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Author / Designer: Randell Doty
1.3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 4.31 The Asirac Tombs
2.0 WESTMARCH 4.32 The Rendar Tombs
2.2 A BRIEF TIMELINE 4.41 Starting The Players
2.3 THE LAND 4.42 Aids
2.31 Geograp hy 4.43 Obstacles
2.32 Clim ate 4.44 Rewards
2.33 Flora 4.5 THE ENCOUNTERS
2.34 Fauna 5.0 ‘TIL DEATHS DO US PART
2.41 The Calenard hons 5.2 THE NPCS
2.42 The Daen Lintis 5.3 THE SETTING
2.43 The Dúnedain 5.31 Beld win
2.5 THE GOVERNMENT 5.32 Amon Roch
2.6 THE FORCES OF EVIL 5.33 Lady Sirris’ Prison Cabin
2.61 The Earth well 5.34 The Mar Hogo Clan Hold
2.62 The Undead 5.4 THE TASK
2.7 NPC’S FOR ALL ADVENTURES 5.41 Starting The Players
2.71 Evad 5.42 Aids
2.72 Elarin & Amarla 5.43 Obstacles
2.73 Lord Targen 5.44 Rewards
2.74 Lor d Negolos 5.5 THE ENCOUNTERS
2.81 Westmarch 1640-2510 WESTMARCH
2.82 Westmarch 2510-2759 6.1 THE ORACLE
2.83 Westmarch 2759-3019 6.2 THE EARTHWELL
2.84 Westmarch After 3019 7.0 ALTERNATIVE ADVENTURES
3.31 Derwath 8.1 NPC TABLE
3.32 Tilmen dir 8.2 BEAST TABLE
3.41 Starting The Players 8.4 HERB TABLE
3.42 Aids 8.5 MILITARY TABLE
3.43 Obstacles 8.6 WEATHER TABLE
3.44 Rewards 8.7 PRICE TABLE
I asked Chris if he would be interested in
1.0 INTRODUCTION providing space for a previously u n p ublished
MERP mo d ule (Westm arch) to be p ut u p on
1.1 HOW THIS MODULE the web for MERP players since it was
u nlikely to ever be p u blished by ICE He said
MADE IT TO THE WEB that he would and agreed to speak to ICE
abo u t gettin g per mission to p u blish it on the
This mod ule was written for Iron w eb. Iron Cro w n’s Jessica N ey-Grim m gave
Crow n Enterprises in 1989-1990 and was the go ahea d an d I for m atted it into this h u ge
s u b mitte d for p u blication as yo u see it now. PDF file. N o w yo u h a ve a m o d u le t h at w as
This was my third mod ule behin d Dunland and accepted by ICE but not p ublished. That’s
the Southern Misty Mountains and Ents of about as close to cannon as it gets. Thanks for
Fangorn. Right about that time, ho wever, ICE in d ulging me in this little bit of history. Have
underwent some p hilosop hy changes about fun.
what prod ucts to p ublish. They began
refor m attin g so m e of t here ol d er w orks in to 1.2 A FEW MORE
the ne w city a n d fortress books. D u rin g this
time Westm arch w ar med the bench as it were COMMENTS ABOUT
waiting for its chance. After several calls
inquiring about the date when it would be
p ublished I basically decided that I should not
Most of ICE’s MERP mod ules inclu de
get my hopes u p.
several sections on ter minology, definitions,
When I finally got a copy of the conversion statistics, etc. I’m assu ming that if
Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetteer I got a you are knowled geable about the MERP
glim m er of ho p e back beca u se several of m y syste m to take t he tro u ble to download this
creations for Westmarch were inclu ded as part that you probably don’t need this stuff. If you
of that tome. The towns of Beld win and fin d abbreviation that yo u d on’t recognize or
Derwath along with their ruling lords an d one a ter m with w hich you are u nfamiliar take the
of the castles were all there. I hoped that this time to look in you r other MERP materials. If
mig ht be a n in dicator th at West m arch mig ht you still can’t fin d it then e-mail me an d I will
be p ublished after all. try to figure out w hat I meant.

Soon though these hopes were 1.3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

sq uelched again w hen I realized that ICE w as
going to get into the collectable car d business. I w o uld like to th a n k ICE for allo win g
CCG’s if pop ular are very profitable. t his m o d ule to be p u blishe d via the web. I
Considering ICE’s previous cash-flow w ould like to thank Chris Seem an for m aking
problems, I don’t bla me them at all for it hap pen. I would like to thank my wife
rerouting resources from the Mid dle-earth Donna for her continued su p port of my
Role Playin g line to t he exp a nsio n of s uch a eccentricities.
profit stream. It did, however mean that Several graphics used for paragraph
Westmarch was u nlikely to ever be p ublish. separation are copyrighted to ICE and are
used with per mission. The rest of the interior
art ca n be bla m e d o n me. The Celtic art is
Several years had passed w hen in the su m mer based on the work of George Bain.
of 1998 I got an e-m ail from Chris Seeman
w ho p ublishes Other Hands. C h ris aske d m e
if I would be willing to have my em ail
ad dress posted so that people could ask me
q u estio ns abo u t t he m o d ules I w rote. I told Randell Doty
him that it would be fine. As an afterthought,
2.1 OVERVIEW The Second Age
Westmarch. The name brings u p 1 Noldorin king dom established in
images of lush plains and green fields. A Lin d on after the fall of Belerian d with
peaceful farming area where everything is Gil-galad as king.
pleasant. N othing is closer to the tr u th. It is
all these things, b ut it is also an area not used 32 N ú menor founded.
to the t u r m oil seen in the la n d s to the so u th,
east, and north. Many people from the 600-1200 N ú menóreans explore m uch of
p o p ulate d So u th thin k of this area alm ost as Mid dle-earth and make contact with
an untouched Garden of Eden, as it were. the Daen Coentis of the White
Most adventurers also seem to think this. Mountains.
Therefore travel in the area for p urpose of
adventure is u nlikely, and usually 750 The N old or fou n d Eregion and build
u n profitable for the adventurer, because, as Ost-in-Edhil.
mentioned alrea d y West m arch is not a center
for excitement…usually. 1200-1500 N ú menóreans begin building
Westmarch in 1640 is, like most of fortresses and havens all along the
Mid dle-earth, recovering from the Great western coast of Mid dle-earth. During
Plague of 1636, w hich hit Westm arch as it did t his ti m e t h ey begin to use the great
everyw here, but not as hard as eastern southern forests extensively for ship
Calenard hon, or Du nlan d to the north. This is building.
m ainly d ue to the limite d travel into an d o u t
of t h e a rea. Th e Great East-West Road runs 1500 Elves of Eregion begin to make the
through Du nlan d to the north an d crosses the rings of Power under Sauron’s
A n gren at the great fords into Calenard hon, guidance (as Annatar).
therefore by p assing West m arch to the south.
Because of this isolation from traveling 1600 Sauron makes the Ruling Ring.
carriers of the Plague through Westmarch, 1693-1700 Sauron makes war on the Elves of
fe w er peo ple die d there th a n in other areas.
Eregion. Most all of Eriador is laid
This, ho w ever, did not m ake the deaths any waste to by his armies. Sauron is
less painful to the inhabitants, on the contrary, defeated by the N ú menóreans an d the
since the area is a r u ral far ming an d ranching Elves, an d retreats to Mordor.
area with fe w cities, so m e of the d eaths have
ha d a greater im p act beca use some of the key 1800-2251 N ú menóreans increase their holdings
craftsmen that died d uring the Plague have in Mid dle-earth. It is d u ring this time
not yet been replaced. The coming of the that the circle of Angrenost (Isengar d)
Plague brought about an unusual period of is smoothed, but the fortress will be
tu r moil in Westmarch which has slo wly built later. Sauron begins to send
correcte d itself for the m ost part, but u nlike emissaries to the Daen Coentis to
ty pical life in peaceful West m arch there have subvert their religion and turn them
been some strange occurrences lately. against the N ú menóreans, whose
n u m bers will swell above those of the
Daen Coentis in the White Mo u ntains
as this time period ends. Several
Dúnadan fa milies with pioneering
spirits settle in what will become
Westmarch looking to Angrenost 2 Isild ur is ambushed and dies at the
for p rotection. So m e of the Daen Glad den fields w hile enroute to Arnor.
Coentis fro m the so u thern vales of
the White Mo u ntains also migrate 250-850 Arnor declines grad ually.
to Westmarch to escape the
Dúnadan intrusion, thereby 250 Calenard hon begins to be settled
swelling the ranks of the clans along the Great East-West Road. More
already there and causing Dúnadan settlers move into
nu merous clan wars. Westmarch, and take over the
govern ment there.
3315 Drúedain split with the Daen
Coentis d ue to their evil ways. 500-1400 Calenar d hon is a prosperous province.
They take u p residence in the deep Westmarch is considered the furthest
wooded areas of the White western province of Gon dor
Mountains and the Enedhwaith.
1000 Sauron stirs again, and the Istari are
3319 The d o w nfall of N ú m enor a n d the sent to Mid dle-earth as a balance to his
Ben ding of the Seas. presence.

3320 Fo u n d ation of the Realms in Exile. 1050 Gondor at the height of its power
The Daen Coentis swear an oath of expands and builds many bor der
loyalty to Isild ur . fortresses, m ainly in the north, but a
few are constructed in Westmarch.
3325-3341 Many of the Daen Coentis migrate
north either to Dunland or 1300-1350 Witch-king foun ds Angmar.
Rhu daur. The first grou ps do so
because of disagreements in the 1432-1447 The Kin-strife tears apart Gon dor.
new dark religions. The later 1600 Hobbits settle in the Shire.
grou ps migrate to escape the fear
caused by the oath breaking. 1636-37 The Great Plague, a collection of
devastating diseases and pestilences,
3430 Last Alliance of Elves and Men is sweeps through Rhovanion, Gondor,
formed to confront Sauron. and Eriador. Calenard hon begins a
3434 The Daen Coentis are called by the slow decline in pop ulation.
Alliance; they refuse, and thereby Westmarch loses touch with Gon dor in
bring the curse of the oath-breakers trade and in govern ment for aw hile.
u pon them. Trade from the north declines. The
D ú ne d ain slo wly begin to lose p o w er
3441 The Bara d-d û r is taken an d Sa u ron in Westmarch.
is overthrow n. Isild ur cuts the
Ruling Ring from Sauron’s finger 1640 The ca pital of Go n d or is m ove d fro m
an d keeps it as his ow n. Osgiliath to Minas Anor.

1974-75 The Witch-king’s armies overru n


1980 The Witch-king reenters Mordor and

gathers the Nine. The Balrog of Moria
Third Age comes forth.
1 The tower of Orthanc is 2050 Orthanc is locked with only a sm all
constructed. hereditary force left to guard the
fortress. The last king of Gondor Saru man is given the keys of Orthanc.
dies witho u t a n heir, a n d the first
of the Ruling Stewards rules 2830-2903 Reign of Folcwine in Rohan. The
Gondor. Few p ure Dúnedain Rohirrim drive the Dunmen from
remain in Westmarch Westfold.

2063 Beginning of the Watchful Peace. 2911-12 The Fell Winter strikes Eriador and
Dunmen begin to settle further Rhovanion.
south of Dunland in Westmarch,
reawakening old racial strife and 2941 The White Cou ncil d rives Sauron from
gaining control of Westmarch. Dol Guld ur.

2460-2510 The Balchoth in va d e Gon d or. The 2953 Last meeting of the White Cou ncil.
Éothéod, led by Eorl the Young, Saru man begins building forces,
come to Gon dor’s aid an d are given (inclu ding m any D u n men) an d claims
the lan d of Calenar d hon as rew ar d Orthanc as his o w n. Sar u m an begins
by Cirion the Steward. Battles sen ding servants to search the Glad den
begin between the Rohirrim and Fields.
the Du n nish over the possession of
Westmarch. The Aglarond is 3000 Saru man uses the Orthanc palantír an d
rebuilt. becomes entrap ped by Sauron.

2710 D u n men take control of the circle 3018-19 War of the Ring. The Ents attack
of Orthanc. Isengar d. The Du n men in league with
Sar u man are defeated at Helm’s Deep,
2754 Freca, a half Dunnish noblem an but allowed to return home.
from Westmarch, is killed by Helm Westmarch was not counted on by
Ham merhan d, King of Rohan. either side as an ally d ue to the mixed
racial heritage an d is therefore sp ared
2754-58 Wulf, Freca’s son, raises a Du n nish conflict except for stray Orcs. The One
army to march against Rohan. Ring is destroyed and Sauron is cast
out. Saru man passes from En dor.
2758 The Long Winter grips the land
Easterlings invade Rohan from 3021 End of the Third Age.
across the An d uin. The Haradrim
of Umbar attack Gondor. Seeing
his op portu nity at hand, Wulf
marches his army into Rohan
defeating the Rohirrim in the deep
sno w at t he for d s of t he Isen. The
Aglarond is renamed after the
Rohirrim are held in siege at
Helms Deep and Dunharrow.
Helm an d his sons are killed.

2759 Fréalaf, Helm’s nephew, surprises

the Dunmen in Edoras and kills
Wulf, and u pon their rout is
crowned king, first of the second
line of kings in Rohan. The
Dunmen are also driven from
Isengard, but not Westmarch.
2.3 THE LAN D The Plains
The Plains of Westmarch roll a w ay from
the White Mou ntains like a green car pet dotted
The lan d know n as Westmarch was given with tilled fields an d lines of trees breaking the
that na me by the early N ú menórean settlers as lan d u p in the more pop ulated areas. A notable
it is the furthermost region of the southern feat u re thro u gho u t the plains in West m arch is
king dom of Gondor. The name is also used the contin u ation of the volcanic nature that is
n o w by t he Daen Lin tis a n d w ill be u se d later present in the southern end of the Misty
by the Rohirrim. The geogra p hical bou n d aries Mountains, and in particular the Ring of
of the lan d so na med are: the White Mou ntains Angrenost (Isengard) w hich was once a volcano.
to the east, the Adorn river to the south, the If it is postulated that the northern most area of
river Angren to the north an d the con vergence the White Mountains is indeed the
of the rivers Angren an d Adorn to the west. southern most contin uation of the Misty
Mountains, this is easily conceivable. In
The Mountains Westmarch this volcanic nature presents itself
as lonely flat hills of minim al height w hich are
The White Mou ntains directly to the east dispersed across the broad plains. These are, of
of West m arch are tall a n d t w iste d in to a h u ge co u rse, the s m all extinct volcanoes that at one
m ass of ju mbled rock, caused by the forces that ti m e for m e d t his la n d as w ell as bein g o n e of
formed the Misty Mountains and the White the so u rces of its fertility. C u rrently, there are
Mountains, coming together at a near right no active volcanoes in Westmarch nor have
angle. This area, w here the t w o per pen dicular t here been in recor d e d history, b u t w hen t hey
lines of force cross, eru pted into a knot of were active the amounts of ash spewed forth
gnarled peaks of great height, w hich are nearly enriched the soil in such a lasting way that,
im passable. Due to their height these along with the d uel rivers, have made
mou ntains are snow top ped year arou n d, hence West m arch one of, if not the m ost fertile areas
their name. This would seem strange to most to of Mid dle-earth.
name a set of mou ntains “w hite” just because of
the snow, but one m ust consider that this is The Rivers
u niq ue to these mou ntains at this latitu de. Just
The fertility of Westmarch cannot w holly
the fact that they remain snow covered year-
be attrib u te d to its volcanic p ast, ho w ever. Its
round this far south was unique enough for
very bor d ers are another so u rce that co m bines
those w ho first beheld them. The rest of the
with this to m ake West m arch the most fertile
White Mou ntains w hich exten ds south an d west
region in Western Mid dle-earth. These
from this point are, by com parison, m uch lower
bou n d aries are the A dorn an d Angren rivers to
and less treacherous, offering several passes
the south and north, respectively. These
through them to the coastal regions. To the
p rovide the moisture needed for the crops of
west, the mou ntains fall steeply from their
Westmarch as well as bringing soil from the
great height to the fe w foothills that lay belo w
r u n-off of the m ou ntains to be deposited in the
on the Westmarch side, which quickly merge
river basins.
into the rolling plains that make u p most of
West m arch. To the east the range extends in The Angren river crosses the
this nearly im p assable state in a line th at r u ns Calenar d hon before taking its w esterly t u r n to
ju st so u th of d u e east a n d en d s at the And uin the sea. It is at this point it becomes the
valley as the back wall of Minas Anor. northern bor der of Westmarch. It also starts its
dive into a gorge that r u ns almost the length of
Westmarch. As the river turns west it falls
q uickly via a series of stair-step rapids into a
canyon w hich at its deepest point reaches some small bridges constructed over the gorge in
200’ in depth. Although deep in parts the gorge places w here the distance across is not too great.
is often w i d er at its base t h a n at its apex. In Th at, ho w ever, w o uld allo w only t w o to th ree
some places this canyon is so overh u ng that the horses to cross at once which is highly
to p ga p act u ally beco m es q uite n arro w. Close u na d visable, tactically speaking. Other than its
enou gh in a few places for the right horse to be source in the Misty Mountains the Angren is
able to ju m p it, although few have tried it also fed by several small rivers an d streams that
(fewer still have succeeded). Her ds of antelope come dow n from the White Mou ntains an d join
have been know n to use this as an escape route. the A n gren in its co u rse to the sea. Some of
This overhang causes the cliffs to be com pletely these drop over the edge of the gorge in
u nscalable. As the river makes its way west an d beautifully scenic waterfalls.
so u t h t he gorge lessens in d e p t h a n d t he river The Adorn is born high in the White
widens. The gorge provides some natural Mountains. It washes down the mou ntains
protection for the people of Westmarch from d ro p ping in an d o u t of caves finally to emerge
a n y in vasion fro m t he north as there are few as a w i d e sh allo w river t h at sn akes its w ay to
places to cross it. The army would have to cross con nect with the A n gren before co min g to the
at the for d s of the Great East-West Roa d in the sea. Beca u se of its so u rce, the A d or n is a very
gap, go far enough west w here the gorge breaks cold river for its first 50 miles and is crystal
and fording is possible, or use one of a few clear throughout its length. It is one of the
m ore pict u resq ue rivers in all of Mid dle-earth. stifling. All in all Westmarch would be a
Like the river itself, the A d orn’s valley is q uite wonderful vacation spot for those capable of
a bit w i d er a n d m ore u seful for farming than taking one.
t he A n gren a n d m ore large pla n tations ca n be
fo u n d in so u th West m arch. The Adorn rarely 2.33 FLORA
overflo ws its banks, an d levees have been b uilt
in t h e p laces w h ere it is m ost likely to d o so. Altho u gh, for the m ost p art, West m arch
D u e to its cold clear w ater t he A d or n is also a is either covered in short grass or farmland,
wonderful trout fishing river and men of there are a fe w forests a n d scattere d trees. In
leisu re from the southern p rovinces sometimes the high vales of the White Mou ntains, the trees
come to Westmarch for that very p urpose. are predominantly coniferous mixed with the
typical high mou ntains hard woods (i.e., ash,
2.32 CLIMATE rowan, etc.). As the land flattens, the trees
beco me decidedly m ore har d w oo d. Stands of
West m arch is again blessed by nat u re as virgin forest not u nlike t h at fo u n d in Fa n gor n
it seems when referring to weather. It is or t he old forest ca n still be fo u n d in t he d ee p
pleasa nt nearly year aro u n d. Its proximity to recesses of the lower mou ntains vales. The
the coast gains warmth for it, but the mou ntains similarity to these old forests also inclu d es the
to the south an d east shield it from many of the presence of active trees or H uorns, an d on some
coastal stor m s of the so u th, b u t not those that occasions, Ents. Other than those already
enter fro m the west. These are the only stor ms mentioned, there are a few other plants that are
that ca use severe weather in West m arch. They of interest.
enter fro m the w est an d rebo u n d off the White
Mou ntains to bring exten ded th u n derstor ms to N ethlequat.
the area d u rin g the sp rin g an d fall of the year,
b u t the win d o w for these storms is relatively This grass grows in patches across the
short and only two or three of these large plains. It is longer than the nor m al grass of the
storms hap pen each year. The people of area, and red dish in color, however, to the
West m arch are w ell a w are of this an d take the u nknowing observer it can cause quite some
necessary precautions. Once every three to four difficulty. The touch of these weeds to the bare
years a h u rricane gro u n d s on the coast to the skin of hu man or animal causes an intense
west bringing monsoon type con ditions that b u rning p ain an d later a severe rash. This will
can last for d ays or even weeks. Win d d a m age ca use the person or anim al to uched to m ove at
an d floo ding can occur, but again this is rare 50% until the pain subsides (2-5 days)
and usually enough warning is received to u nfortu nately the substance causing the pain
m ake the p ro per arrangements. N o a m o u nt of cannot be washed off or neutralized by any
preparedness can cover every possibility, known antidote. The pain can be red uced,
however, and there are usually several ho wever, by the use of various analgesic herbs.
casu alties. The winters in West m arch are mild Even w hen the pain is removed or subsided the
except for in the foothills of the White discomfort of the rash will leave the person at
Mou ntains w hich can rem ain sno w covered for -25% m ovement. The rash resolves after one to
t w o to t h ree m o n t hs. The plains regio ns h ave two weeks by itself. It can be tem porarily
sno w also but the snow usually does not lay h el d off b y a n y of the antihistamine herbs or
around longer than two to four days. This any of the stim ulant type herbs, which
allows cattle and sheep to graze year round u nfortu nately can have other effects, inclu ding
with little su p plementation of diet necessary. a d diction. On the outside chance that one of
However, most ranchers take the precautions to these plants w as ingested by a h u m an (anim als
have eno u gh fo d d er aro u n d regar dless of ho w kno w better), it w o uld p ro d uce such a laxative
mild the winter seems. In the su m mer the type effect, that the partaker would need to save
tem perat u re rarely reaches above 100° an d the vs a 7th level p oison or die fro m co m plete loss
h u midity is not so bad as to make it feel
of their digestive tract. Those that d o save will certain in divid uals for large su ms of money.
be incapacitated for 1-4 weeks. The people of Far Harad, and subsequently
others that have had association with them,
Majon believe that these glands, taken in sm all
q u antities, are a p o w erful a p h ro disiac. If they
Majon is a b u d d in g flo w er fo u n d o n t h e are ingested in larger doses (2-3 glands) the
tops of low hills in the plains. Early in the s u bsta nce ca n be a p otent orga n restorer. O ne
s p rin g w hen it bloo m s it h as a m ilky w hite 5- sid e effect of these larger doses, however, are
petalled flower with laven der centers. After the fits of u ngovernable madness that can recur
bloo m withers, a pod forms in the same unexpectedly u p to three days after the dose
su m mer. In the fall the plant blooms again, this w as taken. The first of these fits passes q uickly
tim e w it h re d bloo m s a n d black centers. The (within an hour usually). Recurring attacks can
p o d for me d d u ring su m mer b u rsts at this time strike at any time for the next few days, but
an d releases its spores. The pod if eaten d uring with decreased d uration and intensity.
the s u m m er p ro d uces a d rea m like state w hile Recently, these stim ulant p ro perties have been
the partaker is still awake; the dreams being used by several herbalists to treat states of
su perim posed u pon their reality. The po ds are catatonia in p atients. The glands are situated
used m ainly for recreational p urposes. This behin d the snake’s eyes an d p uff out w hen full.
causes an psychological ad diction in most, with O nce d rie d, they rese m ble p eas a n d will brin g
people refusing to take on certain tasks (such as 50 gp each, providing that proof of a kill,
co m bat or m akin g im p ortant d ecisions) before usually in the for m of a skin, can be show n as a
eating pod. Unfortu nately these d reams are not mark of authenticity.
necessarily pleasant. Nightmares can occur
even w hile the person is awake causing an Blue Bears
extreme psychotic p hase in some people w hich
may start or stop with no warning. These Blue bears are rare, reclusive an d most
nig ht m ares ca n be in d uce d in ch ronic u sers or com monly fou n d in the White Mou ntains. Blue
in those who were once chronic users by bears are u nique in nature in that they are semi-
exten d e d perio d s of stress or personal tra u m a. sentient an d possess an in nate sense (similar to
This has brought on the accidental deaths or a contin ual Presence spell) which will allo w
m aimin g of several p eo ple by t he h a n d of t he them to perceive all living creatures around
i m biber. Th e ch a nce of o n e of these episodes them within 50’ regardless of obstacles or
occurring increases with the total n u mber of sensory d ep rivation. Blue bears ap pear to be
doses taken by an in divid ual. Each dose sinister in natu re to some beca use they seem to
increases the attack level of the poison by 1 an d seek out men to kill from time to time.
the in divid ual m ust make a saving throw Althou gh this m ay be the case, it might also be
versus poison each time he becomes overly true that their increased intelligence allows
stressed (i.e., prolonged battles, lack of them to realize that m an is a constant th reat to
ap propriate sleep, use of stim ulant herbs, etc.). their su rvival. They are extremely territorial
and will attack trespassers if the party is not
2.34 FAUNA over w helmingly strong. Other wise, they will
stalk the trespassers and attack them
Besides the typical fauna of foxes, in divid ually if given the op portu nity.
h u nting cats, beavers an d other sm all anim als,
there are a few animals that are special and
should be noted.

