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Vol. XI Entered as Second Class Matter, April 29, 1927, at Post- Published Every Saturday at 800-801 Warner Bros. Down-
office,Los Angeles, Calif,, under Act of March 3, 1879. Saturday, January 25, 1930 No. 4
town BuildiM-, 401 West Seventh St., Los Angeles, Calif.



Lone of


An effortis being made by The long-heralded new standard
many ofthe astute show observ- contract for picture players was
ers to determine exactly what is understood to be “hot” this week.
the cause of the general failure While sources de-
of shows to make money in the clared it to be
still in the “forma-
legitimate field. Aside from the tive” a meeting of framers
Duffy theatres, all of the houses
of the new document was held at
have generally found it tough
sledding during the past year. the Roosevelt Hotel Tuesday night
Some ascribe it to the bad at the supper hour, and reports
shows, but all of the losing shows emanating therefrom were that
have not been bad and some of “progress had been made.”
them, went into the red despite
Principal feature of the proposed
the fact that business seemed to
be flourishing. newcontract, it is reported, is a
It is just a matter of arithmetic, limitation of the hours of work
say some of those who have per week for freelance players,
dropped rolls of various propor- with provisions for overtime
tions the game. Primarily, all
in where other work shall be required.
houses are charging too much It is also rumored that the “on

rent, the consensus of opinion or about” clause of the present

says, The
basis of rental for the- contract is given a definite re-
atres was
at one time based upon
striction in the new instrument,
the seating capacity, that is ,a with the date of pay forced to
fixed price per seat per month es- start within 48 hours of the day
tablished the rent. Then came named. Various other minor
the boom and rents went soaring clauses, many, it is said, borrowed
so that the general price of $1.50
from the contract advocated by
per seat for a well located theatre Equity at the time of the Equity
strike last summer, are also in-
jumped up to $5 and $6 a seat
and then some.
An ordinary house like the First reports of the proposed
Hollywood Music
new contract came immediately fol-
Box, with a
lowing collapse of the Equity
seating capacity of less than a
thousand, asks something like
strike. Almost immediately pro-
posals were made that a new con-
$4000 a month rental. Four or tract granting many of the Equity
five dollars a seat per month is
demands should be written, both to
considered nominal by the land-
lessen the bitterness which threat-
lords. When the overhead of op-
ened for a time following the
erating the house is considered
strike and also to prevent any pos-
the advertising, light, heat, license,
sible recurrance. When the report
taxes, janitor services, wear and
got bruited about that the plan's
tear on furnishings, and inciden- were being made, the proposition
tals, not to mention the show, the
was allowed to cool off, all sources
stage hands and the orchestra
connected therewith stating that
it can readily be understood that,
they knew nothing about it.
regardless of the type of show,
the net will hover close to $5000
per week, and from that to almost
TED REICARD AND CHRISTEL LE VINE The proposed new contract is
called a new “Academy
but it is actually being
anything, depending upon
type of show and the quality
Musical Comedy Favorites framed
by representatives of the
association and of the
the performers. actors, the latter being- drawn both
$5000 a Week Profitless Featured this week at Loew’s State, Los Angeles. from among those known as the
So a show doing an average Fanchon and Marco’s “Trees” Idea “loyalists” during the strike and
business of $5000 is not making those who were with Equity.
any money and in order to get
sary to put on shows the cost of INCREASE COLOR USE DIRECTOR AT RADIO
which is a great gamble. A report which was not con-+ A1 Mannon, president of Tec-
However, good shows properly Color is slated to play a big- firmed states that Equitable, the Art, and John Boyce-Smith,
vice- Macklin M. Megley, for five
presented will make money, as is organization
ger part in the Radio Pictures pro- for the
newly formed Motion Picture Con- president, both in New York years general manager of the
are RKO
evidenced by the consistent win- gram this year than last 'in line
ning weeks of the Duffy houses. gress, is negotiating to purchase at the present
time, but whether vaudeville production department,
But one show at the El Capitan with the general trend toward
the Tec-Art studios. The report or not connection with this has signed a contract to assist in
lost money last year, according to
color. Estimate is that big pic-
said the new company also planned rumored deal was not disclosed.
tures will be up to one-half made stage direction of Radio Pictures.
Henry Duffy. Only two of them to purchase the Winter Garden Harry Hoyt, preminent as a
fell behind at the Playhouse, and
in color, as compared to approxim- ice skating rink nearby with the Hollywood director and producer, His first assignment will probably
ately one-third in color during object of converting it into an ad- has been named production man- be on a musical show soon to go
(Continued on Page 5) 1929. ditional sound stage. ager for Equitable. into production.



Themie Change Due
If the Hollywood producers would attend regular picture

PLAY 1 showings with conscientious frequency they would discover one

very definite trend of the times, and that is that the interpo-
lated song-and-dance numbers are becoming extremely bore-
some to audiences in the metropolitan centers.
It happens now at picture after picture that a sigh of res-
TERRIBLE B. O. S ignation goes up simultaneously with the opening bars of a
number which the spectators know only too well presages a
VANCOUVER, Jan. 23.— The length of footage dedicated to nothing more interesting than
road-show season which opened a second rate song delivered by a second rate singer and fol-
with more bookings at the Van- lowed by a typical ensemble doing steps which have been old
couver than for many
seasons stuff this twelve-month. Not only this, but the number sud-
heretofore has turned out a decid- denly jerks the audience out of whatsoever interest the story
ed flop. The companies which did has worked up, and when the story starts again the feel of
come in, with few exceptions, the house is cold. It takes many scenes before the audience is
played to heart-breaking business, again lost in the romance, and sometimes the story interest is
while the majority cancelled, definitelygone forever. Favorable word-of-mouth is lost, and
them being "Rio Rita,” the boxoffice figures are far under what they might have been.
“Blossom Time.” “Chauve Souris,” The eagerness with which producers rushed into the 100 per
"Pordgie,” “Tommy Merson, Eng- cent theme song racket is easily understandable. The first ones
lish musical comedy star and his

went over big “Weary River,” “Tonia,” etc. and Hollywood —
Company, Capt. Plunkett’s "Dum- decided that the public must have its themies. Maybe so then,
bells” and a dozen others. The but certainly not so now. The talking pictures have settled
last road attraction in at the Van- down to a comparative normalcy, and the introduction of theme
couver is the “Columbia Urand songs into certain of the recent pictures is as ridiculous as
As “Tecalero” As the “Ship Captain" Opera Co„” the last part of Feb- would be the case were the legit producers suddenly to write
ruary. The Maurice Colbourne themies into all their product. Imagine the effect should the
Co. in Bernard Shaw comedies characters of “Strange Interlude” suddenly pause while one of
Bud Averill plays a return engagement the them sang “You May Be the Sweetie of Somebody Else But
You’re Just My Interlude,” or if the m. e. of “The Front Page”
Who is appearing in “Oh, Susanna” at the Mayan Theatre, Los week of January 20. The stage were to lead a line of girls in “I* Lost My Watch on a Sandy
Angeles, displays his versatility in two distinct characterizations, crew and musicians have been
“Tecalero,” a Spanish grandee, and the “Ship Captain” of the Sacra- given their notice and the house Beach.” But in the movies they do it.
mento packet, both in the same production. His vocal rendition of a will be dark with the exception of The producers should heed the storm signals. Operettas,
“Vengeance Calls” is one of the highlights of the finale of the first act. local rentals and bookings, which yes; musical comedies, yes; but the hybrids of story with an
Prior to his engagement at the Mayan, Averill has appeared on the are fairly numerous for the bal- interrupting theme song are just about washed up insofar as
the public is concerned. And one of these days the producers
R-K-O Circuit and in the Fox West Coast theatres as the “Singing ance of the winter months.
Paul Whiteman,” where he has won the plaudits of press and public This is. the first season since who don’t see the signals will have on their hands a whole lot
with his rich baritone voice. the war that Capt. Plunkett’s of footage dedicated to songs and dances that the exhibs don’t
“Dumbells,” a soldier revue which want.
last season added a line of girls,
has not made its annual coast-to-
coast tour of Canada.
Plunkett spent $18,000 on his pro-
duction this season, which he
called “Come Eleven.” After
LEADER IN LEGIT GROSSES playing the legit houses in east-
ern Canada they closed in To-
George Guerrette, business
for Plunkett, came west
“Oh Susanna” is maintaining its •held up very nicely with perhaps
high powered stride at the Mayan, three of the best plays they have
in advance of Gordon McLeod’s
English Co. and is now spending In a generally off week in pic-^-one of. the best figures for that
leading once more with $17,100. offered simultaneously. At .the El house business, Warner
the winter in California. He states ture house in many a day. Supported
This opus deserves its success for Capitan “The Boomerang” got Brothers two houses each ran to
there is a possibility of the “Dum- by the Fanchon and Marco “Des-
it has been conscientiously pro- $5900. It will remain until Feb- better than twice average business,
bells Revue” jumping to the coast ert Idea” it grossed $11,239.
duced and consistently improved. ruary 1. On Sunday, February 2, thereby being the sensation of the
“Chauve Souris” at the Mason, Mary Boland comes to the house in the early spring, if conditions The run houses were all on the
also attracted a splendid week’s in “Ladies of the Jury.”
improve, and playing from west week. down side of the slate, as they
to east. Warner Brothers’ “Show of closed or drew near the close of
box-officing, gathering $15,000 for At the President Henry Duffy Shows” continued its big boxoffice
its first week. As it is musical in and Dale Winter in “The Cat and long showings.
record in its second week at the
character its fine takings may be the Canary” are keeping up a fine downtown house, taking $31,700 In its ninth week at the Car-
accredited to some extent to the average, getting $5800 for their for the period. Queues, which thay Circle, Radio Pictures’ “Rio
popular demand for shows of this second week. This house also were the order of the day during
Rita” garnered $8438, which is
type. changes on February 2, Kolb and not a good figure for the house
the first week, still continued in
The three Duffy houses also Dill being the next attraction in
a modified degree, and the picture
but is a good figure for a ninth
“Give and Take.” looked good for a couple more week there. Bebe Daniels, John
The Hollywood Pliay House is
weeks at least.
Boles, Robert Woolsey and Bert
drawing strong Pays to
with “It Out in Hollywood, the War- Wheeler head the cast.
Advertise,” with $5900 for its first Fox’s follow-up on “The Cock-
George LeMaire, who has been ners found further cause for re-
I. STUDIOS TO week and Indications for an ex- directing and acting in a series of joicing in First National’s “Sally,” eyed World,” “Hot for Paris,” fell
tended run. to the moderate figure of $6663 in
comedies for Pathe, made in the with Marilyn Miller, a $10,000-a-
The Majestic opened last Mon- run
eastern studios in York, week girl, starring. The first week
New its at the Criterion. Victor
day with “The New Moon,” an- McLaglen, El Brendel and Fifi
SPEED UP SHORTLY other musical and from reports
dropped dead in his office Monday took in $31,100, which presaged
of this week from heart disease, for it a good run but one not as D’Orsay are the featured players.
thus far, is packing them nightly. Big doings are now on at this
according to advices received here. essential as that for “Show of
The Belasco has “Journey’s At the time of LeMaire’s death, Shows.” house with Greta Garbo’s first
Activity at the Metropolitan
End” drawing fair houses during E. B. Derr, new production chief Both of these takings more than talkie, “Anna Christie,” starting
Studios is picking up.
its initial week. at Pathe, was drafting a wire to doubled the average for their re- its run. A good bet that it will
Sono-Art is engaged on Stage The Hollywood Music Box him instructing him to move pro- spective spots. smash all records at the theatre.
3, where George Crone is direct-
opens next week with “And So
ing Reginald Denny in a talker duction of the comedy series from Gloria Big Chinese Change
to Bed,” the first of the Civic
from the story by E. J. Rath, en- Repertory Theatre’s series. New York to Hollywood. Gloria Swanson’s first talkie, The U. A. picture, ‘'Condemned,”
titled “The Dark Chapter.” Sono- The westward move of the “The Trespasser,” came to Hol- Ronald Colman and Ann Hard-
Other houses are dark. Pathe comedy making will not be lywood at the Egyptian to write
Art will follow closely on the heels ing heading the cast, took the un-
of this picture with Ruth Roland LeMaire’s affected by death, der-par figure of $8013 in its last
in her first talkie, “Reno.” TECHNICAL DIRECTOR IN though who his successor will be
NAME EDDIE HITCHCOCK week at the Chinese, giving way
Caddo is preparing “The Front DEATH
FALL IN N. W. had not been decided the middle
PAR. PUBLICITY CHIEF to M-G-M’s “The Rogue Song,”
Page,” to go into production of this week. with Laurence Tibbett the star.
early in February. SEATTLE, Jan. 23. John A.
James Cruze, Inc., is soon to get Dewey, formerly a Hollywood mo-

