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Objective Questions Possible answer Key

The student should be II- Read and answer the following 1- Little Leah went 1)3 points
able to understand in questions from the text. to Disneyland 2)2 points and 1
detail the written text 1- What happen a couple of month with his mother. point for saying
titled ‘’LEAH’’ in a WH- ago? 2- All kids and even Why.
question exercise. 2- Who started to look at him adults started to 3)3 points
endlessly? Why? look at him 4)3 points
3- How did they feel about 10:30? endlessly 5)3 points
4- What did she do in order to look because his joy
for her? was so big.
5- What is she still doing after seven 3- They felt so tired TOTAL-15
year? that they fell
4- She went to the
places where
they had been….
5- She still
continues holding
a picture of
The student should be III- Write a composition with no less than - A good use of the Ajuste al tema- 3
able to make use of 100 words with one of the following vocabulary and Claridad en las
the grammatical themes. the grammatical ideas--------------2
structure studied in - Narrate an event in the past structure studied Coherencia y
class in a written text where you received a gift. in class. legibilidad--------3
with no less than 100 - How can we avoid violence? Léxico-------------5
words Originalidad------1

TOTAL -----25
Objective Questions Possible answer Key
The students should be able to 1- Be ready to speak orally The use of the conditional type Grado de comunicación----------15
express orally the communicative from the followings titles. I,II and III. Fluidez---------------------------------5
functions studied in class: The use of the past perfect Pronunciación---------------------- 10
1) Talk about plans  Friendship The use of the Uso de las estructuras
2) Express a wish  Environment gramaticales------------------------10
3) Make an offer  Sport in Cuba Léxico---------------------------------10
4) Imagine something  Education Entonación---------------------------5
5) Give advice Creatividad y ajuste al tema-----5
6) React to a situation
7) Talk about a decision
8) Ask about something that
had happened
9) Talk about events before
other events in the past
10) State a possibility in the
11) State a conclusion
12) Express regret.
13) Make a judgment.