Green Asps
Green asps should be noted for the value
of their poison glands, which can be sold to
2.4 POLITICS AN D POWER Daen Lintis, although, almost any of the
p reviously mentioned peoples can fall into this
class given the proper circu mstances and bad
2.41 THE CALEN ARD HO N S luck. The lines of races ten d to blu r in m ost of
West m arch b ut the Dúnedain and Daen Lintis
The people of Westm arch are considered
deserve some mention in divid ually to follow.
Calenard hons, because Westmarch technically
is p art of that p rovince. H o wever, this is m ore
a ter m for con venience rather than accu racy as
there is really very little interaction between (DUNMEN, DUNNISH)
most of Calenar d hon an d Westm arch. There is Westmarch in the Secon d Age was part of
some trading between the two areas, and at what the Daen Coentis (the Daen Lintis
times tra ders from both regions travel to the ancestors) called home. By the time of the Last
others’ trading fairs. The only other Allia nce of Men a n d Elves, a n d t he en d of t he
connections are those friendships that have Secon d Age, most of the Daen Lintis ha d left or
formed between some of the fa milies that were soon to leave the vales of the White
settle d in the north of West m arch an d so m e of Mo u ntains d ue to the oath breaking an d travel
t he fa milies of Westfold who settled near the n ort h in to w h at is n o w D u nla n d. Some Daen
borders of Westmarch or arou n d the Aglaron d. Coentis moved from the south vales of the
The Calenar d hons of Westm arch like the White Mountains into what is now called
others in Calenard hon proper are an West m arch never q uite m akin g it to Dunland.
ad venturous lot, or at least their sires were, else Other gro u ps of Daen Coentis alrea d y live d in
they would not have settled in Westmarch, Westmarch d uring the Second Age, and had
w hich, althou gh peaceful, is still a bor der area. little to d o with the other Daen to the sou th. A
N o w, t he p eo ple of Westmarch are somew hat few of these clans were in depen dent of the Daen
different than their pioneering predecessors. Coentis king dom an d did not swear the oath to
Years of blesse d peace h ave ca u se d the peo ple Isild ur, however, the effects of the oath-
to lapse into a relative state of com placency. breaking on the land also affected them, but
The o nly ene mies t hey h ave d ealt w it h in the p ossibly to a lesser exten t. So m e of t hese also
last 200 years have been occasional wild moved north at the en d of the Secon d Age w hile
animals, severe weather, and of course the a few clans stayed. It is the descen dants of these
Plague. This lack of strife in and around clans an d the Daen Lintis that moved back from
West m arch has ca used its people to forget that Dunland later, that com prise the Dunnish
they live on the edge of the wild, but so far they constit u ent of West m arch at this p oint in tim e
have ha d no reason to remem ber or regret this. a n d no w m ake u p the w orkin g class. By 1640,
When those new to the region arrive they seem however, most of these people have at least one
to have a heightened sense of the need of being ancestor or relative that is Dúnadan. These
prepared for disaster or attack of some sort, mixed people are fairly well dispersed in
which the people who were raised in Westmarch, although in the southern areas an d
Westmarch find od d, unnecessary, and quite in particular the city of Derwath, the percentage
h u morous. of Dúnedain is higher. The grou ps of the
For the most part the Calenar d hons are a D u n nish that m oved back to Westmarch from
mixed people inclu ding m ainly Daen Lintis, D u nlan d m ore recently, are m ore p u re in their
D ú ne d ain, so m e N orth m en, mixes of all th ree, bloodlines an d their lifestyles an d therefore are
an d a scattering of other lesser men. The noble not true members of society as it stands, but
class an d ed ucated class are p rim arily m a de u p rather stan d alone and interact with outsiders
of the p ure Dúnedain. only w hen absolu tely necessary an d even then
The crafts m a n class is m ostly the mixe d only through those who are most like
Dúnedain / Daen Lintis with some North men themselves. They dislike the Dúnadan
an d others falling in here spora dically, an d the govern ment, but are cu rrently in no position to
lower class are primarily Daen Lintis an d mixed t h reaten it. They feel t h at t hey are t he hig her
order of society and look down on the few fa milies remain relatively undiluted in
Dúnedain as usurpers and invaders of their their N ú menórean heritage. The highest
rightful homelan d. Of course the Dúnedain pop ulation of the Dú nedain (p ure or other wise)
view these people as ignorant barbarians. is in the southern regions of Westmarch,
The tr ue D u n nish (those that are not of particularly Der w ath with a general decreasing
mixed bloo d) live in exten ded fa mily u nits an d trend as one progresses northwards. The
still keep track of cla n lineage, b u t bo u n d aries Dúnedain of Westmarch are p rim arily the
between the clans are not drawn quite as nobility, q u ality craftsmen, an d ed ucated class
tightly. The most heated rivalries that had of the region. Most of them have been raised in
develo ped bet w een clans in D u nlan d still exist Westmarch but there is a small amount of
between their factions in Westmarch, but the movement to an d from the frontier of craftsmen
true lines of strife lie along the an d scholars as the dem an d dictates. Most of
Dunnish / Dúnadan axis. The true Dunnish the chief exporting is carried out by the
n or m ally are h u n ter / gat herers, b u t a Dú nedain, also as they are the owners of the
significant n u mber have developed into large ranches an d far ms. Several of these men
farmers and herders since relocating to with p articularly large plantations have joine d
Westmarch. Recently several of these fa mily forces to for m a ship ping com pany that is
grou ps have fallen on hard times an d have gone Westmarch specific, in that they only trade their
to work along side the mixed peoples in the prod uce in the South for items that they can
field s of the rich D ú ned ain. This m ay t u rn o u t bring back to Westmarch to sell. They therefore
to be an unsatisfactory relationship for both control both en ds of the tra ding. This seems to
p arties as the D u n nish m ake too many waves d rive some of the prices for items u p, but it also
an d the Dú ned ain are too arrogant to allow any allo w s the region to have access to goo d s fro m
changes in their lives. the South on a regular bases which would
The natu ral p rogression of a split society nor m ally be unusual considering the distance
of t his ty p e if left alo n e is to slowly progress fro m the capital and the lack of a permanent
towards a median for the most part with trading run to Westmarch fun ded by outsiders.
outliers in both directions. However, since The local govern ment is com pletely
New Dunnish still move into the area from Dúnadan-controlled an d is discussed below.
D u nla n d this will fin ally ske w the mix to the
D u n nish si d e as is seen later in t he Thir d Age
(i.e. just previous to the time when the
Rohirrim claimed the area). For now these
people are assimilating into the existing society 2.5 THE GOVERNMENT
and are slowly becoming more like their
neighbors and vice-versa –a kind of society The struggles of the time Post-Plague
dilution, as it were. This dilution occurs in both (1636-1640) left m uch of the govern ment in
directions as the Dúnadan influence and later loose control at best com pared to the Pre-
Rohirrim influence on Westmarch and its Plag ue state of affairs. Even in stable times the
people never entirely leaves the area either. govern ment of Westm arch w as loosely r u n d ue
This is the reason that d u ring the later years of to the distance from the capital. The official
the Thir d Age an d in p articular the War of the govern mental hea d quarters for Westmarch w as
Ring, the peo ple of that area w ere not co u nte d historically at the Aglarond (later to become
on by either side because of their ties to the Helm’s Deep), but d uring these times of
enemy. tribulation it has fallen u pon the local lords
(ho w ever w ell s uite d) to act as p olice m a n, tax
2.43 THE DÚNEDAIN collector, a n d ju d ge. The t w o lor d s th at cover
most of Westmarch are Lord Targen to the
Like the rest of Calenard hon there is
south, an d Lord Negolos to the north.
some dilution of the p ure Dúnadan blood in
Lord Targen’s home is castle Tilmen dir
most people that claim to be Dú ned ain. Only a
w hich w as built to p rotect the pass throu gh the
White Mountains to the south. The territory homesp u n, for the most part. He has 20 soldiers
which he rules was given to his fa mily u n der his com m an d that are seasoned veterans
h u n dreds of years ago, an d mainly inclu des that w ho m his father hired in the South six years
land along the Adorn from the White ago, just before the Plague. These men are loyal
Mountains to the convergence of the Angren. to Lord Negolos as they were to his father
H o w ever t he fu rt her east o ne goes, t he less is before he died in the Plag ue. They enjoy life in
the lor d’s tr ue control of the area. Lor d Targen Westmarch, but are getting a little soft from the
houses a small cad re of militia at Tilmen dir that lack of combat even though they train
p atrol his territory regularly. However, they regularly. Lord Negolos also su p plements
h a ve seen very little actio n. In fact t hey h a ve t hese m en w it h a n y of the young men of the
n ot been in a n act u al skir mish of a n y ty p e for area who wish to learn the art of fighting.
nearly fifty years. The militia is currently made Currently, there are 12 of these young men
u p of 50 you ng men between the ages of 18 an d training along side the regulars. His men make
24. They are local men an d each is req uire d to regular patrols of the area and occasionally
serve 3 years as a militia men. This law was relay messages back an d forth to the Aglaron d
enacted in earlier, less peaceful times, an d no w an d Tilmen dir to the south.
is really not needed but has never been The north western area of Westmarch that
changed. They are taught fighting skills by follo w s the A n gren to the convergence of the
Lor d Targen, t w o of his sons, an d the three full Adorn, is very lightly pop ulated and is
time soldiers that have been stationed there by currently ruled strangely enough, by three
the gover n ment at Lor d Targen’s req uest. The relatively young men, Reaslos, Glëan, and
militia men, because of their age and the fact Ca m din. These th ree w ere a d vent u rers in the
that this is the first time in their lives they South and in Calenard hon, who hap pened to
d id n’t h ave to w ork in t he field s or at a craft fall into circu mstances that enabled them to
every d ay, see m a h a p p y a n d carefree lot. At help the kin g’s fa mily p erson ally. To reward
times they get somew hat boisterous an d out of them for their services he gave them this area of
han d both in tow n an d w hen riding through the la n d for their o w n, along with an old bor der
co u ntrysid e on p atrol. Many of them vie w the w atch to w er. N o w, they are actively tryin g to
three year experience as a vacation, an d a time fig u re out ho w to govern, an d secretly wishing
to so w so m e wild oats. This m akes t he w h ole they could drop the w hole thing and go off
at m osp here at castle Tilmen dir so me w hat like w an d ering in search of ne w thrills. Mercifully
th at of a co u ntry clu b, a n d Lor d Targen never t he p eo ple t hey are s u p p ose d to be gover nin g
see m e d to min d. This casts a shadow on the are few and very patient. They consider the
fu nctionality of this gro u p if the militia were three their pet rulers and treat them like
actually needed; a point noted by the rangers at adopted sons, for the most part. The
every op portu nity. adventurers are basically good men (albeit
The northeastern corner of Westmarch in greedy at times) and feel responsible for the
theory, is still u n der the direct governorship of peoples safety, so, no real strife has occurred
the com man der of the Aglarond. However, bet w een the m selves a n d the p eo ple, as of yet.
control of the area has been passively delegated In fact, the three have standing dinner
by the com man der of the Aglarond to Lord engagements at the house of a local rancher
N egolos. Lor d N egolos o w ns a fortress a n d a whose wife worries about them not eating
large estate near Beld win, and is actually the right. They have fixed u p the to wer in the t w o
r uler no w, but he does try to maintain m ore years that they have been there an d it serves as
contact with the govern ment at the Aglarond their ho m e as w ell as garrison for the ten m en
than lor d Targen, p artially beca use he is m uch they have as retainers an d servants.
you nger an d less sure of his ruling abilities, but The one rem aining central govern mental
also just because his domain hap pens to be office still operating effectively in Westmarch is
closer to t he Aglaro n d. H e is more fortunate the Bor der Guar d or Rangers Service w hich has
than Lord Targen in the respect that his military been operating in Westmarch since it w as made
contingent is professional rather than an official p rovince of Gon dor. The rangers act
as recon naissance for the Aglarond as well as 2.61 THE EARTHWELL
w an dering peace officers an d detectives for the
territory. Their headquarters are in Derwath As mentioned in Section 2.31, the land
an d their com man der is a capable ranger named called Westmarch is dotted with solitary flat
Evad, who will be discussed in more detail top ped hills that are the last evidence of the
later. H e a n d his 12 men are responsible for volcanic activity w hich birthe d this lan d. O ne
long range patrols of the region and the of these hills set in the mid dle of West m arch is
inspection of govern ment installations kno w n to the locals as “Picnic Hill.” O n m a ps
inclu ding govern ment m aintained brid ges an d of the area the hill’s name is “The Earth well.” It
dikes. Cu rrently there is some confusion about w as called this because of the deep pool that
ju risdiction as the local lor ds feel that they an d occu pies the center of the volcanic depression
their men are the local govern ment, case closed, th at is the to p of the hill. It w as given its ne w
a n d see the ra n gers as somew hat su perfluous. na me m any years ago when the locals began
The rangers actually do more than the lords an d using the bo wl of this old volcano with its
the people know, and feel that they are the crystal clear pool an d cool breezes as a place for
actual la w enforcement agency of the area. The fa mily outings. Little did they know that
lords, for the most part, tolerate what they beneat h t he s u rface of t h at hill lies a com plex
consider an intrusion because of the rangers’ w hich houses minions of the Dark Lord himself.
an d p articularly Eva d’s expertise in the area of Besides being a lovely picnic spot, the
recon naissance an d criminal behavior, as well Earth w ell is also the ho m e of a s m all elite u nit
as their ability to track down the occasional of the Necromancer’s forces. During the Secon d
marau ding bear. This conflict shows itself most Age w hen the Dark Lord’s forces swept through
openly when an investigation or manhunt is virtually all of Mid dle-earth, the evil one
req uire d in or a ro u n d o n e of t h e to w n s in t h e learned of the small cave com plex located u n der
lord’s domains, an d at these times words can be t his hill; a piece of infor m atio n he filed away
swap ped. There are 12 rangers, inclu ding Evad, for m a n y yea rs u n til h e h a d n ee d of it. U p o n
th at roa m the la n d in zones a n d p atrol circles. Sauron’s reap pearance in Mid dle-earth as the
Each of these men is a ca p able fighter an d able necro m ancer of Dol Guld ur around T.A. 1000,
to take care of himself in the wild. Their office he bega n a rebuilding his network of priests,
in Der w ath is also their m ain barracks b u t it is cults, an d informants. It was d uring this time of
u nlikely th at m ore th a n fo u r of the m are there rebuilding that he decided to place a spying
at any one time. They are helped in their tasks post in the cave com plex of the Earth well.
by the astrologer, Garam und, that lives in Sauron deemed it perfect, not because it was
Der w ath an d serves the m as a m essage center. inconspicuous, but rather that the place was
He does this as a favor to Evad as they are close beyon d suspicion because of its location, the
personal frien ds. previously untouched area known as
Westmarch. After careful reconnaissance it was
2.6 THE FORCES OF EVIL discovered that the cave com plex remained
undiscovered by the local inhabitants. Soon
As mentioned in the introd uction, for the after, a tea m w as sen t to p re p are the com plex
most part, Westmarch is a peaceful place in T.A. for occu pancy. Then, ap proximately three
1640. In other times this may or may not be the hundred years ago, the Earth well became
case depen ding on the cu rrent politics bet ween operational as a spying station. From its
the Dúnedain, Dunmen, and Rohirrim, but in vantage point in Westmarch the occu pants were
1640 the reason for this peaceful existence in able to gar ner infor m ation abo u t all as p ects of
Westmarch comes not from the presence of a western Gon dorian politics and troop
great good as one might expect, but rather from m ove m en ts as w ell as t he traffic o n the Great
the presence of a great evil. East-West Roa d that p asses thro u gh the ga p to
t h e n ort h a n d t h e goin gs o n at t h e two m ajor
fortresses of Angrenost (Isengard) and the
Aglaron d (Helm’s Deep).
Infor m ation gathered by the contingent distance eaves-drop ping. To assist him, the
at the Earth well is taken by courier via deep Necromancer has given him a device that
u n dergrou n d tu nnels an d caves that reach from enables him to focus his po wer. It is called the
the Earth w ell to the White Mountains. Fro m Seeing Eye. It is a spherical crystal 4” in
t here it is sen t overla n d or by m essen ger bir d dia m eter with a black d o u ble spiral im be d d e d
or bat to Dol Guld ur. The location of the inside that seems to turn as one concentrates on
Earth w ell has p roved very useful not only as a it. This d evice allo w s the Seeker to vie w fixe d
p rim ary spying position but also as a reporting places at great distances. These fixed places are
station for agents th ro u gh the w ester n regions designated by the Seeker, and are limited to
of Mid dle-earth. Beca use of the success of this three. Once a place is decided u pon, the Seeker
station, Sa u ron has declared a moratoriu m on m ust visit there or have access to someone’s
Orkish raids or other Sauron-backed activities min d w ho w as t here reg ularly to set t he place
in the area that might cause a reactionary in his m in d . Fro m t h e n o n, u sin g t h e Eye, h e
increase in diligence by the people of can watch those places sim ultaneously and
Westmarch an d therefore cause detection of the experience everything that ha p pens there in all
station. This decree has caused the peaceful five senses. He is also able to u tilize any of his
perio d that West m arch has experienced for the non p hysical skills (such as Power Perception)
last three hun dred years. (See Section 2.41.) via the eye. Asid e fro m this, the Eye ca n, on a
Living in the Earthwell’s tunnel and larger scale, locate s m all s u rges in the m agical
cha mber com plex are the fou r beings sent there contin u u m of Mid dle-earth. These surges are
by the Necro m ancer so me 100 years ago to r u n p ro d uced w hen significant a mou nts of m agical
t he statio n. They live here alo ne exce p t for a energy are released. Any spell greater than 5th
sm all grou p of g u ar ds an d servants. Here they level can prod uce these surges and are
each carry out the task that they are assigned to detectable by the Seeker. Spells greater than
accom plish their ultimate goal: the collection 15th level can be seen by anyone using the eye.
a n d p rocessin g of infor m ation of a n y ty p e for Once he localizes these surges, he can notify
their master, Sauron. Occasionally the spies of the activity an d start an investigation if
Earth well also acts as a stop-off for special the location indicates that the surge could be
couriers, spies, an d assassins. These occurrences sig nifica n t. It is by t his m et h o d t h at t he Dark
are rare, however, an d absolutely no one enters Lor d locates p otential servants of the dark by
or leaves the Earth well d uring the daylight their use of magic. Then they can be ap proached
hours. Even then, the only exits to the and selected for service.
Earthwell’s tunnel com plex is through a
farm house located nearby and a concealed The Assassin
entrance belo w the w ater line of the pool in the
basin of the hill. The house is exactly authentic The Assassin of the Earth well currently
for the area, a n d the Earthwell’s staff actually u ses the n a m e Jozein w hen he is on a mission.
far m the area su rro u n ding the ho use for their (See Section 3.2.) The position of assassin of the
food and to keep u p ap pearances. The four Earth well has the responsibility of external
primary inhabitants have specific jobs an d titles secu rity for the station. If at a n y tim e p ersons
and are outlined below. When they were not privy to the secrets of the Earth well
assigned here, they drop ped their old names discover a n ythin g abo u t it or by their actions
a n d since t hen are o nly k n o w n by t heir titles, might cause discovery of the Earth well, it is his
leaving behin d their histories as well. task to seek o u t those persons an d kill the m in
such a w ay as to make others believe it to be an
The Seeker accident if at all possible, or at least the work of
someone else. He is a seasoned expert in the art
The Seeker is a 200 year -old Black of killing, and has com pleted nu merous
N ú menórean of pure bloo d , w h ose o nly job is m issio n s of t his ver y kin d . H e is of com mon
to scan Mid dle-earth for bits of information. He m an stock and is very nor mal in ap pearance,
is a 20th level Seer with a specialty in long w hich o nly h elp s in his fiel d. H e is 5’11” tall
with light bro w n hair an d bro w n eyes. He has p olitics. She is in charge of assigning tasks for
no distinguishing marks, an d wears clothes that the Assassin as well as maintaining the disguise
are a drab combination of styles that do not of t he far m fa mily t h at w as set u p to insulate
len d to id entification of his la n d of origin. H e the Earth w ell fro m the in digeno us p o p ulation.
has a wide variety of poisons in his possession, The Web is also in ch arge of coor d in atin g the
as well as the normal weapons of his trade. His internal security of the Earth well should
favorites are the blo w g u n, th ro wing stars, an d anyone ever intr u d e. These secu rity measu res
short bow w hen at a distance. He will try not to inclu de the traps that have been constructed, the
melee, but if forced to, he uses two short four hu man guards, and the Beast (explained
sw or ds. He is a m aster at disg uise an d stealth. belo w). The Web is a special w om an. She is of
His m agical cloak allows for this most easily p ure N ú menórean descent, mid dle aged, but
for it ca n ch a n ge t h e color of a n y ite m o n his still very young looking, and quite striking.
p erson by ju st vis u alizin g it. This h as beco m e She is a very efficient com man der w ho has high
so com mon place for him now that he can intelligence and an intuitive feel for her command.
change the look of his entire outfit in less than 5
seconds. This makes for quick escapes into Not only d oes she have her o w n skills as
cro w d s. H e just t u rns a corner an d viola! he is a n 15th level evil Mage b u t she also has been
n o lo n ger in t h e sa m e clot hin g. O n e t hin g h e entrusted with and allowed to use an ancient
w ill never d o, h o w ever, is allo w him self to be item, the Ra u gno staff. This black staff is some
ca p t u red. He has a ring that stores
three spells. They are: Teleport, (x2)
and a Longdoor. H e also h a s a b elt
that allows Invisibility 1’ 3x / d ay. If
these are not enough and he is
ca ptu red, he will kill himself either
by p oiso n or d agger. If n eit h er of
t h ese w or k or h e is healed by the
party, he will trigger the delayed
fireball that is stored in the false
wisdom tooth im planted in his
mouth. If he is u nable to do this the
Web (See below) will, along with
the Seeker’s help, detonate the
fireball fro m the Earth well. They
constantly monitor the Assassin
w hen he is on a mission.

The Web
The Web is the overall
com man der of the Earth well and
the coordinator of all the spying
net w orks w hich are o perate d fro m
the Earth well. This entails
instructing the Seeker where to
look for infor mation, what
infor m ation is im portant enough to
send to Dol Guld ur, as well as
providing insight into possible
interpretations of the infor m ation
considering the associated regional
7’ long nor m ally b u t a djusts itself to the user’s The Beast
heig ht. The staff’s to p is carve d into a bizarre
cross bet w een a d ragon a n d a s pid er with the The Beast is directly under the Web as
length of the staff becoming the tail of the p art of the inter n al secu rities of the Earth w ell.
creature w hich terminates in a diamon d shaped His position req uires him to be the safety valve
blade. In this configuration, the staff is a x5 for secu rity if the nor m al secu rity m eas u res of
spell m ultiplier for evil Mages, an d is able to be the Earth well are breached. The Beast is u nlike
throw n as a spear. When throw n, the spear has a n y other creat u re in Mid dle-earth. H e is the
greater accu racy d ue to the wings on the tiny en d-point of a series of experiments carried out
to p fig u re w hich correct the flight, giving the at Dol G uld u r. Sa u ron has experimente d with
staff the sa m e effect as if it had an Aim True breeding Orcs and Trolls throughout time,
spell cast u pon it. If the staff misses or is hoping to create faster, stronger, an d more light
dislo d ged, it can retu rn to the user by flight. If resistant species. The Beast was one of his most
the staff is bein g held, against the will of the successful experiments in crossbreeding with
user, or is stuck in someone or something, it can one d ra w back; he is sterile an d therefore of no
return to them via a Longdoor, however, if it further use in the experimentations.
can not be com man ded to do this it has a will of
its own and will return when and if it is The Beast is a mixture of Orc, H u man,
beneficial to the staff. and Troll. In what percentages these three
make u p the beast only Sauron an d his breeders
The real power of the staff, however, k no w for s u re. Regar dless of the p ercentages,
allo w s the u ser to m erge with it to take on the the result is q uite im p ressive. The beast is over
for m of the Black Widow Dragon, a demon 7’ tall a n d extre m ely m u scular. His skin is jet
creat u re with the fo ul tem pera ment and nasty black an d very tough, d ue to the tiny scales that
features of both creatures. It is some 90’ lon g with he in herited fro m the Troll side of his heritage.
8 legs, a long flexible neck an d tail, jet black in Fro m the Orkish sid e he receive d a h u n ger for
color except for the red hourglass on its battle an d a r uthlessness in combat that is quite
u n derside. It has a poisonous bite as well as the frightening. Most im p ortantly, ho w ever, fro m
ability to sp ray webbing from a reservoir at the his h u m a n heritage he gaine d the intelligence
en d of its tail. It can breathe fire as well as use a n d self discipline to beco m e a highly skilled
any of the magical abilities of user. For the w arrior rather than the hack and slash nor m
user, however, this process is not necessarily among Orcs and Trolls. He is skilled in the
reversible at w ill. The p o w er a v ailable to t he m artial arts as w ell as several w ea p ons which
user can be intoxicating an d each time the user he wields with great effect.
takes t his for m t hey m u st sa ve vs a 30t h level
charm spell or remain as the creature. Each In the Earth well, with its secret p assages
week they get another saving throw that an d win ding tu nnels, he makes for a formidable
decreases by 5% each week, (i.e., the second foe by him self, even if t he ot hers w ere u n able
week would be vs 25th level). If the person to defend themselves. If this were not bad
re m ains as the Dragon for >4 weeks the staff enough, the Beast has been given a special
consu mes the soul of the person an d retu rns to a m ulet, keyed to the rock of the Earth well, that
its base staff state, sa ns u ser. The Web k no w s allo w s him to m ove t h ro u g h the rock as if it
all t he abilities a n d liabilities of the staff and were not there. His ability to effectively
will be very hesitant about invoking the ambush anyone in the tunnels from any
m er ger u nless it see m s to be h er o nly option. d irectio n is alm ost ass u re d, as is his ability to
One other side effect of the long ter m strike and withdraw without worrying about
p ossession of the staff is a certain can nibalistic cou nter-attacks. The a m ulet only works within
u rge to w ar ds m ates. The men of the Earth well the Earth w ell. H e h as taken great p rid e in his
k no w of this ten d ency a n d make no advances position here an d regar ds the safety of the Web
towards her despite her sed uctive nature. an d the Seeker as his personnel responsibility.
2.62 THE U N DEA D 2.7 NPC’s FOR ALL
Westmarch, as mentioned in Section 2.42,
is p art of w h at w as t he h o m ela n d of t he Daen
2.71 EVA D
Coentis. So the Daen of West m arch fell victim
to t h e sa m e fate as t h ose cla n s t h at live in t h e Eva d is a the ranger ca p tain in charge of
southern vales of the White Mou ntains with few all the rangers of the region known as
exceptions. These clans are fewer than the clans Westmarch. He is an im posing physical
to the south so the interaction that occurs presence standing 6’6” tall and weighing 250
bet w een the livin g and undead of Westmarch lbs. He is a seasoned veteran of several
are fewer than those of Erech and the area cam paigns elsew here and finds Westmarch
surrounding the paths of the dead. Because somew hat boring. He is half-Dúnadan, half-
these clans were fewer and separated they N ort h m a n. His fat her’s fa mily w as one of the
u s u ally h a d p rivate fa mily b u rial sites similar Eldacar faction in the Kin-strife and was
to those in the paths of the dead but scaled rewarded quite well in lands and status
dow n for a single or at most two clans. Most of after w ar ds. He has the N orth men’s blon d hair
t hese b u rial sites w ere cu t in to t he rock of t he w hich m akes him stan d o u t even fu rther. O ne
W hite Mo u n tains. For t his reason, only those of Evad’s strong points is his reasoning
people of West m arch that travel reg ularly near abilities. He is a su perb detective an d tactician
the mou ntains are ever exposed to the p resence which has helped him a lot in his current
of the undead in the area, and most of the station. Evad is tolerant of visitors in
inhabitants know only the stories that have Westmarch, but will not stand for rabble
been han ded d o w n by legen d. Elarin the Elf ro users an d strife ca use d by o u tsid ers. H e has
ranger is the only person in Westmarch that been here long enough that he knows these
confronts the u n dea d on any reg ular basis. He people well an d considers most an extension of
knows the locations of all the major Daen burial his family. He is currently u n married as he
sites an d also knows w hat times of year that the t hin ks t h at t his w o uld be a poor arrangement
un dead are most active. considering his position requires so m uch
travel an d od d hours.
Evad, however, has a secret hid den
wit hin him s uch t h at even he does not know.
The d ay he w as bor n w as also the d ay th at his
great grandfather Feamon d died. Ever since,
the ghost of Feamon d has followed him as a
g u ar dian. N or m ally the life d raining effects of
a ghost in close proximity would kill most
people after such a lengthy exposu re, b ut Eva d
was also born with limited regenerative
abilities, that maintains him as his great
gran dfather’s ghost drains him. Evad has never
realize d that this sy m biotic relationship exists,
b u t it h as sa ve d his life in several battles. H e
ca n not explain w h y he h as hear d w ar nin gs of
attack, when no one remembers saying
anything to him. N or, w as he ever able to fin d
the person who rescued him after he was
knocked u nconscious in a battle with a ban d of
In battle Fea m on d can d o several things
to help his descen dant. He can move from Evad
to his op ponent and thereby begin to drain different about her. She spoke to him
energy from the op ponent w hile Evad gets (previously she had rarely done so) but the
stronger. H e can fight just as he w as in life, as voice was not her ow n.
ghosts can, b u t only if Eva d has been ren dered The voice w hich ca me from her said that
unconscious, or he can overlay his great she was the Oracle, that this was her new home,
grandson in a spectral im age that only his and to go and leave her in peace. He tried
op ponents can see w hich will act as a True Aura several times to remove her from the forest,
and a Fear spell. At any time, he can relay u nsuccessfully. The forest see me d to m ove to
information to Evad by barely au dible w hispers block his passage and finally he gave u p.
that Evad has come to accept as part of his Distraught he left the forest to go get help. That
thought process. Given these assets it is easy to is when he met the Drughu. Their chieftain
see h o w Eva d co uld be a for mid able frien d or explaine d the p o w er of the Oracle an d the fact
enemy. The only evidence that can ever be seen th at it h a d been vaca nt for so lon g. At first he
of Evad’s ancestor, other than by his op ponents, w as not willing to accept this fate for his sister,
is the rare sparkle of light that can be seen but the Drughu explained that this was an
follo wing Eva d just at the mo ment the su n sets honor not frequently bestowed nor lightly
or rises. A fe w peo ple have seen this, b u t they given an d that she would have a p urpose in life
usually br ush it off as optical illusion an d Eva d now rather than being w holly dependent on
has never actually seen it himself. others all her life. Finally they con vince d him,
a n d he left sorrowful but, convinced that this
2.72 ELARIN & AMARLA was right. Upon returning to Edhellond, he
foun d that his parents had died in a construction
Elarin was originally from the Elvish accident (they were both ship wrights).
hold of Ed hellon d with breth ren at Riven dell. Disgusted with his lot in life, he returned to
It w as his in ten tio n 10 years ago, to travel to West m arch to be near his sister. N o w he has
Riven d ell to visit wit h t he m a n d seek help for taken a position as a ranger in Eva d’s service as
A m arla w hen both their lives changed forever. a ranger of Gondor, with his territory being
His sister A m arla w as not right. She w as only that nearest the Oracle.
20 years old (a baby from an Elf’s point of
view), b u t it ha d been clear for years that she Elarin is now secon d-in-com man d of the
w ould never be nor m al. Several of the Elvish
healers at Ed hellon d h a d trie d to correct the
sit u ation, b u t none w ere successful. She w as
mentally retar d e d an d w o uld never p rogress
to a state beyo n d t h at of a 5 year-old child.
Elarin w ould not accept this and decided to
journey with his sister to his relatives at
Riven dell to see if anything could be done.
On his trip through Westmarch they were
staying close to the hills to avoid the local
pop ulation, and therefore any stares and
questions, when Amarla ran off into the
nearby woods. The forest was virgin and
incredibly thick. He tracked her as best he
co uld, b u t gaine d little infor m ation fro m the
signs w hich seemed to be erased in a ran d om
fashion. Finally two days later, after no sleep,
he fo u n d her lyin g fast aslee p in t he ancient
tem ple which crowned a grassy hill in the
mid dle of the forest. She a w oke with a start.
It was then he noticed it, something was
rangers an d the only Elf in the Rangers Service
in West m a rch. For t h at m atter, he is t he o nly
Elf besides Amarla (his sister) that frequents the
area with any reg ularity at all. Since the death
of his p aren ts a n d t he selectio n of his sister to
be the Oracle, he has thrown himself ca p able in both lang u ages an d u n derstan ds (as
com pletely into his w ork with the rangers. His well as any non-Drûg) the way they think.
losses h ave not been witho u t emotional effect Elarin is a capable h u nter an d fighter an d he has
an d Elarin is m uch d arker in mood than he w as often taken hunting trips with Evad into the
once. He rarely speaks to anyone other than the mou ntains to h u nt bear an d boar.
rangers an d then mostly to Evad. The locals A m arla as the mouth of the Oracle has
seem somew hat wary of his presence because of been given special abilities to defend herself
his race. He does nothing to remedy this either, an d her realm. Any attem p ts to rea d her min d
beca u se he is u s u ally in n o m oo d to socialize. or delve into her mind inclu ding general
Beca u se his territory is in t he foothills he has influence spells will be met by a 25th level
done significant exploration into the mou ntains min d blank, w hich will not allo w such activity
an d probably knows the area as well as anyone. to affect her. Also if a person attem p ts a min d
H e also acts as a liaison to the Drughu when control or p robin g s p ell on A m arla, they m u st
save versus Mentalisim at 50th level or
go insane from the experience. If
attacked p hysically, the power of the
Oracle will tele p ort A m arla a w ay in to
the woods where the H uorns will
p rotect her. Either w ay at the first sign
of physical aggression the H uorns as
w ell as t he Dr u g h u m ake t heir w ay to
the Oracle at best possible speed and
begin to exterminate the aggressors. (If
the Earthnode rules from Rolemaster
Companion I are used then Amarla
would be considered a guardian.)
All Amarla’s p hysical needs are met
by the Oracle w hich grows food for her,
but the Drughu also bring her things
p erio dically. They see her m ost often
running through the forest chasing
animals that she has for playmates.
Their devotion to her nears worship for
they believe that she embodies the
perfect in nocence never en ding that no
else could ever attain.
Physically Amarla ap pears to
others as w ould a you ng w o m an of 14-
16 years old in build but with
distinctively Elvish features. Most of
the time she will be streaked with m u d
an d have twigs an d straw sticking from
nee d e d. The p aths of the Dr u gh u an d h u m ans her hair in a most unkem pt manner, as
of the area rarely cross, but w hen they do Elarin w o uld any yo u ng girl that plays in the w oo d s
has been useful to both races because he is every day.
Lord Targen is ruler of the southern Lor d N egolos h as only been lor d of this
portion of Westmarch. He is an older Dú na d an area for three years. His father was in the
n oble (140) w h o is co nsid ere d by m ost p eo ple p rime of his life w hen he died from the Plag ue,
of the area to be an open an d caring person. He leaving a very young lord Negolos to accept
is known for his sense of fair play and his d uties that have matured him fairly rapidly. He
enjoy ment of life. To the peo ple of his d o m ain is only 28 years old, newly wed, and trying
he is less of a r uler than a frien d. He can often hard to do his best to replace his father.
be seen carrying on in a most u nlor dly man ner. Unfortu nately for Negolos, the area he governs
It w o uld not be u nco m m on for Lor d Targen to of late has ha d some significant racial problems
be seen standing knee deep in water of the brought about by the Du nnish that have moved
A d or n fishing for tro u t with a grou p of local back from Du nlan d to w hat they consider to be
men and boys w hile his assistants remin ded their rightful ho me. In the last year there have
him repeatedly he was su p posed to be been several near misses in racial relations that
else w here. This ty pe of contact with the locals almost resulted in a racial revolt / war in the
on a regular bases has not undermined his region. Whether out of luck or cunning (the
authority, however, because many have arg u m ent goes both w ays a m on gst the locals)
witnessed his anger an d have seen him dole out Lord Negolos has tem porarily abated this
harsh p u nish ment to the u nfortu nate criminals p roble m by m arryin g the d a u g hter of a Daen
brought to his cou rt. Lor d Targen resides some Lintis nobleman that moved his entire exten ded
15 miles southeast of Der wath across the Adorn fa mily to West m arch so m e ten years ago. His
river in t he castle Tilmen dir, which was built n e w w ife, Sir ris, is w ell love d in the Dunnish
several centu ries ago to maintain close watch com m u nity and this marriage seems to have
on the p ass th ro u g h the W hite Mo u ntains th at brought together the races for aw hile.
crosses there. His fa mily has controlled this Unfortu nately for Lord Negolos, the ru mors
area for as long as the castle has been in th at this w as a cu n ning feat of diplomacy are
existence, an d he is quite comfortable here. The entirely false, and although he loves his new
castle now houses two of his three sons, his w ife d ee ply, he h as n o n otio n of w h at to d o if
servants an d ap p roximately 50 militiamen. His the current peaceful status erodes again.
wife died 25 years ago, after giving birth to his Beca use of his inexperience, he has of late been
you nger son, an d his mid dle son is a w ay south asking the a d vice of Lor d Targen an d Eva d the
becoming a scholar. ranger on several trips that he has taken to the
Derwath in the past few months.
2.8 WESTMARCH AT 2.82 WESTMARCH 2510-2759
OTHER TIMES T.A. 2510 was as significant as a year
could get for the people of Westmarch. H aving
2.81 WESTMARCH 1640-2510
heard the ru mors of the possible threat from the
From 1640 to 2510 of the Third Age, Balchoth, Cirion the Steward of Gondor
change was slow but steady in Westmarch. m ustered as many troops as he could for the
With the decline of the pop ulation of northern Gon dorian army thus swelling the
Calenard hon proper, the north trade through ranks of the garrison at Angrenost. (The
West m arch to those regions slo w e d as did the Aglarond had long since been abandoned.)
migration of craftsmen and new settlers from Some of these new volu nteers were from
the South. In Westmarch this meant that the Westmarch, but not many. By this time not
pop ulation became more and more mixed as m a n y in West m arch felt th at they o w e d m uch
tim e d p asse d beca u se of the slo w yet constant allegiance to Gondor, but the few who did
influx of D u n m en. As this occurred even the tu rned out to help the Northern Army. This
r uling p u re D ú na d an class beca me mixed with alone w o uld not h ave been eno u g h to sto p the
D u n nish bloo d. Not only did the rulers lose Balchoth, b u t luckily for the peo ple of Gon d or
their bloo dline distinction d uring this time their oldest and most steadfast allies the
perio d, b u t m uch of their power as well. As Éothéod came to their rescue in the nick of time
ti m e w e n t o n, m a n y of t h e r u lers became just at Parth Celebrant. The aftermath of this
rich influ ential m en with great tracts of la n d s. conflict saw Cirion the steward of Gondor
This, along with the d ecline in the influence of ceding all of Calenard hon to Eorl and his
Gon d or on the gover n ment, over time allo w e d people. This w asn’t significant to the people of
t he p eo ple of West m arch to take over m ost of Calenard hon proper, because in reality there
the govern mental functions, blen ding the weren’t m any Calenar d hons left by this time.
historical Dúnadan govern ment with the clan This lan d grant did inclu de Westmarch which
system of the Daen Lintis that moved south. was more pop ulated. This would become a
Most of this transition was a peaceful with a few lingering p roblem for many years. Not
exceptions in the for m of clan wars and inclu ded in the grant was the fortress of
confrontations with the rangers in the region. Tilmen dir south of the river Adorn. This would
D u rin g this tim e, the p oints of interest of 1640 remain garrisoned by the Dúnedain until the
ch a n ge very little. The Ren d ar a n d Asirac are year 2845 d uring Folcwine’s reign when the
Rohan takes over com plete control of
still at a stalem ate, A m arla is still the m o u th of
the Oracle of Yavanna, an d the Earth well is still Westmarch.
o peratin g as a spying station for Dol Guld ur. O nce t he la n d w as gra n te d to t he m t he
Elarin the Ranger lost interest in his service as a Rohirrim m ove d in over a fe w years time with
ra n ger a n d travele d n ort h to Riven d ell to live little a djustments necessary. The only p roblem
with his relatives there. H e jo u r neys back an d area w as Westm arch. Here the pop ulation w as
forth once every 2-3 years to see his sister at the m uch heavier a n d w ere not abo u t to m ove o u t
Oracle. of t heir ho m es to let t he Rohirrim settle t here.
Fortu nately the Rohirrim ha d plenty of room in
the other regions of Calenar d hon, an d therefore
did not insist u pon moving into Westmarch
rig ht a w ay. Over the years, ho w ever, so m e of
the Rohirrim did move into Westmarch
sporadically, and grad ually mixed with the
people of Westmarch to further dilute the racial
backgro u n d of the region. This w o uld beco me
sig nifica n t in years to follo w. O ver t he years,
w hile Calenard hon was mostly unoccu pied, no. Insults were exchanged and when Helm
D u n nish clans ha d m ove d closer an d closer to had had enough, he hit Freca so har d on the top
Calenard hon. This brought about frequent of the head that Freca died instantly. In
bor d er conflicts bet w een the Rohirrim a n d the Westmarch, Freca’s death was not taken well.
Dunnish. His son W ulf w as able to use his father’s death
as a rallyin g p oint for the D u n nish m ajority of
W hen Cirio n h a d given Calen ar d h o n to the area. For the next four years, Wulf recruited
t he Ro hir ri m, he also ga ve t he m t he rights to Dunmen into his army from Westmarch and
use the Aglarond which had been abandoned Dunland. Many of the people of Westmarch
for years an d ha d become r u n dow n. Exclu ded w h o w e r e still lo y al to kin g H el m o r w e r e of
fro m the gra nt to the Rohirrim w as A n grenost Rohirric descent left Westmarch afraid of the
(Isengar d) an d the to wer of Orthanc w hich ha d rising tension.
been garrisoned by a hereditary force of In 2758, the op portu nity to attack, for
Gon dorian solders since 2050, when the last which Wulf had been waiting, finally arose.
Gon dorian king was killed and the regular That year, the Easterlings attacked Rohan from
garrison w as recalled. This force over the years the east and the Corsairs of Umbar attacked
beca me less disciplined an d more frien dly with Gon dor from the south w hich meant that Rohan
the Daen Lintis clans that had moved nearer. In w o uld n ot receive a n y help fro m their closest
2710, the com man der of the garrison at allies. The Corsairs attacked all along the
Angrenost died without an heir, w hich enabled coastal fiefs of the southern provinces of
the Du n men to work their w ay into the fortress Gon d or a n d d rove inla n d. This bro u g h t the m
and take it over with a combination of tho u g h the p asses of the so u th w est ar m of the
diplom acy, deception, an d force. This position White Mountains and into Westmarch. Here
allo wed their raids to be m ore effective as well t h ey m et w it h ver y little resistance except for
as allo wing them a p o w er base to la u nch m ore the sm all p re d o minantly Dúnadan garrison at
significant raids when the op portu nity Tilmen dir, an d soon were met by W ulf an d his
p resented itself. That op portu nity would come troops. A quick agreement allowed the two
in 2754. ar mies to join forces to defeat the Rohirrim at a
In 2754, Westmarch would become the battle at t he for d s of t he Isen. The Corsairs at
so u rce of o n e of t h e w orst w a rs in its histor y. this p oint w ere too over-exten d e d on m en an d
At t his tim e in Westmarch there lived a man su p plies to contin ue the cam paign an d returned
named Freca was considered a nobleman of home, having successfully com pleted their task
sorts to the people of Westmarch. He w as from of occu p ying the Rohirrim so that they could
a wealthy family, and claimed to be a n ot co m e to t h e ai d of the Gon dorian armies.
descen dent of the D ú na d an lor d that ha d once After the decisive battle at the For ds, W ulf an d
ruled the area around Beld win, a theory his army were able to drive into Rohan and
su p ported to some extent because his fa mily take over the ca pitol city of Ed oras w here W ulf
ho me w as the castle occu pied by those lords. claimed the kingship. Du ring the winter, Helm
H e also claim e d d escen t fro m t he kin gs of t he an d his sons died defen ding the H ornb u rg (the
Rohirrim through an obscure relationship as Aglarond). The rest of the royal fa mily and
w ell as so m e rig h ts to n obility a m o n g one of many of the people of Edoras survived by
the Daen Lintis clans. Freca was a shrew d retreating to Dunharrow, the ancient Daen
businessm an an d wise in his policies regar ding Coentis holy site high in the White Mo u ntains.
the people of Westmarch, but he let his When the spring came, Helm’s nep hew an d heir
arrogance get the best of him, w hen he claimed Fréalaf led a surprise raid into Edoras and
that he should be inclu ded on the ruling cou ncil kille d W ulf on the steps of the throne in the
an d asked for the kings d aughter’s han d for his Golden H all itself. Without their leader, the
so n, W ulf. H el m, t he kin g of Ro h a n, w as not Du n nish fled Rohan p ursued by the Rohirrim
know n for his tolerance an d ha d never failed to en ding the first Du nnish invasion of Rohan.
exp ress his dislike of Freca. So Freca’s req uest
for a m arriage arrangement w as met with a flat
A Locator Map for Westmarch

1. Beldwin
2. Amon Roch
3. The Oracle Site
4. The Earthwell (picnic hill)
5. The Adventurer’s Tower
6. The Rendar/Asirac Valley
7. Derwath
8. Tilmendir
short-lived, without the constant surveillance
2.83 WESTMARCH 2759-3019 needed to keep Westm arch racially p u re. Soon
the Du nnish were moving back into Westmarch
After the short-lived takeover by Wulf, an d reestablishing ties with people they once
things ret u rne d m uch to the way things were k ne w t here. In fact, by t he tim e of t he War of
before in West m arch, b u t only to a p oint. The the Ring (3018-3019) Westmarch’s racial mixture
dispossessed Rohirrim from Westm arch slo wly w as m uch as it ha d been before the p u rge. The
moved back into Westm arch alongside some of difference w as th at everyone th at live d within
the sa me people that were p art of W ulf’s ar m y. Westmarch seemed to get along. The only
Racial strife abounded over the next century fighting d uring the time before the war was
a n d t h e goal of t h e kin gs of Ro h a n w as to ri d between the Dunmen of Westmarch and
Westmarch of all Dunnish. Regular sorties soldiers of Roh a n th at w ere ne w to the region.
were led into the region an d by the year 2800, a Most of these skir mishes were highly p rotested
garrison had been established in the fortress by t he residents of Westmarch, which is why
that had once been Wulf and Freca’s home. d u ring the War the people of Westm arch could
During the reign of king Folcwine, the not be co u nte d on by either sid e, so s plit w ere
Rohirrim starte d a ca m p aig n in Westmarch to their loyalties. Westmarch itself played no
rid t he regio n of its D u n nish influence. They sig nifica n t role in the w ar, b u t the in h abita n ts
began by seeking out fa milies of Dunnish of the Earth well played a major part in
descent that were not loyal to the king, providing infor mation to Sauron concerning
p articularly those w ho are very outspoken or Sar u m an’s activities as well as the strength an d
had ancestors that had participated in Wulf’s nu mbers of the Rohirrim. They were also
u prising. These fa milies were first told that instru mental in discovering vital infor m ation
they sho uld leave, or s uffer stiff pen alties and about Boromir’s ride to Riven dell, and in
taxes for staying. This worked for some of coor dinating the information gathering services
these fa milies, but many resisted these tactics focu se d on locatin g the fello w ship of the Rin g
and remained in Westmarch despite the as w ell as acting as a sto p ping off p oint for the
pressure. Nazgûl as they searched.