23. a
William Haines held his clientele
weak vehicle called
under way filming a picture for tion picture technical director, fell Hitchcock, “Double “Navy Blues” (M-G-M), drawing
known as
Sono-Art release. to his death from the tenth floor “Bambina,” the locally produced Truck Eddie” on account of the $32,795, an average boxoffice, to
Halperin Brothers are preparing of the Savoy hotel. His body musical comedy which opened re- way in which he used to crash the Loew’s State. Fanchon and Mar-
a sequel to their “Party Girl.” landed on the mezzanine floor roof cently in San Francisco, is booked Pacific Coast papers with pub- co’s “Manila Bound Idea” was in
Christie is getting things lined of the inside court. to follow “Oh Susanna” at the licity stunts, has been named as support. Following was Lenore
up for another two-reeler featur- Dewey’s wife, Margaret, told Mayan, opening Feb. 3. publicity director for the ace Para- Ulric in “South Sea Rose.”
ing Charlie Murray. police her husband had been drink- mount house, the Paramount here. Paramount’s “Seven Days
Alf Goulding, director of the ing heavily and had gone to open Since leaving the coast several Leave,” a Gary Cooper starring
Lloyd Hamilton talking comedies, the window before retiring. Al-
is planning another two-reel com- though she did not see him fall
Uncle Carl months ago for a publicity post
with the Fox New England the-
vehicle with Beryl Mercer the real
star, did average at the Paramount
edy for Educational. she said she believed he had lost atres, Eddie has proved himself Theatre,. drawing $26,000 for a
Robert C. Bruce will do an- his balance. The body was taken Is Host on as sensational a publicity getter
the east coast as he was on
film which is more artistic than
other of his outdoor talking sce- to the Bonny-Watson Mortuary on boxoffice. Paramount’s Chevalier
nics for Paramount soon. for shipment to Buffalo, N. Y., 63rd Birthday the west.
He was signed up to go abroad
picture, “The Love Parade,” looks
good for again climbing up into
where his parents live.
with Horace Heidt for a European the bigger and better figures. Mil-
JOAN ARTELL ILL Uncle Carl of Universal cele- tour, and was all set to sail when ton Charles, singing organist, is
brated his sixty-third birthday last at the last minute the Paramount the only in-person entertainment
Clarke the “stormy
Saturday and the event was cele- people made their bid for him to
Silvernail, there.
Joan Artell, coloratura prima
petrel” of Equity strike, has donna, whose work as a piano and
brated by a party at his home in handle the Paramount Theatre Orph Run Good
returned Hollywood. He left violin soloist and singer has been
Beverly Hills to which 19 inti- publicity. The assignment was ef-
“Hit Deck,” Radio Pic-
several months ago to direct the in frequent fective at once and Eddie is now
demand at the studios, mate friends came. tures’ held up nicely at the
dialogue for Inspiration’s “Hell’s was stricken with
an acute appen-
Harbor” which was shot in Flor- dicitis attack last week and taken
Laemmle founded Universal City ensconced in his new position. Orpheum, taking $15,000 in its
in 1915 and has presided over its The spot he left vacant with the fourth week, with Bob Hamilton,
ida. While on location, Silvernail to the French hospital where she destinies ever since. Last year he Heidt aggregation was not filled. featured organist, aiding the draw.
was taken ill and rushed to New was operated upon. She is recover- turned over the management of William Boyd
York where he was incarcerated ing satisfactorily.
in a most pleas-
in the hospital. While Silvernail
the studio to his son, Carl, Jr., SAM FRIED BACK
ing Pathe picture, “His First Com-
when the latter reached his ma- mand” and with a vaude bill,
is convalescent he feels able
to return to the job of preparing
NEW FOX HOUSE jority. Sam
Fried has returned from brought in $18,000 to the RKO
Announcements were made this Guests at the party were Junior, New York with reports that con- Theatre.
a new picture for his firm. week by the Fox West Coast Stanley Bergerman, his son-in- ditions there in the entertainment “The Taming of the Shrew,”
Theatres of another new house law; John Tippett, Moe Mark, world are terrible. Fried was stage Mary Pickford-Douglas Fairbanks
TO START ROCK SERIES .to be added to that chain on Sam Behrendt, Ben Strauss, Julius manager for David Belasco last so-starring U. A. vehicle, held up
West Pico boulevard, near Rob- Bernheim, A1 Green, Abe Gore, year. to the fair gross of $4800 in its
“She’s a Wow!”, the first two- inson boulevard. Mike Gore, Clarence Mayer, Rob- last three days giving way to
reel comedy to be released by the ert Klein, Samuel Von Ronkel, GORE HOUSE
SOLD Norma Talmadge’s first talkie,
newly organized Premier Pictures FRANKLIN BACK Mannie Lowenstein, Maurice “New York Nights” (U. A.).
Corporation, of which Joe Rock Harold B. Franklin, president Fleckles, Felix Schiff, King Char The Savoy Theatre, formerly Fox’s “Romance of the Rio
is president, will have Gil Pratt of the Fox West Coast Theatres, Fleckles, King Charney, M. L. owned by Gore Brothers, has Grande” boosted up the Boule-
as director. Production will start returned this week from a flying Finklestein, Felix Schiff and Jo- been taken over by the Consoli- vard receipts to the excellent fig-
within a fortnight. trip East. seph Rosenfeld. dated Theatres. ure of $9680.


Month’s Best in Pictures

Best performance: Warner Baxter in “Romance of the Rio
Best performance, opposite sex: Beryl Mercer in “Seven Days’
Best character performance (exclusive of Miss Mercer) Rob- :

ert Edeson in “Romance of the Rio Grande.”

Best heavy Antonio Moreno in “Romance of the Rio Grande.”

Best heavy, -opposite sex: Nothing outstanding.

Inside Facts last week discon-
"Best comedy: Jack Oakie in “Hit the Deck.”
tinued its “Bests of the Week in
Best comedy, opposite sex: Nothing outstanding.
Pictures” box, a feature which it
Best juvenile: Robert Montgomery in “Their Own Desire.”
carried through the last year. The
Best ingenue: June Clyde in “Tanned Legs.”
feature was inaugurated at a time
Honorable mention for performances Mona Maris, Antonio :
when many new angles were be-
Moreno and Robert Edeson in “Romance of the Rio Grande”; ing tried in the talkies, and at that
J. C. Nugent in “Navy Blues”; Lila Lee, Conrad Nagel and time therefore we considered it a
Hugh Huntley in “Second Wife”; Ruth Chatterton and Clive feature which would aid in show-
Brooke in “The Laughing Lady” ;
Gary Cooper in “Seven ing audience reaction to the vari-
Days’ Leave.” ous brand of films.
Best story: “Second Wife,” from Fulton Oursler’s stage play Now, however, with ithe lines of
“All the King’s Men” and “Seven Days’ Leave,” from J. M.
production much more definitely
Barrie’s “The Old Lady Shows Her Medals.” formed, it is felt that the box may
Candidates for ten best pictures of the year “Romance of the :
frequently work an injustice. It
Rio Grande” (Fox) “Second Wife” (Radio Pictures) “Seven
; ; has happened frequently that a
Days’ Leave” (Paramount); “Show of Shows” (Warner comparatively weak picture would
Brothers). rate the best of the week, whereas
if its release had been a week
later, it wouldn’t have rated any-
DUFFY DENIES RUMORS where in the running.
OF GIVING UP HOUSE So we are changing the “Bests”
CLOSING DUE ID box to a monthly feature, the first
appearing in this issue.
Rumors have been flying loose
Pictures Reviewed
and careless anent the financial Reviewed during the month were
‘OPEN SHOP' try condition of Henry Duffy and his the following feature pictures:
policy. They have had him “Hit the Deck,” “Tanned Legs”
and “Second Wife” (RKO) “Ro-
Sudden closing of the Actors’ all sorts of financial difficulties, ;

formerly the Orange mance of the Rio Grande,” “Hot

Theatre,- offering his houses at a sacrifice,
for Paris” and “South Sea Rose”
Grove on Grand Avenue, was this trying to borrow money, etc., etc. (Fox); “Glorifying the American
week disclosed as having been due
refusal of Equity to permit its
In view of this, a representative Girl,” “The Laughing Lady” and
of this paper asked Henry Duffy “Seven Days’ Leave” (Para-
members to work with non-union
stage hands.
as to his financial status and he mount); “Oh Yeah” and “His
got as comprehensive an answer First 'Command” (Pathe); “Navy
The venture was to a certain
degree a co-operative proposition, as could be desired. Blues” and “Their Own Desire”
the major members of the stock
Henry Duffy has grown from (M-G-M); “Taming of the Shrew”
a condition of almost straitened and “New York Nights” (United
cast taking .stock in part pay- The Young Smart Song Comedian
circumstances into almost mil- Artists) “The Lost Zeppelin”
ment for their services. But the ;

minor parts were filled by people lionaire proportions in less than (Tiff:any), and “Show of Shows,”
five years.Not only is he affluent Warner Brothers. HEADLINING ORPHEUM CIRCUIT
who were protected by Equity Of these pictures, Inside Facts
bond and regulations. but he also owns several of the
The house opened with regular theatres
upon his chain in fee sim-
In San Francisco, he not
gives first place to
the Rio Grande,” a
“Romance of
Fox picture
Eddie Pardo
union stage hands, but the time (Assisted by Blanche Latell)
arose when salaries for them were only owns the President Theatre directed by Alfred Santell and
not forthcoming and it was planned but a large portion of the prop- having Warner Baxter back in
erty adjoining, being one of the his Mexican caballero role, thus In a Sophisticated Twentieth Century Vehicle
to continue with make-shift stage
hands from among the members most valuable properties in the making the picture somewhat like Written by Himself
downtown district. a sequel to “In Old Arizona.” An
of the organization. Equity re-
fused to permit this state of af- The rumor that he is trying to excellent cast helped put this one While at the Palace, New York, N. Y. Telegram said:
dispose of one of his local houses in first place, with special mention “Pardo had them begging for more.”
fairs and its members left the
is true only in the sense that he for excellent performances due
cast. Upon which
the house
Baxter, Mona Maris, Antonio Mo-
Variety said: “He is sure fire.”
closed. All salaries for the Equity has a price for any of his hold-
ings and is willing to let go of reno and Robert Edeson. Zit’s said: “Plenty of personality this boy.”
people were settled, and those who
the President or Hollywood Play- Director Honor Roll
agreed to go in on the stock prop-
house if any of the several bid- Directors who particularly dis- Now at the
osition -made what arrangements
ders will meet his demands, but tinguished themselves during the
they could in their own individual
cases. none of the Duffy houses is on
the bargain counter.
month were:
Alfred Santell for his “Romance R.K.O. Theatre, Los Angeles
FOX UNIT FINDS COLD of the Rio Grande,” Fox. Week of January 23 Los Angeles
Richard Wallace for his “Seven
GOING ON LOCATION Days’ Leave,” Paramount.

