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Social Studies 3 SSL4: Our Beginning as People Name___________________ ___________ Ma’am Cha

FT1 Directions: Tell the group of people who influenced the following cultures in our country. Write Ar for Arabs,
I for Indians, C for Chinese, S for Spaniards, Am for Americans and J for Japanese.

____1.malong ____4. jotas ____7. English language ____10.Niponggo ____13.siopao

____2.public school system ____5. Parochial schools ____8. Islam ____11.mythology ____14. Fiesta

____3.public transport system ____6. ate and kuya ____9. azoteas ____12. firecrackers ____15. pancit

FT2 Directions: How do you say hello in these following countries?

___________________1.Japan _____________________6.Germany Anyong-haseyo Ciao
___________________2.France _____________________7. India Bonjour Konnichiwa
___________________3.China _____________________8. Spain Hola Namaste
___________________4.Italy _____________________9. Korea Hallo Sawasdee
___________________5.Thailand ___________________10.Indonesia Ni Hao Halo

FT3 Directions: Tell who is being referred in the sentence.

Spaniards Tabon Man Japanese Arabs Indians Chinese Americans
_____________________1. They are the first Europeans who visited Philippines.
_____________________2. He is believed to be the earliest man who lived in our land 22,000 years ago.
_____________________3. They stayed in the Philippines for 333 years.
_____________________4. They introduced the public transport system and public school system.
_____________________5. They brought Islam in our country.
_____________________6. Sipao, pancit, and hopia are all coming from them.
_____________________7. They have introduced to us the use of malong.
_____________________8. They built University of Sto. Tomas.
_____________________9. They introduced to us the bakya.
_____________________10. They introduced Sanskrit to the Philippines.
___________________11. We borrowed from them the words such as ate (older sister) and kuya (older brother).
_____________________12. They introduced to us the form of democracy in running the government.
_____________________13. They brought Christianity in our country.
_____________________14. We are influenced by them in using firecrackers in celebrating the New Year.
_____________________15. They also introduced the English language to the Filipinos.

FT4 Directions: Match column A to column B. Write only the letter.

Column A Column B
_____1. 1611 A. duration of time when Americans controlled the Philippines
_____2. Jotas B. wooden sandal
_____3. 1941-1944 C. a large piece of multicoloured cloth with its ends sewn together
_____4. 50 years D. University of Sto. Tomas was founded
_____5. cheongsam E. duration of time when Spaniards colonized the Philippines
_____6. Malong F. among our dance forms influenced by the Spaniards
_____7. 333 years G. years when Japanese occupied the Philippines
_____8. azoteas H. pusa (cat)
_____9. pucha I. the high-collared dress worn by Chinese women
_____10. bakya J. part of the house which is now known as terrace

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