When these tactics did not work, the 2.84 WESTMARCH AFTER 3019
Rohirrim u p gra d e d to m ore harsh measu res of
b u r ning cro ps an d d riving off livestock. This In t he after m at h of t he War of t he Rin g,
d rove m ost of t he others, but a few stubborn the D u n men that w ere defeated at the battle of
Du nnish clansmen maintained their claim to the Helm’s deep returned home to Dunland and
la n d. It is sai d that history is written by the Westmarch dejected and hu mbled. The new
victors. History says that the Rohirrim rid d e d king of Gondor and Arnor, ceded the land
Westmarch of the Plague of the Dunnish that called D u nlan d to them to live in for as long as
ha d tro u ble d the m for so long. If the D u n m en they so desired if they lived peacefully. Because
had written history, the Rohirrim might not of the w ar the male pop ulation of Du nlan d w as
have looked quite as valiant in their efforts. significantly decreased. This w as also the case
Many of the acts the Rohirrim com mitted in the for the D u n nish fa milies of Westmarch whose
na me of patriotism were cr uel an d vicious, an d m e n w e n t off to w a r. M a n y of these fa milies
are not spoken of among polite people who decided to move back to Dunland to rejoin
have respect for the crow n an d the tra ditions of relatives for a more stable family structure. The
the Rohirrim. The D u n nish remem bere d them ones t h at d ecid e d to stick it o u t in West m arch
long after w ar ds, an d they only served to fuel soon lear ne d th at as part of the con ditions of
their hatred for the Rohirrim. surrender they had to relocate to Dunland
which left Westmarch com pletely under the
Regardless of the tactics, however, control of the Rohirrim.
Westmarch was rid of the Du nnish influence by When the War ended, the news of
2903, the end of Folcwine’s reign. This was Sauron’s defeat was im mediately known to
those at the Earth well. Having lost their
m aster, the in habitants fell into dissension an d 3.0 THE
m ost left to flee east w ar d w ay fro m the p o w er
of the Rohirrim an d Gon d orians. Tw o of them
decided to stay at the Earth well with their
servants an d hide o u t until such time as they 3.1 THE TALE
co uld begin to exert control over the area by
their ow n means. Lord Targen, who is in charge of the
Also remaining in Westmarch after the lan ds arou n d Derwath, has three sons w ho have
war were the Ren dar an d the Asirac. Unlike the grow n into man hood in Westmarch. His eldest
other undead clans of the Daen Coentis who son Carnil, an d his you nger son Galen d ur, were
were released from their curse by Aragorn alw ays more p hysical, an d m uch the ou t d oors-
d uring the war, these clans never swore an oath m en. His mid dle son Micon u r, however, was
to the D ú ned ain, b u t rather beca me u n dea d on alw ays more introverted an d scholarly. For the
their own; the Rendar to continue their foul p ast five years, Miconur has been away from
existence an d the Asirac to cou nter them. When ho m e. H e w as sent with his father’s blessin gs
the war ended, the threat and terror of the to become a scholar in Lond Ernil (Dol
undead in the southern White Mountains A m rot h). N o w h e h as co m e h o m e for a visit
stop ped, but in Westmarch the tales of ghosts in an d has been for two months. Unfortu nately
the mou ntains contin ued for years. for everyone concerned he did not stu dy the
areas that his father w o uld have m ost d esire d.
Instea d, Micon u r w as sucked in to stu d ying the
black arts w hile away in the south and he
quickly took a liking to the power that was
associated with sorcery. His mentor taught him
w ell an d Micon u r learne d quickly. However,
o n e t hin g h e w as n ot a ble to p ick u p o n w ere
the seeds that his master planted in his min d to
gro w into hatred for his fa mily, an d his people
in general. Unbeknow nst to him, his master
w as a follo w er of the d ark religions an d u n d er
the com man d of Kham ûl in Dol Guld ur.
Miconur arrived home six weeks ago
u nan nou nced an d acted co m pletely nor m al for
the first week w hile he slowly introd uced min d
alterin g s u bsta nces into the foo d of the castle.
Since then, he has im prisoned his father and
older brother, an d has his you nger brother, the
household servants an d the militia men of the
castle u n d er his co n trol. H e h as been m akin g
the militia men into a cruel parody of their
for mer selves. For the last month the nor m ally
hap py and cavalier militia men have been
raidin g villages a n d far m houses disguised as
bandits under the orders of Miconur. Then
w hen the militia was asked to step u p patrols to
eliminate the raids, they laughed. More
recently there have act u ally been a fe w violent
episodes in Derwath itself. So far no one
outside the castle knows of Miconur’s return.
Only Evad believes that something might be
w rong at the castle and he is worried about field of Astrology th at he w as taken u n d er the
Lor d Targen w ho h as not been seen in p ublic tutelage of man w ho proclaimed himself to be a
for six weeks. Evad, having only sketchy famous teacher of magic from the south.
evidence and hunches, realizes that further Micon ur soon learned to trust the man from the
investigation into the disturbances and the south, b ut his mentor w as not w hat he seemed.
status of the castle are man datory. It w asn’t long before the bon d of tr ust bet ween
There is another com plicating factor to mentor an d st u dent allo wed Micon u r to come
this tale, ho w ever. When the p o w ers of evil at u n der the evil influence of his m aster. For five
the Earth well discovered that Micon ur’s actions years now he has been stu d ying intensively the
could potentially cause a disturbance which magical arts known as sorcery as well as
might jeo p ar dize their stan ding in West m arch, learning as m uch as he could about poisons.
t heir reactio n to t his p roble m is as o ne w o ul d Micon u r learned more than just m agic from his
expect…eliminate the p roblem at the source. mentor, however, he also learned a distinct
Miconur m ust be stop ped before his actions hatre d of his o w n peo ple, an d in p articular his
draw attention to Westmarch. The Assassin has older brother and his father. This mind
been dispatched to deal with the problem. m anip ulation w as p art of the bargain involved
in learning the magical arts from the minions of
t he d ark lor d. H is m en tor d i d n ot a p p rove of
his ret u rn to West m arch, b u t Micon u r’s hatred
an d skills had grow n to the point that he would
3.2 THE NPCS not be stop ped, an d in a fit of rage he killed his
mentor an d headed home.
Miconur Micon u r is a 30 year-old Dúnadan man
with near p ure N ú menórean blood. Which
From an early age, Miconur showed means he still in the first fifth of his life. H e is
signs of great intelligence. His father w as very 6’3” tall with black hair an d pale blue eyes. He
p ro u d of hi m for his excellence in his stu dies is a genius an d has learned more in the last five
but Miconur always felt inferior because he years of stu dy than most could learn in ten.
lacked his older brother’s physical prowess. However, his stu dies, his own emotional
This drove a rift between he and his brother instability, an d his mentor’s manip ulations of
Carnil; a resentment that has lasted to the his mind have driven him quite mad. His
p resent. When Micon u r w as 20 he ha d learned m a d ness m akes him im p ossible to reason with
all he co ul d fro m the local sages and men of hi m a n d gives hi m a +40 o n sa vin g t h ro w s vs
p o w er, a n d d esire d to go south to one of the any mental attack or manip ulation. He is an 8th
larger cities to lear n t he w ays of power. His level sorcerer who now has control of
father p ut this off for five years before he ap proximately 40 militia men whom he will
allo wed him to travel to Lon d Ernil. His father gladly sacrifice to kill his enemies or save
hoped that he would stu dy one of the m ore himself. H e has no objection to killing anyone
gentle magical arts, or even better become a for th at m atter, excep t for his yo u n ger brother
historian or scholar of some sort. The latter was Galend ur who was the only person he ever
an en d Lord Targen prayed for daily, for he was really loved. Currently, he has Galen d ur u n der
u nco mfortable with his secon d son seeking the control just like the other militia men but he
w ays of power, an d with good reason. Because will not force Galend ur into combat like the
of his p h ysical in ability w hen co m p are d to his others.
brothers, Lor d Targen w as afraid that Micon u r
w ould seek to become magically powerful to Carnil
balance his brother’s physical abilities in his
o w n m in d . Lor d Ta r ge n k n e w his so n all too The eld est of the th ree sons Carnil is the
w ell, for it w as not lon g after Micon u r arrive d best at ar ms an d good a d ministrator, but it w as
in Lon d Ernil an d com menced his stu dies in the these skills that d rove his brother a w ay. Carnil
was com pletely oblivious to his brothers
resentment. He is a com man ding figure 3.3 THE SETTING
stan ding 6’7” tall with black hair an d d ark grey
eyes. He is a 7th level Fighter b u t has not seen The a d vent u re m ainly takes place in Derwath,
a n y real actio n for n ea rly te n yea rs. H e is 50 and in Tilmen dir castle outside of Derwath,
years old. which was built d uring Gondor’s expansion
perio d aro u n d T.A. 1050. The castle w as built
Galendur large and once housed a sizable garrison to
p rotect the p ass th ro u gh the White Mountains
Miconur’s you nger brother Galend ur is
to the southern coast, in case of invasion by sea.
m o re like Ca r nil t h a n h e is like Miconur, but
Over the course of time, however, the castle has
u nlike Carnil, Miconur and Galend ur were
beco m e less a n d less p o p ulate d a n d no w only
alw ays close beca use only t w o years sep arated
has a garrison of 50 militia men as noted in
them. Galen d u r is 28 years old. H e is 6’4” tall
Section 2.5. The castle itself has several areas
with d ark hair an d blue eyes. He acts as one of
that are unoccu pied now because of the
the officers for the militia. He is a 5th level
relatively lo w n u m ber of p eo ple occu p yin g it.
Ranger, and although he ap pears less serious
This all m akes for so me areas of the castle that
than Carnil he takes his responsibilities
are d ark an d sp ooky (accor ding to so me of the
seriously. He is also one of the few men
you nger men).
connected with the militia that recognize the
im portance of the rangers an d because of this he
nor m ally remains in contact with them on a
reg ular basis. His absence in this ca p acity h as Der w ath, the largest tow n in Westmarch,
been noticed since Miconur’s return. has been in existence long before Tilmen dir was
b uilt. Originally it w as a Daen Coentis village
Jozein the Assassin in place lon g before the D ú ne d ain saile d fro m
N ú menor to settle the coastlines. Since then the
Soon after the death of Micon ur’s mentor
D ú ne d ain h ave slo wly m ove d in a n d resettle d
w as discovered by servants of the Dark Lor d, it
the area in the void left by the d win dling Daen.
was postulated that Micon ur might return to his
Der w ath is the p rim ary tra d e and agricultural
home. Upon researching his origins it was
center for the region. It has several mills an d a
conclu ded that his return to Westmarch could
very active marketplace. The plague caused the
be threatening to the security of the Earth well if
city to lose several key craftsmen, some of these
he caused any trouble. The Earth well was
h ave been re place d, b u t it still feels the effects
notified an d the Assassin (See Section 2.61) w as
of the vacancies at times. Der wath is a peaceful
disp atched to take care of the situation. That
co m m u nity of h ar d w orkin g p eo ple th at rarely
assassin is called Jozein. He is no w en route to
experiences trouble. In general the poorer
Der w ath disg uised as a merchant selling ropes
section of the tow n is the northern portions an d
a n d clot h. As for his atte m p t to kill Mico n u r,
the town becomes progressively nicer as one
his plan is to silently scale the walls of the castle
travels so u t h t h ro u g h to w n. This is p rim arily
an d pick a vantage point that will allo w him to
because the migrant worker pop ulation lives in
m onitor the m ove m ents, of Micon u r. O nce he
a sh a n ty to w n o n t he n ort h si d e of to w n. The
locates Miconur or realizes a pattern in his
tow n is scattered with parks an d courtyards that
movements he will move in for an Ambush
are tended by the town gardener. The large
attack. If nee d be, he will a d o p t the g uise of a
courtyard in the center of town is the main
militia m a n in or d er to get close en o u g h. If he
gatherin g p oint of the to w n a n d also serves as
realizes th at the p arty is there to act to correct
the large open market for farmers and
the situation he will still try to kill Miconur
craftsmen from nearby. The reservoir to the
before the p arty can get to him, so they can not
east of tow n is fed by springs. Ru noff escapes to
glean any infor m ation about Micon u r’s stu dies
flow to the Adorn.
or about his mentor in the south.
LAYOUT 3. Cobbler.
4. Brothel. The more classy of the two in tow n.
1. Agent’s Office. This sm all office is r u n by a 5. Warehouse.
clerk who is paid by Lord Targen to 6. Tavern. Tou ghest bar in to w n. Even at that
coordinate the hiring and payment of the it see m s fairly ta m e w hen co m p are d to t he
migrant far m workers that live in the nearby scu m my dives in the larger cities.
shanty town. 7. Carpenter’s Shop.
2. Tannery 8. Militia Station. Here 10 militia men are

3 8
5 7 9 10 11
14 13
16 15
21 17
22 26

23 24 25 27 30

41 40 39 38 37 33 32
43 36 35

44 34

45 48


52 51 49

53 54

stationed for one month at a time from their to infor m ation abo u t w hich he is intereste d
home base at castle Tilmen dir. The building then he will tend to run on about it
is a secu re sq u are to w er with 4’ thick w alls regar dless of w hether he gets paid. If the
a n d a crenelate d roof to p. It sta n d s 30’ tall subject of the Daen Coentis astrologic
a n d h as a m etal reinforce d oak d oors as its tem ples is brought u p he will surely talk
o nly en tra nce. Insid e t here is a n office for everyone present u n der the table.
the ad ministrative needs of the militia, a 17. Cooper. Specializes in large pots.
s m all ar m ory for their weapons, a storage 18. Brewer. O n e of several in Derwath. This
roo m with su p plies, and a large roo m in o ne in p articular m akes a very stout mead
which the militia men eat and sleep. The from a blen d of local grains an d herbs that is
militia m en n or m ally p atrol t he city d u rin g fairly inexpensive.
the day an d night in a ran dom fashion acting 19. Inn. This in n is used p rimarily by merchant
as keepers of the peace. Recently they have travelers through Der w ath. It is moderately
been at od ds with this p urpose. p riced an d located on the outskirts of to w n,
9. Grocery . Th e b u il d in g is the home of the w hich makes for a fairly quiet night.
grocer a n d is u se d for storage. O n n or m al 20. Stable. Owned by the same person that
days his goods are displayed on tables out in ow ns the inn at #19. Fairly new.
front. 21. Armorer / Weaponsmith. This craftsman
10. Tavern. N ot as ba d as the one at #6 b u t not u se d to live in Min as Arnor and was very
the best in tow n either. successful. He left there and moved to
11. Brothel. Conveniently located near the Westm arch to relax for aw hile. He really
Militia Station at #8. d oesn’t have the clientele in Westmarch to
12. Armorer. This craftsman was set u p in s u p p ort his b u siness, b u t he is co mfortably
b u siness here by Lor d Targen, p rim arily to well off an d enjoys collaborating on projects
have his services available to the with the alchemist next door. He enjoys
militia men, but he does have goods for sale, creatin g in his craft, so special projects are
and will do work for private in divid uals. reasonable priced for the labor point of
He is quite capable for normal tasks. view, but materials are hard to find. He
13. Inn. Small low-priced establish ment for d oes h ave a good inventory of well made
visitors to Der w ath. Freq u ente d m ostly be armor an d weapons, w hich for the most part
traveling D u n men, w ho can not affor d some remains in storage.
of the nicer Inns. 22. Alchemist. This young practitioner of
14. Theater. A small entertain ment hall, that alchemy is only 5th level, but is very
s p ecializes in ba w d y plays a n d live fem ale talented. He enjoys his work and
entertainers. A favorite nightspot of the ap preciates the help and inp ut of the
lower class workers an d you ng men. armorer next door. He is alw ays looking for
15. Mill. Oldest mill in town. This mill is new ideas for projects and welcomes
so mew hat r u n d o w n an d is used to p ro d uce outsider patronage.
meal an d flo u r of mid dle q u ality for m ostly 23. Healer. This lay healer is proficient, but
local use. only 7th level, so serio u s inju ries ca n not be
16. Astrologer. This is the shop and spartan dealt with effectively by him.
living quarters of Garam u n d the Astrologer. 24. Herbalist. Th e h er balist is the wife of the
The sho p, contains m a n y m a p s of the area, lay healer. Ma n y tim es they w ork together
m any books containing the known history to heal the m ore serio us inju ries. She has a
of t h e Dae n Coe n tis, as w ell as t h e n or m al limite d s u p ply of herbs th at are natural to
star maps and books used in his own the area. (inclu ding the mou ntains) an d will
profession. The roof of the shop can be p ay m arket p rices for herbs that she can not
accessed by stairs from the inside, so that he get ot h er w ise. Sh e w ill sell t h e herbs that
can ascend to his roof to stu dy the night she has in excess or can get adequate
skies. Garam und is available to answer su p plies of b ut the p rice will be higher than
q uestions for a fee, b u t if he can gain access in larger cities.
25. Outfitter. Everything needed for journeys 40. Curiosity Shop. All sorts of stran ge objects
into the wilder areas of the cou ntry. Ropes, an d interesting things can be fo u n d in this
p acks, tools, an d m uch, m uch m ore. Prices shop (if you can fin d anything among all the
are reasonable, but the ow ner has a ten dency clutter), run by an old Lintis woman who
to hard-sell his goods. also tells fortu nes.
26. Town Hall. H ere t h e cit y co u ncil m eet to 41. Potter. Ca p able of m akin g fine sto ne w are,
discuss city matters, and their but mainly deals in pots an d urns
recom men dations are forwarded to Lord 42. Jeweler. Traine d in Lo n d Er nil. Ca n w ork
Targen for ap proval. Mostly this is a very fine materials, but rarely gets an
for mality, because Lord Targen usually op portu nity to excel at his craft.
agrees. Public foru ms are also held here 43. Warehouse.
once a month to allow the people to talk 44. Moneylender. Also doubles as a paw n shop.
directly to the cou ncil. Interest rates are high.
27. Silversmith. Located on the main town 45. Winery. Prod uces fine wines that draw a
square, this silversmith has a boo ming high price in the cities to the south.
b usiness thanks to the rich lan d o w ners an d 46. Herbalist. Prim arily gro w s a n d sells herbs
merchants of the area. He d oes excep tional not locally available. Does not p articularly
work for Westmarch, average work if like dealing with people, so he does not like
co m p are d to im p orte d goo d s w hich he also to give instr uctions on ho w to use the herbs
sells. he sells. He will refer anyone asking for this
28. Glassblower. This shop stands em pty type of help to the other herbalist. (See #24.)
beca use the glass blo wer an d his a p p rentice 47. Inn. The Sp arkling Sickle. The finest in n in
both died d uring the Plague. to w n. It is t h ree stories tall a n d t he roo m s
29. Bowier / Fletcher. Fine h u nting bo ws can be are sp acio u s a n d very co mfortable. It also
bought here along with their accessories. has a fine restaurant on the bottom floor that
He does not make crossbows. is freq u en te d by t he u p p er classes. All t he
30. Stable. The mid to w n stable is m ainly u se d niceties do not come without a
by day visitors to Derwath from outlying com mensurate price.
farms w ho come to tow n to shop. 48. Warehouse.
31. Mill. This is a processing mill only for 49. Outfitter. Sp ecializes in m eetin g t he nee d s
creatin g very fine flo u r. N o storage silo is of yo u n g p eo ple o u t to explore the world.
con nected, so all ra w m aterials an d finished Unfortu nately, there are not enough of these
prod ucts are stored at a site east of tow n. explorers to kee p his b u siness goin g so he
32. Bakery. Connected to the mill next door. also sells farm equip ment, harnesses, and
The bakery uses the fine flours and meals tack.
prod uced at the mill to create very tasty 50. Mage. Very new in town. Hasn’t drawn
breads and cakes. m uch business because the tow nspeople are
33. Weaponsmith. Shop is em pty. The not sure they can trust someone who
craftsman died d uring the Plague. His advertises himself so openly as a magic user.
d uties are performed by the ar morers in 51. Grocer. Only the best prod uce is sold here.
town. 52. Inn. Mo d erately priced establish ment that
34. Wainwright. Carts for any occasion, and used to be better. H as more rooms than any
repairs too. other inn in tow n.
35. Empty shop. 53. Jeweler. Prim arily works in gold an d gems.
36. Carpenter. Works m ainly for the Makes water clocks as a hobby
u p perclass. 54. Potter / Glassblower. When the town
37. Scholar. Works p rim arily interpreting glassblower died d uring the Plague this
w ritten works, an d arguing with Gara m u n d potter took u p the craft an d is doing his best
about Daen Coentis history. See #16. to meet the tow nspeople’s needs, but his
38. Weaver. workmanship is primitive.
39. Grocer. Better selection than #9.
55. Import Shop. Opened by a grou p of tunnel opening is protected by double
merchants. To display and sell goods doors made of Dwarven steel and a
bought by their trading com pany in the portcullis of similar construction at the
south an d north. Many of these items could entrance and 30’ into the tunnel. The
n ot be prod uced in Westmarch. Anything length of the t u n nel is p rotecte d by th ree
fou n d here will have a hefty price tag. different devices. Holes in the ceiling
56. Healer. The old Lintis woman who lives allo wing d efen d ers to shoot at intru ders
here is a chan neling based healer, w ho uses as they pass underneath. Two dead-fall
herbs an d Du n nish su perstitions along with weights can be triggered from the
her m agical abilities to heal. She is pop ular gatehouse to crush or trap intru ders (treat
with the lo w er class a n d migrant Dunnish. as a h uge crush at +50). Spouts located in
The u p per class regret that her shop is on the the gatehouse can be used to direct
south side of town, but not too m uch, boiling or flaming oil down into the
because she does good work. tu n nel to fu rther dissua de intr u ders. The
exit of t h e t u n n el is in the center of the
3.32 TILMEN DIR courtyard of the castle and can be
collapsed if this becomes necessary.
Tilmen dir castle is located some 10 miles 2. Gatehouse Guardroom . This roo m
from Derwath to the south on a ridge that allows for a view of the entire front of the
overlooks t he so u t her n ba n k of t he A d or n. It castle through arrow slits, which allows
was built d uring Gondor’s expansion period for excellent forward defense. Also
aroun d T.A. 1050. The castle was built large an d contained in this roo m are the m urder
once housed a sizable garrison to protect the h oles for t he t u n nel belo w as w ell as t he
pass through the White Mountains to the controls to the dead falls mentioned in #1.
southern coast, in case of invasion by sea. Over Steel doors allow access to this room from
the course of time, however, the castle has the hallways that connect to the corner
beco m e less a n d less p o p ulate d a n d no w only to w ers. These d oors ca n be barre d fro m
h as a gar riso n of 50 militia men as previously either side to seal off areas if overru n.
noted. The castle itself has several areas
that are u noccu pie d no w beca use of the
relatively low n u mber of people
occu p ying it. This all makes for some 2
areas of the castle that are dark and
spooky (according to some of the 4

yo u n ger m en). The castle is set into a

rid ge s uch th at rear p ortion of the first 5
two levels are actually u n dergrou n d, an d
the front of the castle exten ds dow n ward 6 7
on the front belo w the first level so that 1

the entrance tunnel cuts u p wards

through rock at a 30° angle before
opening in the mid dle of the castle 12
courtyard. See the layout below.
16 17
15 18
14 19
9 10
Level 1 11

1. Entrance: This tunnel from the

outside is the only known entry
w ay into the castle (See #98.) The
3. Officers Quarters. Rou n ded rooms (a) are t h e rea r of t h e roo m (see #16 & 17.) O n
for lieutenants of the garrison. The t he d ais at t he fro n t of t he roo m are t w o
rectangular rooms (b) are home for 2 non- large chairs. Lor d Targen sits in the right
com missioned officers each. Rooms are chair when receiving guests and when
fu rnished in a comfortable, yet fu nctional p residing at feasts. D u ring feasts, tables
fashion. At this time d ue to the low are moved into the rooms from room #19.
nu mbers of men occu pying the castle, O n each si d e of t he d ais, d oors lea d to a
only 1 officer and 2 non-com missioned connecting hallway. From here stairs
officers are staying here. lead u p wards through the citadel.
4. Officers Quarters. Sa me as #3 Except that 14. Kitchen. This kitchen is u se d to p re p are
the blacksmith occu pies one of the rooms. food for feasts sched uled for the main
5. Forward Stables. 38 horses can be stabled hall. It is well equip ped, but un der-used.
here, but currently these stables hold only 15. Cook’s Quarters. One cook currently
Lord Targen’s horses an d his son’s horses. resides here. He is under Miconur’s
6. South Stables. 25 h orses are stable d here influence as well an d will poison the food
for the militiamen. if Miconur so com mands. As he cooks
7. North Stables. Currently 15 horses are only for Lor d Targen’s fa mily an d guests.
stabled here. There is a separate staff for the men.
8. Storage. This roo m contains dry goods 16. Guardroom . These have access to the
and preserved foods. Enough to last alcove behin d the tapestry in room #13, as
several months. w ell as to the to w er stairs a n d the arro w
9. Smithy. The castle’s smith does firing roo m of the entrance way. One
everything from shoe horses to mend g u ar d is alw ays statione d here, and will
ar mor here. reposition himself in the alcove if visitors
10. Armory / Guard Station. This p rovi d es a are present.
station for the main courtyar d guar ds an d 17. Guardroom . Same as #16
as well as the prison guards when 18. Servants Quarters. These serva n ts act as
p risoners are p resent. It also hold stores pages d uring receptions and as porters
of spears an d arrows for defense. d uring feasts. There are currently 2
11. Dungeon. 24 cells are available for servants residing here. One is controlled
im mediate occu pancy. No one is by Micon u r, the other for so m e reason is
co n taine d wit hin. The locks are old a n d not, but goes along because he is too
rusty but still work on 60% of the cells. scared to do otherwise.
12. Citadel Entrance. Double steel doors 19. Storage. Use d to store tables a n d chairs
guard both ends of this entrance for dining.
p assage w ay. Portculli can be lo w ere d to
block off each en d of the round section. Level2
Arrow slits allow for fire into any portion
of the rou n d area. To fu rther p rotect this 20. Watch Post. 2 guards are stationed here at
entrance large stone blocks can be all times an d are responsible for alerting
drop ped to block the entrance way on the castle to the p resence of people at the
either side of the round area. Also the gate an d dispatching a guard to determine
front doorway is protected by spouts the visitor’s intentions. Again as in #2 the
from which oil or molten lead can be arrow slits provide a wide field of fire.
p o u re d fro m the 2nd level of the tower 21. Armory. Each g u ar d carries his personal
(See #32.) w ea p on ry with the m, b u t extra weapons
13. Public Receiving Area and Dining Hall. a n d ar m or similar to what they already
This highly decorated hall has become have is located here for replacements.
somew hat dingy an d r u n dow n ever since Do u ble d oors g u ar d t he en try w ay to t he
Lor d Targen’s wife died. Tapestries hang towers.
all alo n g t he w alls a n d cover alcoves in
22. Barracks. This large roo m can
hold u p to 20 men comfortably in 20
fairly spartan accom modations. 21
O nly 10 m en are ho u se d here at 22 23
t his tim e. The door leads to an
access w ay for the arro w slits of
the tower. These increase the fire
fiel d of t he to w er to alm ost 180°
at this level.
23. Barracks. Similar to #22, except
15 men live an d sleep here.
24. Mess Hall. This large roo m is
used for all the meals for the 33 32 34
militia men. 35
25. Kitchen. This kitchen is used to
36 37
cook the militiamen’s meals.
26. Quarters. This roo m was once 38 39 26
24 28
the home of the castle’s Stable 29
steward. There is no longer a 25
nee d for one since the n u m ber of
horses stabled is down and the
m e n a re req u ire d to take ca re of
their ow n mou nts. two auxiliary rooms. One is a w ashroom,
27. Quarters. Three stable boys once slept the other is for storage, and for any
here. personal servants the guests might bring.
28. Quarters. The castle blacksmith once used 37. Guest Suite. Sa m e as #36. Both of these
this as his q u arters, b u t since no one else rooms have not been used m uch lately
lives in this tower he prefers to sleep with an d are very d usty.
the men. (See #4) 38. Guest Room. For guests with no servants
29. Quarters. Once used for 2 smith’s or less luggage.
ap prentices. 39. Guest Room. Same as #38.
30. Quarters. Once used for the castle
ar m orer. All t he ar m or re p airs are d one
in Derwath. Level 3
31. Quarters. This room was for the d u ngeon
keeper. It is em pty. 40 To w er oom. H ere t h e g a te h o u se of t h e
32. Control Room. Fro m this roo m the tra ps fortress splits into t w o to w ers This roo m
that g u ar d the entrance to the cita del can is u se d for storage of ballistae a n d ot her
be activated. Murder holes are also siege eq uip m ent an d to access the levels
located here so that intr u ders stuck in the above. This level can not be accessed
roo m belo w ca n be fire d u p o n. Fu n n els fr o m t h e a r m o r y belo w . In o r d er to get
a re locate d in t h e fro n t of t h e roo m t h at here one m ust go throu gh one of the side
allow oil or molten lead to be poured to w ers a n d then across the o pen w all to
onto attackers at the Citadels main doors. the tower entrance.
33. Guardroom . 1 g u ar d is alw ays statione d 41. Open Roof. Overlooks the front gates
h ere, al w a ys rea d y to go to #32 to m a n and the caste courtyard.
the trap controls. 42. Tower Room. Same as #40.
34. Guardroom . Same as #33. 43. Barracks. 20 men were once housed here.
35. Hallway. N o w only 15 live here. Doors lea d to the
36. Guest Suite. This r oo m is fo r visito rs to w all on the gateho u se sid e as w ell as the
t he castle. It is nicely fu r nishe d a n d h as side w all of the castle. The side w alls are
various types of weapons for m many
different times and lands. Each
mannequin has an engraved plate
40 42
fastened to the floor in front of it that
describes the origins and usage patterns
of each battle d ress. On the front walls
are m urals depicting battle done by artists
of m a n y different races. The ar mor and
weapons on these d u m mies are all at least
+5 with several +10 w ea p ons, and a +15
scimitar on one of the Easterling
mannequins. Lord Targen took
53 54
precautions to protect his collection. If
any item is taken from the room will long
55 56 58
d oor back to its origin al p osition. If this
is tried again within 3 min u tes of the last
59 60
attem p t then the person p assing th ro u gh
a n y of t he d oors o u t of t he roo m w ill be
49 48
51 subjected to 2 +20 Shock Bolts.
53. Guardroom . 1 g u ar d is alw ays statione d
stair-step ped to accou nt for the difference 54. Guardroom . Same as #53.
in heig h t bet w een t he fro n t and back of 55. Quarters. This roo m once housed the
the castle. castle’s scholar. He maintained the
44. Barracks. Same as #43. library a n d acte d as a n a d visory to Lor d
45. Quarters. Once used to house kitchen Targen. All his possessions are still in
staff. Now it is em pty. this room. His mangled body is also
46. Quarters. Once used to house porters that present. Micon ur clubbed him to death in
worked in the soldiers mess. Now em pty. a fit of rage w hen the old m an w o uld not
47. Quarters. Used to house 2 of the men that submit to his will. The old man had a bag
cook for the militiamen. with 432 g p stashed in a fake p anel in the
48. Quarters. Used to house 2 porters. bottom drawer of his desk. He also is
49. Quarters. This roo m is ho m e to the hea d wearing a ring w hich besto ws a +10 to its
m ess cook. She is one of the fe w w o m en w earer’s Reasonin g bon u s. H e h as been
that live in the castle. dead for weeks. The roo m smells
50. Quarters. Th is r oo m is occu pied by the incredibly bad.
castle’s su p ply steward. He is in charge of 56. Quarters. This is the q u arters of Car nil’s
acq uirin g s u p plies for the m en’s m ess as squire. He was killed by Miconur
well as su p plies for the stables and the attem pting to keep him from har ming his
citadel kitchens. master. (See #86.)
51. Barracks. 20 men were once housed here. 57. Quarters. This is the quarters of
Now no one occu pies these barracks. Galen d u r’s sq uire. He is cu rrently u n der
52. Royal Armory and Museum. Th is r oo m Miconur’s control.
is m ultip urpose. It serves as a arms 58. Quarters. The castle’s healer is q u artered
storage room for the cita del guar ds, but it here. He is a w are of Micon u r’s influence,
also serves as a repository for Lord but has stayed on in fear of his life an d to
Targen’s hobby. Lor d Targen h as one of hopefully help those inju red by Micon u r.
the largest collections of historical Miconur is aware that the healer is not
armaments west of Minas Anor. This u n der his influence, an d has him w atched
roo m contains 40 m an neq uins d resse d in closely.
various forms of ar mor and bearing
59. Quarters. The captain of the citadel guard storage, b u t w as m a de to be converted to
w as q u artered here. Micon u r considered tem porary barracks if the need p resented
him to d angero us, so he p u t him to sleep itself. For this p urpose the w all has
a n d slit his t h roat. H is bo d y lies across hinged platforms that fold down to
his bed. Again the roo m smells of death. become bu nks.
If a n yt hin g in t h e roo m is disturbed the 66. Tower Rooms. Same as #65.
captain will awaken from death as a 67. Library. This is t h e first level of the 2-
ghoul, dispatch the one that distu rbed his tiered library. Books collected by Lord
final resting place and go in search of Targen’s family for centu ries are fou n d in
Miconur. this hall. The 2n d level can be accessed by
60. Quarters. The citadels steward occu pies a circular stair w ay that con nects with the
this room. He is in charge of the w alk w ay on the 2n d tier. The w alk w ay is
o perations of the castle. Micon u r allo w s polished wood with inlaid an d intricately
him just enough free thought to fulfill this carved railings. In general Micon u r hates
task. every part of this castle, but out of all
these hated rooms he hates this roo m
Level 4 least.
68. Guards’ Passages. This series of hallw ays
61. To w er Room. Use d as a g u ar d roo m an d allows the citadel guards which live on
for storage. this level to have access to all the
62. Tower Room. Same as #61. stairways of the keep.
63. Tower Roof. Access to the roof is 69. Workshop. This roo m is used as a
provided by a trap door an d a la d der that workroom for the keep’s herbalist an d the
exten ds to the room below. A sm all hoist magical people of the castle. When
is mounted to the roof here to allo w Micon u r w as you ng his first experiments
eq uip ment such as ballistae to be brought in the magical arts were com pleted in this
u p from the storage room below. roo m.
64. Tower Roof. Same as #63. 70. Librarian’s Quarters. This room w as once
65. Tower Rooms . This roo m is used for the livin g area and office of the castle’s
librarian. Lor d Targen ha d such a love of
books that he dismissed the last librarian
to take over the d uties himself.
71. Nanny’s Quarters. Carnil has two
children, ages 12 and 6. They are
cu rrently a w ay to the south visiting his
63 64 wife’s relatives for six months. The
child ren’s nan ny lives in this roo m w hen
they are at the castle.
72. Quarters. The assistant castle steward
lives in this room. He is in direct
co m m a n d of all t he citadel servants and
kitchen staff.
68 67 73. Guards’ Quarters. This roo m is the ho me
of 4 citadel guards. It is open to the guard
69 70 71 72 station at #75.
73 74 77 78
74,77. Servants’ Quarters. 2 servants occu py this
75 76 79 80 roo m.
65 66 75,80. Guardroom . This acts as a stagin g roo m
for the cita d el guards. Extra crossbows,
bolts, arrows an d spears are kept here for
defense of the citadel.
76. Guards’ Quarters. Same as #73. 84. Guard Stations. These guar d rooms differ
77. Servants’ Quarters. Same as #74. fro m t h ose in #83 beca u se t hey give exit
80. Guardroom . Same as #75. to the rear tower roofs.
85. Lord Targen’s Office. Lord Targen
Level5 carried out his daily business in this
room. It is outfitted with a large desk
81 Gatehouse Tower Rooms . These two centered in the roo m with bookcases
rooms are used for storage of battle lining the walls. The desk is quite u ntidy.
eq uip m en t, inclu din g large vats of oil to Tw o roo ms adjoin his office. Room (a)
be used to pour on attackers. contains many recor ds of the transactions
of t he castle for m a n y years back, along
with large stores of d etaile d m a p s of the
81 entire region. Room (b) is the castle
vault. The vault contains strongboxes
containing 50,000 in gold, silver and
gems. It also contains five chests that
hold Lor d Targen’s wife’s w ar d robe. The
clothes are well preserved and made of
t he finest m aterials. Set in to t he w all of
the central tower is a secret vault that
contains three items of particular
im portance to Lor d Targen. The first is a
large dark blue sap p hire given to him as a
83 83 gift fro m t he kin g. It h as a large fla w in
b the d e p ths of the stone that resembles a
81 86 87 81 sw an taking flight. The stone is p riceless.
88 89
Meaning that it is well enough known
that it would also be hard to sell in
84 84 anonymity. The second item is the
diamon d tiara worn by his wife on special
occasions. It is w orth 10,000 g p. The last
82. Lord Targen’s Chambers. This large item is the hereditary sword of his
su m ptuous chamber has seen better d ays. fathers. It w as m a d e in N ú menor. It is a
When his wife was alive the roo m was +25 white eog holy sword with blue
always brightly decorated. Now those triangle shaped laen inserts in the blade.
fu rnishings are drab and run down, but The sword does double concussion hits vs
they are comfortable and that is what servants of Sauron, will cast Brilliance
Lor d Targen values mostly at this point in 1x / d ay an d discharge a point blank Shock
his life. At this point, ho wever, his life is Bolt u p to 5x / day on com mand w hile
in jeop ar d y. He lies on his bed in a com a striking a foe. The door to the main vault
co m pletely at t he m ercy of his mad son is keye d to o p en to Lor d Targen’s to uch.
Miconur, an d not far from death. H e h as n ot yet keye d t he va ult to a n y of
83. Guard Stations. The families’ personal his sons as w as his intent. If anyone tries
g u ar ds m an these stations. an d routinely to open the door that is unauthorized,
patrol this level’s hallways. Since (i.e., anyone other than Lor d Targen) they
Micon ur’s return these guards are loyal to m ust resist vs a 12th level Teleport spell or
him in their delusion. One of them is be teleported to a point 10’ ou tside of the
alw ays on d u ty o u tsid e the d oor of Lor d m ain cita del to wer –a d rop of eighty feet.
Targen’s office (#85). If the main vault is breached, the
strongboxes are d ou ble locked (-30 each).
The secondary secret vault is very well
hid in t he w all (-40 to fin d t he o p enin g). 87. Galendur’s Quarters. Galend ur still
Even if fo u n d like the m ain va ult d oor it occu pies this roo m, beca u se he is one of
will only open to Lord Targen’s touch. the only members of his fa mily that
Anyone else trying will trigger a dead- Micon u r like d. His roo m is d ecorate d as
fall weight to d rop from the ceiling on the befits an a d ventu rous an d d ashing you ng
person or persons standing in the 3’ man.
square area in front of the vault. This will 88. Miconur’s Quarters. These were
inflict a D cr ush critical on each person in Miconur’s quarters when he lived at
that area. The tra p is har d to detect (-30), Tilmen dir w hen he was you nger. Since
ho w ever, there is a chance that the trap he has returned he has slept little but
will not work p roperly. Roll open en ded. when he has he has slept in the high
A roll of 25 or less in dicates the trap stuck tower hall. (#100)
fast. A roll of 25-50 will allow each 89. Children’s Rooms. This roo m is ho u sin g
p erso n u n d er t he w eig h t w ill be able to for Carnil’s child ren w hen they are at the
m a ke a n RR vs a 10th level spell, using castle. They an d their mother are visiting
their q uick ness as a bon u s. If they resist relatives in the South.
t hey are able to m ove o u t of t he w ay. A
roll of 50-100 in dicates the tra p fu nctions Level 6
normally. A roll of 101+ in dicates that the
trap functioned with silence and speed 90. Gatehouse Roof. Tra p d oors o p en to the
and acts as an ambush attack of rank 5 to p s of t he t w in gatehouse towers. The
with reference to the critical roll. drop from this level to the ground in
86. Carnil’s Quarters. This room was Carnil’s front of the castle is 150’.
roo m a n d is n o w his fin al resting place. 91. Lord Targen’s Chambers. Lor d Targen’s
His d eath w as slo w, painful, and finally q u arters (See #83) exten d th ro u gh to this
ended two days ago after at least two level as a hig h v a u lte d ceilin g. Th ere is
weeks of slow torture by Miconur. no access to the chamber from this level.
Carnil’s body an d room are in such a state 92. Guardroom . One of these rooms is
that even seasoned ad ventures m ust resist usually occu pied although the guar d may
versus Fear / Terror at 10th level or be be ou t in the cou rtyar d if mem bers of the
stunned at the sight for 1rn d / 10% failure. family are present.
93. Enclosed Walkway. This area is a covered
hallway with large glass windows that
look o u t onto the o pen co u rtyar d. These
90 win d o w s can be o pene d if the w eather is
94. Courtyard Entrance. This ch a m ber gives
entrance to the rear staircase, the
windowed walkway (#93) and the
courtyard. The courtyard is tiled
co m pletely in a bea u tiful m osaic p attern.
There are 4 large planters in the courtyard
and with various decorative plants in
them except for one w hich was taken over
91 by the castle herbalist to grow herbs.
92 Ma n y herbs available to t his clim ate ca n
be fou n d growing in this bed.

