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Dr. Annalie Paragas called to order the meeting of College of Veterinary Medicine and STEM
students at 11:50 am on February, 2017 in Multi-Purpose hall of CVM.

Members present:
* List of Attendees attached below.

Shekinah Samson led the prayer.


a) Dr. Paragas circulated the information about of the upcoming activity of the College of
Veterinary Medicine- VETMED WEEK CELEBRATION which has a final date of Feb 15-17, 2017.
The following activities are as follows:
 Pet Parade
 Pet Blessing
 Pet Show
 Seminars
 Activities by Rodeo Club namely:
i. Brawl of the Brains
ii. Rodeo Round-Up
 VKV-VLV Fraternity and Sorority’s Skills’ Olympics
 Camping
 Clinicians’ Club free anti-rabies vaccination
 Search for Bb. Barako and Mr. Kilabot
b) Flow of activity and other concerns:
1st Day- February 15
 Pet Parade is the 1st activity for February 15 and will start at 7:30 AM. The assembly and
registration will be at the CVM hall to be assisted by Mr. Mortilla. The flow of the parade will
be from CVM- Laboratory High School and in front of Gymnasium.
 Pet blessing will start at exactly 9 AM.
 Pet show is one of the highlights of the event. Mr. Almeron was consigned to make the
evaluation for this event. The following categories are Best Canine Pet, Best Feline Pet, Best
Exotic Pet, Largest Pet, Smallest Pet, Most Talented Pet and Best in Costume.
 The speaker for the said seminar will be invited by Dr. Paragas. The seminar starts at 1 PM.
The seminar is regarding Animal Welfare and Swine Production.
 DAY 2- February 16
 Rodeo Round-Up- This quiz contest is limited to Veterinary Medicine Students. The
guidelines were disseminated by Mr. Dexter Navarro, President of Rodeo Club.
 VKV-VLV Skills’ Olympics- The contest is open to veterinary medicine students and STEM
students. The guidelines were circulated by Mr.---, a member of the VKV fraternity.
 Brawl of the Brains- This is open to all colleges, with 3 members each team. The guidelines
were disseminated by Ms. Konika Lim, a member of Rodeo Club.
 DAY 3 – February 17
 Seminar – all DVM 4 and DVM 5 students are required to attend.
 Bb. Barako and Mr. Kilabot – Each year including the STEM students should have at least a
minimum of one pair and a maximum of two pairs. The event will occur at CEC hall starting
from 3 PM onwards. Failure to provide a representative will have a corresponding sanction.
Production number for the candidates will be care of Mr. Tolenada. Bb Barako should wear
mid-sando of any color, shorts and heels. For the Kilabot, white shirt and maong is required.
Required attires are creative attire, formal wear. There is also a talent portion with a
minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3. There will be an elimination round and top 5
will be picked. Top 3 will be awarded.
c) The meeting chair divided the work for the said activities. The division of work are as follows:
 STEM students were consigned on photo booth.
 DVM 1 and 5 are responsible on tables on chairs.
 DVM 2 was assigned on banderitas and sashes for Bb. Barako and Mr. Kilabot
 DVM 3 is in charge of the stage.
 DVM 4 is responsible on souvenirs.
 The creation of program invitation was assigned to Ms. Samson.
d) The chair also asked students if they are willing to pay 150 for the dinner for the last day of the
celebration. The majority said they will provide their food.

Dr. Annalie Paragas adjourned the meeting at 12:40 pm.