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Cultural Anthropology

Fall 2010 – Amber Zimmer – LIS60621

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This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about cultural
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anthropology. (Use for computer searches)
 Cultural anthropology
 Ethnology
For an introduction to the topic, see:
 The tapestry of culture: an introduction to cultural
anthropology, by Abraham Rosman, Paula C. Rubel, and Subject Headings
Maxine Weisgrau, 2009 (Use in card catalogs and print indexes)
 Ethnology
 Cultural anthropology
Key Resources at a Glance:
 Description & comparison in cultural anthropology, by
Ward H. Goodenough, 2006. This book covers materials Call Number
about family relations as well as a general look at  306 (Dewey Decimal)
anthropological aspects.  GN301-674 (Library of
 Audit cultures: anthropological studies in accountability, Congress)
ethics, and the academy, edited by Marilyn Strathern, 2000.
This book contains a variety of articles on a very wide
range of cultural anthropology topics with relation to age, Indexes and Abstracts
politics, and academia.  EBSCOhost
 Cultural anthropology, by Barbara Miller, 2009. Barbara  Anthropological Index Online
Miller is a subject expert on ethnology. Her books are very  Abstracts in Anthropology
well cited and this is one of her most recent titles on the
subject of cultural anthropology.
Library catalogs
Reference Background  Your local library catalog
 The Routledge encyclopedia of social and cultural  OhioLINK
anthropology, edited by Alan Barnard and Jonathan  Kent State University Library
Spencer, 2010
 Biographical dictionary of social and cultural
anthropology, by Vered Amit, 2004
 Dictionary of the social sciences, by Craig Calhoun, 2002
 Cultural anthropology: a guide to reference and information sources, by JoAnne Jacoby, 2007

 Culture sketches: case studies in anthropology, by Holly Peters-Golden (2009)
 Research methods in anthropology: qualitative and quantitative approaches, by H. Russell
Bernard (2006)
 Cultural anthropology: an applied perspective, by Gary P. Ferraro (2010)
 Cultural anthropology in a globalizing world, by Barbara Miller (2010)

 Cultural Anthropology
 Ethnography
 Journal of intercultural studies
 Social anthropology

Magazine Articles
 “Cultural Science,” by Stephen Muecke. Cultural Studies (May 2009)
 “Evidence in Socio-Cultural Anthropology: Limits and Options for Epistemological
Orientations,” by Andre Gingrich. Social Analysis (Summer 2009)
 “The End(s) of ethnography: Social/Cultural Anthropology’s Signature Form of Producing
Knowledge in Transition,” by George E. Marcus. Cultural Anthropology (February 2008)

Web Pages and Web Portals

 Cultural Anthropology: Journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology
 The American Folklife Center

Organizations and Special Collections

 American Anthropological Association (AAA)
www.aaanet.org; (703) 528-1902
 The Society for Applied Anthropology
www.sfaa.net; (405) 843-5113
 American Cultural Resources Association
www.acra-crm.org; (410) 933-3483

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