Level 7 98

95. Overlook Room. This roo m w as use d by

the royal fa mily a n d frien d s as a sitting
room, conversation, and light reading.
The roo m is furnished with plush
furniture an d soft carpets. The front of the
roo m gives en tr a nce to a balco n y t h at is
140’ above the level of the main castle
courtyard. On the op posite side of the staircase stan d s next to the rear w all an d
roo m is a wide hearth which keeps the allows access to the high tower roof
roo m q uite w ar m when needed and the (#100). Next to the exit of the room, there
door to the balcony is closed. is s concealed doorway (a) set into the
w all this doorway leads to a very tight
spiral stair w ay that descen ds through the
95 w all to a t u n nel beneat h t he castle. The
96 tunnel leads to a secret door set in the
back of a cave over a mile away. To
ensure escape should it be necessary, a
lever at the bottom of the stairs will
retract all the ste p s on the staircase into
the w all d ro p ping everyone on the stairs
fro m w hatever height they w ere at w hen
96 Guardroom . On this level the front the stairs retracted to the cold stone
guardrooms give access to the citadel belo w.
walls. 99. Citadel Walls. The walls of the citadel are
o p en to t he o u tsi d e here a n d look d o w n
Level 8 on the citadel high courtyard at #93.
97. Tower Roofs . The front citadel tower Level 9
roofs can be accessed via trap doors
similar to ot her to w er roofs a n d t hey in 100. High To w er Roof. This la r ge r oofto p is
tu rn allo w access to the high to wer room. covered by a conical cop per roof that has
(See #98) t u r ne d green over t he years. The roof is
98. High To w er Room. This is the highest held u p by large iron bars. This rooftop is
enclose d roo m in the m ain cita d el to w er. particularly dangerous to be on d uring
Windows made of high glass allow a the th u n derstorms of spring.
view of the surrou n ding lan d that is quite
w on d erful. The roo m is only accessible 100
from the roofs of the side towers (#97) as
there is no internal stair w ay to this level.
This roo m was once designated as the
tactical roo m for planning patrols and
sorties when Westmarch was a wilder
la n d. Since it was seldom used for this
p urpose, it w as primarily used by officers 3.4 THE TASK
to st u d y the tactical texts and maps that
are stored here. Since Micon ur’s return he The PC’s face a difficult task. If they
h as taken over t he roo m as his quarters decide to become involved they m ust figure
a n d p erso n al m e ditatio n roo m. A s piral what has caused the changes in the militia.
Then t hey m u st go to castle Tilm en d ir to find come in contact with family. One im portant
out w ho is responsible an d correct the situation. piece of t he p u zzle h as been picke d u p by t he
This will require either great stealth or bold town astrologer, Garam und. He has noticed
g uile to get into the castle an d a strong defense that the 10 militiamen that are garrisoned in the
against an insane sorcerer to com plete the task. small tower in Derwath, started out very
belligeren t t w o w eeks ago w hen t heir ter m in
3.41 STARTING THE PLAYERS to w n started b u t no w they are acting nicer an d
have objected several times to actions that some
The PC’s can be starte d in several w ays. of t he ot her militia men have taken in town.
They might be witness to a particularly cruel act (This is d u e to t he fact that the mind altering
by the militia men in the tow n of Der w ath, such herbs an d spells that Micon ur has used on them
as a s m all gro u p of militia m en ridin g th ro u g h have begu n to wear off.) Garam u n d also fou n d
to w n at hig h s p ee d kickin g an old woman in out that those same men have been ordered
t he hea d or so m et hin g eq u ally as cr u el. They back to castle Tilmen dir to be replaced by
might be asked by Eva d to help him investigate another squad fresh from the castle. This is
a raid that occurred on a farm house miles u n usual because the normal term for a squad in
o u tside of to w n or to travel to Tilmen dir castle tow n is two months.
to see if all is well with Lord Targen since a The only other aid they might receive
visit by him at t he castle mig h t ca u se p olitical would be maps of the castle. These do not exist
unrest between the two govern ment no w but could be constr ucted from memory by
rep resentations if things t u r n o u t to be nor m al Eva d an d some tow nspeople w ho used to work
after all. in the castle.
GM N ote: Strangers to Evad will not be
asked to help. This start will only work if they 3.43 OBSTACLES
are already deemed trustworthy by Evad.
Depending on the starting point, Evad
Finally the p arty might be witness to the might present an obstacle or an aid. Either way,
raiders leaving a burning farm house, which Evad will sternly remin d the party that the
co uld lea d to a fight or tracking the raid ers, or militia m en are locals wit h fa mily a n d friends,
a n a r rest of t h e p a rty by Ev a d as if t h ey w ere a n d if it is known that they are acting under
the raiders. someone else’s influence, Evad will arrest
anyone who uses unnecessary lethal force
3.42 AIDS against them. This will be pointed out
repeatedly by Evad and any other rangers
Help for this adventure could come in present.
several forms depending on the start. Most As if the p ossibility of having to su b d ue
likely Eva d will be enco u ntere d in one w ay or without injuring u p to fifty men were not
another, and although somew hat closed- enough, there is Jozein to deal with. If possible,
mouthed, he will p rovide some infor m ation on he will discover the plans of the rangers an d or
the raids, and the strange behavior of the the party before he goes to the castle himself. If
militia men. Evad will have questions of his he discovers that the p arty intends to take its
own for the party if he has any reason to in vestigation, he will try to d elay t he m in a n y
believe they are involved. Other rangers in way possible without being seen. If nothing
Derwath at the time can also provide su btle seems to w ork he will set u p an a m b ush
infor mation about the events. Some of the o u tsid e of to w n to critically w o u n d a m e m ber
to w nspeople will also have in divid ual stories of the p arty in the ho p es th at the p arty will be
abou t the militia men. There will be significant d elaye d in or d er to see to the inju re d. O nce at
talk about them, so this will not be hard to the castle he will try to kill Micon u r before the
attain. Since m a n y of these young men have p arty ca n get to him. He will kill any other
fa milies in or near town, there will be many castle personnel if they interfere.
fa mily argu ments occurring when these men
3.44 REWARDS Lor d Targen has been ill an d that if they desire
to see him they will be allowed to, but only one
The primary rewards reaped from the at a ti m e, beca u se h e is ver y ill. If the party
successful com pletion of this mission are of a decides to d o this Micon u r will attem pt to split
non-m onetary nat u re. The p arty will have the the p arty u p inside the castle an d kill them one
thanks, ad miration, and respect of an entire at a time. If they do not wish to see Lord
tow n, Eva d, Lor d Targen, an d his household, if Targen, they will be asked to leave. If they
t hey are still alive. Lor d Targen a n d his sons become accusative or annoying they will be
will be stricken with grief over the death of escorted out by armed guards.
Mico n u r even if his acts are reveale d to t he m. Micon ur will only ap pear w hen the party
Lor d Targen will be unable to talk about the is divided into smaller grou ps or when his
w h ole affair for w eeks, b u t if any of his sons militia men have engaged the party. He will
re m ain, t hey will offer a monetary reward of then begin to cast spells from a concealed
1000 gp for the party. The tow nspeople for position if possible. If he finds himself
their part will offer services and goods as a o u tn u m bere d or o u t positioned he will break
rew ar d to the party, particularly those whose off combat an d relocate himself in the castle in a
sons have been ret u rne d to their for mer states. m ore a d vantageo us position. The excep tion to
H o w ever, if o ne of t heir so ns w as killed they this is if Galen d u r is killed or critically inju red,
will w a n t the p arty arrested or possibly even Micon ur will im mediately attack with increased
assa ult t he p arty in a fit of grief. If no other ferocity with every spell he can m uster.
m onetary rew ar d is offered, Eva d will give the Jozein, if discovered in town or on the
p arty nor m al ranger wages for the days they w ay to the castle, will try to eva de an d / or hide
were involved. from the party. If the PCs are persistent he will
try to sin gle o u t m e m bers for inju ry in s uch a
w ay as to cause m uch pain in or der to give him
an op portu nity to escape. If encou ntered in the
castle he will try to eva d e the p arty if they are
p resen t as a g ro u p. If t he enco u n ter is w it h a
single person he will try to get a w ay u nless he
has the drop on them. As far as Jozein is
concerned, the fewer witnesses the better.
Encountering with Jozein can lead to some
questions like: “Why was an assassin sent to kill
Micon u r?”, an d “Who sent him?” Infor m ation
3.5 THE ENCOUNTERS from Jozein (not easily gained) might point
toward the truth about the Earth well, its
Other than those o u tline d in Section 3.3, fu nction, an d from w here its or ders come. Any
the GM should match the encounters to the tho u ghts abo u t sorties to the Earth w ell sho uld
starting point used an d should feel free to alter be con d ucted by a strong party.
those encounters presented as needed. Some
guidelines for specific encounters are as
Militiamen under Miconur’s influence
will attack at t he smallest provocation and in
force, u nless they are or d ere d to d o other wise
by Micon u r. Sho uld the PCs go to Tilmen dir
openly, Micon u r will have militia men greet the
visitors kin dly an d will have them escort the
PCs inside the castle to the main hall where
Galen d ur will be sent by Micon ur to meet them.
Galen d u r will explain to them that his father
4.0 RESTORING THE able to dam pen the activity of the undead of
Cla n Ren d ar a n d its allies. They p ai d for t his
BALANCE ritual by joining the undead in their state of
u n rest. They d i d n ot lose t heir knowledge of
their actions nor of their need to maintain
4.1 THE TALE diligence against the evil acts of the Rendar.
Since that time the two undead clans have
Years ago in t he Seco n d Age before the struggled constantly in battles of willpower an d
coming of the Dú nedain, the Daen Coentis lived often in open co m bat in the valley bet ween the
throu ghout the White Mou ntains. During the to m bs of the cla ns. For ages, this str u ggle h as
height of their power the Daen were ruled as an taken place with the Asirac barely able hold the
association of clans under the rule of a king. evil of the Rendar in check. In 1636, that
Even then the fierce clan rivalries among the changed.
Daen never really diminishe d; in d ee d m any of Jenrad was a decent w arrior, but had
the clans never acknowledged the rule of the been in tro u ble at his last p ost in Pelargir as a
king at all. This deals with one such clan. g u ar d at one of the minor nobleman’s house.
During the time period just before the oath H e w as o n his w ay n ort h in 1636 to h o p efully
taking, the Clan Asirac lived in the high get w ork w here people did n’t have kno wled ge
foothills of the White Mountains on the east of his d ubious past. While passing through
side of Westmarch. There they lived fairly Westmarch, Jenrad realized he wasn’t feeling
peacefully with their neighbors and created well. A d ay later, in his deliriu m, he w an dered
works of great power an d craftsmanship. Their in to w h at he t h o u g h t w as a ca ve to rest for a
one p roblem with life d u ring that time w as the w hile. Two d ays later, nearly dea d, Jenra d ha d
presence of a new clan in the area. Clan Ren dar a visitor, w ho offered him life in exchange for a
moved from the southern vales of the White favor. Jenrad accepted, an d properly equip ped,
Mo u ntains after bein g r u n o u t of the area by a w as able to en ter t he to m bs of t he Asirac cla n
coalition of three other clans who cooperated a n d re m ove a vital co m p onent of the dam per
o nly lo n g en o u g h to o u st t he Ren d ar fro m t he that had held the Rendar in check for many
regio n. The reaso ns for t his ba nish m en t w ere years. For his service he w as killed an d is no w
many an d com plex, but it all boiled dow n to the an u n willing member of the Ren dar clan.
fact that there was not one decent, honest,
u p right so ul in the entirety of Clan Ren d ar. In
fact, most were quite ru de, dishonest,
dishonorable, an d belligerent. Later, d uring the
times of change for the Daen but before the That was four years ago. Without the
Oath breaking, the Daen as a w hole began to in hibiting effect of Clan Asirac’s magic, the
slo wly resem ble Clan Ren d ar, excep t for a fe w Rendar have been able to build sufficient
of the cla ns in West m arch w ho h a d broken off strength to begin affecting the world around
an d maintained their distance from the others. them. Using the stolen centerpiece from the
The lead clan in this grou p was Clan Asirac device they were able to construct a
Asirac and the main op position clan was, of m agical d evice w hich they use to periodically
course, Clan Rendar. This fierce rivalry su m mon an d influence the minor demon that
between clans has continued ever since and inhabited the caves that surround the Rendar
even after the d eaths of the members of both tomb. Using the device they persuade the
clans. After the Oath breaking the mem bers of demon to go into the civilized areas with
Cla n Ren d ar slo wly die d off, yet contin u e d to m agical flasks d esigne d to capture the hu man
walk the earth as undead oath-breakers. soul as it escapes the bod y just after death. The
Knowing this would hap pen the leaders of Clan demon has been collecting these souls by
Asirac decided that it was their destiny to brutally slaughtering locals then using the
op pose Clan Ren dar, even after death. Through device to bring the souls back to the Rendar
rit u al they w ere able to set u p a m agical w ar d w h o d evo u r t he so uls for t he life essence t hey
contain. The demon returns to its home caverns Cleric, a 32n d level Alche mist a n d a 27th level
after each foray an d m ust be su m moned each Mage w hen all the stones are in place. With the
tim e. H o w ever, the d e m on ca n a n d h as kille d stone missing, the Asirac is missing the
w hole families. In fact, over the last three Mentalist p ortion of its person ality a n d all its
m onths the Ren d ar have ca use d t w elve deaths other aspects are slightly diminished. The
using the han ds (claws an d teeth) of the demon. Asirac has one goal in existence, that is to hold
These m u r ders have not gone u n noticed, the Rendar in check. At present the Asirac
ho wever. Elarin the Elvish ranger w as the first realizes that it lacks the abilities required to
to see the results of one of the demonic su p press the Rendar’s activities, and has been
slaughters at a remote farm house in the actively searching for ways to rectify this
foothills of the White Mou ntains. At this point situation.
in time the rangers are in charge of the
investigation. They believe that these deaths Darren
were not by h u man han ds, but are not sure w ho
or w h at is behin d t he killin gs. They h a ve n ot Three months ago the Asirac took
told the citizens of their beliefs yet, so as not to advantage of an op portu nity that presented
cause to m uch panic. For now they have itself near t he to w n of Beld w in. A yo u n g boy
perpetuated the present belief by locals that the fro m the area whose name was Darren, went
attacks w ere m a d e by so me ra m p aging bear or fishing with his father an d accidentally fell ou t
a s m all O rc p arty. The ra n gers h ave seen the of t he boat. H e d ro w ne d, but the Asirac was
bo dies an d kno w that w hatever co m mitted the a ble to b rin g t h e boy to an undead state that
m ur ders derived distinct pleasure from the acts they are able to control. The people that fou n d
a n d h ave therefore r ule d o u t the p ossibility of the boy after he su p posedly died thought that it
animal attacks. Other than that, the rangers was a miracle. His parents were beside
only kno w that the victims have died p ainfully themselves with joy. That was three months
by m ultiple w o u n ds with w hat a p pears to be a ago. N o w his p aren ts are d ea d. They slo wly
ragged-edged weapon. got sick after their son came home and died
after t w o m onths of exp os u re to his presence.
4.2 THE NPCS To the Asirac this was an u nfortu nate necessity.
The tow nspeople have shunned him, and of
course he has not been the same since the
The Asirac accid ent. N o w he roa m s the o u tskirts of to w n
Once, the leaders of the Asirac were with no seeming p u r pose, but the Asirac len d a
method to his roaming. They have been
in divid uals, when they created the magic to
hold the Rendar at bay they p ut m uch of searchin g for the last th ree m onths (u sin g this
the m selves into the s p ells req uire d. Now, all yo u ng boy’s bo d y as their senses) for a person
th at is left of the Asirac clan is the collective or persons that they deem capable of the task of
presence maintained in their tomb, and the recovering the focusing stone from the Ren d ar.
soldiers of their u n dea d ar m y. The p resence is O nce these peo ple are discovere d, they will be
conscio u s of others, a n d still h as p o w ers of its spoken to by the Asirac through Darren in
own even though the focusing device was ho p es of brin gin g back the focu sin g stone a n d
stolen and is now being em ployed by the restoring their ability to keep the Rendar at
Ren dar. The presence w hich only refers to itself bay.
as “The Asirac” has no act u al bo d y, but has a
focus that consists of the five stones that The Rendar
contains the Ren d ar w ar d s. Since one of these
The Ren d ar are a w ell orga nize d cla n of
stones w as stolen fou r years ago the Asirac has
u n dead. They have become this way from years
lost its w ar din g abilities, b u t still m a n y of t he
of fighting against the w ar ds placed over them
powers that its in divid uals had when it was
by the Asirac. In all those years of being held in
formed. It is the equivalent of a 25th level
check by the Asirac, the m ost the Ren d ar w ere
Mentalist, a 23r d level Astrologer, a 30th level
able to accom plish was an occasional battle Gadeva
with the Asirac armies in the valley between
the to m bs. Slo wly, over the cent u ries, beca use Ga deva w as the only r uling m atriarch of
of the Asirac not allowing them to gain strength the clan w hen she w as alive. It w as d u ring her
fro m t he livin g, t he Ren d ar h ave lost stren gt h reign that the Ren d ar moved to Westmarch an d
an d po wer. It w as only out of desperation that beca me the enemies of the Asirac. Ga deva w as
t hey trie d to steal t he focu sin g sto ne fro m t he a 22n d level Sorcerer w hen she died, b u t at the
Asirac. Since the Rendar have defeated the p resent ca n only m u ster the equivalent of 8th
Asirac’s wards, they have been able to m ove level sorcery. However, even with these
openly to fulfill their desires for the life essence limitations she is the most cruel of the Ren dar.
of living beings an d have been regaining so me
of their p o w er. The Ren d ar are still organize d Jacithos
in a clan fashion even though they are dead.
The leadership of the Rendar clan was Jacithos was the best w arrior that the
established among the most powerful of the Ren d ar ever ha d. He was horribly deformed
clan, not just w ho w as dea d the longest. So, in w hen alive, an d as u n d ea d, is so hideous that
fact, the clan lea der is actually one of the last of anyone seeing his face within 10’ m ust make an
the Ren d ar to die. Of the Ren d ar lea ders, there RR vs a 10th level fear spell or be held to 50% of
are 6 w ho are significant. t heir n or m al actio n for as m a n y ro u n d s as 5%
failu re of the roll. Jacithos fights as a m ajor
Devec ghost.

Devec is t he lea d er of Cla n Ren d ar. H e Tasac

w as o ne of t he last of Cla n Ren d a r to d ie. H e
w as a 30th level evil Cleric w hen he w as alive, Tasac was a 20th evil Mentalist w hile
b u t like m a n y of the Ren d ar, lost p o w er w hile alive but now acts only as at 10th level. He was
u n dea d, because of being deprived of the life the one resp onsible for controlling the min d of
essence they would nor m ally steal from the the hu man that the Rendar sent to steal the
livin g. For n o w, Devec is t h e eq u iv ale n t of a Asirac focusing stone.
12th level evil Cleric but is growing in strength.
He maintains a considerable part of his intellect Ulsoda
an d is ca p able of m an ufactu ring brilliant plans
as he did in or der to steal the focusing stone. If Ulsoda was the most cruel an d famous of
the Ren dar’s rule of terror contin ues, Devec an d all the Rendar assassins. She designed the
the other Ren d ar will become powerful enough fu nction a n d layo u t of the tra p s of the Ren d ar
to roam out of their tom b and dominate the to m bs, a n d d evise d the pla n to u se the d e m on
surrounding area without the help of the to deliver the n utritious life essence to the clan.
demon they have been su m moning. She prefer to ambush her victims (an easy
m aneu ver for a ghost, an d one that she uses to
Marag great effect.)

Marag was at one time Devec’s father, Guset

but now those relationships do not seem to
have any meaning. While alive, Marag w as an G u set w as a 24t h level evil Mage when
alchemist who specialized in arcane magical alive b u t o nly acts at 11t h level n o w. It is his
d evices. H e w as a 27t h level Alche mist b u t at power that maintains the gate.
the present can only function as a 15th level
Alchemist. Altho u gh generally evil an d full of Jenrad
hatred for the living, Marag has always been
more interested in his work than in people. Jen ra d w as kille d by the Ren d ar as soon
as he delivered the focusing stone of the Asirac
to t h e m. H e is n o w a lesser g h ost w h o is still 4.3 THE SETTING
not q uite su re w hether he is dea d or not. What
he does know is that he hates the Ren d ar, but is Depen ding u pon the starting point of the
too weak to do anything about it. a d vent u re, the settin g will vary slightly. The
starting point will most likely be one of the
The Demon cities. The main encounter setting, however,
will be a valley locate d in hig h foothills of the
Like t he d e m o ns of the glittering caves
White Mountains in eastern Westmarch. The
located in the cleft of the White Mountains
valley lies a p p roxim ately 25 miles northeast of
behind the gates of the Aglarond, this minor
Derwath. It runs from east to west and is
d e m on w as once a sco u t in Morgoth’s terrible
ap proximately 1 / 4 mile across at its most
army. At the en d of the First Age w hen the host
n a r ro w p oin t. In t h e v alley, t h ere is a strea m
of Valinor defeated Morgoth and his hordes
that is only full d uring the wet seasons, and
some of these creatures slip ped through the
slo w s to a trickle d u ring m ost of the year. The
fin gers of t he w ar h ost a n d hid themselves in
valley is lined with short grass and an
deep caverns away from the su n. These demons
occasional small grove of trees.
were most likely minor earth, wind, fire, or
water spirits similar to the Maiar but less
powerful. Once subverted to Morgoth’s
p urposes these creatures lost m uch of their
power and became permanently tied to their
p hysical for ms. H o w ever, these for ms usu ally
show a rem nant of the original orientation as is
the case with this demon. It w as an earth spirit
that w as t wisted by Morgoth an d used to scout
out the deep subterranean passages of the White
Mou ntains. Upon Morgoth’s dow nfall it lost its
focus and direction and has wandered in the
caves of t he W hite Mo u n tains ever since. The
Ren d ar first contacted it w hile excavating their
to m bs. The relationship they for me d base d on 4.31 THE ASIRAC TOMBS
m utual fear and respect for destructive
ca p abilities has laste d u ntil the present. The H ig h o n t he n ort h ri d ge of t he v alley is
d e m on retains very little of its origin al p o w er, located the to m b of the Asirac. The opening of
but is still quite a formidable foe. w hich is set into the rock outcrop ping. The path
to the to m b no longer exists. There once w as a
Th e d e m o n is 9’ tall a n d ver y t hin w it h stone shelf that lead u p to the tomb, but the
long wiry lim bs an d fingers w hich en d in long shelf h as lo n g since fallen a w ay fro m erosio n.
hooke d cla w s. The d e m on’s skin w hich looks The to m b is m arke d by a n o p enin g in the rock
shin y a n d slim y is actually the consistency of that is faced with large scrollwork carvings that
smooth stone. The demon is very effective with once were q uite bea utiful, but no w the art w ork
its claws and teeth which look like jagged behin d the carvings are barely visible.
obsidian, but it also has as the only rem nants of
its stat us as an earth spirit. It has the ability to LAYOUT
u se the Earth La w spells to 15th level, a n d ca n
dig through solid rock at a rate of 10’ / rnd. 1. Entrance. As stated above, the opening to
Although powerful and cunning when in the Asirac tombs is located on the face of a
p ursuit of a goal, the demon lacks drive and rock outcrop ping. It is ap p roxim ately 20’
relies on the Rendar to provide it with above the closest lan ding, so some
activities. If this were not the case it might have clim bin g is req uire d to gain access. The
taken over control of the Ren dar long ago. opening is 7’ wide and 7’ high. The
carvings above the doorway an d u pon the

facings are badly weathered, but someone
who had stu died Daenael (ancient Daen

Coentis) mig ht be able to d eter mine th at
the inscriptions identify this tom b as that
of clan Asirac an d warn those of malicious

intent to stay out.
2. Guardians. For the m ost p art, the Asirac
ascribed to the ancient Daen theologies

an d bu rial customs w hich usually did not
inclu de fortification of their bu rial
chambers or hoarding of treasures after

death, but because of the feu d with the
Rendar, precautions were needed. The
two colu mns in this oval roo m are
intended to guard the tom b from the
Ren d ar, either alive or u n d ea d, an d fro m

cu rious a d ventu rers w ho might en d anger
themselves by exploring the to m bs. Any
mem ber of the Rendar clan passing

between the black laen colu mns in this
room would be subject to a series of spells

in ra n d o m or d er. They are Word of Fear,



Death Cloud, Repel Undead True, Lightning
Bolt of Rendar Slaying, and True Quest. (The
q u est w ill al w ays be to lea ve and never
ret u r n.) A d vent u rers entering this roo m

