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Learning Environment/Classroom Management 1

Learning Environment and Classroom Management: Letter to Parents

Alisha Carlin

National University
Learning Environment/Classroom Management 2

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year! My name is Mrs. Carlin, I am your child's

Fashion Design instructor. I have written this letter to give you a brief introduction of my

teaching style and rules/behaviors I will expect in my classroom this year.

For those of you who are not aware, there are four different approaches to teaching.

These include behavioral, cognitive, humanist, and social psychological. I'll give you an

explanation on three and then explain my personal style in detail. Behavioral includes defining

learning in behavioral terms which can be measured and reinforcing individuals who exhibit a

desired response for both social and academic. Humanist identify as facilitators who encourage

students to manage their own learning environment. Social Psychological emphasizes instruction

and requirement of social skills to manage the learning environment

My preferred teaching approach is the Cognitive approach, this focuses on providing a

counseling approach in regards to classroom management. I rely on students reasoning,

identifying, and assessment of the information they come across. I like this method because it

allows students to fix their own mistakes. Fashion Design is essentially trial and error.

Experimentation at its finest! Be prepared for your student best friend to become their seam

ripper! I digress. This method of cognitive approach will help them to become students who

problem solve and use their reasoning skills to come up with solutions. Of course I will be there

to help them through it all when they get stuck or are not sure how to move forward. Think of me

as a classroom GPS, I know our final destination, but it is important that students do as much of

the navigating as possible to learn where they are going as well without me just simply telling 

Learning Environment/Classroom Management 3

them. This should help them to understand the material on their own terms, instead of boring

them with new information and in turn they just reiterating the information that I give them.

Are you worried that your student is not very good at sewing or designing clothing?

Maybe they have special needs or as an English Language Learner are they going to get lost in

the class? The benefit of the cognitive approach is that I have the ability to help direct my

students wherever they need. This means that a knowledgeable student who knows the course

material or already has mastery of sewing skills will not need as much guidance as a beginner

will need. This will give an advanced student the opportunity to have more freedom in their

learning and hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience. For those who do struggle, I will be

readily available to help answer their questions and calm their frustrations. My goal is that their

skills will progress over the course of the semester that they will be able to understand and

interpret new information on their own accord.

I look forward to this school year, getting to know each of your children and helping

them thrive in this area of Fashion Design.


Mrs. Carlin
Learning Environment/Classroom Management 3

For your reference please find some class rules below that show what I expect from my students

Class Rules

A. Listening to the teacher and others in class vs. talking out.

I expect everyone to be treated fairly and respectfully. When myself or a classmate is talking,

students will be expected to be quiet and to give the speaker their undivided attention. We have

two ears to listen and one mouth to talk! Listening is important and I will often give out extra

credit answers in my lectures to test if the students are truly listening. They will be fun facts that

I will throw in my lecturers to keep the students engaged.

B. Transitions during the day, entering / exiting the classroom, changing subjects, moving from

one location to another for instructional purposes, hall behavior, and playground behavior.

Students will leave class only once they are told to, if the bell rings, if there is a drill or if they

have received a pass from the front office. They are expected to arrive on time and will be

expected to arrive at their next class prior to the commencement of that class. A bell schedule is

in place to notify them of times. Students are expected to act courteously in the hall and on

breaks. Absolutely no horse play, and zero tolerance on bullying policies are in place. Students

will also be notified when they can work in the lab. Sewing machines are forbidden unless stated


C. Possession of required materials and supplies, such a books assigned to students and

materials they should have in their possession (pens, pencils, paper, binders and/or folders).
Learning Environment/Classroom Management 3

Students will be required to have writing utensils both pencil and pens. I will supply sewing

machines, thread and various fabric tools. Students are more than welcome to purchase their own

shears, fabric and needles. Be sure to write their names on them as they tend to go missing.

Students text books and chrome books will be provided in class.

D. Classroom supplies such as in a storage cabinet, resource books on shelves in the classroom,


Students are expected to respect all resources provided in the class. This includes but is not

limited to sewing machines, textbooks and school computers. Graffiti or markings in the

textbooks or on sewing machines is prohibited. School computers are not to be used for anything

other than school work. Students will be expected to return these items to their correct storing

location after they have finished with them.

E. Use of the restroom.

The restroom use will be limited to one male and female student at a time. Students will be

expected to check in and check out their bathroom times on a sheet of paper by the door. If they

are going for more than 10 minutes they will lose points on the day. Phones will be left in the

classroom (on my desk facedown) and a hall pass will be required. Students will be limited to

one restroom visit per class. If restroom privileges are abused, they will be taken away after three


F. Talking to other students in the classroom, noise level.

Learning Environment/Classroom Management 3

There will be time for discussion in class when students can interact with each other, however

classroom talk is expected to be education focused. This is not social hour and could be

distracting while another student is sewing. I have had students sew into their limbs while


G. Eating / drinking during class time.

Drinking water in class is allowed. Eating will not be prohibited as to keep the classroom as

clean and ant-free as possible.

H. The teacher’s desks and personal items.

My desk and personal items are strictly off limits. Students may ask to borrow pencils/markers/

paper but they will be expected to return them at the end of class.

I. Attending to directions

Students are expected to follow directions promptly and respectfully, if they have any questions

please feel free to ask and I will do my best to help them understand.

J. Boundaries: when and how others approach you or behave around you.

I expect professional behavior when it comes to interactions with my students. I will gladly

mentor, but I am their teacher and coach, not friend.

K. Absences.

If students are absent it is important that they notify me prior to their absence via email. In the

case of a family emergency, please contact me at the earliest convenience so we can arrange
Learning Environment/Classroom Management 3

make-up work. If your student plans to be absent for long periods of time it is important the

school be notified.

L. Failure to complete assignments.

Late assignments may be turned in but will be penalized. Failure to complete an assignment will

result in a zero and may affect their overall grade deeply.

M. Fair and respectful treatment of students and families.

The golden rule is simple. Love your neighbors as yourself. If you would not want to be treated a

certain way, then don’t treat your teacher or classmates in that way.

N. Respect and acceptance of differences vs. intolerance and harassment in class and in the


Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated inside my classroom.

O. Medication and other health issues.

Any medication or health issues, like allergies, that require attention should be notified to the

school, nursing office and myself. 

Learning Environment/Classroom Management 7


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