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World War I Timeline

1914 • October 28 – Oswald Boelcke killed in a collision with
Erwin Böhme.
• June 28 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated in • July 1-November 18 - Battle of the Somme.
Sarajevo. • November 7 - Woodrow Wilson re-elected.
• July 28 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia. • December 31 - Rasputin murdered.
• August 1 - Germany declares war on Russia.
• August 3 - Germany declares war on France.
• August 4 - Great Britain declares war on Germany. • February 1 - Unrestricted submarine warfare declared
• August 4 - Germany invades neutral Belgium. by Germany, again.
• August 26-30 - Battle of Tannenberg. • February 24 - The Sinking of the Laconia.
• August - Battle of Togoland. • March 15 - Tsar Nicholas abdicates.
• August - The Pursuit of the Goeben and the Breslau. • March-September - Russia collapses.
• September - First Battle of Aisne. • April 6 - United States declares war on Germany.
• September - Battle of Lemberg. • April 16-29 - Chemin des Dames Offensive.
• September 5-10 - First Battle of the Marne. • April - Battle of Arras & Vimy Ridge.
• October-November - First Battle of Ypres. • April - Nivelle Offensive.
• November - Battle of Lodz. • June - Battle of Messines.
• December 25 - Unofficial Christmas Truce on the • July 6 - Aquaba captured by Arabs led by T. E.
Western Front. Lawrence.
1915 • July 16-November 10 - Third Battle of Ypres.
• August 6 - Aleksander Fyodorovich Kerensky appoint-
• January 19 - First German zeppelin air raid on ed Prime Minister of Russia.
England. • October - Battle of Caporetto.
• February 4 - Any ship approaching Britain is consid- • November 7 - Kerensky’s government overthrown by
ered a legitimate target as Germany declares a subma- Bolsheviks.
rine blockade of England. • November 10 - British reach Passchendaele.
• February - Battle of Masuria. • November - Battle of Cambrai.
• March - Battle of Neuve-Chapelle. • December 3 - German-Russian armistice.
• March-December - Battles of Aubers Ridge and • December 9 - Jerusalem captured by British.
• April 22-May 5 - Second Battle of Ypres. First use of
chemical weapons. • January 8 - President Wilson presents 14-point plan.
• April 23 - Allied assault on Gallipoli. • March-June - Ludendorff Offensive.
• May 7 - Lusitania sunk. • April - Zeebruggge Raid.
• May - Battle of Gorlice-Tarnow. • April 21 - Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen
• August 30 - Responding to American demands, killed by a machine gun bullet over the trenches.
Germany stops sinking ships without warning. • June-July - Piave Offensive.
• September 5 - Tsar Nicholas commander of Russian • July 16-17 - Bolsheviks murder Tsar Nicholas and his
armies. family.
• September-October - Battle of Artois & Champagne. • July 26 - Ed “Mack” Mannock killed near lestrem.
• September-October - Battle of Loos. • August 8 - Allied counter-offensives on the Somme.
• December 7 - David Lloyd George becomes Prime • September 29 - Allies break through the Hindenberg
Minister of Britain. Line.
• December 28 - Allied withdrawal from Gallipoli. • September-October - Battle of Megiddo.
• December-April, 1916 - Siege of Kut. • September - St. Mihiel Offensive.
1916 • September-November - Battle of Meuse-Argonne.
• October 28 - German sailors mutiny.
• February 21-December 18 - Battle of Verdun. • November 9 - Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates.
• May-June - Trentino Offensive. • November 10 - German republic founded.
• May 31 - Battle of Jutland. • November 11 - Armistice signed.
• June 4 - The Brusilov Offensive.
• June 18 – Max Immelman killed.
• June 28 - Treaty of Versailles signed.

Aces at Dawn

Map: wanted to bring two Pfalz D. XIIs, which are each worth 110
points, and a 62 point Taube, she could. Since the differ-
Four hexes must be identified as the targets for this mis- ence between the two sides is only 6 points, no additional
sion. These hexes should be no more than six hexes from aircraft are needed.
the middle of the board, nearer to the player who is not
conducting reconnaissance. Additionally, these hexes must Map:
be at least six hexes from each other. Four hexes must be identified as the targets for this mis-
Mission Objectives: sion. These hexes should be no more than six hexes from the
middle of the board, nearer to the defender. Additionally,
The reconnoitering side must fly straight and level through these hexes must be at least six hexes from each other.
each of these hexes at altitude 1 or 2. Bonuses are given Finally, two of the hexes (marked in secret) may be de-
to the reconnoitering pilot for any pictures taken of the fended by Archie (Anti-Aircraft).
front lines.
Mission Objectives:
One point is given to the reconnoitering side for each plane
shot down or forced to land. The reconnoitering player also The attacking side must destroy the target hexes using
earns one point for each hex he or she successfully recon- bombing attacks.
noiters. One-half point is given to the attacking side for each plane
The side defending the line earns two points for each plane shot down or forced to land. The attacking side also earns
shot down. 1 point for each target hex destroyed.
Special Mission Rules: The side defending the line earns one points for each plane
shot down. Destroying the bomber will earn the defender
Photography was an important part of the great war. Only two points.
after studying the images brought back from the front lines
could leaders understand where the enemy weaknesses Special Mission Rules:
were. Bombing:
If the reconnoitering pilot wishes to capture photographs of Bombers attack ground targets and balloons. Bombers may
one of the target hexes, he or she may fly over one of the only drop bombs if they are one or two altitude bands high-
target hexes a second time at altitude 1 or 2 and straight er than the target (the ground is altitude band 0).
and level. As soon as the plane finishes it movement for the
phase, the pilot may attempt to photograph the line. Bombers must fly straight and level over the target hex or
suffer a +1 penalty to the target number.
Roll 2d6, a successful photograph has been taken if either
die turns up 6. Each successful photo earns the reconnoi- At the end of the movement phase during which the bomb-
tering side 1 point er passed over a target hex flying level and straight, the
bomber may make a bombing attack.
Mission: Bomb the Lines A bombing attack target number is 2 + the movement points
Setup: spent by the bomber for the perform maneuvers phase +
any modifiers due to altitude.
Once the troop placement and artillery positions are iden-
tified, pilots were often call upon to drop grenades and Archie Fire:
bombs on those positions.
Anti-Aircraft fire was the bane of many pilots. It was hard
Aircraft: enough to stay alive flying the trenches with unstable, fin-
icky aircraft, but add a bunch of mean guys on the ground
The attacking player must take at least one aircraft with
with guns and the flight becomes positively horrific.
bombs. Otherwise, any number of aircraft may participate
in this mission, so long as the difference in points between Anti-aircraft fire is conducted as normal combat during the
the two sides is no more than 10% of the lower total. normal Combat phase. Archie has a 360° arc of fire and hits
on a 1 + the movement points spent by the target aircraft
For example, Dan decides that he would like to play the
during the perform maneuvers phase + the distance to the
British using two Sopwith Snipes at 139 points each for a
total of 278 points. If Janice, the attacking German player,