that are not affiliated with the Ren dar will
only be subjected to Word of Fear and True
Quest, however, since the Asirac have
solicite d help fro m the o u tsid e to correct cla ns m en’s bones. In the mid dle of each
the balance these p rotection devices will roo m one of the urns sits u pon a thin
not fu nction on those p arties w hich seem sq u are slab of laen t h at m atches t he floor
strong enough to do the job. These tiles. It can detect entry into the room an d
p arties t he Asirac will wish to in tervie w t he in ten t of t he p erso n en terin g. If the
an d will allow to enter. intent of the trespassers is evil or
3. Burial Chambers. These are the bu rial malicious it will begin firing a special
cha m bers of the com mon clansmen. As ty pe of Fire Bolt th at will travel along the
was customary, the bones have been floor of the roo m weaving between the
segregated an d have been placed in large u r ns u ntil it locates the intended victim.
(10’+ in height, 8’ in diameter) ceramic It hits like a +40 Fire Bolt. U p to 8 of these
u r ns. There are over 200 of these u r ns in can be thrown in a single day. If the
each of these large chambers. Near the intent of the tresp asser is determined to
entrance of each chamber is a grou p of be mischievo u s or ig nora nt the res p onse
smaller urns that contains religious will be a Su ggestion spell telling them to
articles and ceremonial gifts. There is leave the room. If this does not w ork
n ot hin g of v alu e in a n y of these rooms, then the Fire Bolts begin in 4 rounds.
ho w ever, beca use of the threat of Ren d ar Trespassers with good intentions or
when the tombs were constructed, the reasons for being there will have the
Asirac inclu ded a small deterrent to Suggestion cast on them, but if that doesn’t
anyone disturbing the peace of the
w ork then no fu rther action will be taken three options in helping and rewarding
until they disturb the urns. the p arty. They ca n offer a m agical ite m
4. Warding Chamber. The walls of this or w ea p o n to each party member. (See
large cha m ber are faced with a lustrous #13.) They can throw specific spells on
blue stone. An ambient light is present in the p arty or store one for the p arty to use
the chamber given off from the raised later, or they can allo w p arty mem bers to
platform in the mid dle of the chamber. touch one of the stones and gain the
O n closer ins p ection of the platfor m it is benefits described below. The decision of
revealed that the light comes from 4 w hich o p tio n is ch osen is u p to t he each
colored stones seated in depressions on party member, but the decision as to w hat
each of t he fo u r cor ners of t he platform. weapon, w hat spell, an d w hich stone is u p
The stones are ap proximately 1’ in to the Asirac, w ho have been fighting the
diameter and although they are round u n dea d m uch longer than the party and
they are not sp herical as they are only 8” have greater insight as to what will be
in heig ht. Each w eig h abo u t 50 lbs. The needed. The items available to the Asirac
descrip tions of the stones as well as the as gifts are listed at #13. The spells
missing stone is inclu ded in their available w o uld be those available to the
in divid ual sections below. Any attack Asirac in divid ually as per their levels
u pon the stones will be met first with listed in Section 4.2, except for the
defensive spells meant to scare off the Mentalist w hose stone is at the Rendar’s
attackers, persistent attacks will be meat tombs.
by deadly force. 5. The Black Stone (focusing stone). Above
Upon entering this roo m the party will the platfor m in the ceiling of the cha mber
beco m e a w are of a p resence in the roo m. is a depression similar to those on the
If the party had already been contacted by platform, but this one is em pty. The black
the Asirac through Darren, the Asirac will stone or focusing stone is su p posed to rest
ap pear to the party in the best here. When place d in the d ep ression the
representation of a physical body that black stone will remain there despite
they can m uster. Since the focusing stone gravity. The black stone contains the life
is missing the fou r rem aining p arts of the essence of a 25th level Mentalist of the
Asirac will ap pear in depen dently taking Asirac clan and when in place in the
on the forms they had in life. When an d if Asirac war ding chamber (#4) it still has
the focusing stone is returned the all t he s p ell abilities it had w hile alive.
rep resentation will be of one person th at While it is apart from the others its cannot
is a com posite of all five. After ap pearing throw spells beyon d 15th level. Its
above their respective stones on the p urpose in the warding is to provide
platform they will begin explaining the focu s to the m agical p o w er provided by
situation telepathically through visual the other stones, and send out the
images. If more precise com m u nication is warding field to hold back the Rendar.
req uired, the Asirac can speak, but only The Ren d ar stole this stone to disar m the
knows two languages, Daenael and Old warding, an d to use it to focus their magic
Ad ûnaic. Anyone knowing Dunael can to su m mon an d influence the demon from
use half of their skill to interpret the the caves. If to uche d by an yone witho u t
Daenael, and anyone knowing Ad ûnaic p er mission the stone will disch arge a x4
can use 2 / 3r ds of their skill to translate concussion damage Shock Bolt, an d a Coma
the old er Ad ûnaic dialect. If the Asirac spell into the offen der. This stone like the
ca n con vince the p arty to try to rig ht the others has some properties that it can
balance they will offer help an d a rew ar d im p art u p on anyone w ho to uches it d ue
to each mem ber of the party. These to its highly m agical nat u re. Its gift is an
rewar ds will vary depen ding on the party a d ditional +15 a d ded to the person’s SD
strength and abilities. The Asirac have bon us permanently. If the person already
uses Mentalism as their magical realm externally for the Asirac as well as
t h ey w ill beco m e a ‘paragon’ Mentalism providing sensory infor mation. If
u ser gainin g a nother PP / level. This gift touched by anyone without per mission it
can only be made every 500 years and will cast Word of Command o n t h e p erso n.
never on the same person even if they Like t he ot her stones t he blue stone can
were alive. im p art a gift u p on a w ort h y p erson w ho
6. The Red Stone (power stone). The red touches it. Its gift is the ability to
stone is similar to the black stone except it generate a Self Aura for themselves
contains the life essence of a 27th level 1x / day. If the user is already a
Mage. Its p u r pose in the w ar ding m atrix chan neling m agic user they will also gain
w as to p rovid e the ra w essence p o w er to the ability to use Mind Voice 100’ freely.
the w ar din g field. If to uche d by a n yone 9. The Amber Stone (binding stone). The
witho u t p er mission it will glo w brig h tly a m ber sto ne is similar to t he black sto ne
an d discharge a point blank x4 concussion except it contains the life essence of a 32n d
damage Fireball with a 5’ rad an d acting as level Alchemist. Its p urpose in the matrix
a Blinding and Sudden Light spell. Like the is to allo w t he in divid u al p o w ers of the
black stone the red stone can im part a gift Asirac to inter mingle to p ro d uce abilities
u pon a worthy person w ho touches it. Its that none would have had in divid ually.
gift is an a d ditional +5 a d d ed to both the The amber stone also allows for the
person’s Strength, Presence an d Em pathy Asirac to manip ulate things in the
bon us per manently. If the user is alrea d y physical word outside of the stones. If
a n essence m agic u ser t hey will gain t he touched by anyone without per mission
u se of o n e of t h e Mage Base List to 10t h the a m ber stone will cast Word of Death,
level. If t hey alrea d y h a ve t he m all, no Word of Sleep, an d (if outside) Levitation o r
ad ditional help will be given. (if inside) Teleport I to the front of the
7. The Green Stone (life stone). Th e g ree n entrance of the Asirac tomb. The
stone is similar to the black stone except it levitation spell will levitate the person
contains the life essence of a 30th level w hile they are asleep 3200’ into the air
Cleric. Its p urpose in the matrix is to before it wears off leaving the
provide su p port for the maintaining of unfortunate person with a long fall to
the life essence of the different parts of the wake u p to. Like the other stones the
Asirac an d to provide the power to repeal amber stone can im part a gift u pon a
undead which is crucial to the warding w orth y p erson w ho to uches it. Its gift is
field. If touched by anyone without to give the person a 25% chance of
p er mission it will cast Absolution on the knowing exactly any and all of the
p erso n. Like t he ot her sto nes, t he green powers of any magical item, and the
stone can im part a gift u pon a worthy ability to store one spell u p to a 10th level
person who touches it. The gift is an in a n y ite m w o r t h m o re t h a n 500 g p. If
a d ditional +10 a d ded to both the person’s t he u ser is alrea d y a essence magic user
Intuition bonus permanently and the t hey w ill also gain the ability to imbed
ability to throw a Repel Undead V 1x / week a n y one spell u p to 10th level into any
at 30th level. If the user is already a item which can then be released by
chan neling m agic user they also gain the m en tal co m m a n d. O nly o ne ite m at a n y
ability to ch a n nel o ne s p ell of 10t h level one time can hold a spell imbed ded in
or less from the green stone 1x / month this fashion.
from any distance. GM Note: If and when the focusing stone
8. The Blue Stone (sight stone). The blue is recovered and replaced in its depression
stone is similar to the black stone except it in the ceiling the Warding matrix will
contains the life essence of a 23rd level automatically reform. Beams of light
astrologer. Its p u r pose in the m atrix is to corresponding to the color of the stone will
provide com m u nication internally and shine from each stone to the others
forming a pyramid shaped light sculpture. thrown in a single day. There are no
These beams blend color as they pass from artifacts in this room, (See #13.) but some
one to the other except for the black stone of t he cere m o nial gifts in t he s m all u r ns
at the apex. When the beams meet there near the front of the chamber are
the light turns white. Once this happens, p ro p ortion al in valu e to the people that
interrupting the beams would have the gave them. Ap proximately 10,000 gp
same effect as a Sun Fires spell. w orth of gems an d je w elry are containe d
in these urns.
12. Scholars Burial Chambers. These are t he
burial chambers of the learned men of the
clan that distinguished themselves in
their life of service to the clan. These urns
co n tain t he bo nes of a variety of clerics,
10. Warrior Burial Chambers. These are the sages, seers, healers, alchemists,
burial chambers of the particularly craftsmen, artisans, an d mages all of great
fa m o us an d heroic w arriors of the Asirac skill an d dedication. Here the disturbance
clan. As in # 3 the bones have been device sen ds out +60 Lightning Bolt. (See
segregated an d have been placed in large #3.) Like the others, near the entrance of
urns, but these are made of red laen. the chamber is a grou p of smaller urns
There are over 50 of these urns in this that contain religious articles and
large cha m ber. N ear the entrance of this ceremonial gifts. No treasure of any
ch a m ber is a gro u p of smaller urns that value is kept in this chamber.
contains religious articles an d ceremonial 13. Hidden Chamber. This chamber has no
exits. The only way in or out is by
gifts. Beside these u rns are a series of tall
thin urns that contain weapons used by teleportation, an d only the Asirac know
the w arriors to co m plete the brave d ee d s its location. The Asirac w ere far-sig hte d
that allowed them to be buried in this enough those many centuries ago when
special chamber. Inclu ded is one +20 two- they first began to hold the Rendar in
han ded sw or d, six +15 sw or ds of various check, that they knew there would come a
sizes and shapes, two +15 magical day when they or their agents would
com posite bows, a +20 spear of returning, possibly need to confront the Ren d ar on a
3 battle axes of +10, and a +15 war physical level. They prepared for this
ha m mer. These u rns are sealed sh u t, b u t eventuality by storing magical weapons
and devices in a secure place until that
their contents can be seen through the laen
if a strong light is nearby. There is a ti m e w o u l d co m e. Th at ti m e is n o w . If
mechanism to prevent plunder of these a n y of the p arty d ecid es they w o uld like
artifacts or disturbing the peace of the help by being given a m agical wea pon or
warriors. The mechanism is similar to item, the Asirac will do one of two things.
those in at #3 except that the bolt hits as a If it can ascertain that the person is
+60 Fire Bolt. Up to 12 of these can be p rim arily a fighter an d can identify w hat
throw n in a single day. w ea p on t hey p rim arily u se, it will select
11. Royal Burial Chambers. These are the one for them and teleport it to the
burial chambers of the members of the warding chamber (#4) an d place it in front
royal family of the Asirac clan. As in # 10 of the person. If the Asirac can not decide
the bones have been segregated an d have w h at to give the p arty m e m ber they will
been placed in large urns of blue laen. teleport that person to this room to select
There are over 20 of these urns in this an item with full knowledge of its
large chamber. As in #3 and #10 the capabilities an d instant attu nement.
chamber contains a protection device.
The d ifference is t h at t he bolt hits like a
+80 Lightning Bolt. Up to 20 of these can be
The following items are in the chamber: 4.32 THE REN DAR TOMBS
1 +20 longsword of slaying Ren dar. O n the so u ther n slo pe of the valley set
1 +25 laen broadsword which will into a crevice of a grassy hill is the d oor to the
cast Utterlight 1x / week. Rendar tombs. The door is located behind a
1 +25 holy battle-axe tig h t gro u p of b u shes a n d trees a n d ca n not be
1 +15 longbow (All arrows shot from seen at all from the valley. In fact the only clue
the bow are of slaying u n dead.) to its existence is the p resence of w hat a p pears
2 +20 blanks –these rectangles of to be animal tracks around the trees leading
metal can be changed into any p ast them. The tracks actu ally are the tracks of
shape weapon by the Asirac and t he d e m o n t h at h as been sen t o n missions for
will maintain that form for 1 week. the Rendar.
1 +25 laen shield can cast Fire Armor
1x / day LAYOUT
1 Staff of H ealin g, (100 PP). Ca n be
u se d to cast a n y s p ell to 5th level 1. Entrance. As stated above, the opening to
fro m any of the close d Chan neling the Rendar tombs is located behind a
healing lists until all the PPs are s m all cro p of trees an d scr u b br ush. The
gone, then the staff disap pears. entrance is 5’ wide an d 7’ high. Originally
1 x3 PP m ultiplier for Essence magic. it w as sq u are d off, b u t over the years the
1 x4 PP m ultiplier for Channeling stones set for its facing have cru mbled
magic. exposing the first 3’ of the roof of the
1 x3 PP m ultiplier for Mentalism tu n nel. The roof of the tu n nel is u nstable
magic. for the first 20’ and any lou d noises,
2 Rings of Spell Storage. 10 spells strong magical spells such as Fire Balls o r
stored u p to 10th level. Lightning, or p o u n din g o n t he w alls wit h
1 A m ulet negates the d raining effect tools could cause this portion of the
of ghosts u p to a total of 6 Co / rn d. ceiling to collapse giving everyone
1 Greenish bro w n glass crystal on a failin g to m ake a Mov M roll, a D crush
chain that will 1x / week cast a critical. Once past the first 20’ of the
Protections Sphere III or 1x / day a tu nnel, the roof is stable. The tu nnel ru ns
Protections Sphere I. nearly 300’ into the m o u ntainsid e before
coming to the first chamber.
All these items are magically connected to 2. Chamber of Guardians. This chamber
t he Asirac. Even if t hey are given to t he was set u p by the Rendar to dissuade
characters as reward for com pletion of the anyone fro m violating their tomb. The
mission they use d the m on, the w ea p ons roo m widens from the 5’ wide
will return to the chamber via passagew ay to 20’ wide in this 60’ long
teleportation u pon the characters death, room. Along the walls of this roo m
or if the mission is a failu re or not carried a p pear to be pillars of stone. In act u ality
out. these are living stone creat u res similar to
GM’s Note: Please feel free to include the w atch stones of the Dr u gh u, an d not
more or delete any of these items from the u nlike those found in the Paths of the
list. This is just a sample of what the Dea d. These living stones have a specific
Asirac could have in their vault. They are p u r pose an d strategy w hen related to the
not frivolous and realize that if this need to protection of the tombs. When a party
use these reserve weapons has been enters the roo m, the pillars will not react
realized then the need may arise again. So at all u n til t h e m ajority of t h e p a rty has
they will not give away everything. At m a d e it to the mid p oint of the roo m. At
most, one item/person will be released. that point, the first two pillars an d the last
t w o pillars will become su d denly fluid in
a vertical pla ne for min g a stone w all at

either end of the roo m that com pletely
blocks the entrance and exits from the
roo m. The ot her pilla rs left in t he roo m

will then take on m anlike forms and
begin to attack the party trap ped in the
r oo m . Of t h e 8 left in t h e r oo m , 2 h a v e
the ability to discharge +20 Lightning Bolts
every 3rd round or attack every other
round with a magical sword made of
lightning that delivers an electrical
critical of equal severity to any other
critical given. 2 others have the same
abilities as these exce p t they e m ploy fire
instea d of lig htnin g. The other 4 attack
w it h t heir large fists. All these magical
colu m ns h ave t he ability to attack for 10
rn ds / 24 hour period, but the colu m ns that

for m t h e w alls w ill re m ain in that for m
u ntil broken (1000 points total concussion
d a m age at AT 20 only cr ush criticals an d

concussion damage is counted towards
t his total) or u n til everyo ne bet w een t he
w alls is d ea d. The walls also make the
p assage w ay air tight. O nce sealed there

are o nly 20 m a n-h o u rs of air left. (i.e., 1
man could survive 20 hours, 2 men 10
hours, 5 men 4 hours, etc.) Strenuous
exercise, the kin d needed to break dow n a
wall, will decrease that time by half.
3. Narrow Path. Nearly 1 / 8th of a mile

a w ay fro m t he first entrance chamber is

the chamber of the narrow path. The
Chamber itself was built over a chasm
that shows no signs of a bottom except for
a dim red-orange glo w far down that,
alo n g wit h t he te m p erat u re of t he roo m,
would indicate some resid ual volcanic
activity. Suspen d e d over the chasm is a colla psing as each person p asses over it.
w alk w ay m a d e fro m so m e sort of m etal. Anyone on the walkway m ust make an
The p at h is less t h a n 2’ w id e at all tim es “extre m ely h ar d ” m a ne u ver roll to keep
an d has a few sections that are closer to 1’ from falling. If the victim is tied to others
wide. It winds around the roo m with with a ro p e they m u st m ake a m a ne u ver
several points that seem to dea d en d into roll to keep fro m falling based u pon ho w
the w alls of the room. Crossing the room far away they are from the person. If they
using this path is very dangerous. are the next person in line on either sid e,
Everyone attem pting to d o so m ust m ake then they m ust make a “very hard”
t w o “har d ” m aneu ver rolls or risk falling m a ne u ver roll, the next p erson a “hard”
to their death. At three points in the m aneu ver roll, etc. These three areas are
roo m the w alk w ay has beco me weak d ue shaded on the layout. If the party
to its age and has a 40% chance of succeeds in traversing the path, they m ust
still negotiate the 7’ gap to the far ledge of the p resence of anyone in the room it will
t he roo m. Alt h o u g h flyin g across mig h t begin its attack. The grove that runs
be the ideal method for navigating this across the brid ge is its track. It will begin
chamber, flyers m ust be wary, because to move u p this track at a rate of 20’ / rn d.
im be d d e d into the w alk w ay are 3 runes It w ill begin to target a n yo ne w it hin t he
m a d e to be visible fro m the air. In or d er roo m when they become visible to it.
they are: Dispel Essence, Dispel Channeling, Depending u pon the location of its
and Dispel Mentalism (all at 50’ rad). targets, it ca n attack u p to 7 at once with
one attack fro m each facet of the crystal.
GM’s note: if this is not hard enough for It h as t h e ability to ty p e each of its foes
the party, small doors can open at the base an d attack them accor ding to their realm
of the walls where the dead ends are, as follows:
allowing any number of small vicious
creatures to chase the party about on the Realm Attack Type
walkway, or alternatively bats from the Arms Crystal missile attack as a
chasm could achieve similar results. 110OB heavy crossbow
attack with extra electrical
4. Track. O n t he la n din g locate d o n t he far criticals at 2 below.
sid e of the chamber of the narrow path Essence Anti-Essence bolt. Treat as
there is a strange sq u are hole in the floor +50 Fire Bolt attack but all
and a grove running through the stone points are taken from the
fro m it o u t of t he roo m, u p a n d over t he victim’s PPs an d criticals are
bridge in the next room. rolled like attack spell
5. Oil Room. Th e e n t r a nce to t his r oo m is failure, with any loss of
the begin ning of a narrow bridge that spells in dicating a loss of
arches hig h in to t he roo m before it exits PPs correspon ding to a
on the other side. The bridge is 2’ wide at ran domly determined spell
its a p ex w it h n o railin gs. 10’ belo w the the caster is capable of
bri d e is t h e slick s u rface of t h e black oil throwing. Once the PPs
that fills this room, only broken drop belo w zero the magic
occasionally by bubble bursting at its user will become
surface. The oil is evidently heated by unconscious and the attacks
stea m esca ping from the volcanic activity will stop.
deep beneath the tombs. The oils Channeling Anti-Channeling bolt.
tem perature remains a constant 250° As above.
which elevates the tem perature of the Mentalism Anti-Mentalism bolt.
roo m to 120°. O ver t he years t he oil h as As above.
coated the w alls and the bridge m aking Semi Alternating between crystal
any m aneu ver in the roo m very difficult. missiles an d the ap p rop riate
Extending over the bridge is the grove bolt based on their realm.
mentioned in #4. At the en d of this grove Hybrid Hybrid spell users confuse
o n t h e fa r si d e of t h e b ri d ge is the final the guardian. There are
g u ar d ia n of t he to m bs of t he Ren d ar. It several outcomes of this
ca n o nly be seen o nce so m eo ne is o n t he confusion. 01-30 no attack,
b ri d ge o r is flyin g in t h e room, because 31-75 attacked with one of
the arch of the brid ge obstr ucts the view. the ap propriate bolts, 76-95
The g u ar dia n looks like a 7’ tall 7-sided attacked with both of the
blu e gray o p aq u e crystal. (The original ap propriate bolts, 96-100
artifact w as Dwarven but was stolen by attacked with all fo u r attack
the Ren d ar thousan ds of years before an d forms (the extra electrical
customized to their uses.) Once it detects critical will not w ork on the
crystal missile an d the thir d If their plans are threatened, they will
magical realm which the attack. The low level ghosts of the Ren dar
hybrid doesn’t use will have clansmen that fight in the valley with the
no effect.) Asirac w ill n ot en ter t his co m bat. Their
Arcane Arcane magic users are in sole p urpose is to fight with the Asirac
tro u ble here. The guardian clansmen, an d the outcome of this fight
will attack an arcane magic will not effect that.
u ser with all attack types if In the mid dle of the chamber is a cairn
the attacks are available an d made of skulls with a polished fused bone
the magic user is in sight. slab for its top. Some sort of ap p aratus is
All attacks will be effective. attached to the cairn covering most of the
black focu sin g stone of the Asirac which
The guardian is considered a large sits in a depression in the slab. The
creatu re for criticals, only crush criticals ap paratus resembles a spider with 10 legs
will have any extra effect. Stuns, point sitting atop the stone with its legs
loss from bleeding, and damage to imbed ded in the slab. The device’s
specific body parts should be ignored. p u r p ose is to gather energy and use the
Magical Lightning or Shock Bolts will be focu sin g p o w ers of the stone to s u m m on
ineffective and will fuel the guardian. the demon. To free the stone, at least 5 of
Fire Bolts and Fire Balls are at -40 when the 10 legs m ust be detached from the
thrown at the guardian and will most slab. O nce the legs are d etache d an d the
likely set the oil in the roo m on fire black sto ne re m ove d it ca n begin to cast
subjecting everyone in the roo m to a B s p ells as it is allo w e d . (See Section 4.31.)
fire critical until they leave the roo m. This ca n be d o n e by rollin g a ver y hard
Cold Bolts and Balls will do nor mal d amage maneuver roll using only the strength
against the guardian, and the guardian bon us or by cu tting them w hich req uires
will shatter if a Cold Ball an d Fire Ball a r e a roll prod ucing a B slash critical or
thrown at it on successive rounds greater. (There is no need to roll the
(sim ultaneously will not work). The critical. The fact that it hap pened is
bridge on which the track rests can be sufficient.) The ap paratus is useless for
broken possibly d u m ping the guardian resale or evaluation once the legs are
into the oil, or stran ding it on one side. If detached. When the “legs” are detached,
anyone were to fall into the oil they however, it will become ap parent that
w o uld take a n A critical for every ro u n d they w ere act u ally some sort of flexible
they rem ain in the oil u ntil their death by tube or cond uit through which magical
drow ning, or heat, or until they are energy was flowing. Disconnecting the
p ulled out. Even if they are extracted t u bes p ro d uces a n effect similar to a fire
fro m t h e oil, t h ey w ill ta ke a n A critical hose going full blast being drop ped.
the next 2 rounds. Once this hap pens, the possibility of
6. Rendar Crypt. This large roo m is the regainin g con trol over t he t u be is based
co m m u nal b u rial cha m ber of all of clan on an “extremely hard” maneuver roll.
Ren d ar. There is a p alp able evil feel to Every round that the tube is not
the room. The stone of the floor and controlled, magical energy will spew
ceilin g are covere d in the fu se d bones of around the roo m with a 30% chance of
the people of clan Rendar and their striking each person in the chamber
victims. The bones were segregated as delivering differing effects depending
customary so that each section of the u pon which tube was detached.
room has a different type of bone m aking Deter mine w here the bea m hit the person
u p the w alls. About the room are a set of by a ran dom method or by using a critical
7 d aises u pon w hich sit the chief r ulers of chart. Roll ran domly from belo w to
the Ren dar. They are listed in Section 4.2. determine w hich tube is detached.
1. Red. 6. Indigo disa p pear instea d of the white substance
2. Orange 7. Violet being left.)
3. Yello w 8. White
4. Green 9. Black Invisible: Also known as a flux beam.
5. Blue 10. Invisible This invisible energy beam transforms
stored magical energy into released
The tubes have the following effects: magical energy. The Daen Coentis
perfected this technique in their Golden
Colors: The first 7 tubes have Age to provide efficient magical energy
similar effects. The beam will turn batteries. This bea m in its u ncontrolled
everything it passes through, the color for m will release magical energy from
liste d. This inclu d es ar m or, flesh, w oo d, anyw here it touches if magic is stored
stone...anything, and not just on the there. This inclu des all magical items
surface, but com pletely through, an d only with charges, d aily spell items, contin u al
in t he area t he bea m p asse d t h ro u g h. In spell ite m s, a n d m agic u sers themselves.
general, this will not be p hysically When this bea m strikes, deter mine if any
debilitating unless it strikes the eyes m agical ite m s w ere str uck or if a magic
w hich will ca use the person to see with a user was struck. Then determine the total
tint of the color rolle d. If m ore th a n one n u mber of PPs that could have been
beam strikes the same, the colors will mix released. This will be the bon us a d ded to
like p aint in the overla p ping area. These the roll for a fireball with electrical criticals
color splashes are per m anent. They can that will effect everyone within 30’ of the
be covered with m akeu p, but they can not release point.
be removed except possibly by a high
level Dispel True. Example: Milfred the Mage is struck in the
green beam, the white beam and the
White: This beam leaves a white milky invisible bea m. The green bea m hits him
resid ue in its trail that solidifies in in the right shoulder leaving a green
seconds to a rubbery substance. It will streak on t he fron t a n d back of his robes
stick to any thing it touches, and glue an d his skin w hich will never go away.
t hin gs toget her if is bet w een t he m w hen The w hite bea m hits Milfred on his left
it hardens. Like the colors, this may cause foot leavin g a r u bbery resid ue attaching
some inconvenience. Serious p roblems hi m to t h e floor, a n d t h e in visible bea m
will only occur if body parts are glued hits him in the sto m ach, releasin g all his
together, if the m ou th, nose, ears, or eyes PPs. Milfred is 10th level, has 1 PP / level,
are covered, or if clothing or ar mor uses a x3 PP m ultiplier, and carries a
becomes stuck as only mithril weapons or wan d of Shock Bolts w it h 12 ch arges. The
better can cu t it. A high level Dispel True bea m d i d n ot hit t h e w a n d so it w ill n ot
might dissolve it. (the black beam will be inclu d e d. The bon u s for the Fire Ball
disintegrate it an d the invisible beam will roll w o uld be 10 (Milfre d’s level) x 1 (his
dissolve it.) PP / level) x 3 (his PP m ultiplier) = 30. The
fireball would be rolled at +30 for
Black: This beam disintegrates, slicing everyone within the 30’ rad. Milfred
through w hatever it touches, w hich can be would also receive the +35 point blank
deadly to anyone in its path; treat as a +60 bo n u s for ra n ge. Milfre d is n ot a h a p p y
Lightning Bolt wit h slash criticals. (Note cam per.
that if the w hite bea m strikes an area that
the black bea m h as alrea d y hit the w hite GM’s note: For particularly strong
beam will p ut back w hatever the black parties the Rendar could be made to
beam disintegrated. On a living being summon the demon to fight, or be in the
this means that the wound would
process of summoning one when the party
arrives. 4.4 THE TASK
Aside from the items listed for the Ren dar The task for the PCs is to discover the
lea ders in the N PC chart, there are 3 Soul relationship between the Asirac an d the Ren dar,
Flasks that the Ren d ar give to the dem on defeat the Rendar by taking back the Asirac
to collect the life essence of its victims. controlling stone that they are using to
These glass jars look to hold about a quart su m mon the demon, an d defeat the demon if it
of liquid and are wrap ped in silver is roa ming around after the Rendar are
filigree. The jars the m selves are not evil defeated. Note that this ad venture is not for the
in nat u re. Originally, they w ere use d by w eak or sq u ea mish. O nly stro n g hig her level
the Daen Coentis for life preservation, grou ps should ru n this ad venture. Granted it is
storin g t he so ul u n til t he bo d y co uld by possible to scale dow n the ad venture, but if this
healed then replacing the soul by pouring is d o ne re m e m ber to scale d o w n treasure and
it back. They were also used in magic items.
transferring the life essence from living
beings that were dying to inanimate 4.41 STARTING THE PLAYERS
items such as the constructs that pop ulate
Daen cultu re. These bottles are very rare The PCs may be started in one of the
an d would deman d a high price in a large several ways. If in Beld win they may be
city fro m either the healers of the city or ap proached the Asirac through Darren. The
the alchemists an d weaponsmiths. To use Asirac can only relay very brief messages
one of the bottles, it m ust be held with the t h o u g h t his co n d uit for a sh ort p erio d of tim e
stop per out above the victims head to before they m ust rest. The Asirac have also lost
collect the soul. The length of time many of the com m u nication skills they had
needed to collect the soul depen ds on how w hile alive, an d will ten d to relay their needs in
fast the p erson die d. Violent d eaths can very staccato, cryptic phrases such as, “You have
be collected in less than a min ute but been chosen!”, “Seek the tomb!”, “Restore the
lingering deaths from diseases, or natu ral balance!” or something similar. If asked to
causes may take d ays to collect. Once the explain such sayings, Darren will most likely
so ul is collecte d, t he liq uid in the bottle repeat the statement over again, point in the
will reflect the nature of the in divid ual. direction of the to m b or re ply with so m ethin g
The soul can be place into any item by eq u ally as q uizzical. Any attem p ts to rea d the
pouring it onto the item, this inclu des boys tho u g hts will p robably p ro d uce negative
another body. Personality conflicts can res ults altho u g h the fact th at the boy is being
occu r if t he bo d y alrea d y h as a so ul. To controlled from elsew here m ay be extracted. If
release the soul from the world, the bottle the p arty seems to take no action (remem ber
m ust be left u nsto p pere d an d allo w e d to the tow nspeople think Darren is not right in the
eva porate. So uls poured into inanimate hea d a n d will gla dly say so) t hen Darren will
objects th at are not specifically designed visit them again nightly until some action is
to allo w the so ul to perceive an d interact taken, as long as they are within 50 miles of the
with its su rro u n dings, act as a p rison for tombs. If the Asirac get frustrated with this
the so ul freed o m fro m w hich can only be p rocess, then so me of the Darren’s statements
attained w hen that item is destroyed. m ay be in Daenael. N o one cu rrently uses this
language, although Dunael is based on it.
Those w ho kno w D u nael m ay have a chance of
recog nizin g t he origin of the language, and a
very slim ch a nce of u n d ersta n din g p ortions of
If in Derwath, the starting point will
p robably be news of the deaths that have
occu rre d lately in the region. Eva d the ra n ger co m pletely in its task, they ho pe that the p arty
ca p tain will be lookin g for able bo die d m en to will at least disr u p t the Rendar sufficiently to
help search for clues and suspects. As quiet things down for a w hile until m ore
m entione d before, the ra n gers believe th at the permanent control is gained over them.
m urders are not the work of an anim al Finally, there have been r u m ors brou ght
although they still allow this to be tossed about back to the m ajor to w ns by sco u ts an d rangers
by t h e p u blic. Th ey a re h o pin g to fin d t h at it about the strange battles between ghosts that
has be then work of a ban d of Orcs working out can be seen or hear d in some of the valleys near
of the mou ntains. However, considering the t he to m bs. The existence of t he to m bs are n ot
one description given by a witness who saw p ublic knowledge, but curiosity might be
so m et hin g leavin g o ne of t he victim’s houses, enough to draw a party in for a closer look.
they are begin ning to suspect something far
w orse. Eva d will be a p p reciative of any help 4.42 AIDS
the p arty offers, but unless they have proved
t he m selves in o ne of t he ot her adventures, he Ot her t h a n t he infor m ation given in t he
will keep a close watch on them. section above, there are several pieces of the
The third starting point for the ad venture p u zzle that the p arty can attain that will help
can occur anyw here in Westmarch. The them restore the balance bet ween the t wo clans
adventures will be ap proached by a mid dle depen ding u pon the starting point.
aged merchant w ho says that he has knowledge The kno wled ge held by the rangers, an d
of a place that contains a great deal of treasu re. in particular Elarin the Elf, would be invaluable
He says that he will provide the adventurers to t he p arty. They h ave collecte d infor m atio n
with a map showing the location of the cache, if about all the m urders to date, inclu ding the
they will brin g him one s p ecific ite m fro m the only sighting of the m ur derer.
treasure they fin d. The merchant will then give In Beld win, there is a scholar that delves
them the description of the focusing stone of the into the history of the Daen clans of the region.
Asir ac. If t hey d o t his he tells them they can He has fragmented histories of both the Ren d ar
kee p everythin g else they fin d. If questioned an d the Asirac, their war an d the legen d of their
fu rt her, t he m erch a n t will reveal t h at he h as a war beyon d death. He also has maps of the
buyer that wants the stone for its historical locations of the m ajor Daen tom bs an d tem ples
sig nifica nce a n d is w illin g to p ay a hefty su m in the area.
for it. The buyer is really an agent of the In Der w ath, there is an astrologer named
Earth well. The Earth well noticed the activity of Garam u n d that, besides being available for hire
the Ren d ar w hen it started several years ago. as a n astrologer, also h as some knowledge of
They hoped that the n u mber of deaths that demons and other creatures twisted to
occurred as a result would not be significant. Morgoth’s service in the First Age, and the
They came to the realization several months spells req uired to m anip ulate them. He can not
ago, however, that this was not the case an d that u se a n y of these s p ells b u t he m a d e a st u d y of
the Ren d ar’s activity w ould only increase and t h e m w hile h e live d in Minas Anor. He is a
th reaten the secu rity of their o u t p ost. For this m e m ber of t he secret or d er of t he Bloo d Rin g,
reason, an emissary was sent from Dol Guld ur a an d learned these things so that he could better
month ago to persua de the Ren d ar to moderate recognize the machinations of evil w herever
their activities. At best, undead are tenuous t hey exist. H e h as help e d t he rangers in past
allies and in this case, they were com pletely cases and is therefore well known to the
u n reasonable an d kille d the messenger. Now rangers, an d in particular, Eva d, w ho considers
the Earth well has sent an agent to hire a strong Garam un d his best frien d.
p arty in or d er to try to retrieve the focus stone If the p arty is not strong eno u gh for this
from the Rendar and therefore stop their a d vent u re, the GM might consider sending an
m ay he m. Th ose at the Earth well are looking NPC along on the a d ventu re. If this is the case,
for a p arty of s ufficien t stren gt h to d o t he job the choice should be Elarin. All the other
effectively. Even if the p arty d oes not succee d rangers, althou gh not co w ar ds, are h u m an an d
therefore have a deeper fear of the u n dea d than first or it is d o u btfu l t h ey w ill be able to d eal
one of the im mortal as Elarin is. Evad will with the Ren d ar in their o w n to m b u nless they
volu nteer to go, but will be vetoed by the other are very strong.
rangers an d any other officials an d frien ds that
m ig h t h ea r of it. This is beca u se they do not 4.43 OBSTACLES
feel that Evad should p ut himself in danger
needlessly an d can better help by staying home Gathering infor mation will be the first
an d coordinating the efforts. obstacle that the party faces. With the m u r ders
The Oracle of Yavan na located in a small being well kno w n, m any r u mors will be flying.
forest in the foothills (See Section.6.1) m ay also Most of these will h ave no u seful infor m ation.
be a so u rce for infor m ation for the p arty. The Ma n y will be in tro d uce d as fact by the locals,
Oracle (A m arla) is act u ally Elarin the ranger’s however, an d the party will have to sift thou gh
sister. So, this su ggestion could come from the this to uncover the truth.
rangers or Garam u n d, although the p resence of The primary obstacles are going to be the
the Oracle is known to the general p ublic, to Ren d ar an d their demon partner. If the party is
most it is just a legen d. Most of the rangers will very open in their planning of the assault on the
be u n willing to go d ue to the m agical natu re of Ren d ar tom b, the Ren d ar m ay fin d out about it
the place. Evad has already been an d asked the an d if so, will call the demon and send it to
one allowed question some ten years ago. attack the party. Otherwise, the traps in the
Elarin h as also gone reg ularly to see his sister, tom b and the undead inhabitants will be
a n d h as receive d his a ns w er. Eva d will be too enough obstacle for any party.
b u sy to lea d the p arty to the Oracle b u t Elarin
will take t he m to t he e d ge of t he forest if t hey 4.44 REWARDS
so desire. Neither of them will disclose the
nature of the tests required to ap proach the If the party succeeds in stop ping the
Oracle. All those that com plete the tests are Ren d ar, they are certainly welcome to anything
able to ask one question of the Oracle and they fin d in the Ren dar tomb as far as all but the
receive the answer in the for m of vision seen in Ren d ar are concerned. Some of those treasu res
her basin. The images can be very vague or m ay n ot be so w elco m e d by t h e p a rty as ti m e
very specific depending on the question; the passes.
question m ust be stated accurately. Just getting If they have visited the Asirac first, then
to the p oint of being able to ask the q uestion is t h e Asir ac w ill give t h e m o n e ite m fro m t h eir
an adventure in itself. treasu re (the Asirac’s choice… they will make
If the party starts the a d ventu re from the the choices ap propriate and beneficial for the
meeting with the merchant, and the party is character) or if they d o not have a suitable gift
small or underpowered for the job, the t hey will allo w m e m bers of t he p arty to to uch
m erch a n t m ay be a u t horize d to offer a s p ecial o n e of t h e stones, thereby im parting some of
wea pon for use by the party to help in their t heir p o w er to t h at in divid u al, as o u tline d in
quest. This weapon should be decided u pon by the description below.
the GM as needed to balance the adventure. If they started the a d ventu res as helping
Fin ally, if the p arty locates the valley of the ra n gers solve the m u r d ers then alon g with
the tombs, they may decide to explore the anything else, Evad will pay them regular
Asirac cave first. If they are directed to the ranger w ages for the time that they were on the
to m bs by Darren they will be lea d to that to m b case, plus triple pay for the days w hile in
first. This co uld be a boon to the p arty if they conflict with the Ren dar for hazard pay.
are careful for the Asirac can help the party
against the Ren d ar in m any w ays. H o wever, if
the party decides to pilfer the Asirac tombs,
they will be in for as big a conflict as they
might fin d at the Rendar tomb. In fact, it is
almost im perative that the party visit the Asirac
If anyone tries to touch Darren, their han d will
go right thro u gh him an d he will disa p pear. If
attacke d, he will leave. H e will ret u r n nig htly
w hile the party is within 50 miles of the tomb.
If the d e m on is enco u ntere d, it will take
the follo win g co u rse of action. If enco u ntere d
at the site of a m u r der, it will leave, if possible,
hoping to avoid detection and return to the
Ren d ar with its cargo of life essence. If this is
not p ossible, it will im me diately attack w hat it
perceives to be the weakest party mem ber
4.5 THE ENCOUNTERS p resen t h o pin g to kill or m aim t he m a n d t hen
m ake its esca pe using every means available to
Encou nters within the tombs are listed in it d u ring the confusion. If w ou n ded, it will try
Sections 4.31 an d 4.32. Encou nters at the Oracle, to disengage and return to its caves not
if the p arty chooses th at ro u te, are o u tline d in bot herin g to sto p at t he to m bs to deliver any
Section 6.1. Other encounters such as those with cargo. If at bay, it will fight to the death.
Eva d, Gara m u n d, an d Elarin will depen d u pon In the valley belo w the tom b sites a
the circu mstances and u pon their in divid ual strange encounter might occur if the party is
personalities. (See Section. 2.7.) H ere are so m e there at the right time. The ghosts of the
specific encounters that might occur in places w arriors of Clan Asirac an d Clan Ren d ar m eet
other than those listed. in t his v alley to d o battle p erio d ically. These
Encou nters with Darren arou n d the city s p ectral w arriors only exist to battle with one
a nother, a n d will ig nore the livin g u nless they
of Beld win will be with his actual body. Darren
looks like a m essy 11 yea r-ol d Dunnish child. join t h e fr a y. If t h e p a r ty d oes join in o n o n e
He looks very ill at best. When speaking to the side, they will be attacked by the other.
party, his voice will be a monotone, an d he will Unfortu nately for the party, however, their
rarely look at the person to whom he is allies will unconsciously steal Co points as
speaking. Anyone within 10’ of Darren d u ring lesser ghosts even though they are helping.
these encou nters will begin to lose Co points at Generally these battles have no clear winner,
a rate of 1 / minute. However, this is rarely b u t they are con nected to the balance of po wer
notice d in that the enco u nters rarely last very established many years before. So when the
long, because after the message is delivered the Asirac are dominant with their dam per in place,
they take the field, but recently the Rendar
boy will wander away leaving the party to
wonder what just hap pened. prevailed.
If it beco m es necessary for the Asirac to
take a fir mer hand and lead the party to the
to m bs or if t h e p a rty ig n ores Darren, then he
will a p pear to them after they leave Beld win to
get o r kee p t h e m o n t r ack. If this occurs, the
Asirac will sacrifice Darren’s body, turning him
in to a lesser g h ost a n d allo w in g hi m to tr a vel
long distances to visit the party. These
encounters with Darren will be similar in
content to the encounters in town, with the
a d d itio n t h at he w ill al w ays sh o w u p at nig h t
and will point in the direction of the Asirac
to m b, w hich will a p pear as pin point of light in
the distance. During these encounters, those
within 10’ of Darren will lose 3 points of
Co / rn d. Again, these encou nters will be short.
a p p eara nce w hile in to w n so as to a p p ear as if
5.0 ‘TIL DEATHS DO she has been severely beaten. When asked
about the marks she shows she answers vaguely
US PART with just the right look that says, “yes, I’ve been
abused but I’m too meek to talk about it.”
5.1 THE TALE W hile at Lor d N egolos castle she sho w s
no marks and indeed seems perfectly hap py,
The town of Beld win in the northeast w ay too h a p p y. In fact, her p u r p ose here is to
corner of Westmarch is the hub of the most be so nice to N egolos t h at h e gets sick of her
racially diffuse section of Westmarch. In the being arou n d. She has taken it as far as cutting
past the area has been plagued with racial u p his foo d at m eals. Bot h of t hese tactics are
hatred an d violence. The p roblem was made begin ning to w ork. The peo ple of Beld win are
worse because of how close that area is to beginning to m utter about how Lor d Negolos is
Dunland. Many of the people of Dunnish treating his wife. The Dunnish faction (that
d escen t fro m t h at area still h ave stro n g ties to d on’t kno w about the deception) are begin ning
Du nlan d, an d still hold allegiance to the clans to to have secon d thoughts about Lord Negolos’
w hich their fa mily w as aligned. As mentioned
sincerity in im p rovin g racial relations. Some
in Section 2.74, Lor d N egolos’ m arriage to his are begin nin g to get to the point where they
new wife Sirris, w ho is of Du n nish descent, has agree with the Mar H ogo newcomers that Lor d
help e d a great d eal to ease t he tensio ns in t he Negolos is not a fit ruler an d does not care at all
area. This does not sit well with certain factions for those of D u n nish d escent. At ho m e, Gifas’
on both sides of the strife. One of these factions sugary attitu de an d mothering are beginning to
is m a d e u p m ainly of cla n m e m bers from the irritate Negolos severely.
Mar H ogo clan (a su bset of the Son m ar clan) of
southern Dunland. On the w hole, the Mar Hogo plan is
w orking bea u tifully. The final step of the plan
Since their arrival in Westmarch, these is to take place in the next t w o w eeks, barrin g
clansmen u n d er the lea d ership of Ru thos have any u nforeseen difficulties. The final step in
been slo wly w orkin g t heir id eas in to t he local their plan is to brutally execute Sirris after Gifas
Dunmen. Ruthos came u p with a plan with stages a p ublic arg u ment with Lor d Negolos so
w hich they hope to discredit Lor d Negolos an d as to fra me Lor d Negolos with the m u r der an d
t hereby rally p eo ple to their way of thinking create such discord among the Dunnish
an d eventually to their side on the u prising that p o p ulation so that they will p articip ate in the
t h ey h o p e w ill follo w. Th e first step in their revolt that the Mar Hogo will incite.
plan was to kidnap Sirris, the wife of Lord
Negolos; this has been accom plished.
H o w ever, beca u se of ste p t w o of the plan, no
one has noticed. Step two entailed replacing
Sirris with a stand-in. Since no one was
available that looked exactly like Sirris, a 5.2 THE NPCS
substitute had to be foun d.
The substitute is an old hag named Gifas,
of the Sonmar clan who has been practicing Denrul is an established Dunnish
witchcraft for many years. Using illusion spells merchant w ho has d one q uite w ell for himself.
she has been able to disguise herself as Sirris for He is considered Du nnish by descent an d yet he
nearly three w eeks no w. D u ring this time, she has lifted his position in society so far that he is
has been carrying out step three of the plan. hardly considered such by most of the
Step three is entirely for Gifas to execute. Dú nedain of the area. As to how most people of
Disg uised as Sirris, she has gone to Beld win as Beld win view him and his family; the Daen
Sirris nor m ally would but Gifas changes her Lintis for the m ost p art like Den r ul beca use he
still deals with them as equals. However, some constantly looking for a way to flee her
see him as a pawn of the Dúnedain and his kidnap pers.
fa mily as trying to live above themselves. The
large proportion of the Dúnedain ad mire Gifas
Den r ul an d his achievements b u t still consid er
him Du n nish an d that fact colors their dealings Gifas was born in Dunland where she
w it h hi m . H e fits in ver y w ell w it h t h e la r ge lived until three years ago when she was
mixed section of society, and is considered a bro u g ht so u th with her fa mily to help the Mar
hero of sorts among the craftsmen-merchant Hogo in Westmarch against the Dú nadan ruling
class. Denrul is 56 years old an d in good health. faction. Her aid was enlisted because of her
He is excep tionally intelligent an d p articularly magical skills. In general, the Dunnish are
brilliant in the merchant trade. His wife died in suspicious of those who dabble in magic, but
the first year of the Plague, but he has recovered they are not against using the skills of those
w ell fro m that. H e w as skep tical at first abo u t peo ple if it can help their ca use. Gifas lear ne d
his daughters marriage to Lord Negolos, but her magical skills early in life from an old
came to like him as a son-in-law, and w o m a n in t he cla n that had similar skills. It
ap preciates the marriage’s influence on race seems that Gifas was not expected to have m uch
relations. success in fin ding a m arriage p artner. She w as
kno w n at one time as the u gliest w o men in the
Sirris Son mar clan; some said all of Du nlan d. Age has
given her more character an d now even though
Sirris was raised in a style resem bling she is even u glier, it seems to fit her so meho w.
the Dúnadan fa mily more than it did the Gifas is a com petent witch with a disposition
normal Du nnish or Du nnish mixed family. The that matches her profession and the hatred
Daen Lintis of the area were greatly pleased d erive d fro m bein g a n o u tcast all her life. She
when Lord Negolos began to see Sirris and is helping the Mar Hogo in Westmarch not
were ecstatic w hen they decided to marry. Even necessarily because she believes that they are
thou gh her fa mily w as well above the stan d ar d right, but mostly because she enjoys the
of m ost D u n m en, ju st the fact th at the r uler of anarchy that will occu r as a result, an d secretly
the region would have a spouse of Dunnish because she enjoys being disguised as Sirris an d
descent was enough for them. However, as receiving respect an d love from others.
stated above, not everyone was pleased with
this. Sirris is 25 years old an d has gained fro m Ruthos
her father great intelligence, will-power, and
b u siness sense. She h as a fine sense of h u m or Ruthos is the current leader of the
and is quite pretty. The Dunnish heritage portion of clan Mar Hogo that relocated to
sh o w s in her, h o w ever, for she d oes not have Westmarch. He has also become a lea der in the
the finely chiseled features of the Dúnedain. eyes of most of the Du n nish people of northern
She is 5’8” tall, big boned, and well Westmarch and in particular those that are
p roportioned, she has red dish-bro w n hair and predisposed to hatred of the Dúnedain. In
green eyes. Du nlan d, he w as one of several nep hews of the
Since her kid nap ping, she has not been clan chieftain of the Mar Hogo an d not as adept
treated with the respect deserving of her in ar ms as m any of the other yo u ng men in the
position. The clansmen guarding her remain on clan, therefore his chances for the leadership
d uty for three d ays at a time. Most of them are position he aspired to were slim. When it
h u m a ne, a fe w d on’t like the id ea of holdin g a beca m e k no w n th at a portion of the clan had
women captive, as it insults their sense of decided to relocate to Westmarch he was hap py
honor. However, there are a few w ho are q uite for the op portu nity to go with them. When the
barbaric and have abused her. She has tried lea d er of th at gro u p then die d in the Plag u e it
t wice to esca p e a n d h as been p u nishe d by her became the perfect chance for him to assert
captors. She is still quite strong and is him self. Since th at tim e Ru thos has ruled his
people well in a sort of t wisted w ay. Ru thos is for ds in the Gap. See Section (2.31) This bridge
a charismatic man prone to dramatics and allowed for a more direct route to Du nlan d an d
boasting. He would m uch rather meet his goals all of the north. It w asn’t long before the sm all
through deception an d trickery than by force, farming village of Beld win became a trader’s
and has proven to be quite effective in these sto p pin g p oint a n d gre w q uite ra pidly. Ma n y
en deavors. The current plan for the Dunnish of the to w nspeople died d u ring the Plag ue an d
u p risin g w as of his d esig n, a n d it w as he w h o Beld win has been har d hit by the decrease in
sent for Gifas to co m e to West m arch. H e is 44 tra d e flo w in g t h ro u g h t he to w n. At t he same
years old, roughly 6’ tall with brow n hair that is tim e, ho w ever, a n u m ber of the D u n nish h ave
greying at the tem ples. He is in good shape for moved back to the land of their ancestors,
a m a n his a ge b u t is not the w arrior that the which has taken u p m uch of the slack of the
other clansmen are. losses the to w n s uffere d. the Dunnish do not
live in the town proper, however, but have
taken u p residence in large fa mily d wellings
away from the town. Some joined fello w
clansmen that already had lan ds an d d wellings,
others established new homes either by
bartering for the lan d or by becoming sq uatters
on one of the larger estates. Many of these
Dunmen work on the same estates on which
5.3 THE SETTING they live.
This a d vent u re is set in a n d around the LAYOUT
town of Beld win in northern Westmarch.
Beld win is the second largest town in 1. Armorer. An old Dwarf named Pindin
Westmarch. Derwath to the south is the largest. lives an d w orks in this sm all b uilding on
Beld win is a b usy place most d ays with tra ders the outskirts of town. He has steady
and merchants. The adventure might also w ork, but is sh u n ned socially in the to w n
take the party to Amon Roch, Lord Negolos’ by Dú ned ain an d Dunnish alike because
fortress, w hich is abo u t 5 miles fro m Beld win, of his race.
an d is very accessible to anyone w ho wishes to 2. Miller/Grainery. This is one of two
co m e to visit. Lord Negolos su p ports a very granaries in the town. This one is the
open policy tow ar ds the people of the area w ho com m u nal granary that processes the
are welcome to come to his home w henever prod uce of the locals that do not have
t h ey w a n t to t alk to hi m . H e also h as posted access to a granary otherwise.
hours w hen he is at his apartments in Beld win. 3. The Wanderer. A m o d erately p rice d in n
that p rim arily targets traders as its
5.31 BELDWIN clientele. Its location near the road
leading to the bridge over the Angren
Beld win is the second largest town in allows it to capture most of this business.
Westmarch, as Derwath to the south is the 4. Stable. Owned and operated by The
largest. Beld win is also not as old as Der w ath, Wan derer. Also capable of minor repairs.
a n d w as starte d as a far min g co m m u nity after 5. Mages Shop. A rare fin d in rural Gon dor,
the Dúnedain began expanding into this mages shop is run by a Dúnadan
Calenar d hon. Just north of Beld win is a brid ge mage named Tiffen. He specializes in
th at the D ú ne d ain b uilt over the Angren as it fin ding lost items and other such
passes through its gorge. The bridge is a m undane tasks. He is working quite
narro w arche d sp an that is only wide enough belo w his capabilities. Actually his
for a single cart, but it did allow for a new roa d presence in Westmarch is not entirely
to connect Westmarch with the Great East-West coincidental. He was once a mage in
Roa d without detou ring arou n d the river to the Minas Anor, an d part of the secret society
of the Blood Ring. Ten years ago he profession the Daen Lintis give him a
retired and decided to move to wide berth as do many of the
Westmarch for some peace an d quiet. The unenlightened Dúnedain.
Blood Ring asked him to report any 6. Guardhouse. Lor d N egolos statio ns five
activity w hich might in dicate the presence men here to keep or der. Usually their job
of evil in the area. Because of his is fairly easy. These men are usually

