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THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER Known as “THE ANCIENT, MYSTIC ORDER ROSAE CRUCIS" throughout the world [A NowScarn Petry Devo the owas and Sey ofthe Mier ne of ile SUPREME TEMPLE FOR NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA March 15, 1935 Mr. Stanton C, Phelps 1510 2. 29th Street Baltimore, Maryland Dear Sir and Frater: We note the change in your attitude toward your fiancee, and we urge you not to allow this state of mind to continue. You should be tolerant and look upon her shortcomings with sympathy, realiz- ing that they are probably due to lack of understanding and not through any desire on her part to hurt you or anyone. We should never censure or condemn anyone although we may not be in sympathy with his actions. We do not know his point of view or his inter- pretations of conditions. You will learn very soon--if you have not already reached that point in the studies--the difference between reality and actuality, and you will see that much depends upon our interpretation and understanding of a thing; and what might be very wrong to one person according to his standard and development might not be at all wrong to another person. We wish to point out that it is very unwise for you to cultivate and continue in the state of mind you have now built up as it will attract to you only like conditions. Instead, send forth only thoughts of love and understanding toward your fiancee, being willing to release her 1f necessary, and strive to realize that she is probably doing what she feels is best with no intention of hurting you or causing you unhappiness. Bitterness can bring you no happiness, but on the contrary will add to your sorrow. We shall continue our efforts in your behalf and trust that thie experience will add to your knowledge and understanding of humanity as it is undoubtedly intended to do. You should know by this time that nothing happens by chance and that everything is in accord with Cosmic law and for a definite purpose. With all good wishes for Peace Profound, weare Sincerely and fraternally, Obit ORDER, ( AM :WW Council of 40. SAN JOSE, CALIF, U. 8. A. Mr. Stanton C. Phelps 1510 2, 28th Street Baltimore, Maryland