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As a lawyer, I must strive to make our system

Follow the teachings of my parents, of justice work fairly and efficiently. In order to carry
and to disseminate those to my younger out that responsibility, I will put the justice to poor, not
brother, to lead by example. Entrench the the rich people who have resources enough to provide
happiness of our family, nurturing what they protection for them. Will not giving justice favor and
build up, sustaining their legacy of being fear. Make a great impact to judicial, and country.
fortunate members of the society. Make our place worth to invest, and to live in.

Role model learner

MAP ratifying and applying the rules,

regulations of the school. Promote
Bringing intimate and
precious moment that money can’t buy,
SOCIAL ad havoc good quality of social
participation within teachers and
learners. In which might become a
entrenching the strong bond that you
counter band to hindrance of the
have created through the years, be the
development of school, society and
best version of true friendship thru
country. Make a social impact to
nurturing the realm of nothing will left
fellow learners that will mold their
behind, together we will surpass the
decision makings and having a
strong wave that will flash away what we
have built. good insights, and leveling the
good acts to bad acts.


Law abiding citizen, whole-heartedly participating
Imploring the aid of Almighty God by
community based social activity. Such as, community applying, his words and wisdoms. Open up my heart
services, sports league, livelihood program, and local

everyday asking for guidance, forgiveness, to brighten
government seminars. In order to promote good social ability up mind to decide clearly. Praying for world peace a
that will contribute for the benefit of the community and the place worth to live in, good health, good career, and to
family. closely tied the bond of the family.