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College of Accountancy
Taytay, Rizal


Angelito B. Jose, CPA
Taytay, Rizal

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Course in


Submitted to:

Prof. Joel P. Wanagen

Department of Accountancy
Practicum Coordinator

Submitted by:

Jacquelyn E. Ela
Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy
A summer internship is an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious

commitments. Expecting that I can be able to set myself for success, and be able to pay attention

to absorbing as much information and reflecting, hoping that after the semester I will be in great

position to make a meaningful impact in the company and for myself. Assuming that my first two

weeks of the practicum was the best time to lay my foundation on which I could use to build my

future internship success.

I started my on-the-job training at Angelito B. Jose, CPA last 16th day of April year 2018.

All of the employees in the company were accounting graduates so I'm sure that my practicum will

be as meaningful and effective experience as possible. My first two weeks at the company was

personally motivating and enhancing. I have been exposed to the different BIR forms and any

required accounting works per company. I was able to accomplished making audited financial

statements of different companies like Star Parks Corporation and many to mention. Among the

audited financial reports. I was asked to work on, I was able to apply what I have learned and also

discover things that I couldn't discover at school grounds. Aside from that, I was also able to

observe the dynamics of organization within the company. I was also exposed to the making of

summary of returns from January to December 2017 of different companies. Then I was also

assigned to prepare GFFS of private corporations since I have already accomplished the making

of audited financial statements. I thought that I would be doing just the same thing for the whole

duration of the practicum experience. But then suddenly, Sir Angelito Jose conducted an audit at

Pacific Vet Group and I got a chance to perform an audit for real. He guided me in the course of

forming and expressing opinion whether the financial statements were prepared, in all material

respects, in accordance with an identified financial reporting framework or acceptable financial

reporting standard. I was also given the assignment to compare the books with the working paper
that the company provided which really motivated me to work hard. I analyzed the data and then

I detected misstatements that we also discussed and fixed. It was indeed a privilege for me to be a

part of the company, as a student trainee, I was also able to become actively involved at least in a

particular way to the accounting world.

Not all of my learning was based on what I’ve done everyday but I also learned from my

co-trainee experience and mistakes, as well as my mistake and apply it whenever I needed. Though

we worked together for a very short time, we had built a friendship that is very special. At break

time, we ate together and share everything about our own lives. And of course we had shared also

the knowledge we had learned from experience and school. Sometimes I interact with clients who

are not that good, of course I am not perfect and I can make mistakes. Oftentimes, I answer the

phone and we have to be nice to every person we’re talking with. In every kind of work I must be

nice to all people that I may encountered to prevent problem. Challenges are always there, it’s a

trial of one’s ability or resources in demanding. Despite the pressure, this experience has really

helped me develop further in my field of interest and career path as an aspiring professional


I was also able to contribute my knowledge and competencies for the accomplishment of

particular tasks in the company. Most importantly, I was able to interact with a group of people

whom I share my interests as an individual. I was able to improve my leadership skills,

communication, social and economic training for career growth and being able to actively work

with other people and exchange of experiences one way and the other. Having healthy relationship

and sufficient communication with all the people in the firm I have gained further knowledge and

skills in accounting analysis as part of the Department of Accountancy, particularly the role of the

Angelito B. Jose, CPA in providing accounting and tax services to the clients. The company
created a good service to their clients and gave the best training for the students. The students must

have a good company that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their

knowledge and capabilities where I was able to achieve for being a part of Angelito B. Jose, CPA.

I might consider this as one of the best ways of training that have given me different experiences

and more self-esteem.

The first two weeks of my practicum experience is worth the time, effort and hard work.

The short period of time that I have spent in the Angelito B. Jose, CPA contributed a lot to the

increase in my awareness, understanding and practical application of my course to the daily

undertaking of the country and every individual Filipinos. The experience was a wakeup call to

my involvement in the realities and opportunities of our country and to be a part of that bright and

strong outlook of the future led me out of my limited theoretical and ideological grounding which

were enriched by my practical experience of a less mathematized and more of realistic foundation

of social conditions. The experience increased my commitment, competence and compassion as

an accounting student who is soon to become part of the society outside as a working professional.