SEATTLE, Jan. 23. — Wading

‘Head Man John Adolfi
Shows,’’ Warner Brothers.
for his “Show of JED BUELL NOW HEAD
through nearly three feet of snow, Dispute in Russell Mack for his “Second LUCILLE LA VERNE
some of them for the first time Wife,” Radio Pictures.
in their
Fox Film
55 members of a
unit are “on loca-
M & M Team Luther Reed also had an excel-
lent musical comedy in “Hit the
Deck,” Radio Pictures.
Jed Buell, former L. A. theatre
manager, has taken office as chief
of publicity at the Mack Sennett OPENS AT VINE ST.
tion’’ in Mt. Rainier
park. Pictures which signally fell be-
Moran and Mack, the two black Buell was manager of the West-
Coming from stu-“hothouse” low standard program dimensions lake Lucille LaVerne is opening at
Theatre, bringing into
where the tem- crows, are now doing their act in
dios in California, were “Glorifying the American the Vine Street Theatre Sunday in
prominence as the ace preview
perature races near the 80 mark, Judge Handby’s court. Mack
put Girl” —
Millard Webb, Paramount; a production of “Sun Up,” which
house of Southern California about
to a country where the ther- one over on Moran the latter al- “South Sea Rose” Alan Dwan, — she played at the Mason and Egan
— a year and a half ago. He left
mometer drops to zero at night, leges. by which Mack aspired to Fox; “Navy Blues” Clarence theatres here for a total of 27
this position to go with the Laem-
is somewhat of a change but the
be head man of the act. He Brown, M-G-M.
claims that Mack got him to sign mle chain, and was with them weeks in 1927. Whether options
actors don’t seem to mind it. Inside Facts’ first “Best of the on the reported lease will be re-
until the houses were sold to Fox.
“The Girl Who Wasn’t Wanted” an agreement whereby Mack was month” box is printed elsewhere He then went into the story busi- newed for future productions de-
to be manager of the team. When
is the picture being filmed on the on this page. pends upon the success of “Sun
ness, his most notable sale being
mountain, and included in the he wanted the agreement can- the story “Reno,” to Sono-Art, Up,” it is rumored, and also upon
celled, Mack refused and claims
cast are George O’Brien, Helen
that he has received no money as COONS WITH PATHE which organization is now making whether or not Miss LaVerne’s
Chandler and Antonio Moreno. Roland portrayal of the stellar part which
compensation for signing the the picture with Ruth
papers. Maurice Coons, fictionist and doing a starring come-back in is one of the best things she has
PAR READYING SEVEN The petition states that Mack’s playwright, arrived in Hollywood pictures, in it. The story is by done, gets her a sufficiently en-
ticing bid from the talkies.
late last week under contract to Cornelius Vanderbilt.
Paramount is preparing seven name formerly was Charles E. “Sun Up” has a good record, be-
“The Sellers and Moran’s name was

pictures for early production, sides the local runs having played
Benson Murder Case,” to be di- George Searcy, which they changed SERIES MAKING SONG
three seasons in New York, and
rected by Frank Tuttle with an
for stage purposes. They first also runs in Paris and London.
all-star cast; “The Light of West-
joined hands in 1917 and later
originated the skit, “Two Black
Popular Pair The Van Beuren Corporation is Grace Tryon, Miss LaVerne’s
ern Stars,” starring Richard Arlen, making a group of six “Song daughter, will be in the supporting
to be directed by Otto Brower
and Edwin Knopf; “Safety in tional hit as a phonograph rec-
Crows,” which became a sensa-
At Loew’s In Sketches” to be released by Pathe. cast, which also will have Don
First three are entitled “Manda- Travis, Harry Willard, James
Numbers,” starring Charles “Bud- ord a couple of years ago, and ‘Trees’ Idea lay,” “The Trumpeter” and “Songs Ryan, Arthur Turner Foster, Fer-
dy” Rogers, with Victor Schertz- which formed the basis of the Our Mothers Used to Sing.” In- dinand Rodrigue# and Byron
inger directing; “The Devil’s Sun- Paramount picture, “Why Bring cidentally, “Mandalay” was booked Shores. Miss LaVerne will stage
day,” starring Nancy Carroll, di- That Up.” They separated Janu- Ted Reicard and Christel Le into the George M. Cohan The- direct.
rected by Edmond Goulding; ary 11, 1929. atre in New York with the long
Vine, whose picture appears on
“The Texan,” an all-star cast, Moran seeks to prevent Mack
the front page of this issue of In- run of “Hunting Tigers in India” TO DIRECT HARDING
under the direction of John Crom- from using the team name of and proved so successful that it
side Facts, are both well known
well; “The Return of Fu Man-
Moran and Mack and also from now held over with the run of
favorites of musical comedy, hav- is
Russell Mack, director of the
chu,” also with an all-star cast using the name “Two Black ing appeared in such productions “Blaze o’ Glory,” a Sono Art
Crows.” Judge Hanby has issued dialogue in “Rio Rita,” and whose
and Roland V. Lee directing, and as “Sally,” “Irene,” “Going Up,” Production. first picture, “Second Wife,” made
one untitled, uncast and with di- a temporary injunction returnable
“Student Prince,” “Naughty Mari- for RadioPictures, is hailed by
rector assigned under the the su- January 30.
etta,” “Firefly,” “No, No, Nan- studio as showing excel-
pervision of B. P. Zeidman. ette,” “Wildflower,” and “Merry lent directorial
FACE NEW CHARGE Widow.” Harry O. Hoyt has been selected
ability, is to direct
Ann Harding’s next picture for
MOSBY CASE OUT Ted possesses not only good by George W. Stout, president of Pathe. Several stories are under
Sam Landesman and Gene Lath- looks, but also a great voice plus the newly formed Equitable Pic- consideration, with tentative plans
Curtis Mosby, owner of the rop, managers of a Main street some personality and show-
real tures Corporation, as production being made to start in a couple
Apex Night Club, gota break girl show, have been charged with manship, while his partner, a cute manager for the new concern. of weeks.
when his for possession of criminal contempt of court for al-
case blonde, with plenty of appeal, is Hoyt is in Hollywood working on
two whiskey came up be- legedly advising Dixie Lee, one of
pints of
fore Judge Curtis last week. The their employees arrested upon an
also very versatile. plans for Equitable’s production TWO HOUSES WIRED
The pair are artists in their line schedule, due to get under way
case had already been tried, re- indecent show charge, to stay out of toe, tap and soft shoe dancing. within a few weeks. Equitable Symphony Theatre, Compton,
sulting in a hung jury, but since of court. Seven girls refused to They were featured in Fanchon Pictures are for exclusive release Calif., and Lynnwood Theatre in
then one of the police officers obey the court order. The girls and Marco’s “Beaus and Bows .
by The Motion Picture Congress, Lynnwood, both owned by A.
who raided the club is dead and are Babe Perry, Johnnie Talber, Idea” and they are appearing this the new distribution organization Hanson of the National Theatre
another is a fugitive from justice Gary Powell, Helen Martin and week at Loew’s State, Los An- formed for a close link-up with Supply Company, are being wired
and so the case was dismissed. Myrtle Madison. geles, in the “Trees Idea.” unaffiliated exhibitors. with Western Electric equipment.
— — — —


’ ' 1 1

11 '* : s.t -"


