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Weekly Report Grade 1

10th Dec to 14th Dec


1 ENGLISH Main Grammar book Textbook exercise completed

 Common Noun and Proper Nouns
 Gender – Male and female Textbook exercise completed
 The cage ( Comprehension)
Grammar notebook
‘Sentence’ and use of ‘has’ and ‘have Definition and exercises done in

2 MATHS  Numbers up to 100 Chapter completed. Notes

Textbook exercises completed.

Chapter completed.
EVS Notes given and textbook
3 Safety Rules exercises completed.
Grade 1 –A-M
Exercises for lesson 7 in the activity room Worksheet given

5 IT  Fun with paint Identify to design patterns using


6 HINDI  Grade 1 (A-M)Aei ki matra Textbook exercise completed,

completed Worksheet

7 Islamic Studies Completed

Chapter:Ithaar and caring’ Workbook page 59 completed.

Surah Al Kawthar recitation

8 Moral Science
Grade A-M
Practice of deep breathing technique,upper
and lower body warm-up
Twisting exercises
Practice of vajrasana (thunderbolt pose )and
butterfly pose (baddha konasana)
New pose –Tadasana (mountain pose)
8 Art and Craft  Grade A-M Children made a
greeting cards for christmas
9 PE Grade A,C,I,K,L,M-General warm up and running
race ,football (boys),badminton (girls)
1h:March past ,and football passing and stopping
1J: March past ,50mtrs,running practice.
1B:Recreation games
1D,E and G March past and recreational games
(with race and basketball)

10 Music  Vocal- revision of song. Keyboard-

revision of rhymes. Tabla-Prakar of
khraewa taal.

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