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Motivation Letters

My name is Nila Eliyanti, I was born in Subang. I am the first child of 3 brothers. I studied in Padjadjaran
University. Now I am 6 semester majoring in Statistics.

The reason why I want to continue my study to the university because I hope that in the future I get a
better job to make my parents happy and proud of me, so that I can add a new knowledge and
experience, and the most important for me is I can contine my life be better than before. With all due
consideration, finally I choose to study at Padjadjaran University majoring in Statistics. Statistics,
hmmm… Perhaps not everyone knows what it is statistical. I majored in statistics because I like math,
especially to calcite anything. However, if I am happy to calculate why I don’t choose majoring in
mathematics? The answer is, because statistics is more spesific. The second reason, because this major
is still scarce. Among the many state universities in this country there are only a few that have a
statistics major .With graduates are still little but expected job opportunities is still very wide. This is
what everyone wants, doesn’t it? After graduating from university they can use their knowledge that
they got in university quickly, in the other words is getting a job. And the third reason that I know from
internet is there are so many work prospects who needs the services of statistics, all fields are relating to
statistics. With all these reasons I am very confident to choose statistical major. The important things
that’s why we continue our study was for finding a decent job. Decent here means that we can sufficient
all our needs in the future.

The reason why I need to get a scholarship is I want to ease the burden on my parents, especially my
mother. Almost one year my father was not working. I was very sad when I know that my mother was
strunggling very hard to keep the money for my study, I hope that my scholarship from Bank Indonesia
can ease the burden on my mother, and my mother also have to finance both of my brothers in high
school. Maybe this is the one that I can do so I'm not overly made my mother distress about the money
anymore. If I received a scholarship from Bank Indonesia, I could make my parents happy and I can get a
new knowledge and actively participate in any activities organized by Bank Indonesia. I’m a diligent
person, and can use the time right, because time is was very important. I will never stop to explore my
knowledge, because it will make me respected. If I get a scholarship Bank Indonesia, I will study very
hard, because I want to pass my study only 3.5 years and got a high marks.

I hope that I can get a scholarship from Bank Indonesia, I believe that Allah has prepared the best things
for his servants.
Career Path

Actually I have a lot of plans after graduation. A definite reason someone wants to continue their
education because they want to change their status, with another words everyone who had graduated
from university certainly wants to find a decent job for their future. Well so did I, after graduating from
university, I want to find a job which is I can use my knowledge that I’ve got in university. Except that I
want make my parents happy too. I want to work in the actuarial, for example in the fields of
investment, insurance, banking, etc.

I'll find information about that company as much as possible and try to send a proposal to the company.
If I've already received in the company, I will apply for a scholarship to support me to be an actuary.
Inshaallah I will be targeting over 2 years I can finish my education with Prodi Actuarial S2. Besides I
learned Actuarial I will follow every exams of PAI ( Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia). If I've already passed
the exams of PAI, I can reach my dream of Actuaries in a company in the field of the Actuary. Two years
from now or a few years latters I want to open a tutoring or an organization for everyone who wants to
learn and follow examinations PAI, because I want my knowledge could be useful, and I want to change
their views or their mindset towards exams of PAI, even I want pretending them that the exams of PAI is
easy if we want to make some effort to reach it and believe with ourselves. We have to be brave with
our dream because what we dream of that’s the beginning to make it happen as long as we
accompanied with effort and prayer.