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Intermediary Business Management

(Business Plan)
KEREN (Kebab Rendang)

Dosen : Okin Ringan Purba

Melinda Silvia 224415048

“S1 MLM B 2015”




A. Background

With the development of the times and technology then people are now beginning to be careful in
choosing and buying food, because at present many foods are made by using hazardous chemicals.
Some of the lower classes, choosing food based only on tastes that are tasty and cheap. These two
things are their top priority in buying food. They do not really think about the content contained in the
food. For that I intend to make food that has a good taste with a fairly cheap price and safe to eat
because it does not use hazardous chemicals, and has adequate nutritional content.

From the description above it is very potential if we develop this bakery business, because some of the
community is very fond of KEBAB tastes good, delicious. This kebab has a savory taste because it
contains rendang. In addition, this rendang kebab can be enjoyed by all ages. So, anyone can to
consume this rendang kebab either old people or young people. This rendang kebab can be enjoyed in
any condition, either at night or in the morning.

With the reason and the foundation I plan to pioneer kebab rendang business. I named the business,
namely: KEREN (KEBAB RENDANG) in the hope that customers will be interested to come and buy our
kebab with a feeling of love will enjoy the taste of KEREN (KEBAB RENDANG).





Business Type: Culinary

Owner: Melinda Silvia


1. Vision
 Creating a winning business with the best quality and distinctive traditional taste.

2. Mission
 Providing the best product quality.
 Provide the best service to customers.
 Provides a distinctive traditional flavor to the product.

3. Business Purpose
 Receiving benefits.
 Increase experience and entrepreneurial knowledge in conducting business activities.
 To cultivate enthusiasm, attitudes, behavior and entrepreneurship skills among students and
communities who are able to rely on and foremost in entrepreneurship


The SWOT analysis on this business is as follows:

1. Strengths (Strength)

 The presentation of this kebab is very simple without requiring much time in its presentation.
 The price of kebab rendang is quite cheap, so it can be affordable by all circles of society /
 The kebab rendang we serve has a more delicious taste, because it is rich in spices from spices
rendang & cleanliness will always be our priority.

2. Weakness (Weakness)

 This rendang kebab still has one flavor, so the consumer can not choose another flavor.

3. Opportunities (Opportunities / opportunities)

 Seeing the number of people who need food, especially at night, so kebab rendang can be an
alternative as a food substitute food / staple.
 Most kebab sellers offer only common flavors, so this kebab rendang can be a different flavor
variant than others.
 Since this rendang kebab can be enjoyed by all ages from young to old, the target market
encompasses all societies.
 Variants of the product are still one so there is still a chance to create another taste variant.

4. Threats (Threats)

 Competitors in running this business quite a lot.

 An increase in the price of basic foods can also be a threat. Especially the price of beef.


a. Target Market

From the planned business plan, I analyze that the target market is the surrounding community and the
street user community where this business stands.

b. Competitor

Quite a lot of competitors from this business, the product from competitors was already very
widespread, but here is where creativity is built how to attract consumers to buy products so they
become loyal. Competitors of this business, among others; Kebab kebab rafi kebabs, fannisa kebabs,
fruit kebabs, etc.

c. Buyer's Goals

In carrying out this business the target of the buyer is covering all circles of society, both the bottom,
middle and upper class. Of all the circles are mostly able to buy products offered, because the price
provided is quite affordable for all circles. The price we provide is ranging from Rp 7,000 to Rp12.000.


The marketing strategy that can be done is:

1. Word of mouth

This promotion is the simplest of promotions, and it does not cost much to do this promotion. Simply by
telling friends or family to promote our business, so indirectly all consumers / communities will know
our business. And if our business is known and liked, then the consumer will notify others to buy kebab
rendang in our place

2. With the Internet media

In addition to word of mouth promotion, the strategy we will use is internet media, such as through
facebook, instagram, blog, etc .. Because most people have used the internet media, so it will be easier
for people to know the products that we post / update on social media.

3. Market Development

In addition to doing various marketing strategies such as the above, if we already have good prospects
and future market prospects, then we also plan to promote our business by adding new markets to
expand the reach already owned. In this case, it can expand the business of these kebab rendang to
other areas, in the hope that this business will be better known by the community and also can add
income and can reduce the unemployment rate by employing new employees.

4. Product Development

Product development from this business can add flavors that may not exist in other competitors, such as
flavor sate flavor at an affordable price, which provides another flavor. In addition, the development of
this product is by adding a rendang burger product. So that the market reaches wider reach, and the
level of consumer loyalty every day is increasing. We also accept reservations on arisan events,
birthdays, and also other official events.