ss-rnry" —a "
- —US

Picture Reviews ~ Previews ~ Shorts


Radio Pictures’ Picture Paramount Picture U. A. Picture First National Picture Fox Picture
(Reviewed at RKO Theatre) (Reviewed at Paramount) (Reviewed at U. A. Theatre) (Reviewed at Warners’ Hollywood) (Reviewed at Loew’s State)
As a programmer without pre- This picture looks to be a great Norma Talmadge’s talking debut Transferred to the screen with This is a hybrid affair, the story
tentions of small proportions, this deal more of an artistic triumph was not happily chosen. It is an- fidelity and with Marilyn Miller in moving along the lines of a real
is a most pleasing picture, with than a boxoffice cleanup. Artistic- other of the backstage stories, with her familiar title role, this picture take but the laughs mainly being
an even flow of comedy and story, ally it is a creation which will be nothing particular to distinguish could not help be otherwise than of the slapstick variety. Which
a weak climax which nonetheless
sure to please those who like the it from its many predecessors. distinctly pleasing.. And it is. The means that there are more laughs
more elevated phases of the drama, There is the true-blue Lou who old catchy tunes are as catchy as
than there is entertainment. A
is kept up to a good standard by improvement
but from a boxoffice standpoint it ever, Marilyn is as efficient and al- considerable would
the way it is handled, and all in lacks love interest and the more sticks to her man as long as she luring and with as sweet a voice have been
obtained by working
all one which any exhibitor may showy climaxes. Which will not is allowed to do so, despite his and personality, and the surround- the over for laughs in line
weakness for drink; there are the ing cast is almost unanimously with the story and eliminating the
book with assurance that his audi- please the sheik and the sheba
type of movie fans. usual chorus ensembles and single good. Mack Sennett angles. As it stands
ences will be pleased. acts interpolated to interrupt what weak vehicle
The direction of Richard Wal- In one respect the picture out- it is certainly a
The story, while, not entirely un- cast, par- lace and the work of the flow to the story there is; there does the play, and that is in the dramatically for anyone of the
stereotyped, is sure-fire, and in- ticularly of Beryl Mercer, is is a good themie presumably en- department of being more convinc- reputation of the star, Lenore
terpolated gags and the smooth, splendid. Taken from one of titled “A Year From Today”; ing. On the stage one always felt Ulric, and its draw should be
laugh-provoking flow of dialogue James M. Barrie’s ultra-saccharine there is the heavy who tries to the orchestra ready to tune up and looked for mainly from the title
build it up to certain returns. plays, Wallace has tinged it with make the girl, only to meet his that it was just another musical and from the exploitation and ad-
Opening shots show William touches which embellish it to a just deserts (according to the comedy, albeit a good one. But vertising angles used. Loew’s had
Boyd arriving in Kansas under greater height than was reached movies) and there’s the happy Director John Francis Dillon has
; a trio of Hula players, two men
direction of his father, who is by the play, “The Old Lady fadeout of the husband and wife managed to imbue the play’s lines and a gill, out in front of the the-
angry escapades with Shows Her Medals.” Miss Mercer
at Bill’s westward bound to start anew. with a naturalness in sequential de- atre to attract the passerby. The
chorus Broadway. The is no small contributor to the
girls on As the story is average, so is velopment which frequently dis- picture can stand something like
daddy is a rubber magnate, and same end, with the star, Gary the cast, with just one exception. abuses the mind from the fact that that in houses where titles are not
Bill’s orders are to learn the rub- Cooper, also sharing in it. Gary John Wray, playing the heavy, has it is a musical show, and better the paramount consideration. There
ber business. But there is a girl is good, but it is Beryl Mercer’s something new to offer, under the heart-throbs or good moments are the name and the Hula posters
who admires only men in uniform,
play. direction of John Milestone. the result. should make it march steadily
so Bill enlists. The comedy starts
Wallace is to be commended Miss Talmadge has a clear The story is long familiar. The enough.
immediately, with laugh after
for the touching appeal he has put voice, quite adequate to demands little girl whose dancing feet skip The picture opens prettily
laugh coming at the rookie’s mis- into the drab phases of London of all but the more dramatic mo- her out of waitress jobs until fin- enough with South Sea Island
takes in believing that he has life in which the story moves, and ments. At these crises it fails to ally she gets a second rate chance scenes, dances and songs. The
joined a business enterprise and for the deep sympathy with which be wholly convincing. But none in a cabaret. Then her promotion themie, “South Sea Rose,” is suf-
can meet the officers on terms of he has caught the loneliness of of her work stands up to the into an evening of entertainment ficiently pretty though strongly
equality. But he learns— with sev- the old charwoman. There can standard she set in the silents. at a society affair, where she is in- reminiscent of bygone melodies,
eral snubbings by the girl thrown be little doubt that this film will Her talkie presence as yet is not troduced as a foreigner of distinc- but there are too many repeti-
j —
n the ropes and becomes color- come consideration
into deserved the equal in convincingness of her tion. Of how she there learns tions of it.
guard. when the best pictures of the year silent screen presence, though her that the man she loves is to wed Aship’s captain (Charles Bick-
Then there is a field day for personal attraction in the one me- another. Of her rise to Ziegfeld- ford) has sailed into the port to
1930 are being considered, and
officers, and a little girl, the that Wallace’s direction of it will dium is as good as in the other. ian heights and the reconciliation marry a French girl there (Lenore
daughter of one of the officers, be likewise considered among the Gilbert Roland fails to rise above between her and her lover, who Ulric) in the belief that she is an
falls behind a water jump over 10 outstanding directorial achieve- the description of being just an- has got out of the announced en- heiress. This comes to pass, with
which the thundering hoofs of the ments of the period. The picture other leading man for the talkies, gagement to the other girl. an ocean storm thrown in for
racing horses will pass. Boyd is filled with throat-gripping mo- and not at all a vivid one when his The one best comedy spot in good measure on the trip home.
rescues her, and shortly there- offering is compared to some of the picture is a sequence wherein Also on
ments for those who lose them- shipboard are scenes
after is awarded a commission. selves in its artistry. the sterling work which the talkies Joe E. Brown and Jack Duffy exe- wherein Miss Ulric is called upon
Of course he also wins the girl The story deals with an elderly have uncovered. cute some dangerous antics on a for a display of her 'native cute-
who the man
likes in uniform.
London charwoman whose deep The story starts with the wife ladder. But nevertheless it is with ness, and she acquits herself fairly
EXHIBITORS’ VIEWPOINT: regret is that she has no part in (Norma Talmadge) of a song writ- a memory complimentary to a well therein.
For program picture, this is a the world war. Every woman she er (Gilbert Roland)
a upbraiding former day that the work of Leon Bickford takes his bride to his
safe booking and will be boosted knows has contributed either her him for his weakness for drink, Errol in the silent “Sally” version New England home, kept by his
by favorable word-of-mouth. Audi- efforts dr her son. She can do which, so she says, is killing their with Colleen Moore is recollected. prudish sister (Elizabeth Patter-
ences which like to laugh will neither, because she is too old to future. Certainly Joe E. Brown comes no- Miss Ulric properly shocks
find the opportunity here, and the be given war work, and because But in company with his buddy where near stealing the present natives by her ultra-
all the
week should be a good one. she has no son. (Roscoe Karns), he has "written a picture, and Leon Errol wrapped French garb and mannerisms,
PRODUCERS’ VIEWPOINT: Her lonely heart creates a fic- song, and, through the agency of up the silent version without much Culminating when she performs a
Gregory LaCava directed, and titious son from a name she has the wife, it is sold to the producer trouble. Hula dance at a lecture on the
there is no fault to be found in seen in the paper. Then the man of a show of which she is the EXHIBITORS’ VIEWPOINT: South Sea Islands. Meanwhile
this department. His contribution of that name comes to London on star. This producer is a gangster The career of this picture will be Bickford has sailed for France
was adequate in every foot, though leave and is steered to her house chief of Chicago (John Wray), interesting and exhibs had better to get guardianship papers, and his
the nature of the story prevented by a well-meaning acquaintance, whose one present ambition is to .
look it over for themselves. bride has been carrying on a
it from ever becoming more than who thinks he is her son. At first make the wife. Whether the popularity of the play prodigious flirtation with the vil-
exceptionally good straightaway rough in his treatment of her The gangster frames it for the in former days, and the former lage doctor (Kenneth McKenna).
stuff. cheat, the boy is gradually won husband to get drunk and be silent version will aid or hinder When Bickford returns he dis-
Jack Jungmeyer did the story, over by her tender regard for caught with a girl in a hotel raid. good boxoffice on this one is some- covers his wife in the doctor’s
with a keen eye to audience. A him and enters the deception and This finally breaks down the wife’s thing to be considered in the in- arms. So he says he will sur-
very good job. Jungmeyer and she becomes the envy of all the faith and she steps out of the dividual case. Marilyn
Miller’s render her, and he leaves. How-
James Gleason collaborated in the neighborhood at being the mother home to have a good time on her name will necessitate a consider- ever, he declares that he loves
dialogue, and this department of such a strapping own. soldier. able amount of explanatory exploi- her and can tell her so manfully
is A-l. But, in a fracas, he reveals a There are parties and entertain- tation in other than metropolitan now because it has been dis-
CASTING DIRECTORS’ complete lack of patriotism, and ment at this point, and climaxes first runs if full value is to be covered by him that she hasn’t a
VIEWPOINT: William Boyd con- discloses that he intends to de- of virtue nearing its defeat, but of achieved therefrom. dime in the world. As he is about
firms himself as a talkie
sert. This so much breaks her up course everything comes out all to sail away Miss Ulric comes
former who can be depended upon that he is conscience-stricken and right and the two-person family John Francis Dillon rates credit aboard and says that it is he
for a good program performance. changes his plans. He returns to turns westward to start all over for his very clever direction of this whom she has always loved.
He equally proficient at draw-
is the war, and is killed. The fade- again. picture. He has neatly blended Through lack of good scenariz-
ing laughs and in handling dra- out shows her mother’s heart ten- EXHIBITORS’ VIEWPOINT: picture demands with the stage ma- ing there are many draggy spots,
matic sequences. derly pondering over her few me- Except for the draw of “New terial so that an interesting story with the opening scenes promis-
Dorothy Sebastian is weak as mentoes of him, until it is time York Nights” being Norma Tal- weaves its way as much more than ing far more than is delivered in
the girl. "While her talking is up for her to lift up her scrubbing madge’s first talkie, there is noth- a mere skeleton upon which to the remainder of the picture.
to average, she lacks the appeal pail and go to her char work in ing here other than an average hang catchy melodies. The en- EXHIBITORS’ VIEWPOINT:
which other girls have gained company with three old cronies program picture based on the well- sembles, staged by Larry Ceballos This is just mediocre entertain-
through the power to be articulate. who are her chief companions. worn motif of backstage life. Box- are excellent. ment, and with no particular cast
Paul Hurst is a hard-boiled ser- EXHIBITORS’ VIEWPOINT: office will be in proportion to the Waldemar Young did the screen name to draw looks like under-
geant, and he makes his part sec- Look this one over before book- public desire to hear Norma speak. version of the Guy Bolton musical average boxoffice. Lure of the
ond only to that of Boyd. His ing. While it has a big appeal for PRODUCERS’ VIEWPOINT: comedy, and did a good job of it. South Sea title is the best thing
moments on the screen are all those who like the artistic, it is Lewis Milestone has brought ade- CASTING DIRECTORS’ to draw the shoppers with, with
good and welcomed by the audi- a doubtful booking in houses quate but no sensational direction VIEWPOINT: Marilyn Miller’s heavy play also on the sirenic
ence. which want them “move.” Of to the picture. His touches are famed stage attributes are in no- reputation of the star. Bickford
Alphonse Ethier is splendid as Virginian” good, but the nature of the story wise lost upon the screen. Rather of “Dynamite” fame is also good
course Gary’s “The
a colonel. The part has been has put him at the zenith of his prevented him from doing other enhanced, if anything, by the abil- for a percentage of the patronage.
drawn from the life, and without drawing power, but those who than average. ity to bring her near in closeups PRODUCERS’ VIEWPOINT:
the usual over-doing of army offi- come in on the strength of the The dialogue is best in the por- and short shots. In addition to her Alan Dwan directed, with the ex-
cer roles, and Ethier plays it just Wister play will find little of tions between husband and wife, intriguing personality, she has a cellence of certain shots scenically
that way. The part is excellent that Gary in this picture. the other stuff having a thoroughly real ability at screen singing and outweighing the dramatic direc-
both in the script treatment and PRODUCERS’ VIEWPOINT: familiar ring. dancing (which is sometimes dif- tion. He played the comedy
in the manner in which it is something The picture is from the stage
Richard Wallace has ferent from stage singing and broad, thus insuring laughs though
handled. to be in “Seven play, “Tin Pan Alley” and would
very proud of dancing), the total rating her right scarcely building up the picture
Gavin Gordon does a lieutenantDays’ Leave.” It is one of the have been much better movie ma- in the top ranks of screen musi- from a story or romantic stand-
well, and Howard Hickman has most admirably directed talkies terial a year ago than it is now. cal comedy stars. point.
a minor character which also is yet done and shows a depth of CASTING DIRECTORS’ Alexander Gray is possessed of CASTING DIRECTORS’
developed for its values. ability. VIEWPOINT: Talkie qualifica- a pleasing enough personality, but VIEWPOINT: The cast runs at
Helen Parrreh, a youngster, of
John Farrow and Dan Totheroh tions of Norma Talmadge and Gil- (Continued on Page 13) (Continued on Page 13)
about 9 or 10, handles her lines did the adaptation, and a very bert Roland have been discussecj
convincingly and is a worthy ad- neat job of it, building up every above.
dition to the cast. scene for a maximum.
John Wray plays the gangster
chief with a new interpretation,
*/ au
STRAUSS DUE SOON VIEWPOINT Beryl Mercer’s the outstanding difference being a
100 IN CAST R.D. Mac Lean as frayjuniperoserra
of the sonless laughing period to almost all of EVERYAETERWON-EXCEPT MOHDAY-i'S —
Oscar Straus, coming to Holly- charwoman tremendously effec- his remarks, and a most convinc-

wood to write original operettas tive. By it and her work in ing and true-to-life manner of
arrive “Three Live Ghosts” she has un-
handling his every sequence.
for Warner Brothers, will
Lilyan Tashman is cast in an-