3 7
2 4 6

11 12

16 13
23 14
25 18
26 19
20 21 22

32 36
29 34
30 33 37

45 38
46 40



m a de u p from the local militia trained by as their last healer, maybe even better
Lord Negolos’s guardsmen. qualified.
7. Trader’s Hall. This 2 story stone building 18. Weaver.
has been set aside by a tra ders’ g uild as a 19. Wainwright. This shop is em pty.
meeting place and boar ding house for 20. Jeweler.
trader’s an d their families. 21. Herbalist. During the period when the
8. Guide. This building is occu pied by a the to w n w as witho u t a healer, the to w n
yo u n g m a n w ho offers his services as a herbalist was required to fulfill both
guide to the high country for hunting roles. The arrival of the new healer w as a
trips. He knows the surrou n ding area an d great relief to him. At first he w asn’t sure
the mou ntains nearby very well. about her training, but has come to
9. Ranger’s station. A smaller version of the respect her.
ranger’s post at Der w ath except that only 22. Animist. Of the magical arts, the one that
one ranger mans this station. the people of this town accept m ore
10. Warehouse. readily is the profession of Animist. He is
11. Farmer’s Market. H alf of this str uctu re is an im portant part of this far ming
open to the outside and serves as a com m u nity and participates in many of
m arket place. The other h alf is close d to the festivals an d ceremonies.
the weather for storage. 23. Cooper.
12. Town Hall. The town hall is used for 24. Cobbler.
town meetings and council meetings. 25. Potter. Th e p otter is a mean old miser,
Lord Negolos has instituted a policy so who used to lend money to people at
that once a month he holds an au dience to outrageous interest rates before Baylee’s
a d d ress issues of concern to the people of m oney len ding fir m w as established. He
the area inclu ding the tow nspeople and has m a de q uite a lot of money from these
the people of the surrou n ding area. transactions, and wields considerable
13. Grocer. The o w ner of this sho p b u ys his influence in the town. He has tried
prod uce from the best available in the several times to sh ut dow n Baylee.
area. H e also im p orts goo d s u navailable 26. Brewer. Prod uces two prod ucts: a hearty
in the area for the u p per class citizens. aged mead (a favorite among the
14. Bowier/Fletcher. This Dunish craftsmen Dunnish) and a smooth w hiskey (a
has step ped into the position left open by favorite among the Du nnish).
the Fletcher w ho died d u ring the Plag ue. 27. Vacant shop.
He does good work, but it is not u p to par 28. Furrier. Works p rim arily with expensive
with the standards of the Dúnedain. plush furs like mink, sable, and beaver.
15. Carpenter. This larger sho p is o w ne d by He then exports most of these to the
the tow n’s carpenter. He also doubles as a south. He does sell some from his shop if
cartwright, and has constant w ork an d w hen buyers present themselves.
p roviding w agon’s to tra ders or m aking 29. Money lender. Operated by an man of
repairs on their equip ment. mixe d d ecent na me d Baylee, w ho is very
16. Tavern. The Iron Arch. A respectable fair in his dealings with his customers.
tavern and eatery for traders and the He doesn’t make m uch money, but is well
mid dle class. liked by everyone except for the potter.
17. Healer. Beld win’s healer died d uring The 30. Brothel. Miss Posey’s house of fun.
Plague, and only recently was the 31. Silversmith.
position filled. A you ng Du nnish woman, 32. Fortuneteller. An old Dunnish woman
traine d at the Healer’s H all in Dunland, has occu pied this little shop for as long as
moved south six months ago. The people anyone can remem ber. She never leaves.
of the town have accepted her She has everything she needs delivered to
w holeheartedly. They have not been her. As far as her abilities as a
disap pointed as she is at least as qualified
fortu neteller go there have been mixed 49. Tanner.
reviews. 50. Mill.
33. Outfitter. This store carries s u p plies for
nearly any type of outing. 5.32 AMON ROCH
34. Theater/Tavern. This tavern also
functions as a place for traveling acting The a d vent u re might also take the p arty
com p anies, bar ds, an d a m ateu rs from the to Lord Negolos’ fortress Amon Roch (Horse
surroun ding areas. Hill), which is about 5 miles from Beld win.
35. Grocer. This grocery store s p ecializes in Lord Negolos su p ports a very open policy
foods im ported from Dunland or foods towards the people of the area who are
grow n specifically for the Dunnish. w elco m e to co m e to his h o m e w henever they
Needless to say the store is m ainly w a nt to talk to him. H e also h as p oste d ho u rs
frequented by the Dunnish. w hen he is at his apartments in Beld win.
36. Mason.
37. Curiosity Shop. The castle was built by Negolos’s
38. Stable. ancestors many years ago, but it w asn’t built all
39. Blacksmith. at once. The section built into the mou ntain
40. Inn/tavern. The Gold en Sp oon. An u p- w as originally the clan hold of an ancient Daen
scale inn and nightspot. Unfortu nately Coentis clan that abandoned it when they
for the ow ner not enough u p-scale people moved to Dunland in the last years of the
live an d or visit Beld win to
provide sufficient profits to
allow the inn to remain open.
It is currently u p for sale.
41. Armorer. This craftsman
realizes that the D w arf at the
other end of town is m ore
skilled than he, and
occasionally asks for advice
fro m him. H e d oesn’t mind
that in spite of that fact he
gets more business.
42. General Store.
43. Warehouse.
44. Sage. A man of great
45. Import Store. Goods from
the south are sold here at
accelerated prices.
46. Weaponsmith. A Dunnish
man with poor skills as a
weapons-maker, but he
knows what the Dunnish
clans like and sells his
cheaply made weapons at
rock-bottom prices, which
keeps the clansmen coming
47. Tavern. Th e Bent Blade. A
Dunnish dive.
48. Glassblower.
Secon d Age. Negolos’s ancestors were pioneers the possibility of the gate house being
in t he regio n a n d fortifie d t he h ol d. O ver t he breached a p p roaches, ho wever, the stone
years, the exterior w alls an d to w ers w ere b uilt floorin g of the 2n d story ca n be d ro p pe d
with the last section (the w alls an d to w ers that into the space below to seal the gatehouse
flank the entrance) being built 500 years ago. com pletely.
3. Gate To w er. The 2nd story is used for
The fortress’ location in the sm all gro u p storage of weaponry an d p rovisions. The
of hills out away from the mou ntains offers 3r d floor is open to allow for firing on the
great p rotection, b u t allo ws q uick access to the enemy. It is roofed in slate like the
surrounding flatlands. With this in mind a towers in #1.
large stable w as built into the fortress, allowing 4. Fortress Courtyard . From here, stairs
the cavalry stationed there to deploy quickly. lead u p to the walls as well as to the gates
This tactic was used successfully throughout the of t he recesse d kee p. Belo w t he gates of
history of the fortress, even into the War of the t he kee p are t he d oors t h at lea d in to t he
Ring. The fortress layout is show n below. stables.
5. Stables. Th ere is r oo m for 40 horses in
Level1 these stables, cu rrently there is only need
to h o u se 30 to be able to h orse everyo ne
1. Entrance: The entrance road to Amon at t he fortress. These stables are m ainly
Roch lies between two flanking walls
for w artime use. O utside the castle in the
with towers. The towers
are not con necte d to the
rest of the castle except
by the wall. All the
towers as well as the
walls are crenelated to
allow cover for firing on 1
attackers at the gates
an d on the ou tside. The
towers are also roofed
with slate to protect
them from torched
arrows or other fire
attacks. A paved road
lea d s u p to the gate an d
runs from the fortress 2 3
for over a mile to the
valley floor and then a
mile fu rther out into the
open plains.
2. Gate. The gate to A mon
Roch is quite wide to
allo w spee d y egress for 5
the cavalry. There are
t w o gates. The in ter n al
and external gates are
m a de of steel an d swing
out w ar ds. The sp ace in
between is em pty to
allo w for m arsh alin g of
the troops for sorties. If
valley is the main stable w hich is closer to 11. Mess Hall & Kitchen. The back portion of
the pastures in which the horses are t his roo m is a n open kitchen area. The
grazed. Currently, Finard the front portion is where the troops are
stablemaster is residing at the stables serve d their m eals. Meals for the fa mily
with the horses an d stableboys because of and for special occasions are also
his co m m ents abo u t Lor d N egolos’ wife. prepared here, but are served in the
(See Section 5.42) formal dining hall (#12).
12. Formal Dinning Hall. A very long
Level 2 beautifully finished pecan dining table
takes u p most of this room; seating for u p
6. Keep D oors. Th e d oo rs to the keep are to 20 people is available.
made out of granite sheathed in steel. Just
inside the doors is a switch that when Level 3
p ulled will release the su p ports of the
metal platform in front of the door, 13. Balcony. The crenelations of the half w all
drop ping everyone on it to the ground of this balcony allo w for archer coverage
and leaving the doors suspended 20’ in of the co u rtyar d of the fortress as w ell as
the air. the area bet w een the walls of the castle
7. Great Hall. Used for all manner of an d the mountain.
activity this stately roo m is decorated 14. Lower Lounge. A lou nge area nicely
with tapestries, paintings an d lights to lift decorated for g uests an d the u p per level
the mood of the other wise dark and hired men of the castle such as the
steward an d the officers.
15. Stewards Quarters. The castle steward
lives a n d w or ks o u t of t his roo m. H e is
an incredibly organized person, but is
11 9 nearly devoid of personality and
oblivio us to everyone aro u n d him u nless
8 7 6 he has a specific reason for noticing them.
16. Healer’s Quarters. The castle healer w as
also traine d in t he ar m y of Gondor, but
12 10 beyon d that is a m an of great lear ning in
m any fields. He w as Lor d Negolos’ tutor
as a child an d is his closest a d visor. He is
advanced in age and his eyesight is
som ber room. failing.
8. Stair Hall. This h all w ay gives access to
the other rooms on this level as well as to
the levels above via two stairways that
lead u p.
17 16 15
9. Barracks. This large roo m can
acco m m o d ate u p to 30 men each. At this 18 14
point in this time only 15 men are housed
here. A not her 15 are ho u se d in #10 for a 19 20 21

total of 30 men. 20 of these men are

per m anent p aid g u ar ds of Lor d Negolos’ 13
fa mily, the other 10 are militia men that
spen d a year statione d at A m on Roch for
training. 17. Officers Quarters. 2 experienced veterans
10. Barracks. Same as #9 of the wars against Umbar and the
Easterlings are in charge of the training of 24. Lady Sirris’ Maid’s Quarters. Gifas
the guardsmen of the castle. dismissed Miren, Sirris’s long time frien d
18. Guardroom/office. This roo m acts as a an d servant, as soon as she adopted her
guard station and as an office for the disg uise as Sirris. She then faked some
guard captain. interviews and brought in a Dunnish
19. Guard Captain’s Quarters. The guard w o m an fro m the Mar Hogo clan as her
captain is a great tactical officer, but maid. She now lives in this roo m.
becomes bored perio dically an d takes the Altho u g h she is hire d as a m aid, she is a
g u ar d s an d militia m en o u t for w ar ga m e skille d w arrior a n d will back u p Gifas in
exercises. her plans an d defen d her from any attack.
20. Blacksmith. The blacksmith, who also 25. Lady Sirris’s Room. These were lady
doubles as an ar morer, lives here. He Sirris’ p rivate q u arters. A d oor con nects
used to share his roo m with Finard the the m with Lor d N egolos’ cha m ber. The
stablemaster, who is now living at the roo m is d ecorated in an eclectic fusion of
stables (See #5). D ú na d an an d Daen Lintis styles. Gifas is
21. Guest chambers. Comfortable roo m. currently occu pying this room, and has
Guests are rare at the fortress. When hid d en m any of the tools of her witchery
guests are expected in nu mbers larger in lady Sirris’ wardrobe. Also
than the fortress is capable of han dling strategically hid den in the roo m are 5
they are p u t u p at the Golden Spoon in daggers so that she can defend herself
town. If relatives or close friends are quickly if the need arises. All of them are
expected, m any times Negolos will take poisoned with a Level 4 nerve toxin.
t he m to his s u m m er h o u se closer to the Anyone cut by one of these d aggers m ust
mou ntains for a more comfortable resist or have the lim b wounded
setting. p aralyzed for 3-5 d ays. If the poison is
received as a result of a critical to the
Level 4 torso, ab d o men, or neck, then the results
of RR failu re is total bo d y p aralysis for 3-
22. Balcony. There is a n iron railin g aro u n d 5 days.
t he e d ge of t his balcon y. Archers could 26. Lord Negolos’ Room. This finely
d efen d the keep fro m here, b u t the cover decorated room is perfectly or dered at all
is not as good as the balcony below. tim es. Lor d N egolos is very organized.
Behin d a w ar d robe hid den (-30 to detect)
in t he back w all of t he roo m is t he v a ult
of the castle containing the wealth of Lord
N egolos’ fa mily. It is triple locke d. The
25 24 first t w o locks are key locks (-30 to open)
23 and the last is magical and opens to a
26 27 passwor d that only Lor d Negolos an d his
Valet k no w s. Over 300,000 in gold and
je w elry is store d in this vault in locked
boxes. La d y Sirris h as no id ea (nor d oes
anyone else in the region) that Lord
23. Lord Negolos’ Office. This large roo m
Negolos is so w ealthy, b u t his fa mily has
with ajoining balcony is p rim arily used
controlled tra de an d agricultu re in one of
by Lord Negolos as a stu dy an d office, but
the most bou ntiful sections of Gon dor for
in time of need it serves as a tactical w ar d
m any years so it only stands to reason.
roo m for himself an d his men. There are
The va ult also contains so m e cere m onial
a variety of maps an d statistics concerning
gar ments an d the heirlooms of his family.
the surroun ding area.
Which inclu des his fathers swor d of state,
circlet, and ruling staff. The staff and
sw or d are m agical. The staff, w hen held, for directly behind the tower, but the
places a subtle aura spell about the person craggy rock ou tcrop ping there m akes the
ad ding +50 to all rolls for leadership, p ossibility of d a n ger fro m th at direction
diplomacy, an d persuasion. The swor d is u nlikely.
a hig hly ornate +20 Ithilnaur sword that
has a moderate intelligence an d can detect 5.33 LADY SIRRIS’ PRISON CABIN
illusions within 20’ of the user. It is
u nfortu nate that Lord Negolos only wears The La d y Sirris has been kid na p ped an d
it o nce o r t w ice a yea r to ceremonies of is bein g h el d in a s m all cabin in the foothills
state, beca use it could tell him of Gifas’ east of tow n. The cabin is small an d guarded by
deceptions. 2 clansmen.
27. Lord Negolos’ Valet’s Room. Bu n din, the
lor d’s valet, is q u artered here. He is very
old, but will attem pt to p rotect his master
if Lord Negolos is threatened.