The production plan that is executed is as follows:

a. Concept and Product Design

The product name of the business I will be developing is "KEREN" is an abbreviation of Kebab Rendang.
This business is engaged in culinary processing and marketing kebab rendang. This business concept sells
kebab rendang which is a blend of traditional food and middle east. By combining rendang as a stuffing,
the flavors of this product will appeal to the traditional flavors rich in seasoning, savory and tasty. The
design of the product we plan is to make it as attractive as possible so that customers do not get bored
with the look of the kebab that's all.

b. Place of business

The business establishment plan is located in strategic places and on the main streets, such as Alun-alun
and other crowded places. Places of the location that many passed by the community, both local and
non local community so that our business is easy to be known by the community. Considerations we
chose the location because the location is strategic and is the center of activity for the market share that
we headed.

c. Quality control

In controlling the quality of products from our business to be consumed by consumers with good and
safe, then we check every day to the quality and quantity of both the existing bread and beef that will
be used as the stuffing. So that consumers always get a fresh product, decent to eat and quality.


1. Price

The products offered have prices that vary depending on the size of the kebab desired by consumers.
The set price list is as follows:

Kebab rendang mini Rp. 7,000, -

Kebab rendang standard Rp 12.000

2. Initial capital

No. Item Name Price(Rp)

1 Grobak 3.200.000

2 Stove 250.000

3 Gas Tube 3Kg 50.000

4 Iron Grills 75.000

5 Burning Devices 25.000

6 Cutting Tools 40.000

7 Jars 20.000

8 Hand Laps 7.000

9 Trash Box and Bucket 10.000

10 Lamp Bulbs 15.000

11 Cables 20.000

12 Lights Switch 15.000

Total 3.727.000

3. Profit calculation per month

I assume that in a month with the risk of a quiet, medium and busy day sold an average of 900 kebab /

400 standard rab kebabs @ Rp 12.000 = Rp 4.800.000

500 kebab rendang mini @ Rp 7.000 = Rp 3.500.000

Then Sales / month reached (4.800.000 + 3,500,000) Rp 8.300.000, -

With net profit / month 2,175,000 and initial investment capital 3,727,000


So in 2 months (2.175.000x2) = 4.350.000

Initial investment capital (3,727,000)

Rp 623.000, -

So in 2 months I was able to profit 623.000 and initial capital investment has been closed. So for the
next month net profit reached Rp 2.175.000, -

Table I. Profit / Month Calculation

Rp Rp Rp Rp

Income :

Sales 8.300.000

Variabel Cost:

30 Toretila Bread 25.000

2kg of Beef 130.000

Lettuce & Tomato 15.000

Butter 5.000

Spices rendang 15.000

Total by.var/day 190.000

Total by.var/month 5.700.000

Fixed cost:

Rent 300.000

Electricity 30.000

Gas 3Kg 30.000

Packaging 15.000

Transportation 50.000

total fixed cost 425.000

Production cost /

Net profit / month 2.175.000


1. Methods of data collection

The method of collection is to record all kinds of activities and constraints that can hamper the
smoothness of this kebab rendang business. Criticism and advice from customers will greatly support
the progress of this business.

2. Survey of raw materials

The raw material is very important in the kebab rendang business, because without the availability of
raw materials, it is certain this business will not run smoothly, one of the factors that support this kebab
rendang business is raw materials, therefore I divide the task to survey and cooperate with one of the
traders of meat and tortilla bread selling the raw materials.

3. Making Kebab Rendang

Tartila Bread: Content of Kebab:

Medium protein flour Onion

Warm water (let bread ripen) Rending Suwir

Salt pinch Lettuce / White Sawi

Sugar to taste Tomato

Cooking oil (for polish only) Mayonase and Rendang Sauce

How to cook :

a. Stir all the ingredients until smooth, when making the flour use 500 grams of water rather in the
measurement, until quite calistile.

b. Weigh each 50 grams.

c. When already in round, roast in teflon, briefly, do not be stale later dough, while behind and back.
Then the tartila bread is ready to fill.

d. Fill kebab: onion, lettuce / white mustard, mayonnaise, sauces, tomatoes, then warmed briefly with
margarine on top of Teflon add Rendang Suwir and rendang sauce mix well

4. Sales or marketing of products

Sales are done after the completion of all the activities of college, usually done from afternoon to
evening, depending on the raw materials we have every night. We also accept orders in small quantities,
since our capital is limited, so we do not dare to accept orders in large quantities.

5. The work of kebab rendang is a business that I pioneered to use the initial capital by way of setting
aside personal money.



A. Conclusion

From the chapter Discussion can be concluded that to have a good kebab and can compete, must have
to a special khasan for consumers interested in the products we sell. Kebab must have good quality for
consumers also interested to process this kebab. I plan to make a business by offering a new flavor
variant (KEREN) Kebab Rendang, has a distinctive taste of rendang that will be rich in spices. With the
completion of this business proposal, you can work on it.

B. Suggestions

Providing constructive suggestions and criticism from all parties, because I know that this proposal is far
from perfect. Suggestions and critics that hopefully can be a reference or Lesson for me to be better
again tomorrow.