Hollywood about Jan.
Straus has had numerous works

“Chocolate Soldier,”

produced in this country, including

questionably leaped to the top of
character women of her type, and other of her wise-cracking roles, in
has written herself boxoffice. which she is always certain to
Gary Cooper’s part is support deliver for full value.
Hollywood Blvd. at Gower
Melrose at Doheny Dr.
Waltz Dream” and “The Last for Miss Mercer despite his stellar
Mary Doran has a fluffy-talk HO. 8069 OX. 2208
Waltz.” His latest is “Marietta,” billing. In it he leaves nothing chorus girl role, in which she ac-
not yet presented in America. to be desired, making the most of quits herself in standard but effec-
One Week Starting
Sun., Jan. 26 Sun. and Mon., Jan. 26-27 —
every chance. But Gary’s more tive manner, and Roscoe Karns is
ardent fans are likely to be dis- fully satisfactory as the second
Tin-Pan- Alley er. FOOLS’ Tues. and Wed., Jan. 28-29
appointed in its limitations. Spectacular and Entrancing JOHN GILBERT in
Three elderly women, playing GLORIOUS NIGHT’
“Chic” KENNEDY frowsy, gossipy charwomen, all trio. They are Daisy Belmore, LAUREL


and HARDY in
Thurs. and Rri.,
Jan. 30-31 —
do splendid work, developing their Nora Cecil and Tempe Pigott.
respective roles to the full with- Arthur Hoyt and Arthur Met-
EDDIE ^UZZEL Sat., Feb. 1 —
JIMMY MURPHY out any one overshadowing the calfe
have small assignments,
good work of the which they perform satisfactorily.
‘LITTLE JOHNNY JONES’ a- and 5 Acts of RKO Vaudeville



Needs Development PLANS FOR LOCAL Lack Firm Bases
The Theatres are apparently to be the savior of the
Little A remark is attributed to a very prominent motion picture
legitimate drama. There was a time when every city had its exec to the effect that “the story is the least important part of
stock company, either high class or melo or, perhaps, as was the picture.” While the dictum was sprung many years ago, it
is still charged against the man as a flagrant error.
frequently the 'case, both. From these schools of stagecraft
sprung most of the talent that tops the stage of today. But either because the belief is still prevalent in Hollywood,
or else because there is some truth in the oft-repeated wail of
With a change of play every week, an actor was given the
a shortage of talking picture material, an analysis of the past
opportunity to perfect himself in a variety of roles and particu-
larly to submerge himself in them. A few years ago it was a month’s releases show that by far their weakest point was the
reflection upon a stock actor to have someone say “He’s the
story bases for them. Only two of the pictures reviewed, and
Production of “June Moon” at
one previewed, showed any discernment at all in the selec-
same in everything.” Today types are the thing and when an the Belasco,which report has been
tion of the plot and its unfoldment. 'The two reviewed were
actor proves his fitness for a certain kind bf part, he is never causing considerable of a flurry
considered as eligible for any other kind. “Romance of the Rio Grande,” which, while the characteriza-
among those seeking castings, has
tions and colorful atmosphere were its chief assets, nonetheless
This has seriously crippled the art of acting by eliminating been postponed, and when it does
the only place where actors can learn to act. Good parts make had a good story foundation and “Seven Days’ Leave,” which
open it will be with the Chicago ;

also built gripping atmosphere and characterization on an

good actors and many kinds of parts make for versatility. company intact.
With the passing of the stocks, the little theatres, dramatic unusual plot. The preview was “Second Wife,” which was fun-
The play was originally slated
damentally a good story, well directed and acted.
clubs and organizations which occasionally present plays have to follow “Journey’s End,” the war
It is more than a coincidence that, in looking over the lists
been the only source of supply unless one includes the dra- play now current, and it was un-
matic schools. to select the candidates for the ten -best pictures of the year,
derstood that it would be produced
the Inside Facts reviewers should name all of these three
These schools, however, with the old-fashioned technique of with a local cast if a local man
actors who have either failed or retired on account of lack of could be found to play the lead.
among four selected, the fourth being a straightaway revue
demand for their personal services, have inculcated into their type of picture, Warner Brothers’ “Show of Shows.” It is a
But this was changed and it is
truism that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and it
pupils such faulty methods as to make managers look askance now planned to bring the Chicago
takes a superlative order of direction, seldom encountered, to
at their product regardless of other qualifications. company to the coast when it fin-
The practical opportunities which the little theatre affords ishes its run in Chi.
make a good picture out of a story which is uninteresting and
should be considered a lot more important than it is. Every Sam Harris, producer of the
performance that is given should be seen by a legit manager. show the east, is here at the
Inside Facts has stated that the day of the writer is here,
and it still insists on the point even though the Hollywood pro-
This would enthuse the little theatre movement and bring a lot present time, and will collaborate
ducers are chasing all over Broadway and Europe looking for
of interest into the work and the result would be the develop- with Belasco and Curran in the
ment of future talent at no expense to the theatres. bringing of the show here, it is stuff which may be adapted after a fashion to screen presenta-
There also should be more light opera produced by these stated. tion. The reading departments at the studios have long been
clubs as the incentive for the development of that all-important
more or less figureheads, their chief office being to read scripts
and rara avis, the comic opera principal, who is now sadly and record them in order that no plagiarism suits may later be
filed. Their “noes” have worked incalculable harm to the indus-
scarce. Opportunities for singers in the west are exceedingly
few and far between and the chance for a student to attend Readers’ Views try, many a potentially great picture being killed off by their
indifference toward original creations.

a musical show not to mention to aspire to a part in one
The studio which first recognizes this and installs a reading
has for many months been practically nil.
Rochester, N. Y. -
department which will read with a view to finding material
Editor, Inside Facts, rather than perfunctorially with a view to acquitting a routine
Los Angeles, Calif. duty, will profit immeasurably. If never before, now, at least,

Dear A. H. F. We all thought the story is the thing.
DICK TAKES SIXTH BRIDE; you were good until you reviewed
this cluck “Show of Shows.”
What a “Show!” she sure laid
an egg around these parts.
great picture to empty your WILBUR CUSHMAN TO OPEN AT
house on. What a week here. Re-
Dick who em-t Richard, as you will, has taken
braces in
the same person Count unto himself another spouse. Some
(Signed). JACK
* * *
Strensch L’Etsrange de Black- men are fiends for punishment, Portland, Ore.
mere and the Duke of Shrewsbury some afraid to go home alone
is about marryingest man in while others are just simply sim-
Editor, Inside Facts, Wilbur Cushman with his Own there when the call come for him
Los Angeles, Calif. Revue will open an indefinite en to move back into California.
Hollywood. Six times has he ple. It is said that our friend Mighty glad to see you’ve
walked the thirteen steps and Dick is out to break Nat Good-
started a radio page, as it’s a gagement at the Strand Theatre, Cushman will augment his com-
placed the noose around his neck. win’s record. He has it tied now branch of the entertainment field Long Beach, on February 2. This pany for the Long Beach engage-
He knows his lines “I do” so well Last Tuesday in accordance with that is sure worthy of considera- will mark the return of the Cush- ment. Several
that he doesn’t have to look at the previous announcements Dick elect- new principals will
tion. Where pictures and shows man company to California after
manuscript any more. He takes ed to try, try again. He engaged reach thousands and hundreds, re-
be added to his present company
his marriages so nonchalantly that a little church in Glendale for the
spectively, radio reaches millions, an invasion of New Mexico, Mon- roster and musical and novelty
he doesn’t even have to look for ceremony; 11 o’clock a. m. was and the people who are making tana and Texas where they rang acts will be interpolated into the
the bride. the hour appointed. Some of the it more popular every day sure up a record of successful busi- musical comedy production each
His Grace, His Highness or Sir boys desiring to witness the cere- ought to get recognition for their
mony from afar stood upon the ness on consecutive run of over a week.
and how good
services they are.
street corner awaiting the wed- And when you get a real page year.
ding procession. Opposite the

church a young lady was likewise
standing on the same errand bent.
She heard the boys conversing
and let it be known to them that
she was the bride’s
like yours that really knows
its all about it’s a treat and
one think it’s great.
I for
After a stay of over two years
in the San Joaquin valley, Cush-
man moved into Albuquerque, N.
M., where he played for 44 weeks,
TO AID LEGIT sister.
Promptly at 11, the bride, Miss
* * topping all records for the Kimo
Agnes Warmoll, arrived in a taxi Oakland, Calif. Theatre in that city. The advent
(Continued from Page Editor, Inside Facts, of the talkies forced a decision to
1) properly attended. The sister
the President showed a profit on asked her if she had heard from Los Angeles. Calif. move to Butte, Mont., but the CLEVELAND. — The research
Dick. She said No! and her face I see where somebody in your
operation of the houses in that sec- laboratories of the National Car-
the year.
perceptibly paled. Thereupon the last issue thought that was a bon Company, Inc., here, claims
Opposed to this is the large bride joined the waiting throng. good feature where you had a tion by the Fox circuit made it
perfection of a light source in the
list of how good everybody was producer
losses of the Majestic, where two The minutes passed but no Dick. impossible for the to form of a special carbon arc which
shows, the first and the last pro- Eleven-thirty approached and in the talkies. But what I can’t secure theatres in which to rotate has 30 to 50 per cent greater
the bride announced it as the dead-
understand is why you said Helen
duced by Horton, were the only line. his company. He then took over brilliancy than the sun itself.
She would go home and Chandler is “just another ingenue This, they say, removes prac-
ones that did not fall into the call it off. Then someone had the without any particular weight.” All the lease of the Crawford Theatre
tically the last obstacle in the way
red. bright idea to go in and ask the I saw her in was “Salute” but in in El Paso and was operating of projection of wide film of ster-

