. Gabby handled the props when we sang ‘”I knew an Old Lady who

Swallowed a Fly” and pointed to the animals we said come next in the song.

Assessment Evaluation:

Being one on one made a big difference for Gabby with her communication goal. She responded

positively mostly to verbal props rather than gestures or modeling. She did this about 50% of the

time attempted. During hide and seek she spoke often- the interactive and engaging activity

prompted her to talk more. The activity with ‘”I knew an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly” also

prompted Gabby to speak as I pointed to the animals and verbally prompted her to identify them.
Gabby did flop her arms but for less time due to the comfort of being in her home and also

through the one-on one interaction with less pressure or intimidation.


We want to have Gabby placed in situations where she can interact with more children her age.

We hope to do this through a lunch in the backyard. She still seems to need her mom and nurse

around so we hope to have them be further away and slowly help her to be comfortable with more

people. We understand now however that we can communicate with her more when we are

working with her one on one. We also know that singing along with props prompt Gabby to speak

more rather then some other activities we have tried. We will try and implement more of these in

future interventions.