Levels 5, 6, 7, & 8

28. Family Lounge. This large roo m and

overlook are used by the r uling fa mily as
a lou nge area as well as an entertain ment
roo m for guests and a play roo m for LAYOUT
children when they are present. When
Lor d N egolos w as yo u n g t his roo m was 1. Front Porch. This rickety p orch is quite
where he received his tutoring. Many old an d some boar ds are rotten or sq ueak
bookshelves line the walls of the roo m. lou dly when someone walks on them.
The d oor to the balcon y locks with a key The front door is made of oak an d chained
for safety reasons. fro m t he insid e, b u t t he hin ges are r u sty
an d old an d can be easily broken.
2. Main Room . The two guards that sleep in
29 t his roo m are relieve d every t h ree days.
28 30 A small stone fireplace stan ds on the west
w all to w a r m t h e roo m a n d provide for
3. Locked Room. This roo m is locke d w it h
m assive-looking padlock that is really
q uite easy to open (+10). The windows
31 have been boarded u p from the outside
32 with heavy planks. Behin d the d oor tie d
to a bed is Sirris; she has looked better.
4. Store Room. Food for the occu pants is
29. Access Hallway. kept in this room. A small door leads
30. Tower Level 1. Mainly to p rovid e access outside to the wood pile.
to the u p per watch tower.
31. Tower Level 2. Guard station for the 5.34 THE MAR HOGO CLA N HOLD
u p per watch tower. Men that are on
watch live in this roo m for two week The Mar Hogo Clan Hold is located
periods, then rotate out to other d uties. so u t h of Bel d w in so m e 10 m iles. It is a cr u d e
32. High Watch. This roo m allows for a fortification built over the last fifteen years,
co m m an ding vie w of the co u ntrysid e for u sin g as its base a n old w atch tower that had
u p to 10 miles in m ost directions, exce p t fallen in to r uin. In West m arch, the Mar H ogo
h a ve h a d n o real n ee d for a cla n h ol d as they 4. Support Buildings. These are t he h o u ses
might have in Du nlan d, but it is traditional that and workshops of the craftsmen of the
there be one, so one was built. Most of the clan.
clansmen live in settlements away from the 5. Storage Buildings.
hold an d are su m m one d d u ring times of nee d, 6. Clan Keep. Ruthos, as clan chieftain,
but a small contingent of u n married young occu pies this building with his im mediate
h u nter / warriors live at the hold at all times. family an d personal guards. The building
was originally an old watchtower that
w as r uine d. The Mar H ogo h ave reb uilt
the walls with their limited expertise.
The result is a keep that is fu nctional b u t
not very pleasing to the eye.
1. Palisade. This wall is made u p of a 4’ high Ap proximately 15 guards will be found
earthen rise with shar pen w oo d en stakes statione d in the kee p alon g with Ru thos,
p ointing u p w ar d an d o u t w ar d. It is not his 2 brothers, their wives an d children.
withstan ding time well an d several areas 2 Barracks. Here is where the other
of the palisade have weakened and are clansmen h u nter / w arriors live. Up to 30
sagging outward. have been housed here before, b ut at the
2. Gate. Lowers to allow riders to pass present only 23 men are in residence.
throu gh. Unless war is expected this is
usually left down. Recently is has 5.4 THE TASK
remained constantly in the u p position. 4
clansmen w alk the palisa de at all times of The PCs are to d eter mine the source of
t he d ay, a n d 2 are alw ays located at the the ru mors an d or strife, fin d out about the plot
gate. to kill Sirris and somehow stop it from
3. Coral . The Dunnish keep their herd of hap pening. This will not be an easy task
a p p roxim ately 100 horses here. Most are considering that the Mar Hogo have not exactly
not p rime specimens, b u t they are decent p ublicized their activities.
animals and are given good care and
groo ming. 5.41 STARTING THE PLAYERS
The PCs will most
likely begin this adventure
in Beld win, because u nless a
5 large u prising of the Daen
Lintis occu rs, few ou tside of
the im mediate area around
6 Beld win will know anything
of the events that this
1 adventure revolves around.
7 It is p ossible t h at t he party,
if observant enough and in
town long enough, would
gain eno u gh infor m ation to
be able to realize that
something is not right. A
4 more likely and w orkable
starting point would be
having the party be
ap proached by Sirris’s
father, Denrul or Lord Negolos. 5.42 AIDS
Denrul believes that his daughter has
been acting strange lately and has heard the Being strangers in Beld win, fin ding the
r u mors that people have seen her in the m arket infor mation necessary to stop Ruthos and his
place with obvio us br uises. This has confuse d p eo ple fro m startin g a revolt m ay be difficult.
Denr ul beca use he believes Lor d Negolos to be In general, the people of the town know of
an honorable an d sensitive man w ho would not Sirris’ ap pearances in tow n looking r uffled an d
do such things. He feels that there m ust be beaten. Most of the merchant class will be
something w rong at the at Lord Negolos’ reluctant to talk about it because they are
fortress. H o w ever, w hen he h as gone there to u ns u re of t heir m ea nin g. Talkin g to m e m bers
visit everything seeme d fine, almost too fine. of the working class, which are mostly of
Den r ul will a p p roach the p arty if he sees that D u n nish d escent, will p ro d uce insight into the
they are from out of tow n. Once he deter mines D u n nish vie w p oint. Most of these people are
that they can be trusted, he will explain the very disap pointed and u pset with Lord
sit u ation a n d ask t he p arty to p ay a social call Negolos, who they had thought was the first
on Lord Negolos’ fortress to ascertain if Dúnadan ruler with some thought for them.
everything is all right. Since Lord Negolos Now they believe he is just like all those
welcomes visitors and is always hungry for Dú nedain, arrogant an d bigoted. They will also
news from travelers, this should not be a k no w t h at t his is ju st the type of op portu nity
p roblem. For this task, Denrul will pay the that the Mar Hogo clansmen have waited to
party an d offer the free lod ging in his inn for as exploit. Most will know of Ruthos and his
long as they are in tow n. He will stress to them hatred of the Dú nedain, an d the fact that he was
that they should not let anyone kno w their real very outspoken against the marriage of
reason for visiting, because he does not w ant to N egolos an d Sirris in the first place. This ty pe
ap pear to be spying on his son-in-law. of infor mation will not be distributed to just
If the party stays in Beld win for a few anyone, however, because most of the people of
d ays, they co uld start this a d vent u re by being D u n nish d escent will not be o pen to talking to
contacted by a servant of Lord Negolos, and anyone from outside the Beld win area unless
asked to meet him outside of town. If they they are talking it u p in a bar or gossiping
d ecid e to m ake contact, Lor d Negolos will tell amongst themselves an d are overheard.
them of the discontent of the Du nnish people of There is one person in town that does
the areas an d how his m arriage helped to settle h ave infor m ation th at w o uld be invaluable to
t his p r oble m. H e w ill also relate h o w h e has the party. Sirris’ best friend Miren for years
hear d that r u mors are being sp rea d saying that was also her personal maid an d lady in waiting,
he is mistreating his wife. He is afraid that his as it were. When Gifas replaced Sirris,
wife may be h urt in the conflict that might arise ho w ever, Gifas kne w that she ha d to get rid of
fro m these circu mstances. He would like for Miren in or der to be effective in her disguise, so
the p arty to stay aro u n d to w n for the next fe w she staged an argu ment with Miren and
days for a “rest,” an d w hile they are here, to try dismissed her as soon as she could. Miren
to fin d o u t the so u rce of the r u m ors a n d act as k no w s Sirris better th a n a n yone alive a n d she
guardian angels for his wife when she is in has told Sirris’ father of her concerns about her
town, without her knowing it. If the party ch a n ges in beh avior a n d attit u d e. If the p arty
acce p ts, he will p ay t he m w ell if t hey fin d o u t has talked to Denrul or Negolos, they will
anything useful. mention Miren to the party as a source of
infor mation.
There are t w o other peo ple in to w n w ho
h ave bits of infor m ation t h at mig h t be helpful
to the p arty concerning Gifas’ disg uise. One is
Finard, an old man that tends the stables at
Negolos estate. When he first sa w Gifas in her
d isg uise as Sir ris, he aske d o ne of t he g u ar d s
w h o t he ol d h ag w as a n d w h y she w as at the to w nspeople will try to su b d ue the p arty. If at
castle. H e w as im m e diately rep rim an d e d and the castle, the g u ar ds will attack the p arty with
told that he ha d to live at the stables u ntil such great enth usiasm. Once Gifas is discovered the
tim e as he co ul d sh o w m ore res p ect. He still p arty will then have to fin d o u t w here the real
maintains that she is really an ugly old woman, Sirris is bein g held. Gifas, if ca p t u re d, will be
an d has asked several people since then if they very closed mouthed, but will succu mb to
h ave seen the sa m e. Unfortu nately, Finard is t h reats if she believes t hey are real. The fin al
less than ideally credible. He has been know to obstacle will be retrievin g Sirris fro m t he Mar
hit the bottle a little hard at times and has Hogo before Ruthos has an op portu nity to
reported strange things before which have m ove her or kill her. A direct assa ult o n t heir
never been p roven. N o one cu rrently believes com plex will require significant nu mbers or
his story and he is begin ning to wonder stealth. If given the chance Ruthos will turn the
himself. Gifas kno ws Finar d kno ws her secret, w hole affair into a ransom situation,
but doesn’t think anything will come of it dem an ding treasu re an d free p assage north for
before t he plot fin alizes. Just in case though, Sirris’ return.
she has told Ruthos, w ho has sent men to spy on
him perio dically to see if anyone he tells seems
to believe him.
The other person in Beld win w ho kno ws
that Sirris has been replaced by another is a
teenage girl named Glinis. Glinis was born
with a gift that has not been recognized by
anyone as of yet. She has the ability to see
through any for m of magical deception,
inclu ding Gifas’ spell. At this p oint in her life,
Glinis has the feeling that she is different fro m 5.44 REWARDS
ot hers b u t h asn’t q uite fig u re d it o u t yet. She
kno ws that everyone else sees the lady Sirris If t he task is com pleted, the plot found
w hen she sees a hag, b u t d oesn’t kno w w ho to out and Sirris rescued, the party can expect
tell. Once when she was you nger, she got a considerable praise an d ap preciation from Lor d
sever lashing by her parents because she had N egolos, her father Denrul, the pop ulation of
spoiled the show of a traveling magician by Beld win, an d Sirris herself. Lor d N egolos will
telling how he did his tricks. Since then, she has sh o w er t he p arty w it h gifts totalin g w ell over
been reluctant to tell anyone when she sees 500 gp / person. If Sirris is not alive at the
something out of the ordinary. In this case, conclusion of the a d ventu re, the p ay ment from
however, she feels she m ust tell someone lord Negolos will be m uch less generous.
because she feels lady Sirris, w hom she ad mires H o w ever, if the p arty also catches the p rim ary
like m a n y ot her yo u n g girls her age, mig h t be leaders of the conspiracy (Ruthos an d Gifas), he
in trouble. If she finds out that someone in w ill also sig n over t w o tr acks of land that he
tow n might be interested in w hat she knows, or ow ns to the south east of Beld win that total 500
h as been m akin g in q uires, she w ill seek them acres. The tow nspeople, especially those of
out an d tell them w hat she has seen. mixed an d Du n nish descent whose lives were
effected most by Sirris, will give the
5.43 OBSTACLES a d vent u rers gifts accor ding to their means an d
skills to show their ap preciation; anything from
Initially, the primary obstacle will be w oo d carvings to leather goods. Denrul will
fin din g o u t w h at is w ron g with Sirris. Even if allo w t he p arty to stay at his in n free a n ytim e
t hey are able to discer n that she is not really t hey are in Beld w in, a n d allo w t he m to outfit
Sirris, any action against her will be perceive d themselves for their next trip at his store.
by everyone else as an assault on Sirris an d will
be dealt with accordingly. If in town, the
escape or u ntil she realizes she could die. If she
can’t escape then she will su rren der rather than
be seriously injured.
Ru thos will p robably be enco u ntere d in
o ne of t h ree sit u atio ns. The first is at t he Mar
H ogo stro n g h ol d w here he w ill be m ost often
d uring the time when this adventure takes
place, fearin g th at his p resence in to w n might
jeo p ar dize his pla ns. If the party goes to the
stronghold seeking infor mation from Ruthos,
t hey w ill be m et w it h a cool rece p tio n at best.
Ans w ers to any q uestions aske d will be short
and not necessarily truthful. He will try to
dismiss the party as quickly as possible,
without seeming suspicious. It should not seem
5.5 THE ENCOUNTERS that u n usu al considering that most Daen Lintis
will act this w ay to w ar d s non-D u n nish. If the
Many of the encounters in the city of party has come to the stronghold to attack,
Beld win should be constructed from the Ru thos will allo w his m en to take the br u nt of
infor m ation given in the above passages an d in the attack w hile he esca p es. The secon d place
Section 5.31. Other encou nters are described in that Ruthos might be encountered is at the
detail in the Section 5.32 an d 5.34. Besides these, s m all cabin w here Sirris is bein g held. If the
the follo wing enco u nters are given in greater party hap pens to come to the cabin w hile
detail. Ru thos is there, he will instr uct the guards to
If encou ntering Gifas w hile disguised, detain the party w hile he takes Sirris hostage so
since her disguise is magical, the PCs should th at he ca n bargain for his esca p e. If esca p e is
receive a n RR. If they see her before they fin d uncertain, he may try to wound Sirris badly
out anything has been w rong, the RR should be en o u g h so t h at t he p arty w ill sto p to help her
at -30 because they will be expecting her to look w hile he esca pes. If he k no w s th at he is goin g
like Sirris. If they see her for the first time after to die, he will definitely try to kill Sirris just out
hearing the concerns of Negolos or Denr ul, the of spite. The third place that he might be
RR should be nor mal. If they see her after encountered is leading his men against the
talkin g to eit h er of t h e people that have seen p arty. If it co m es to Ru thos’ attention th at the
through her disguise, the RR should be made at adventurers are standing in the way of his
+10. W hen enco u n tere d, Gifas will be able to plans, or worse are close to u ncovering the plot,
recog nize w hether a n yone she m eets h as been he will sen d spies to follow u ntil they are alone.
able to see through her spell. If she is H e w ill t h e n lea d a g ro u p of his men against
s u rro u n d e d by p eo ple w h o still believe her to them in hopes of killing them all or at least
be Sirris, she will use that belief to protect dissuading them from contin uing their
herself u ntil such time as she can get a w ay an d in vestigatio ns. The size of t he ca d re sen t w ill
report the incident to Ruthos who will then depend on the location and strength of the
send men to try to take care of the p roblem p arty. In any case, the men and Ruthos will
person q uickly an d q uietly. If at the castle, she wear non-clan clothing and masks so they
will instr uct the g u ar d s to arrest the p arty an d cannot be identified.
throw them in the d ungeon. If she is
recognized in a situation where she is by
herself, she will either r u n, (if there are peo ple
nearby that still think she is Sirris), or as a last
resort she will use her magical abilities. Even if
she chooses this last option she will only
e n gage t h e p a rty lo n g e n o u g h to allo w h er to
At least 10% of the trees in the forest are active
6.0 OTHER PLACES trees or H uorns. No Ents live in the forest
itself, but some have visited the area before.
OF NOTE IN Now that Amarla is the Oracle’s mouth, the
Oracle can actually see the past, future, and
WESTMARCH p resent. Each person is affor d e d one q u estion
answered by the Oracle in their lifetime, but
6.1 THE ORACLE first they m ust pass three tests, starting as soon
as the party enters the woods that surrou n ds the
The Daen Coen tis of t he late Thir d Age Oracle. (Not just anyone can stop in for a quick
were in general an evil people. They p racticed question, they m ust first prove themselves
hu man sacrifice and other dark magic taught w orthy to ask.) The H uorns act as g u ar dians of
them by Sauron’s emissaries. This had not the tem ple, and in order to gain access, one
alw ays been the case. Long before the co ming m ust travel through the H uorns, w hich are able
of the Dúnedain, the Daen had been a to tell t he in ten tio ns of the passers and ju dge
prosperous people an d ha d lived in the vales of whether they should pass. Sometimes if the
the White Mou ntains an d worship ped the Valar. H uorns are not sure, they will reroute the paths
The Drúedain had lived among them as t h ro u g h t he forest so as to brin g t he p erson to
spiritu al g uides an d p riests, an d m any tem ples the ed ge of the forest again an d have them start
to the Valar w ere b uilt. Of the Valar th at they over. This ca n h a p p en several times before a
worship ped, by far the most n u merous tem ples p arty is allo w e d to p ass if the intentions of the
were b uilt to A ulë an d Yavan na. A ulë beca use p arty are mixe d. The H uorns will not attack
he is the patron of those w ho are craftsmen an d u nless they or other trees are attacke d first or
artists, and Yavanna because she is the Earth the intentions tow ar d the tem ple or A m arla are
Mother an d responsible for the bou nty from the openly hostile. This is the first test to be able to
la n d. It w as d u rin g this tim e th at m a n y of the access the tem ple.
solar clock-ty p e te m ples w ere b uilt, as w ell as
other religious cities and tem ples such as
D u n harro w. As the Daen followed their path
into darkness later in the Third Age, these Once through the trees the party will
places fell into disuse and the Daen Lintis co m e in to a grassy clearin g w it h a hill in the
sep arated from the Daen Coentis an d beca me a center of the clearing. Set in the hill is an
secretive people living in the deep woods. One entrance faced in stone. On the op posite side of
of these tem ples w as b uilt in the u p per reaches the hill are three doors of u nequal sizes. Above
of a tree-filled valley in the foothills of the the sin gle o p enin g set in the stone facin g is a n
White Mou ntains on the West m arch side. This inscrip tion th at rea d s in the p rim ary la n g u age
tem ple w as at one time, an Oracle for Yavan na, of each reader, “Those who seek knowled ge
set high on a hill with several auxiliary m ust choose their path to prove their worth”
buildings set into the hill itself. The Daen Lintis This test insures that only the persistent and
of the forest h ave m aintaine d this te m ple ever p ure of heart can gain entrance to the Oracle. In
since the dow nfall of the Daen but u ntil 10 years order to pass this test the visitor m ust walk
ago, the Oracle was not fu nctional because it th ro u gh the hill via this p assage w ay an d leave
had no mouth. Ten years ago something through one of the other three on the far side of
hap pened that changed that. (See Section 2.72) the hill w hile maintaining their nor mal size.
The Oracle of Yavanna is unique. It is O nce a p erson en ters the d oor w ay no one else
im be d d e d with a spirit of its o w n w hich along may enter until the first person has passed
with the mouth controls the w hole area arou n d t h ro u g h t he first roo m. The roo m s under the
the Oracle, inclu ding the actions of the H uorns hill are the basis of the test. When each person
and active trees in the forest. The forest en ters t he roo m t hey w ill be p resen te d w it h a
su rro u n d s the Oracle in the valley on all sid es. situation. The choice they make will allo w
them to the room throu gh one of several doors. will maintain their size however. The chart
Each d oor lea d s to a nother roo m and another belo w has been provided to help calculate
situ ation. The power imbed ded in these rooms relative sizes. If a person enters a room at one-
can cause the persons entering to experience the fo u rth their origin al size, everything they see
situation as if it were actually hap pening. It when they emerge will be four times larger
will create the p roper backgro u n d an d sensory fro m t h eir p oin t of vie w . Each ti m e a person
stim uli to m ake it a p pear real for as long as the travels down a hallway, the GM should pay
situation lasts. The only thing that might careful attention to how small they have
d a m p en this ca p ability w o uld be if the p erson become w hen com pared to their surrou n dings.
en terin g t he roo m w as protected by powerful
spells which would dispel or cancel such LAYOUT
perception altering spells. If this protection
were in place no situ ations w ould be p resented 1. Entrance. This opening stands 10’ wide
an d the person would have no w ay of knowing an d 20’ tall. The inscription is chiseled
which paths to choose. The only way they into the stone above the o pening in large
could pass the test would be by luck. signs. Once inside, spatial relationships
are vag ue an d the hill will not seem large
GM Note: These situations will be outlined enough to hold the passageways and
basically in the detail descriptions below, rooms that are present. Down a 30’
however, the GM should take the time to create h all w ay is t he first testin g roo m. All t he
situations that are specific for each PC based on testing rooms are the same, 20’ x 20’ x 20’
the guidelines presented below and the concepts size an d have th ree o penings to 10’ w i d e
of worthiness that would be dictated by the Valar p assagew ays, althou gh only the one they
Yavanna and Aulë. These specific situations enter through will be show n to them u ntil
could take the form of previous circumstances that after the test. Upon entering the room the
the character encountered or situations that have person will im mediately seem to be
particularly tried the character’s moral fiber. transported to another place where they
will encou nter the test situation. To them
The passageways connecting the roo ms everything will seem perfectly real.
are ancient and filled with the power of the Upon confronting the p roblem and
Valar Yavan na an d her m ate A ulë w ho helpe d making their decision the illusion will
the Daen Coentis and the Drúedain build the disap pear and they will be shown only
Oracle thousands of years ago. The passages one d oor o u t of the roo m. Depen ding on
ca n affect all those w alkin g d o w n the m in one their answer that will either be the
of three ways. They may either enlarge a passageway marked “Y” or “N”. The
person an d all their belongings, shrink a person rooms are listed belo w with the
and all their belongings or leave them the suggested situations. These situations are
sa me. Anyone p assing throu gh the p assages is in no particular order and may be
subjected to the effects of the power without an rearranged if so desired by the GM. (They
RR. Making the right choice will leave the could even be ran domized.)
person p assing the sa me size. A w rong choice 2. Riches vs Life Room. This roo m will
will ca use the person to shrink to one fou rth of p resent the person with a situation w here
their previous size as they move to the next they m ust decide whether to gain great
roo m. A rig h t ch oice after a p erso n has been riches or save the lives of innocent
shrunk will increase their size to four times peo ple. At (a) there is an opening that
their cu rrent size brin gin g the m back towards only a p pears if so meone is entering fro m
their nor mal size. The hallways also get #8.
s m aller or larger as one travels t h ro u g h t he m. 3. Great Po w er vs Good Room. Th is r oo m
With the passageway shrinking at the same rate will p resent the person with a situation
as the person, it will be very har d to deter mine where they m ust decide over great
if a n y size ch a n ge h as taken place. The roo m s
personal p o w er or fighting for the forces p assagew ays into the roo m will instantly
of good. disa p p ear. At the sa m e tim e the floor of
4. Manual Labor vs Magic. Th is r o o m w ill the roo m will disap pear com pletely
p resent the person with a situation w here leaving the person in the roo m falling
they m ust overcome a 9 9
physical obstacle with
tools that they are
provided. It will be
within their personal Y N
capabilities to perform. If
they resort to magical 7
means to overcome the
obstacle, they fail. (The
Valar see m agical u se for
trivial p urposes as 8
evidence of poor
character.) 6 5
5. Inconvenience vs Life.
This roo m will present
the person with a
situation where they
m ust decide whether to Y N
suffer the loss of one of a
their prized possessions 3 2 4
or save the lives of
innocent people.
6. Inconvenience vs Evil.
This roo m will present
the person with a
situation where they into a 100’ deep conical pit trap.
m ust d ecid e w hether to suffer the loss of (Remember this person m ust be pretty
one of their prized possessions or com mit sm all no w an d therefore the d ro p will be
an overtly evil act. quite further.) The walls of the pit are
7. Labor vs Evil. This roo m will p resent the angled in so that they come together in an
p erson with a sit u ation w here they m u st inverted cone shape at the bottom.
decide whether to cooperate with evil Anyone falling into the pit will hit the
forces or be forced to work hard labor. w all of t h e pit before hittin g t h e botto m
(Tim e as w ell as sensory distortions can a n d t hen sli d e to t he botto m of t he tra p.
occu r in these testin g roo m s.) Rig ht a n d Should anyone hit the bottom of the cone
w ron g a ns w ers in this roo m both lea d to feet first, the m o ment u m of their fall will
the outside. Only if the person has failed force their feet into the smallest section of
to decide p roperly in every sit u ation will the cone breaking their feet an d wed ging
they be show n the passagew ay lea ding to the m in very tig htly. 3 secon d s after the
#8. This passageway leads to a roo m floor disap pears it and the openings
d esigne d to rid the world of a this vile reap pear, showing an em pty roo m to
p erso n. If t hey m ake it t h ro u g h #8, exit anyone else entering. Shouting from
through the secon d chance door to #2, an d belo w the floor will be very hard to
still en d u p back at #7, only then #7 will detect, and breaking through the floor
become a trap. The trap in this room will will require 500 concussion point within a
trigger when the person steps into the 5’ radius.
room. When this hap pens, the
8. Big Room. In stan d ar d sizes this roo m is they pass through that hallway back to # 2
60’ x 80’ x 100’ tall. It will be m uch larger to be given a seco n d ch a nce. Once they
to the adventurer depending on their enter # 2 they w hole p rocess starts again
cu rrent size. If they are sufficiently sm all with variations on the tests they alrea d y
enou gh it could take them hou rs, or even went through.
d ays just to cross this roo m. The roo m is 9. Normal Size Door. The doors set into the
inhabited by hundreds of insects and back of the hill swing outward with a
rodents of various sizes. These may range light p ush no matter w hat size the person
from man-size to gigantic from the is (u nless t hey are too s m all to reach t he
adventurer’s point of view. They will botto m of t he d oor, b u t t hen they could
attack the a d ventu rer beca use he is food walk underneath it.) From the outside
size. If the u nlucky person makes it to the they cannot be opened.
passageway at the far end of the roo m
they will begin to return to nor mal size as

Size Comparison Chart

Human Human Standard Big Big Standard size Using this chart:
height height Room room room hall factor
(feet) (inches) width length It is best to keep track of w here the
person is in relation to nor m al size
6’ 72” 20ft 60ft 80ft 10ft Normal for them. This chart allows for that
each ti m e a person walks down a
1.5’ 18” 80’ 240’ 320’ 40’ /4 hallw ay that makes them smaller; it
0.375’ 4.5” 320’ 960’ 1280’ 160’ /16 will divide their size by 4 an d move
0.094’ 1.125” 1280’ 3840’ 5120’ 640’ /64
t he m to t he next ro w d o w n o n t he
0.023’ 0.281” 5120’ 2.9mi 3.9mi 2560’ /256
0.006’ 0.070” 4mi 11.6mi 15.5mi 2mi /1024
0.001’ 0.018” 16mi 46.5mi 62.1mi 8mi /4096

Exam ple: GM’s note: This can be very confusing for both
Ralp h the Ra n ger is cu rrently at nor m al players and GM’s especially when players are trying
size (6’) in a 20’ x 20’ roo m. H e chooses ba dly to accurately map the maze. For this purpose, tell the
a n d is sen t d o w n a h all w ay. H e sh rin ks as it players that all the interconnecting hallways are 40’
gets sm aller so he notices no change. When he long regardless of whether they look that way on the
reaches t he en d of t he h all w ay he is 1 / 4t h his map. The map they draw cannot accurately be
nor m al height. (p u tting him at the / 4 level on displayed because the size of the rooms will change
the chart) Therefore, he is actually 18”. tall. from their point of view depending upon what size
Because of this, the next room he enters ap pears they are at the time. Likewise, the map shown here is
to him to be a sq uare room 80’ x 80’. If he then a representation of the inside of the hill and should
makes another poor choice an d leaves the room not be taken as completely to scale.
via a p assage th at sh rin ks him again, without On another note, although the maze is free of
realizin g it h e w ill be 4.5” tall (p u ttin g hi m at adversaries and has only a few traps dedicated to
the / 16 level on the chart). The 20’ x 20’ r o o m eliminating evil people, there are inhabitants in the
he enters at the end of the passageway will form of insects, small mammals, and reptiles which
a p p ear to be 320’ x 320’. If h e t h e n begin s to may have wandered in. If this is the case, significant
m ake correct choices w hen being tested each of encounters may occur if the party is very small in
the hallw ays he travels will ca use him to gro w relation to these creatures. Use Creatures &
as he travels w hich will begin to p u t him back Treasures to help with this.
towards his normal size.
After com pleting the test the person will ask each one in t u rn w hat their q uestion is an d
eit her exit to t he o u tsid e of the hill the same answer it by allowing them to step for war d an d
size t hey en ter, t hey w ill exit the hill sm aller view the answer in the reflection of the water as
than they entere d, or if they w ere significantly it a p pears. Each person m ust m ake an RR vs a
evil a n d sorte d in t heir res p o nses t hey w ill be 10th level attack using only their Self Discipline
very tiny an d will exit into a roo m d esigne d to bon us as a m o difier. If they d o not m ake their
ri d t he w orl d of s uch evil ty p es. To p ass this RR, they are im mediately subject to a confusion
test, the person m ust exit on the op posite side of w hich will rem ain in effect u ntil they p arty has
the hill the exact sa m e size as they w ere w hen left the Oracle’s sp here of influence. Along with
t hey en tere d. If t hey exit a n y other size then the confusion spell the person will be u nable to
they will revert to their nor m al size w hen they remem ber anything about the Oracle or the
get 100’ beyon d the exit, or after 24 hours w hich tests, b u t t h ey w ill be able to tr y again in o n e
ever co m e first. If they fail they can not try yea r. Th ose t h at d o m a ke RRs w ill be able to
again for one year. Regar dless of w hether they see their answers in the basin. The answers are
pass the test or not, the party sees that on top of not alw ays clearly defined nor are they in wor d
the hill there is a ring of stones in a tem ple form. Many times they ap pear as visual
for m ation. If they succee d in m aking the right images, sometimes of people and places,
choices an d m aintaining their p roportions with so metimes abstract. There are no real limits to
the o u tsid e w orld, a p assage w ay will open in the Oracle’s capabilities to answer questions but
t he sid e of t he hill. The p assage w ay lea d s to a t here m ay be limitations to the viewer being
ro u ghly cu t spiral stair w ay w hich leads u p to able to understand the answer. (Using the
t h e O r acle o n to p of t h e hill. O nly t h ose w h o Rolemaster Companion, the Oracle can be thou ght
succee d will see the p assage w ay or be allo w e d of as a Major Earthnode u n der the Arcane magic
to enter. A n yone else will r u n into solid earth rules.)
if t h ey tr y to e n ter. Th ose w h o fail ca n cli m b
the o u tside of the hill they can see bet ween the
stones of the circle but
will not be allowed to
pass by an invisible
The rin g of stones
su rro u n d s a very sim ple
altar in t he cen ter of t he
tem ple. The altar
resembles a stu m p of a
great tree that has been
hollowed out to for m a
basin. The stu m p is
so me 3’ high an d will be
em p ty w hen they arrive.
The m o u th of the Oracle
will then arrive an d pour
a pitcher of water into
t he basin. She w ill t hen
introd uce herself in the
follo wing fashion, “We
are the Oracle of
Yavanna. What service
m ay w e offer?” She will
alw ays refer to herself in
the plu ral. She then will
6.2 THE EARTHWELL Web”. The first type of guardian to be
encountered along the tunnels is in the
The Earth well, or “Picnic Hill” as it is for m of a set of r u nes set into dep ressions
k n o w n by t he locals, is locate d in t he heart of on either side of the tunnel which are
Westmarch some 40 miles from Der w ath, about very hard to detect u ntil activated. Once a
60 miles fro m Beld win, an d abou t 5 miles fro m person passes between the runes, a
the nearest roa d. It is the fu rthest volcanic hill Teleport spell is activated that will teleport
from the White Mountains and its flat top them to a ran d om position u p to 10 miles
allo w s it to sta n d o u t o n t h e flat h orizo n as a away from the entrance to the tu nnel. The
local la n d m ark. The Hill itself rises so m e 400’ specific p ositioning of the person above,
off the plain on which it sits and is roughly on, or belo w the ground is not set, so
2000’ in d ia m eter at it’s w i d est p oin t. On the there may be some problems for that
so u th sid e of the hill a breach w as cu t th ro u gh person when they rematerialize. 10 of
the bo wl of the hill by lava m any centu ries ago these rune traps are set at irregular
w hich allo ws for an easy 300’ gra d u al clim b to intervals alon g the len gth of the tunnel.
the lo w est point on the rim of the hill. The The secon d ty pe of tra p in the t u n nel is a
lowest point of the bo wl of the Earth well is 4-w alled spike trap, w hich is very har d to
so m e 150’ fro m its hig hest p oin t a n d only 50’ d etect.. U p on entering one of th ree such
down from the entrance-way through the areas in t he t u n nel a n y weight over 200
breach. A s m all trail h as been cu t th ro u g h the lbs on the 10 foot section that the trap
breach over the years a n d lea d s d o w n into the occu pies will trigger 20, 3’ long spikes to
basin to the ed ge of the pool at the center. It is spring forth from both walls, the floor
this pool after which the hill is named. Its a n d t he ceilin g. A n yo ne wit hin t he area
w hen the tra p is activated m ust make a
w aters are still, clear, an d reflective. The depth
of the p ool h as never been d eter mine d. Asid e very har d MovM roll to eva de the tra p or
fro m the pool, there is also a n u mber of flat take 1-10 +50 spear attacks. The spikes are
rocks that have been stacked u pon each other to also coate d w it h a 5t h level p oiso n resin
allow visitors to have a place to sit or eat. that will inflict 1 point / min ute until
Overlookin g both of these feat u res is a clu ster cured or until the person is dead.
of three oak trees by the pool. Individ ual Resistance rolls m ust be made for each
internal sections of the Earth well are listed spike th at d oes a critical, and the effects
belo w. are cu m ulative. The third type of trap
occu rs only once in the t u n nel very close
LAYOUT (UN DERGROUN D COMPLEX) to its connection to the main com plex.
The trap is quite cruel in its nature. When
1. Connecting tunnel. This t u n nel is o ne of the presence of any intru der is detected
the few places in the Earth well w here the within the traps area of effect, the floor of
natural rock formations have been the tunnel disap pears drop ping anyone
significantly altered to suit the above it 20’ to an 80° incline made of
inhabitants. This tunnel leads to the sm all metal rollers. The rollers will carry
far m house d welling some 5 miles away the unfortunates 60’ downward to two
(See belo w). The t u n nel is g u ar d e d with large m etal d r u m s th at converge exactly
significant safeguards to keep intru ders w here the s m all rollers en d. These large
out should they ever find the tunnel. rollers will accept the momentu m an d the
These safeg u ar d s co me in three varieties first available ap pendage of the victim
an d are repeated throughout the length of and begin to crush it with the rest to
the tu nnel. These guard mechanisms only follow. Any movement by the victim
effect so m eone travelin g in the direction once stuck in the rollers only serves to
of t h e Ea rt h w ell m ost of t h e ti m e. Th ey provide energyto the crushing action.
will be effective against those going the The only hope of escape is to be connected
other way only if set to do so by “the to the tunnel above, via rope, to be
airborne, or to be able to place something exten u ating circu mstances. A g u ar d will
to block the large rollers, an extremely also be on d uty here at all times. Entrance
har d m aneu ver (only a har d m aneu ver if into this roo m by anyone not in
the person has skiing or surfing skill). possession of an identifying pin (See
The trap is very hard to detect. All of above) will sen d a n alar m telepathically
these traps will not react to the staff of the to t h e Web a n d t h e Beast. The roo m is
Earth well because each of the staff wear a d o min ate d by a large table which has a
jeweled pin which allows them to pass map of western Mid dle-earth in relief.
these barriers as if they did not exist. Shown at all times on the map are the
2. Guardroom . At least one of the 4 h u m an three current seeing locations of the
guards will be on d uty here at all times. Seeker. Along one w all is the Web’s desk
3. Command Room. This is t h e h u b of t h e w here she co m piles the co m m u niq u és to
Earth well. Here the Web coor dinates the Dol Guld ur, an d analyzes the information
infor m ation collecting an d sp ying efforts she has received.
of the station. Every piece of infor m ation 4. Seeing room . Here the Seeker spen ds the
collected is p rocessed thro u gh this roo m. m ajority of his time in observation of
The Web can be found in this roo m western Mid dle-earth. The octagonal
ap proximately 60% of the time d uring her chamber is bare except for a circular couch
waking hours unless there are in the center of the roo m where the
Seeker sits. In the cen ter of th at circular 7. Underwater Entrance. This roo m lea d s to
seat is the Seeing Eye (See Section 2.61.) If a t u n nel th at en d s in an airlock of sorts
a n yone exce p t the Beast, the Web, or the that allo ws for entrance or exit through
Seeker en ter this roo m, they m ust resist t he p ool. The en tra nce in t he p ool is 20’
vs a 10th level Teleport spell or be dow n from the surface.
teleported to the mid dle of the 8. Guardroom . A guard is stationed here,
Earth well’s abyss (see #10.) This trap can but also patrols the halls as well. The
be set b y t h e Web to tele p o r t o n e of t h e door leads to a series of passages that dive
in divid uals so that one of their down into the bowls of the earth and
a p pen d ages is teleported into the shackle connect with tunnels from the White
hanging in the abyss, so she can have Mountains which only the orcs know.
someone to interrogate. Orcs use these t u n nels to carry messages
5. The Beast’s Room. Th e hig h est r oo m of back and forth from the Earth well and
t he co m plex, t his roo m is fu r nishe d in a Dol Guld ur.
very spartan fashion. The Beast will only 9. Armory. Extra weapons an d am m u nition
be here about 20% of the time. The rest of are stored here.
t h e ti m e h e w ill be r oa m in g t h e h alls of 10. Guest Room. This r oo m is u se d b y a n y
the Earth well or standing guard in the visitors, b u t for t he m ost p art, it is used
Com man d room. The Beast keeps his for s pies ret u r nin g fro m or goin g to the
w ea p o ns in a rack m o u n te d to o ne w all. western portions of Mid dle-earth with
Each day he chooses a different one to vital pieces of information.
carry an d practice with. 11. Guard’s Quarters.
6. Web’s Room. Unlike the beasts room, the 12. Exercise and Recreation Room. Since all
Web’s roo m is fabulously decorative. of the in h abita nts of this instillation are
Even at that, there is little that sho ws her h u man, this room is used so that they will
origins. The roo m is d ecorate d in a style not beco m e stir crazy. Several different
that w o uld in dicate a slight influence of areas are set aside for sparing, acrobatics,
Umbar if the observer was reading, etc.
k no wle d geable of s uch thin gs. The Web 13. Earthwell Abyss. The volca n o that once
carries with her at all tim es her staff a n d w as this hill is no more, b ut this chim ney
w ea p ons, excep t w hen in disg uise on the w here ash an d s m oke once spe w e d forth
far m. The far w all of the room is ma de of is intact, except for the last 40’ to the
glass and holds back the waters of the surface. An opening in one wall leads out
deep pool that is the center of the o n to a le d ge t h at ju ts o u t 5’ in to t h e to p
Earth well (b). The small square area d o m e of this (for all practical p urposes)
marked (a) is a separate tank that contains bottomless pit. H anging suspen ded from
a bree d of car nivoro us fish relate d to the t he ceilin g to a p oin t 20’ belo w t he level
Red Ja ws fou n d in some of the deep lakes of the ledge are a set of manacles
of Moria, exce p t t h at t he lig h t t hey emit connected to a chain. This chamber is
fro m their fins is not as bright as those of used to help u ncooperative informants
the red ja ws. This allo ws for greater ease give their infor mation u p more easily.
in surprising its prey. They were The eog manacles have a Dispel True
im ported to this place to provide a means imbed ded in them. The isolation of being
of defen ding the Earth well should anyone suspended in this sensory deprived
attem p t to gain access th ro u gh the pool. en viron m ent h as p roven a very effective
Should u nfrien dliness be detected in the means of interrogation.
pool, the fish can be released into the 14. Prison. These cells have been designed to
m ain p ool to attack the intr u d ers. There hold particularly valuable p risoners. The
are a p p roxim ately 20 of these fish held in cells can be a djusted for each in divid ual
this tank. p riso ner. The Web h as store d in a s m all
concealed safe in the first cell, which is
never used, several small rocks that are ti m ber. W hen at t he h o u se t he inhabitants of
made to ap pear as though they are the Earth w ell will be d resse d as m e m bers of a
nor mal for the caves. The rocks have local far m fa mily, in fact they actu ally far m the
imbed ded into them one of the Dispel lan d for the food they eat.
s p ells to ca ncel o u t one realm of magic.
Depen ding u pon the type of prisoner, one LAYOUT (FARMHOUSE)
or m ore of t h ese rocks can be placed in
the cell before the prisoner is placed 1. Hallway.
within. Aside from this protection, the 2. Living Area. This large room is furnished
cells are also triple locked with very har d co mfortably for “fa mily” evenings alone.
locks. O nly t he Web a n d t he Beast h ave There is a fireplace in the corner of the
keys to the cells. room w hich also con nects to the fireplace
15. Bear Cave. Realizing that most old for the kitchen.
volcanos have caves, the d esigner of the 3. Kitchen. A large well-furnished kitchen
Earth well took into consideration the to cook large meals for the farm han ds.
natural curiosity that might lead 4. Storage Room.
ad venturers to investigate the caves of the 5. Hidden Stairway. The door to this
Earth well. To stem this curiosity these stairway is concealed and very hard to
caves w ere d esig ne d to look like the d en detect (-50). The Stair w ay lea ds dow n 20’
of a ca ve bea r. It w or ke d ver y w ell a n d to a tunnel that leads to the Earth well
t h e d e n is occu pie d by a fa m ily of black itself.
bears. These bears are not necessarily 6. Farmhands’ Room. This large room is the
aggressive, but will attack if threatened barracks for the 4 guar ds of the Earth well
a n d are u n able to r u n a w ay. The actual w h o p ose as t he so ns a n d co u sins of the
p resence of the bears is enough to keep far m fa mily a n d d o m ost of the far min g.
most explorers away. Each has a set of wea pons an d ar mor in a
hid den com partment un derneath his bed.
A p p roxim ately 5 miles fro m the Earth w ell is a 7. The Web’s Bedroom. W hile on the far m,
far m ho u se. This far m ho u se is u se d as a cover the Web poses as the matriarch of the
for the residents of the Earth well as well as fa mily a n d t he old er sister w h o r u ns t he
allo win g for close obser vatio n of t he traffic to ho usehold. The be d roo m suits her role.
the Earth w ell. The far m ho use is excep tionally She will deal politely b ut fir mly with any
typical for Westmarch and is that way on unruly visitors. When she is at the
p urpose. It is constructed out of field stone an d far m ho use she keeps her staff and other
m agical items in a concealed p anel of the
inside w all of the roo m which is very
hard to detect (-40).
8. Assassin’s Bedroom . The assassin stays
here w hile on the far m, b ut he rem ains in
3 4
6 disguise just in case he might be
recognized by some of the locals (from

2 9 8
7 his other activities).
9. Seeker’s Bedroom. The seeker poses as
the partially senile old patriarch of the
family. The seeker plays his part with
relish an d has p articular enjoy ment fro m
acting cantankerous. His roo m is
decorated with various fake memorabilia
from his dead wife and his sons and
10. Wood shed.
Reward: High praises and generous rewards
from the loyalist grou p and / or King Helm
The Tale: After King Helm killed W ulf’s father
Freca in 2754, W ulf went back to West m arch to
rally an army to assault Rohan. Among the
people of Westmarch he has found many
su p porters. He and his father’s fa mily had
ruled the area surrounding Beld win for
hundreds of years from the home in Amon
7.0 ALTERNATIVE Roch. H e has also gone to Dunland to draw
su p port from his mothers kin and has been
ADVENTURES successful. Recently a small clandestine
orga nization of Rohirrim loyalists h ave beg u n
7.1 QUEST FOR THE ANSWER to plan ways of foiling Wulf’s plans for
attackin g Roh a n. They pla n to w ait u ntil they
Setting: Westmarch at any time in Mid dle- can ambush Wulf w hen surrou n ded only by his
earth. personal guards, hoping that by killing Wulf
Requirements: A gro u p of a d ven t u rers w it h a the threat to Rohan will be over. Wulf is
need for specific answers to nearly currently at Amon Roch, but is planning to
u nanswerable questions. venture out on a recruiting mission soon.
Aids: Knowledge of the Daen Coentis an d their Amon Roch is the same as in T.A. 1640, with the
exception of w ho lives there an d the n u mber of
religio us habits inclu ding fa miliarity with the
Daen Lintis w ould be invalu able, b u t also very armed men (the maxim u m occu pancy).
hard to come by. The Task: The party may be ap proached by the
Reward: Answers to burning questions. loyalists beca use they look like o u tsid ers. The
The Tale: The Oracle of Yavan na is free to use loyalists will not a p p roach locals beca use they
by a n yo ne w h o k n o w s of its existence, b u t for cannot be sure that they are unbiased. The
only one question in each person’s life. The loyalists are looking for a grou p of mercenaries
other dow nside to this arrangement is that only to carry o u t this mission so that their existence
a few in divid uals know or believe they know of will not be jeopardized if the mission fails.
the Oracle’s presence in Westmarch. If it can be (They w on’t tell the p arty th at tho u g h.) They
will offer the p arty 100 sp / d ay an d 5000 g p for
fou n d, an d the fin der can pass the Oracle’s tests,
they can gain significant information. Wulf’s life. Should they succeed, however, they
The Task: Fin d persons with information about will also be in high favor with King Helm,
the Oracle a n d then fin d the Oracle. Pass the unless they killed Wulf u nfairly. Helm does
Oracle’s tests to gain the infor mation desired. not particularly like assassins.
This a d vent u re can be p art of nearly any other
a d ven t u re fro m this m o d ule or other m o d ules
set in nearby regions.