The Vine Street also had a los- manager er, minister if he had that one I thought she showed
ing season, but one or two shows heard from the groom, and there that she’s really one of the best
eopscopic moving pictures.
The manufacture of this carbon
playing to a profit; the Belasco is they found Dick fretfully sitting of the young girls in pictures and requires from six to eight weeks.
said to have had but two profita- in a pew, his six feet five trem is mighty appealing. I agreed
_ ^ _ __ So great is the care required that
ble shows during 1929; and ^thejblmg lil< e an aspen in the wind. with you on most of the others, the raw materials are produced un-
Figueroa Playhouse The He had been waiting there since particularly Sally O’Neil and her der careful technical supervision
Hollywood Music Box is said to 9:30 and was almost too nervous squeaky voice, and Winnie Light-
in a plant designed and built for
have had but one winner in its to feel relieved. ner, who gave me more laughs in
that specific purpose. The perfec-
history, Louis Macloon’s “Chi- Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Siegfried “Gold Diggers of Broadway” than tion of these carbons makes the
cago.” Richard Augustus Alexander von I’ve had in a long time. And exhibition of the wide stereoscopic
Costs Too High Strensch L’Estrange another favorite of mine is Jack
de Black- Opening the new Louis O. Mac- film a certainty and it will be only
By this, it is evidenced that the mere, Duke and Duchess of Oakie. loon-Lillian Albertson production, a matter of a few weeks before
cost of operation is too high. Shrewsbury, are honeymooning in (Signed) PAUL
HOLLIS. “New Moon,” at the Majestic they will be shown by several
* * ^
There should be a. general lower- a locale unknown. Monday night, was a brilliant af- New York theatres, the Cleveland
ing of the scale of costs on the Medford, Ore.
fair which drew the most distin- execs state.
concerned. Rents Editor, Inside Facts,
part of all DRAMATIC SHORTS Los Angeles, Calif.
guished of the playgoers of both
should go down., advertising rates Los Angeles and Hollywood.
should be scaled in proportion to I have noticed that you have
The play, which will be reviewed
Cal Core is preparing to make
the possible returns. A house a series of six two reelers with been giving a lot of valuable space in Inside Facts next week, got off
playing to $30,000 per week should most of the locale laid in Africa. recently to radio people, and I to a big start, indicating that these ,
Mary McAlisterhas been signed
pay a higher rate for their daily This will be the first dramatic have been wondering whv. No- producers have got another big
to play
the feminine lead in the
advertising than a theatre whose short body who could get anything else
winner to follow up the sensation-
Fox “On the Level,” in
series to be made with to do would take a job around a which Victor McLaglen is the
possible takings are but $5000. sound and dialogue,- though indi- al record they made with their
A general lowering of the over- vidual dramatic shorts have been radio station. The radio business last coast production, “The Desert
star. This is Miss McAlister’s
head on the part of the landlords, made formerly. He starts shoot- cannot last because it is stimulated Song.”
biggest chance since the talkies.
by manufacturers of radio sets In. her younger days she was a
one that would enable their ten- ing February 10 at the Tec-Art
ants to live, would tend to bring studios. The cast and director are
who talk you into tying yourself child star under the name of Mary
up for years to pay for something tunity of saying that the opinions Sunshine.
them more money and improve not as yet signed.
that’s always going out of whack, expressed each week by Mr.
the value of their property more
just to hear somebody advertise a
than will long, periods of darkness DUNCAN’S NEXT place to bury yourself or boost
Jacobs of the various plays pre-
sented in the legitimate theatres
and the reputation of the house
some real estate subdivision. If here in Los Angeles, should be of
being a jinx. Returning from a two months they are not all amateurs they Francis Marion, scenario writer
great value, not only to the the-
Also the unions should look vaude tour in the East, and widow of Fred Thompson,
Vivian sound like it, so why waste space atregoing public, but to the au-
carefully into the possible profits and Rosetta Duncan western film hero, was married last
are in Holly- in a professional paDer on them. thors and producers of plays as
of the theatre and permit a wood to begin preparation on week in Phoenix, Ariz., to George
a (Signed) F. CURTIS. well, for he not only gives us a
smaller crew whenever possible. new picture for Metro-Goldwyn- * * * Williams Hill, motion picture di-
fair and impartial opinion, but in-
Putting the shoulder to the wheel Mayer. rector.
Los Angeles. variably gives us a constructive
on the part of everybody with criticism as well, which, if acted
Editor, Inside Facts,
the object of keeping all of the RUSS PLAY NEXT Los Angeles, Calif. upon, would always be beneficial BEAUDINE’S NEXT
theatres open continuously would Following “Jack Straw” at the In looking over my files of to all concerned.
in the long run be a wiser policy Pasadena Community Playhouse, “INSIDE FACTS” for the past William Beaudine
will film “At
I feel it a great privilege to be
than making the business of pro- Gilmor Brown, the "director, will season, one of your subscribers and we Bay”
I wish to express my great
as his next directorial as-
ducing plays prohibitive except stage “The Armoured Train” on satisfaction could hardly do without it. signment for First National. Lo-
and particularly for
for producers with bottomless Thursday, January 30. Gilmor the helpful criticism of Mr. Louis (Signed) retta Young is to have the stel-
purses and a disregard for losses. Brown will head the cast of 50. B. Jacobs, and take this oppor- HARRY CLAY BLANEY. lar role.
— : ; —



H. McIntyre, former Minne-
apolis exchange manager at Pathe,
One Year ... Published Every Saturday
$4.00 Foreign - $5.00
is expected here this week to be
western division manager at the
Hello, Mack Sennett. Hello, James Madison.
Advertising Rates on Application local office. He replaces Les Weir, Hello, James Madison. How would you typify a
who died about four weeks ago. make-up salon?
As a bi-monthly publication Entered as Second Class Matter, No- : * * *
What do you tell a hokum
vember 17, 1924, at the Post Office at Los Angeles, California, under comedian who is unsuited for As an academy of applied
Les S. Dolliver of the Western the part cast for?
the Act of March 3, 1879. art.
Theatrical Supply Company, was
As a weekly publication: Entered as Second Class Matter, April here from San Francisco for a You are not the tripe. * H= *
29, 1927, at the Post Office at Los Angeles, California, under the Act few days on a business trip.
of March 3, 1879. * * * * * Hello, Congresswoman Flor-
Arthur Riddle of Prescott, Ari- ence Kahn.
Hello, Henry L. Mencken.
zona, is building a new audi- Hello, James Madison.
Published by torium dancing and talking
for Hello, James Madison.
Inside Facts Publishing Company, Inc. pictures in his vicinity. Auditorium Prohibition is ten years old.
800-801 Warner Bros. Downtown Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. is being equipped by the National What is the sacred animal
Telephone TUcker 7832 Theatre Supply Company here. of Hollywood? Well, you see what happens

------ - - - -
President and Editor
Vice Pres, and Counsel
Pacific Coast

auditor for
The sheep.

* * *
when they let a ten-year-old
child have a gun.

* * *
WILLIAM C. OWENS - Secretary and General Manager Film Company, was here this Hello, Lucille La Verne.
week at the local exchange. Cleary Hello, A1 Smith.
Vol. XI Saturday, January 25, 1930 No. 4 makes his headquarters in New Hello, James Madison.
York. Hello, James Madison.
* * * A little simile, please.
What’s wrong with Hollywood? Where are the good old Fox pictures which will be Why do you consider your-
“As old as a magazine in a self a lucky guy?
days of wild parties, Babylonian orgies, murders, suicides, shown at Loew’s State include dentist’s office.”
scandals and the like? Gone, all gone like the snows of yes- “The Cockeyed World,’’ to be Just suppose the stock
shown the week of February 6; =!==(=*
crash had occurred during my
terday. Hollywood is now chemically pure and the industry “Sky Hawk,” February 20, and presidential administration.
has settled down to the humdrum existence of the steel mill “Men Without Women,” tenta- Hello, James Gleason.
or fabric center of New England. tively set for March 20. * * *
* * H=
Hello, James Madison.
Where once wild revelry rang out on the midnight air and Two new theatres supply and Hello, Joe E. Brown.
the hills, dales and canyons to the north of the boulevard, all
Give me a good name for
accessory local offices will open an eating place that caters to
is now serene and a late patrol of the former haunts of the here on the row very soon. Con-
Hello, James Madison.
colored folk.
untrammeled roisterers shows lights out and silence supreme. tinental Accessories, Inc., will open Why were the Pullman peo-
in the M-G-M Exchange building “The Black Spot.” such huddle
The cause is accredited to the fact that the motion pic- when they move into their new
ple in a last

ture industry has become a business just like that of any building about the first of Feb- * * * week?
other factory. The talkies have brought about a change, as ruary. William Glick will be here Because somebody suggested
the midnight oil must be burned in the study of lines and the from New York to be in charge.
Hello, Woman’s
Organiza- that they name one of their
tion for Prohibition Reform.
B. F. Shearer will also open a sleeping cars Kotek.
midnight work at the studios has prevented the holding of local office here within about six
parties. Hello, James Madison. * * *
weeks with Frank Harris and A.
Then again, just like any frontier, wildness is always Larsen in charge. Whyare you opposed to the Hello, William Randolph
associated with the early days of its existence before the present dry administration in Hearst.
coming of law and order. The. pioneer days of Hollywood are NEW SOUND EQUIPMENT California?
Hello, James Madison.
over and the whole colony has settled down to work in the IS OFF TO GOOD START Because the Wright law is

same manner. Then, too, there is the influence of the church. the wrong law. Do the Coast Guard follow
No district in Los Angeles has the number of churches that New York introduction to the
* *
the dictates of fashion?
market of the new type G model
Hollywood has and perhaps no town of equal size can show sound reproducing equipment, re- Yes, indeed; they are dressed
the same religious attendance. That and the fact that per- cently put out by RCA Photo-
Hello, Norma Talmadge. to kill.

haps the coming of a foreign element of eruditeness and a phone for theatres having small
seating capacity, resulted in dis- KINGSTON JOINS STAFF
passing of the wild western types has something to do with
it. Whatever it may be, there is no gainsaying the fact that
Hollywood has been tamed.
tribution to 42 theatres located in
various sections of the country in
the first 10 days. Among the
theatres in which the new model Gus Edwards, whose contract as
For many years the term “kike” has been used in refer- is being installed are the New a director at M-G-M expires soon,
ring to certain Jews, have resented it as an insult, con- Star at Amityville, Long Island; has opened offices in the Holly-
the Pilot Theatre, Winston-Salem,
sidering it an aspersion to be so referred to. wood Bank Building, under the
North Carolina; the Stratford The-
But no such aspersion is in the word, as its origin shows. atre, Stratford, Conn.; the Con- name of Gus Edwards Enterprises, The first in Pathe’s series of
The whole word “kikel” is Yiddish, meaning “circle.” cord, Springdale, Ark.; Rialto, Ft. Ltd. A1 Kingston, formerly press rep-
two-reel viesterns is on the sched-
Many years ago it was customary for Jewish immigrants on Smith, Ark.; Kinema, Escondido, resentative and trade paper man, ule to start this week.
Calif.; Isis, Lamar, Calif.; Palace,
landing to be signed up for certain kinds of labor at the Atlanta, Ga.; DeKalb, Decateur, has associated himself with the Ed- Wallace Fox, who will supervise
steel works. The demand for this labor was great and as the Ga.; Orpheum, Eldorado, 111.;
wards’ staff. the entire series of six, is to di-
The office is planning
Jews, mostly from Russia, arrived, they were asked to sign Grant, Cicero, 111.; Luna, Battle all phases of theatrical to handle rect the first one from an original
Creek, la.; Dickerson, Macon, enterprise, .

their names to the company’s register. story by him. It is entitled “Flame

Mo.; Rickerson, Odessa, Mo.; including personal representation
But few of them could write their names and were asked Mary Lou, Marshall. Mo.; Melvin, for artists, writers and directors, of the West,” and will be the
to make their mark against their names on the book. This St. Louis, M/o.; Roosevelt, St. and with a possibility that later new style talkie western, to-wit,
Edwards will produce musical
is usually done by making an “X.” The Jews, being largely Louis, Mo.; Red Wing, St. Louis, Gus comedies. Among other things
with cowboy songs, plenteous com-
edy, While casting was
Memorial, etc. not
orthodox, refused to place a cross against their name for a Mo.; Veterans’ St.
Louis, Mo.; Hall, Stratford, Ne'b.; Edwards plans to open a theatrical completed the middle of the week,
presumed religious reason and, instead, described a circle or Grandview, Brooklyn, N. Y. Ma- school. it was planned to use Mona Rica
“kikel” as they called it. jestic,Brooklyn, N. Y.; Paradise,
Edwards will still be identified as the feminine lead, it was re-
with the profession as a song ported.
On one occasion, an immigration officerwas asked by a Brooklyn, N. Y.; Harlem King,
writer, director and producer. Theother five of the series are
clerk, “How many have you?” merely contracting the
‘kikes’ New York, N. Y- Cameo, Sche-
nectady, N. Y. Capitol, Schenec-
Kingston is general manager of in preparation now, and it is
word “kikel.” The word stuck and there you have it. tady, N. Y.

