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Karunungan , Allyana Beatrice A.


Benedictine Leadership Qualities

Let us first know what the Benedictine leadership qualities are. There are four
Benedictine leadership qualities. The first one is they are listeners; leaders should be a
good listener. A good leader does not only command and direct but they listen to the
different opinions and suggestions of their members. They acknowledge their skills and
creativity. They know that they must also take into account the ideas of other people
and not just theirs. The second Benedictine leadership quality is being humble. A leader
must practice humility at all cost. They must be modest in their work and duty. A leader
should not brag about his work. The third Benedictine leadership quality is being a role
model to their members. A leader should always think before he/she acts because they
must always set a good example to their member also they must walk the talk meaning
they must put into action their words. If they act without thinking their members will think
that it’s okay to act that way without thinking. The last Benedictine leadership quality is a
leader must take the place of Christ. A leader must always put God in the center. In
every decision and deed he would do he must render it to Christ and a leader must
always ask Christ for guidance.