Setting: Northern Westmarch T.A. 2756. Setting: Northern Westmarch T.A. 1640.
Requirements: A grou p of adventurers with Requirements: A strong mid to high level
strong fighting and subterfuge skills loyal to grou p of a d ventu rers with good detective skills
the Rohirrim, or just in it for the cash. an d a lot of luck.
Aids: A local secret grou p of staunch su p porters
of King Helm, w ho know of Wulf’s activities.
Aids: Information from the locals, and keep a d vent u rers fo u n d the caves in the sid e of the
guar dsmen about the missing trio, an d possibly hill and were attacked by the cave bear
some help from the rangers. residents. Hoping to fin d a place to n u rse their
Reward: Frien dship of the three missing wounds, they stu mbled u pon the farm house
a d vent u rers, m onetary rew ar ds based on w hat that is the facade for the Earth well.
they have on hand, and really good home- Unfortu nately for the three, one of them saw
cooked meals for at least two weeks. through the disguise and began asking
The Tale: In the north west region of questions. For this they were drugged and
Westmarch, the locals are governed by an taken in to t he Eart h w ell w here t hey are bein g
u nlikely trio of r u lers (See Section 2.5.) These held an d interrogated to determine the depth of
for mer adventurers are reluctant in their job the security breach.
a n d fin d West m arch as a w hole a borin g place The Task: If p arty sh o ul d choose to help the
com pared to their previous lifestyle. Because of waywar d ad ventures, they m ust first determine
this they occasionally leave their keep in or d er where they might be. Information from the
to fin d excitement. Only rarely do they actually locals a n d fro m the ra n gers abo u t where they
find any within Westmarch. Their last little were going and how far they got might be
wan dering has lasted overly long and their enough to narrow the search to a small area, but
su bjects are w orried abo u t them. It has been the actual location of the prisoners might be
two months since they were last seen. The har der to deter mine. This might even lea d to a
g u ar d s m en at their kee p k no w only that they session with the Oracle. O nce the a d vent u rers
were going to ventu re south-southeast tow ar ds are located, the Earth well and its inhabitants
Derwath on the Adorn, where they were to w ill be obstacle en o u g h. N ote t h at t he Seeker
meet with so me of their frien d s in the rangers. and the Web will be on the lookout for any
After th at they w ere not s u re w here they w ere search p arties an d m ay sacrifice their p risoners
going. In actuality, they didn’t make it to and make their deaths look like an anim al
Der wath. While on their ad venture one of their attack in order to guard the secrets of the
stops was at “Picnic Hill” (the Earth well). Earth well.
Unfortu nately, w hile at the Earth well, the
Missile /
Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr Melee Secon d aryMov M N otes


Ev a d 11 122 SL4 50 Y N 150bs 130cp 25 Northman Ranger
Ag90, Co91, SD90, Me62, Re89, St90, Qu85, Pr85, Em52, In75, Skills: Climb 65, Tracking 85, Tactics 70, Riding 60, Skiing 30, Lancing
60, Subd uing 50, First Aid 40, Perception 90, Interrogation 30, Leadership 40, Stalk / Hide 60, Foraging 50, Region Lore 25, +15 Broad
Sword, +15 leather armor, +10 com posite bow, +4 spell ad der , 11PP, Ranger Base Lists to 10th; Concussion Ways & Light Ways to

Feamond 8 98 no / 1 65 N N 120bs 110cp 25 northman Lesser Ghost

Has the ability to help out his great-grandson, Evad , See Section 2.7

Elarin 9 80 SL4 60 N N 120ls 120lb 45 Sin darin Elf Ranger

Ag100, Co65, SD50, Me85, Re86, St88, Qu102, Pr95, Em78, In85, Skills: Climb 65, Distance Ru nning 60, Tracking 60, Riding 40, First
Aid 20, Perception 95, Stalk / Hide 110, Foraging 80, Region lore 50, Dance 30, Stone lore 40, Martial Arts Strike 90 / 70 / 50, Ki 70, +20
Elven longsword, +10 leather armor, +15 longbow, +50 Elven cloak of hiding, x2 PP m ultiplier, 19PP, 4 Ranger base Lists, Light Ways,
& Sound Ways to 10th.

A m arla 2(25) 22(220) No / 1 40(80) N N 20cl 20sl 45 Sin d arin Elf Oracle
Ag102, Co74, SD30(100), Me40(100), Re26(100), St42, Qu102, Pr72(103), Em65(100), In52(100), Stats for the Amarla w hen
functioning as The Oracle are show n in parentheses. Skills: Foraging 50, Distance Running 55, Animal Han dling 40.

The Web 15 80 No / 2 60 N N 70st 80sp 30 Dú nadan Evil Mage

Ag95, Co60, SD90, Me90, Re95, St60, Qu88, Pr95, Em98, In80, Skills: Power Perception 60, Sed uction 80, Interrogation 100, Perception
80, Swim 30, Dragon Lore 60, Meditation:Death 70, Runes 80, Attunement 80, Fire Bolt 40, Lightning Bolt 60, Ad ministration 40, Ride
20 +20 dagger, Raugno staff, +30DB robes with Protection III, necklace that ad ds +30 to any roll for influencing or manip ulating those
w ho are unfriendly to the wearer. 150PP. (See section 4.31 for more information.)

The Seeker 20 72 No / 2 75 N N 50st 45 d a 15 Dúnadan Seer

Ag86, Co51, SD93, Me90, Re65, St52, Qu96, Pr100, Em56, In63, Skills: Star Gazing 40, Disarm Foe Unarmed 70, Meditation: Death 80
Sleep 60, Trance 70, Shock Bolt 50,Power Perception 120, Runes 80, Attunement 90, Perception 70, Surveillance 60, Interrogation 50,
+10 dagger, +15 staff x4PP m ultiplier for Seers, +30 robes, 20DB ring, 240PP, All Seer Base List to 20th, Min d Merge Mentalist Base
List , an d Min d Death to 20th; Open Lists: Brilliance, Illusions, Cloaking, Attack Avoidance to 20th; Closed Lists: Min d’s Door, Gas
Manip ulation, Movement to 10th. (See Section 4.31 for more information.)

The Beast 12 160 No / 11 90 N N 150Ba 140ja 40 Hybrid High Warrior Monk

Ag102, Co100, SD90, Me30, Re50, St103, Qu102, Pr25, Em41, In52, Skills: Acrobatics 90, Tu mbling Evasion 80, Tu mbling Attack 80,
Perception 70, Disarm Foe Unarmed 85, Disarm Foe Armed 75, Stunned Maneuver 60, Iai 60, Adrenal Defense 40, Adrenal Speed 50,
Silent Kill 50, Ambush <7>, Stalk / Hide 60, Martial Arts Strike 1:140 2:125 3:110 4:100 ; 2 Katas: Staff, battle-axe, +20 Battle Axe (used
1-han ded), 3 +15 javlins, +20DB collar, +10 dragon hide gloves an d boots. (See Section 4.31 for more information.)

The Assassin 9 74 Sl / 4 55 N N 75ss 110sb 35 Mixed Man Assassin

Ag100, Co72, SD81, Me59, Re76, St80, Qu100, Pr65, Em72, In66, Skills: Acrobatics 40, Poison Lore 50, Use / Remove Poison 80,
Tu mbling Evasion 40, Perception 60, Riding 40, Tracking 70, Ambush <8>, Stalk / Hide 75, Climb 70, Ride 20, Adrenal defense +30,
Martial Arts Sweeps 1:70 2:50; 2 +10 shortswords, +10 short bow, +20DB bracelet, belt of Invisibility 3 / day, Ring of Spell Storage,
camouflage clothing, self destruct mechanism, (See Section 4.31 for more information.)

Glëan 6 70 RL / 8 20 Y20 N 80bs 75lb 20 Dúnadan Ranger

Ag95, Co90, SD62, Me83, Re78, St99, Qu76, Pr82, Em59, In95, Skills: Perception 65, Stalk / Hide 70, Ride 45, First Aid 40, Detect
Traps 40, Animal Healing 25, +10 broadsword of Trollslaying, +2 spell ad der, 5 +10 arrows, +10DB belt.

Reaslos Hyarrs 7 74 Sl / 4 40 N N 92bs 70lb 25 Dúnadan Rogue

Ag90, Co99, SD84, Me87, Re89, St88, Qu94, Pr72, Em62, In53, Skills: Perception 60, Stalk / Hide 80, Disarm Traps 70, Pick Locks 60,
Sed uction 30, Acting 30, Ride 40, +15 MovM boots, +15 leather, scabbard casts Cut Repair II 2x / d ay.

Cam din 6 68 No / 2 40 Y20 N 60sp 70ts 35 Dú nadan Druid

Ag100, Co72, SD77, Me64, Re54, St94, Qu98, Pr77, Em66, In97, Skills: Perception 80, Stalk / Hide 80, Subd uing 35, Meditation 35,
Attunement 40, +10 spear which casts Darkness 10’ra d an d Circle Aflame sim ultaneously 2x / day, +10 DB ring, 10 +5 throwing stars.
Missile /
Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr Melee Secon d aryMov M N otes


Targen 11 95 ch / 15 10 Y N 120bs 95sp 10 Dúnadan Fighter
Ag65, Co78, SD80, Me84, Re67, St76, Qu78, Pr96, Em89, In86, Skills: Music 30, Perception 50, Martial Arts Strike 60 / 40, +25
broadsword, +15 chain, +10 spear,. (See Sections 5.23 & 4.4 for more information.)

Miconur 8 60 No / 2 70 N N 55st 40 d a 35 Dú nadan Sorcerer

Ag90, Co67, SD80, Me84, Re74, St68, Qu91, Pr84, Em99, In71, Skills: Poison Lore 80, Use Poison 75, Leadership 50, Sed uction 55,
Attunement 50,Runes 70, Perception 75, +20 robes, x4p p headband, Boots of Longdoor 3x / day, +10 Touch of Disruption staff +15
dagger; All Sorcerer Base Lists, Spell Wall, Lesser Illusion an d, Unbarring Ways to 10th; Shield Mastery, Lofty Bridge, Invisible Ways
to 5th.

Galend ur 5 54 sl / 4 55 N N 85bs 90lb 25 Dúnadan Ranger

Ag94, Co85, SD68, Me52, Re74, St95, Qu100, Pr84, Em71, In89, Skills: Tracking 40, Swim 30, Climb 20, Ride 40, Perception 50, +10
longbow, +5 broadsword (+3 spell ad der for Rangers); 5PP. Ranger Base Lists, Natures Guises, Inner Walls.

Carnil 7 72 Ch / 14 35 Y Y 95bs 70cb 10 Dúnadan Fighter

Ag82, Co91, SD96, Me67, Re85, St88, Qu92, Pr76, Em53, In67, Skills: Ad ministration 35, Military Organization 40, Siege
Engineering 30, Tactics 20, Ride 45, Perception 40, Diplomacy 40, +10 crossbow, +10 broadsword, +15chain.


Devec 12 128 No / 1 70 N N 100qs 90sl 40 Daen Ghost Lord / Evil Cleric
+15 staff x4 PP, +10 sling bullets, Belt 20DB, 96PP, 8 Base Lists to 20th, 6 Open Lists to 20th, 5 Closed Lists to 10th.

Ma r ag 15 140 No / 1 110 N N 110ss 90 d a 35 Daen Ghost Lord / Alchemist

Ring of Making (x4 PP +30 to all Alchemist Spell Rolls), +20 shortsword of Man slaying, +30DB circlet, +15 Dagger of Distance (150’
range without penalty), 120PP, All base lists to 20th, 8 Open Lists to 20th, 6 Closed Lists to 10th.

Ga deva 8 70 No / 1 60 N N 110qs 80bo 30 Daen Ghost Lord / Sorcerer

Staff of Break Limb, Ring of Sorcery (x4 PP, +30 to all Sorcerer Spell Rolls), All Base Lists to 8th, 4 Open Lists to 8th, 2 Closed Lists to

Jacithos 14 180 No / 1 90 Y A/L 170ba 120cb 45 Daen Ghost Lor d / Warrior

Battle Axe of Pain & Suffering (x3 concussion damage, + 1 / rd bleeding damage on criticals regardless of the other critical type or
results.) +20 crossbow, +20DB greaves, +10 Shield with Fire Armor for bearer. (See Section 6.2)

Tasac 10 92 No / 1 75 N N 60sc 60ts 25 Daen Ghost / Evil Mentalist

+25 unholy scimitar, +15 throwing stars, (electricity criticals), x3PP ring, 60PP, 6 Base Lists to 10th, 4 Open Lists to 10th, 3 Closed
Lists to 5th.

Guset 11 72 No / 1 85 N N 65qs 55 d a 30 Daen Ghost Lord / Evil Mage

+20 Staff (bonus also ap plies to directed spells, x4PP gives a +30 for all spells from the Gate Mastery List), +10DB bracelet, 88PP, 7
Base Lists, 5 Open Lists to 10th, 3 Closed Lists to 5th.

Ulso d a 12 123 No / 1 115 N N 155ss 135ja 50 Daen Ghost Lord / Assassin

Ambush Rank 10, am ulet (+30 to ambush attacks), +25 Short sword of Major Pain, +10 javlin’s (coated w / 10th level lethal poison --
death after 2 hours of incapacitating excruciating pain).

Jenrad 6 45 No / 1 25 N N 75bs 65sb 15 Lesser Ghost / Rogue

+5 broa dswor d.

The Demon 10 140 Rl / 12 50 N N 140LCl 100MBi 30 Twisted Earth Spirit

Ag80, Co101, SD65, Me25, Re40, St102, Qu102, Pr98, Em93, In93, Has free use of the Mage Base List Earth Law 15th an d is
comfortable with its use. Can move through solid rock at 10’ / roun d. 9’ tall (uses the Large Creature Criticals). When given a p urpose
the demon’s cunning an d capabilities will be used to maximal effectiveness.
Missile /
Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr Melee Secon d aryMov M N otes


Gifas 8 62 no / 2 40 N N 65 d a 55 d a 10 Daen Lintis Witch
Ag52, Co80, SD100, Me90, Re64, St60, Qu72, Pr32, Em93, In98, Skills: Herb Lore 50, Stalk / Hide 30, Racial History 60, Ru nes 80,
Attunement 80, Shock Bolt 40, Ambush <4>, Use Poison 60, Ventriloquism 30, Hypnosis 45, Acting 50, +10 dagger +10 robes, x3 PP
m ultiplier, 32PP. All Witch Base Lists, Spell Enhancement, and Guises to 10th.

Negolos 6 62 Ch / 16 45 N N 85bs 65cp 10 Dúnadan Fighter

Ag86, Co72, SD75, Me91, Re88, St88, Qu97, Pr94, Em78, In64, Skills: Stalk / Hide 65, Leadership 50, Heraldry 30, Siege Engineering
40, Perception 20, Public Speaking 30, Ride 40, Martial Arts Strike 50 / 30 / 10, Tactical Games 20, Region Lore 30, +20 broadsword,
+20 chain, +10 crossbow, Staff of Leadership (See Section. 7.32).

Sir ris 2 21 No / 1 30 N N 20 d a 35sb 25 Dúnadan / Dunnish Trader

Ag96, Co84, SD61, Me80, Re83, St75, Qu94, Pr94, Em60, In87, Skills: Ad ministration 30, Math 30, Trading 20, Riding 30, Animal
Han dling 25, Ap praisal 30, Lie Perception 20, Diplomacy 30, +10DB necklace, +5 dagger, +10 shortbow.

Denrul 10 61 No / 2 10 N N 55bs 60sb 5 Du nnish Trader

Ag80, Co88, SD58, Me92, Re87, St82, Qu72, Pr65, Em71, In62, Skills: Ad ministration 60, Math 50, Trading 80, Riding 45, Ap praisal
60, Lie Perception 75, Diplomacy 60, +10DB belt, +5 broadsword, +10 dagger, +10 shortbow.

Ruthos 8 76 Ch / 13 10 Y L 100bs 90sb 10 Dunnis Rogue

Ag87, Co72, SD56, Me71, Re83, St85, Qu72, Pr92, Em60, In72, Skills: Ride 40, Ambush <4>, Perception 30, Tactics 50, Public Speaking
45, Diplomacy 30, Interrogation 60, Leadership 45, Acting 40, +10 broadsword, 2, +5 javelins, +10 shield.
(Primary /
Secon d ary / Tertiary)
Type Lvl# / Encoun Size Speed Hits AT DB Attack Description
Bat 0 1-100 S VF / VF 4 No / 1 60 25Ti / --- / --- Will not normally attack unless provoked.
Bat, G. Vam pire 1 12-30 S VF / VF 24 No / 1 40 40SBi / 40SCl Will cause 1-5 hits / rn d after a critical is
Bear, Black 4 1-5 M F/F 150 SL / 4 30 60LGr / 70LCl / 30MBi Will not normally attack unless provoked.
Bear, Blue 7 1-6 L MF / MF 200 SL / 8 25 80LGr / 70LCl / 30MBi Semi-intelligent; uses “Presence (50’rad)”.
Bear, Brow n 5 1-2 L MF / MF 170 SL / 8 10 70LGr / 60LCl / 20MBi May charge (60LBa); mean w hen provoked.
Bear, Cave 12 1-5 H MF / F 300 Sl / 8 40 95HBa / 90HCl / 30HGr Use Large Creature Criticals.
Big Horn Sheep 4 4-40 M M / MF 70 No / 4 35 60MBa / 40M H o / 20MTS Only males have horns.
Carnivorous Fish3 1-20 M F / VF 80 Sl / 7 40 80LBi / 40LGr / 50LCr Similar to the red jaws of Moria
Eagle, Golden 3 1-5 M F/F 30 No / 1 30 45MCl / 35SPi / ---- Rarely attacks larger creatures (u nless
Eagle, Great 8 1-5 L VF / VF 150 No / 3 40 80LCl / 60LPi / ---- Intelligent & good; Use Large Creature
Goats, Mou ntain3 3-36 M MF / MF 50 No / 4 35 50M H o / 45MBa / 30MTS Only males have horns. Aggressive.
Goats, Wild 2 1-12 M F / MF 50 No / 4 30 40M H o / 40MBa / 10MTS Only males have horns. Mildly
Glutan 4 1 S F / VF 50 No / 3 50 50Mbi / 45MCl / ---- Extremely aggressive. Will attack without
Grass Cat 3 1-10 M VF / VF 100 No / 3 50 40MCl / 60MBa / 60MBi Coat is light green in su m mer d ue to grass
Green Asp 8 1-2 S S / VF 100 No / 4 60 75MBi / ---- / ---- Poisonous, rarely fatal, causes limb loss.
Pronghorn 1 1-50 S VF / VF 25 No / 2 25 30SH o / 20STS Curious, but skittish.
Snow Leopar d 6 1-2 M VF / VF 120 No / 3 45 50MCl / 40MBi / ---- Unpredictable, has been known to help men.
Wild Boar 3 1 M F / MF 120 No / 4 30 40LHo / 30MBa / 20MTSMean-tem pered an d solitary. Vicious if
Wild Kine 5 1-10 L M/M 200 No / 3 30 80LBa / 90LCr / ---- H uge ox-like animal.
Wolf 3 5-15 M F/F 110 No / 3 30 65LBi / ---- / ---- Will not attack grou ps unless provoked.
Wolf, Grey 3 2-40 M VF / VF 110 No / 3 30 60LBi / 30MCl / ---- Rarely attack hu mans.
Colu mns 10 1-8 L M / MF 140 Ch / 16 40 120t h / 100LBa Some cast bolts or inflict extra criticals (See
Section 6.32)
Gu ar dian 12 1 L M/M 200 Pl / 20 30 Varies Attacks vary with inten ded victim (See #5
ofSection 6.32)
Troll, Cave 12 1 L M/M 175 RL / 11 25 100HCl / 85We / ---- Use Large Creature Criticals.
Troll, Forest 6 1-6 M M / MF 100 RL / 11 15 80LBa / 65LCl / ---- Found in the woods.
Troll, Hill 10 1-3 L SL / M 150 RL / 11 20 95LBa / 85LCl / ---- Use Large Creature Criticals.
Troll, Stone 7 1-5 L SL / M 120 RL / 11 10 45LCl / 35MBi / ---- Use Large Creature Criticals.
Warg 6 1-10 M VF / VF 150 No / 4 50 75LBi / 60LCl / ---- Operate in packs an d will warn Orcs of
intru ders.
Westmarch The White Westmarch
Encounter Highlands Mountains Plains
Chance (%) 10% 15% 10%
Distance (miles) 5 3 10
Time (hours) 4 4 6
Inanimate Dangers
General Trap 01 01-02 01
Avalanche 02-03 03-06 -
Flash Flood 04-06 07-08 02-04
Grass Fire 07 - 05-06
Cave / Cavern / Lair 08-10 09-12 07-08
Dúnadan Site 11-12 13 09-12
Calenard hon Site 13-20 14-16 13-18
Dunnish Site 21-25 17-18 19-21
Daen Site 26-30 19-20 22-23
Drú dan Site 31 21 24
Grave Site / Tomb 32-35 22-23 25-27
Daen Lintis
Com mon Folk 36-39 24-27 28-32
Warriors 40-41 28-29 33-34
Craftsmen / Merchants 42-43 30-31 35-37
Com mon Folk 44-49 32-34 38-45
Soldiers 50-51 35 46-48
Craftsmen / Merchants 52-53 36 49-51
Other Men
Northmen 54 37 52-53
Easterlings - - 54
Traveling Merchants 55 38 55-57
Ban dits 56 39-40 58
Scouts 57-58 41-44 59
Small Patrols (2-6) 59 45-47 -
Nor mal Patrols (6-10) - 48 -
Other Non Mannish Races
Dragons - 49 -
Drúedain 60-61 50 60
D w arves 62-63 51-53 61
Elves 64 54 62
Ents 65 55 63-64
Giants 66 56-57 -
Great Eagles 67 58 65
Hobbits 68 - -
H uorns 69-70 59-60 66-67
Troll, Cave 71 61-63 -
Troll, Forest 72 64-65 68
Troll, Hill 73 66-67 69
Troll, Stone 74 68-69 -
Bat 75-76 70-72 70
Bear 77-80 73-76 71-72
Bees / Hornets 81 77 73-74
Eagle 82-84 78-80 75-76
Boa r 85-86 81 77-78
Glutan 87 82-83 -
Grass Cat 88 - 79-80
Green Asp - - 81-83
Lynx 89-90 84-85 84
Her d animals 91-92 86-87 85-90
Poisonous Snake 93-94 88 91-92
Snow Leopar d - 89-90 -
Wolf 95-96 91-94 93-94
Other Animals 97-99 95-99 95-99
Special Encounter 100 100 100
Ald akac cM55U root brew 102g p Restores sight.
Arkasu mT20M mix salve 12gp Heals 2-12 hits. Doubles rate of healing for major woun ds.
Arlan tT82N W leaf poultice 13sp Heals 4-9. Wild heals 1-6.
Arlan’s Slip per cM70U root boil / inh 1bp Decongestant. Ad ds 20 to resistance vs. com mon cold. Speeds
recovery from respiratory illness by 5x.
Arunya mS45U root br / dr 2bp Causes sleep and quick unconsciousness. 1 hour’s sleep equals 4.
Ad dictive if used more than 2 consecutive days.
Athelas tC5N leaf boil / inh 300g p Capable of curing anything while patient still alive, but healing
only as effective as the healer. Full effect only in hands of an
“ordained” king. Will not keep or give life.
Attanar tF10U moss poultice 8gp Cures fever.
Berterin m D78U moss brew 19gp Preservation of organic material u p to body size for 1 day.
Bursthelas tS3M stalk br / dr 110g p Shatter repairs.
Cicino Fangorn leaf extract 100g p +40 to RR vs Diseases (+70 for Ents and H uorns) See Sec. 4.112
Culkas aD30M leaf wipe 35gp Heals 10sq’ of burns (any).
Eredena Fangorn bu d ingest 70gp Potent Stim ulant See Sec. 4.112
Darsu rion cM55U leaf ap ply 35bp Heals 1-6.
Delrean cC65U bark salve 3sp Repels any insect. Smells foul (noticeably so).
Harfy sS8U resin poultice 175g p Im mediately stops any form of bleeding.
H ar wite Fangorn moss chew 90gp Heals 1-50. Also used by Ents as ban dage an d ingredient in
Draughts. See Sec. 4.112
Jojojopo fM25U leaf ap ply 9sp Cures frostbite. Heals 2-20 hits resulting from heat.
Kelventari tT30U berry ap ply 19gp Heals 1st an d 2n d degree burns, 1-10 hits resulting from heat.
Lestagii aD1M crystal chew 520g p Restores any stat losses other than those d ue to age. Affects only
one stat.
Megillos cM30U leaf eat 12sp Increases visual perception 2x for 10 minutes.
Mirenna cM85U berry eat 10gp Heals 10. Instant effect.
Pathur a H43M mod ule cr / br / dr 35gp Lifekeeping (1hour).
Reglen aF7W moss brew 75gp Heals 50.
Suranie tF45U berry cr / in 2gp Stun relief (1 rnd).
Tyr-fira fA1U leaf place in mouth 1200g p Lifegiving, if given within 56 days.
Welw al aF3W leaf ingest 12gp Stun relief 2 rnds.
Missle /
Name / # Race Lvl Hits AT DB Sh Gr Melee Secon dary MovM Notes
Westmarch Rangers
Ranger Captain / 1 (Evad see Master NPC chart)
Ranger Secon d in Com man d / 1(Elarian see Master NPC chart)
Rangers / 10 Dúnedain 7 95 Sl / 4 45 Y N 100bs 95lb 25 some +5 and +10 equip ment
Derwath Militiamen
Officers / 2 Dúnedain 6 70 Ch / 13 20 N A/L 85bs 70cb 20 +10 equip ment
Squar d Lea ders / 4 Dúnedain 4 55 Ch / 13 15 Y A/L 65bs 50sb 15 +5 equipment
Militia men / 40 Calehardhons 3 60 Ch / 13 10 Y A/L 65ss 50sb 10 seasoned militiaman
New Recruits / 10 Calehardhons 1 20 Rl / 8 15 Y N 35ss 30sb 10 Young Men
Light Horses 3 80 SL / 3 40 35LTr 40 1 / man
Clan Mar Hogo
Clan Guar d / 15 Dunmen 8 105 SL / 7 35 Y A/L 100m l 70sb 10 Chieftain’s body guard, always
A d ult Warriors / 75Du n men 3 60 SL / 7 25 Y A 60h a 40sb 5 Average clansmen; some use ha
Young Warriors /50 Dunmen 1 45 SL / 6 30 Y A 40sp 40sl 10 Some use ss, sb, sp, sl
Negolos’ Guardsmen
Guard Captian / 1 Dúnedain 10 120C h / 14 40 N A/L 115bs 95cb 20 +15 equip ment
Men at arms / 20 Dúnedain 5 80 Ch / 13 30 Y A/L 85ss 70sb 15 +5 equipment
Militia men / 10 Calehardhons 3 60 Ch / 13 20 Y A/L 65ss 50sb 10 Local militia m an
Mediu m Horses 3 100 SL / 3 35 35LTr 35 1 / man
Earthwell Guards
Gu ar ds Dúnedain 8 100C h / 15 25 Y N 110bs 95cb 15 +15 equip ment
The Oracle Forest Drúedain (Drugh u)
Elite Warriors / 4 Drúedain 10 110 No / 1 45 Y N 100h a 115bl 20 Each leads a grou p of 10.
Warriors / 40 Drúedain 5 80 No / 1 35 Y N 80h a 90bl 10 Bor der Guar ds.
Watchers / 5 Drúedain 10 100 No / 1 50 Y10 N 90h a 110bl 15 Chief Scouts; Rangers.
H unters / 50 Drúedain 4 65 No / 1 30 Y N 70h a 80bl 5 Less-experienced.
Púkel-men / ? Constructs 10 200PL / 20 30 N N 100m a 120bl 0 Ignore bleeding and stuns.
H uorns / 200 ? 25 400PL / 20 0 N N 60HGr / 30HCr / 120Both 0 Use Large Creature Criticals
Westmarch Weather Table
Westmarch The White Westmarch
Months Highlands Mountains Plains

1. N ar w ain 30-50˚ 20-35˚ 35-55˚

(winter) Moderate Heavy Moderate
2. Ninui 25-45˚ 15-30˚ 30-50˚
(winter) Heavy Very Heavy Moderate
3. Gw aeron 30-50˚ 20-35˚ 35-55˚
(winter) Heavy Very Heavy Moderate
4. G wirith 35-55˚ 25-40˚ 45-60˚
(spring) Moderate Heavy Moderate
5. Lothron 45-60˚ 30-45˚ 50-70˚
(spring) Heavy Heavy Heavy
6. Nórui 55-65˚ 30-50˚ 55-75˚
(spring) Moderate Moderate Moderate
-Loën dë (intercalary day: Midyear)-- -en deri (three mid dle days)
7. Cerveth 60-75˚ 35-55˚ 65-85˚
(su m mer) Moderate Moderate Moderate
8. Úrui 65-80˚ 45-65˚ 75-95˚
(su m mer) Moderate Moderate Moderate
9. Ivanneth 70-80˚ 50-70˚ 70-90˚
(su m mer) Moderate Moderate Moderate
10. Narbeleth 60-75˚ 45-65˚ 70-85˚
(fall) Heavy Moderate Heavy
11. Hithui 50-70˚ 40-55˚ 50-70˚
(fall) Moderate Heavy Moderate
12. Girithron 40-65˚ 30-45˚ 45-60˚
-Mettarë (intercalary day: Yearsen d)-
Good / Service Cost Note


Beer / Ale 1 / 2cp pint.
Bra n d y 1cp half-pint.
Cider / Mead 1cp pint.
Wine 2cp pint.
Light Meal 1 / 4cp cheeze, sou p and bread.
Nor mal Meal 1 / 2cp Meat sou p or pie, bread and potato.
Heavy Meal 1cp Steak and vegetables, bread, sou p, pastry.
Week’s Rations 4cp Normal Spoilage 18lb.
Trail Rations 6cp 1 wk. Preserved. 14lbs.
Great Brea d 2gp 1 wk. Preserved. 4lbs.
Waybrea d 8gp 1 mo. Preserved. 4lbs.
Poor Lodgings 1 / 2cp Com m unal sleeping.
Average Lodgings 1cp Separate bed ding.
Good Lod gings 2cp Separate room.
Stable 11cp 1 wk. for 1 mount inclu ding fod der.
Boots 9bp 3.5 lbs.
Cloak 8cp 2.5lbs
Coat 2cp 7 lbs.
Clothing 8bp 9 lbs. cotton pants an d shirt, wool cloak an d hood.
Be d roll 6cp 5.5 lbs; blanket an d oiled canvas groun d cloth.
Backpack 9cp 2.5 1cu. ’ capacity (maxim u m of 20 lbs).
Rope 3cp 6 lbs; 50’; breaks 01-02 roll (u n mod.).
Rope (Su perior) 3bp 3 lb; 50’; breaks 01 roll (u n mod.).
Pole 4cp 7 lbs.
Tent 9bp 9 lbs. sleeps two.
Lantern 6cp 1.5 lbs. 50’ d. light.
Waterskin (1 qt.) 1 / 2cp .5 lb.
Flint & Steel 1bp .5 lb fire in 3 min.
Lockpick kit 2sp .5 lb. +10 bonus
Oil flask 2cp .5 lb. 6hr refill .5 lb
Pitons (10 iron) 2cp 2.5 lbs.
Tar p 1cp 4 lbs. 5’ x 8’; water resistant.
Torch 1 / 4cp 1 lb; 20’ d. light; 6hrs.
Weapon belt 5bp .5 lb
Pegs (10 wooden) 1 / 4cp 1.5 lbs.
Scabbar d 10cp 1 lb.
Sack (50lb) 7cp 2.5 lbs; 3 cu’.
Quiver 10cp .5 lb; holds 20 arrows or bolts.
Arro ws (20) 6cp 3.5 lbs.
Crossbow bolts (20) 2sp 3 lbs.
Mature pony 2gp Moves 4-20 m p h; can carry 180 lbs.
Light horse 5sp Moves 5-30 m p h; can carry 200 lbs.
Mediu m horse 6gp Moves 5-25 m p h; can carry 300 lbs.
Heavy horse 7gp Moves 5-20 m p h; can carry 400 lbs.
Mule 4gp Moves 5-25 m ph; can carry 300 lbs. Stubborn, tough.
Wagon 5gp 8’ x 5’; 2-10 m ph. Carries u p to 1500 lbs. requires a heavy
horse or two light horses.
Sm all boat 3gp 10’ long, 3’ wide; comes with two oars an d small sail. can
float 800 lbs.
River boat 0gp 20’ long, 8’ wide; comes with six oars, an d sails; can carry
4000 lbs.