Strand, Watertown,
the Enterprises, and will actively likely they will be shot at the

N. Y.; Little Carnegie, New York, negotiate and superintend the rate of one a week.
N. Y. Luxor, Brooklyn, N. Y. workings of the office in Holly-
talking two-reel comedies, 26 one ;
wood. A
reelers in sound, 26 silent one Palace, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.;
similar office will be
in New York.
52 silent two relers, 12
reelers in the “Sporting
Palace. Roxboro, N. C.; Alham-
bra, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Rex,
Due to the initial business com-
Frederick G. Latham, long-time
ing into the offices, it is probable
Youth” series and five serials in Altos, Okla.; Mecca, Enid, Okla.; director of musical comedies and
that they will be moved shortly to
sound. University, Norman, Okla.; Audi- operettas, has been added to the
larger quarters.
LIST OF SHORTS Of the itwo-reel comedies, 10
torium, Manheim, Pa.; Brockway,
Brockway, Pa.; Alvarado, Alva-
executive staff. RKO
Among the
have all-star casts, and 10 star important musical comedies and
Sunny Jim. The silent group com- rado, Texas; Rex, Borger, Texas; MINSTREL PICTURE operettas he directed were “Mile.
LTniversal to start the new
is Idle Hour, Petersburg, Va.; Fair- Modiste,” “The Red Mill,” “The
prises 10 Sid Saylor and 10 Ar-
season in their shorts’ division by lawn, Anaoostia, D. C.; Broad- “The Grand Parade,” a minstrel Slim Princess,” and “The Madcap
thur Lake shorts.
making 98 silents and 63 in dia- way, Palmyra, N. J.; Princess, story picture, is due for early re- Duchess.” “Bull Dog Drum-
A Of the 52 one reelers, 26 are
logue. total of 265 short sub-
Oswald Cartoons in sound. The
Sausalito, Calif. lease by Pathe. A
minstrel show mond,” “Three Wise Fools” and
jects for the entire year is the is part of the film. Fred Scott “The Lullaby” are among the dra-
program with the plans for the rest are comedy reissues, silent
and Helen Twelvetrees have the matic productions Latham di-
balance of the schedule not as yet only. Stars are Bert Roach, Slim
leading roles. rected.
The schedule includes 40 all-
In the
Bonomo, Ted Carson,

Josie Sedg-
westerns Joe LETTERS
There are letters at the Los
wick, Bobbie Nelson, Billy Sulli-
van and Edmund Cobb will ap-
Angeles office of INSIDE

13. B.B. Says:

The 12 two reelers of the
for the following
and Louise
ALLY. Narcisse
Plenty of laughs all week
Big crowds down and the
wise-crracking brethren turned
loose a flock of new ones.
Youth” Series have a
which includes Ann
Tom Carr, Sumner Get-
John McAvoy and Robert


EDDIE LAMBERT back from Foster. CARLTON, Will CALIF.
a F. and M. tour. The five “Tarzan the
serials are COLLINS. Harry
•• ••
Tiger,” “The Jade Box,” “The
Lightning Express,” “Terry of the
Chas. H.
C. WANTS —Chorus (Mediums) with Specialties
Times” and another not yet an- EMANUEL Real Dancing Character Woman Ingenue with Voice —
S. — The CELLAR is at nounced. The last three named GILLETTE, Bobby —
Dancing Soubret Real Versatile Dance Team and Musi-
Boulevard ...
Street and Hollywood will be in 10 episodes, while GOODWIN, Babe
between Vine “Tarzan /the Tiger” is a 15-episode LOCKHART. TRUE G. cal and Novelty Acts.
and Cahuenga . .the phone

numbers are GRanite 3 3 8 2 serial. MacDONALD, E. Jeanne

and HOIlywood 9 15 9 There also will be 104 issues of MAHRA The Great
. . .

parking is free at the lot

across from the CELLAR
. . .
Universal Newspaper News- MASON, Marvel
SONS are there. QUAKER CITY Quartette At Above Theatre,
Bert Roach has been assigned SAVLEY. J.
Thank You. to the important singing role of
“Gus,” in Warner Brothers’ “Vien-
SINGAPORE Troubadours
TAYLOR, Slade (Mike) Jan. 23 to 25 at 10 A. M.
nese Nights.” Bert has an excel- TIFFANY, Owen
lent singing voice.


Harold J.
SAN FRANCISCO 935 Market St.,
Office Salts 504


'SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— _

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.—- “Hot For Paris” (Fox) and “In- Under new contracts just issued SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.—$ $5000. “That Ferguson Family”
Rain made things pretty dreary ternational Idea” now in. him by the Shell Oil Co. for whom Old Jupe Pluvius kicking over the is now in. First week of Kolb
he broadcasts, Hugh Barrett rain barrel to generous proportions and Dill in “Give 'and Take” okeh

for local picture show shops, the Third wek of Fox’se “Sunny
Fox getting the nicest intake of Side Up” at Loew’s Warfield was Dobbs, better known as “Dobb- didn’t do legit houses any good. at $5200.

the lot, with Joan Crawford in nice at $21,000 and is still there, sie,” this week becomes the coun- The Curran with the world pre- Columbia has the Columbia
“Untamed” (M-G-M), Fanchon with “Hallelujah” due soon. try’s highest salaried radio enter- miere of “Bambina” came out Opera Co. and the Geary is dark
and Marco’s “Hot Dominoes Second week of Norma Tal- tainer. ahead of the rest. WayInitial with nothing set to follow. “Oh,
Idea” and Walt Roesner, m. c., madge in “New York Night” at Over KPO
and the N. B. C. stanza of this Venetian operetta Susanna” opens February 3 at
grossing the nice figure of $46,000. Publix’s Granada drew in $18,000, network for the past four and a presented by Daniel C. Blum and the Curran.
and Ruth Chatterton in Par’s half years, Dobbsie will continue with Nancy Welford arid Al St.
“Laughing Lady” with the star with that chain for at least an- John iii the cast took $16,000 and

making personal appearances on
the opening day is okeh now.
other three years at art approxi- looks set td do as well this week
mate annual salary of $75,000.

provided the present dice weather

Midnite Show
First National’s “Sally” opened Dobbsie was honor guest at a holds out.
Film, Chorus to $22,500 at Publix’s California luncheon tendered him last week “Bad Babies” Opened to only Gets Best Of
and continues. St. Francis weaker at the Whitcomb hotel by execu- $8000 at the Capitol but will do

Does Big Biz and weaker with Maurice Cheva- tives of Shell Oil, when Manager much better now that publicity .
Bad Weather
lier “Love Parade,” doing J. W. Laughlin of KPO, Don attached to the show following
fifth week
$9500 on his not what — E. Gilman, coast head of KPO, three arrests by the police has
and E. H. Sanders, Shell execu- got around.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— it was hoped to be.
Cliff Work organized and pre-
First week of Universal’s tives, spoke, and extended their Eighth and final week of Char- Fox TheStfe inaugurated its first
“Broadway” at the Orpheum appreciation to Dobbs for his ex- lotte Greenwood in “She Couldn’t midnight show Saturday night
sented an all-Teutonic show at
the RKO Orpheum this week,
grossed $13,500, with “Love cellent work during the past years. Say No” at Duffy’s President did
with good business results despite
making the big German
Comes Along” (Radio), starring * * *
a play for inclement weather.
Bebe Daniels due in this week. After a serious injury to his
population of this territory by
Fourth and stanza of George
Fanchon and Marco’s “Hof
fering the German talking version foot that kept him confined to his
Arliss in Warner Brothers’ “Dis- home for several weeks, Walter
of “Broadway” on screen and a
raeli” at the Embassy drew in Beban has returned to the N. B. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— Dominoes Idea” augmented by
vocal chorus of 200 voices on
$9500, with “Show of Shows” (W. Karen Jensen was forced to tem- other acts, Walt Roesner and the
stage. C. studios where he again swings
B.) currently Second and porarily retire from the "Odds and Fox orchestra and Joan Crawford
The idea was great for busi- last week of big. his baton over the Vagabonds and
Ted Lewis in “Is Musical Musketeers,
Ends” Revue at R-K-0 Golden in “Untamed” completed the show.
ness-getting, as all Teutonic or- Gate as result of an attack of flu,
Everybody Happy?” (W. B.) at * * * Present indications are that this
ganizations in the city were be-
the Davies okeh at $8500 and Over the KTAB
mike each
hind Saturday “whoopee show” policy
“Skinner Steps Out” (U) now WIRING THEATRE
night comes the voice of Herb
there. will be continued, especially since
Scharlin. one of the studio’s oldest
‘BAD BABIES’ CAST With Universal’s “Hell’s Heroes” employes in point
of service, and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— San Francisco is noted as a lively
ARRESTED 3 TIMES and a stage show, the Casino one who has built
up an enviable Morris Klein i§ installing W. E,. town on Saturday nights.
grabbed $10,500. “South Sea reputation for himself. In addi- equipment iii his Victory Theatre,
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— Rose” screen.
(Fox) is currently on the tion
to crbonirtg times Scharlin San Josd, CAFE MANDARIN REVUE
accompanies himself at the piano CLUB
The long arm of the law swooped
and announces. And to. top it all PREMIERE OF “SOMBRAS” ENTERTAINS 12:10
down on the Capitol Theatre and JOINS WILBUR PLAYERS off he has to his credit several
its show “Bad Badies,” not once published numbers, “I Got a The world premiere of the first SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.—
but thrice this week, arresting SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— Misery” being among them. feature-length talking picture to At its regular meeting at Cafe
members of the cast and the pro- May Robson sailed this week for * * * be made in Hollywood in a foreign Marquard Monday Soon, mem-
ducer, manager and director and Honolulu where she joins the Only his ability to sing a tune language, “Sombras de Gloria,” bers of the 12:10 Club, swie Of this
carting them off to jail where Richard Wilbur stock company at saved Dud Williamson from wash- starring Jose
Bohr, a Sona-Art
civic organizations
they were released on $10 bail ing a stack of dishes the other production, will be held at the Cri- city's livest
the Liberty Theatre as guest art-
each. A trial will be held at once ist. She returns here Feb. 27.
day. Dud hurried briskly out of terion Theatre Saturday night at with many theatrical members,
to determine whether or not “Bad KYA for a hasty bite of lunch. In a11:15. All seats are reserved with
scale of $1 to $2. The picture
were entertained by a revue ffoiflt
Babies” is unfit for the local legit his rush he dropped his wallet. the Mandarin Cafe, presented by
stage. INSTALL EQUIPMENT He ordered hangtown frys at 85 has been made with an entire cast Bill Muldoon and Paddy Diilon
Arrest of the troupe has not cents, and discovered, when pay- of Spanish-speaking players, and
and m. c.’d by Herb Meyerinck.
prevented the show from continu- SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— time came, he had only 35 cents. only the Spanish language is used Among the entertainers were
ing, however, and at bigger busi- Local offices of Pathe, managed So to prove to the doubting throughout. Eddie Dowling is the
Leo Cashin, Peggy Reade, Irene
ness than in its first and mediocre by M. E._ Cory, has installed talk- cashier that he really worked at star of the English language ver- Fredericks, the Mandarin Revue,
week. ing equipment in its preview KYA he warbled a few bars from sion, “Blaze o’ Glory.”
Wilbur Stump, Lee Freeman,
Those arrested three times were rooms. “Just One— That’s All” and con- Shirley Marvin, Trixie Murray arid
I.. A. Arms, producer; David vinced her he would return with ing staff. Bunker, like most of the Jerry Andrews, all front the:
Cantor, manager; George Sher- BIDS FOR HOUSE NEW
the needed four bits. studio’s announcers, writes his Mandarin.
wood, director, and Mildred Van * * * own talks. Henry Starr, N. B. C. vocalist,
Dorn, new star of the show, who
replaced Pauline
OAKLAND, Jan. 23. Warner National Broadcasting Co. has —
Garon; Arthur Brothers have ordered bids taken been getting some nifty returns Frederick
* * *
offered a group of numbers to
Howard, such enthusiastic response that he
Rankin, Russell Hopton, Rhoda for a $750,000 house they will from throughout the country on violinist, has joined the staff of was made an honorary member
Cross, Wesley Barry, Elinor erect here, construction to start its Pacific Vagabonds program KYA and is heard daily on the of the club.
Flynn, Jean Reno and Franklyn within 90 days. The site is at that features Jack Dealt arid the Bridge Party Hour, 2 to 3 p. m. The Big Three, vocal trio, com-
Lewis. Broadway, Franklin and Twentieth Pepper Maids along with Walt * * * posed of Ronald Jonsort, Heine
Pauline Garon had a break in streets, next to the Elks’ Club. Bebart’s orchestra. A stack of To their half hour programs Klotz and Harry Morton, s'Sffig,
escaping the raiders, having quit wires and telegrams from all over over KYA each Monday, Wed- The. meeting was in 'charge of
the show the dav before the first
COMPLETE CAST evidence the popularity of this nesday and Friday Tommy Mun- Arthur Young. Dr. Wm. Hoag'
arrests were made. hour. roe and Bob Alien, the 1640 Boys, land is president, Walter Swan--
The show, which deals in an * * * have added the voice of George son, secretary, and Ray Stephens,
outspoken way with the wildness
With the signing of Virginia
Some clever sketches come over Bowers, a protege of Rube Wolf. treasurer of the 12:10 Club.
Sale, Allen Kearns and Selma
of the younger generation, also the air from KYA where Metro
ran into purist wrather in its Los Jackson, the cast of Richard Dix’s and Cosmo are regular features.
Angeles showing, but after some second Radio Picture has been Tom Smith, who is Cosmo, writes
minor changes was allowed to completed. Miss Sale is the sister the vehicles and Harold Bechtel,
finish out its run. It will be con-
of Chic Sale, famous stage star.
Others in the cast are Lois Wil- who is Metro, completes the cast
In Its Second Year at Your Earnings Wisely
sidered kick
a San
if of two.
which in former days prided itself son, who plays opposite Dix; Rita ALABAM CAFE
* * * For Conservative Investment
La Roy, Renee Macready and
on its Bohemian liberality, sud-
denly proves to be more self-
Anthony Bushell. Mel Brown is In the first week of the Febru- OAKLAND Consult
directing. ary school term KFRC will in-
righteous than the somewhat far-
merized Southern California me-
tropolis. ESTABROOK AT F. N.
augurate “The American School
of the Air,” a series of educa-
tional broadcasts coming from the

Fr emery
It is understood that the Equity New York studios of Columbia “JUST ONE— Co.
bond covering the show provides
has Estabrook
been Broadcasting System. THAT’S ALL” 947 Russ Bldg.
that the show can be closed in signed by First National for a A Comedy Mock Ballad
case of arrests, but what action, if special assignment.
_ * * * San Francisco
Estabrook is
any, Equity will take in the mat- under contract to Paramount but
Walter Bunker, Jr., is a recent AMERICAN MUSIC CO.
Phone Sutter 3300
addition to the KFRC announc- KRESS BLDG., SAN FRANCISCO
ter had not been learned at press has in recent months been loaned
time. r
to Gaddo, Pathe and Fox.


We Make *


602 Kress Bldg.
935 Market
With Them Now
Phone Kearney 6083 San Francisco

Nightly raids by local John Laws’
Jan. 23.— Soloist With Golden Gate Park Band
“Bad Babies” at the Capitol and
subsequent arrest of cast mem-
bers is no doubt responsible for
the gag current among legit row:
SAN FRANCISCO Boy Friend: “Shall I 'call for
of the Fern
JACK WOLFENDEN, Prop. FRANK RATCHFORD, Mgr. John; I haven’t had my nightly
arrest yet.”



Uaudeville and ^Presentations

ORPHEUM Myrtle Strong at the organ com- value and reaped results accord- Maxine Hamilton lead the girls better than they started. The
SEATTLE bine forces this week in a well- ingly. The forerunner of a com- through their several numbers in couple opened up by interpreting
(Reviewed January 19) received medley of songs from a pletely satisfactory bill of talent addition to warbling a number or an old man and woman ‘about to
The stage bill at the R-K-O coming
picture. which was devoid of opportunities so, but her big forte is her high be married. Most of their wise-
Orpheum this week shows about The screen opus was William for criticism, kicks and spirited dances. In cracks fell flat. However, a quick
Boyd’s “His First Command.” Eddie Meredith. these she surpasses. change to collegiate costumes,
as wide a variety as anything sent
us this season, and it can be truth-
H. B. M. Lee Wilmot, eccentric dancer, singing and dancing brought much
fully be best described as from BOULEVARD also landed heavy with his stuff, better results. Their harmony
the sublime to the ridiculous. RKO THEATRE LOS ANGELES his ‘deadpan looks grabbing over whistling at the finish of their
the laughs. The boy is nimble to act did considerable to strengthen
The Pavley Oukrainsky ballet LOS ANGELES
- (Reyiewed Jan. 20)
a nicety.
opens the show with a group of (Reviewed Jan. 16) Slim Martin, who holds the Arnold Grazer, the last of the

Rathe’s feature titled great record of a year at Long

Betty Lou returned to offer two
dances which for skilled perform- flicker
was forced to a short
specialties, interpretations the tune
ance, colorful costuming and back- “His First Command” with Wil- Beach and held the master .of to of
ground and effective music haven’t liam Boyd and five acts of excel- ceremonies berth for a long time
speech following his efforts. “Could I? I Certainly Could.”
Doused in paint, the boy is
gold Her interpretation of a sober Eng-
been equaled since this same lent entertainment were the rea- at Pasadena, opened at the Boule- a statue for the better part of the
group’s visit here a year ago. sons for the satisfactory box-office vard this week. On his opening lishman and of one when ine-
opening, coming to life for a neat briated was excellent and brought
Edris Milar, premier danseuse this downtown vaude house had show, Slim received a round of
The five applause that proved that he is a toe offering. approval. Miss Webb has a pleas-
with the Chicago Grand Opera on the current week. Peabody’s bit was the highlight, ing personality and inasmuch as
Company for six years, heads the acts of good entertainment were a great favorite with the Los An- naturally, of the afternoon. He
improvement she was perfectly at ease on the
group of figurantes who charm in decided on last geles fans and it looks as though
pranced on the stage to a nice stage she made a good m. of c.
this offering;, and her work is just week’s stage talent. Slim is at the Boulevard for an
blonde LeVere with Edyth indefinite stay. He has loads of opening reception and stepped into The finale followed presenting
as superlative as to quality as the first band number, “Happy 11 pianos arranged to form a
when we last saw her. She pre- Handman and a capable pianist personality and with his showman- Rhythm,” with the saxes headed pyramid. Their first number,
sents again her famous mechanical substituting for Lou Handman’s ship he is bound to be a big
by Eddie and the trusty fiddle “Rhapsody In Blue,” gave each
doll number and also offers a valuable position in the act, easily success. leading the group in some fine girl an opportunity to show her
charming solo to Delibes’ “Vari- scored top applause honors. Flor- Assisting on the bill were Bar-
soloing. And then to his own musical talent. The next number,
ante.” rie LeVere is a sure-fire enter- num and Bailey, a couple of hoke
especial offering. He went the “Turn On the Heat,” was played
Lydia Arlova is another capable tainer, dynamic in pep and with funsters and singers; Toki and limit on “pops,” including the with the girls standing and pro-
performer with this troupe who is ability, personality and delivery Yoki, and the Boulevard chorus following: “Painting the Clouds viding the breaks with hot steps.
seen in the solo number in a outstanding. Smooth tempo and in their usual nice routine coached
With Sunshine,” “Am I Blue?” After playing a nice arrangement
gypsy dance and also offers a solo construction of the act is also by Flo Kelly. “Vagabond Lover,” “Some of of “Nola,” all came on to end the
interlude in the flower ballet which particularly noticeable. Her char- The band offered a hot tune
These Days,’’ “Talking Picture of Idea by singing and dancing to
opens this act. Nine finely-trained acterizations are exact, and she with Slim entertaining with a You,” “Singing In the Rain,” the theme song.
girls work with the principals, sells her songs and dancing spe- trombone solo in his individual “So n g of the Nile” and was Picture was “Navy Blues” (M-
along with Nelson Henderson. cialties for everything they’re style that drew him his share ol forced into the aisles to appease G-M).
Here is an act which is far above worth. Edyth Handman shows applause.
The ensemble offered a snappy some of the requests. They hol- 0. K. Hoffman.
the class of ordinary vodvil offer- stage education since her last ap-
lered for “St. Louis Blues” but
ings and one to be recommended. pearance in coast vaude houses, routine which was followed by
Eddie talked them out of the old
Owen McGivney, protean artist, delivering with pleasing style a Toki and Yoki, who added an
favorite and kept talking the gang
who is a familiar player to all vod- brace of songs that hit the bell. oriental touch to the show. SAN FRANCISCO
be doing Barnum and Bailey, who have from keeping him overtime, but
vil fans, presents his sketch from She’ll a single, in one, (Reviewed Jan. 18)
they finally let up enough to let
Dickens, in which he plays seven some day and will be better than been seen at practicaelly all the the show continue. This Sam Harris-staged show
characters himself. A novelty is good. Plenty of bows tagged this night clubs around town, provided There is no doubt that Eddie had for its setting a New York
seen this year in that he exposes one, with the encores bowing in the comedy for the evening to-
Peabody hasn’t lost one iota of roof garden night club, a particu-
how these changes are effected, Lou Handman, a relation of the gether with their pleasing singing his popularity, and he’ll always (Continued on Page 9)
making it a highly interesting fea- pair, visiting from the lots where which never misses. be going when some of
ture, even to those who have he is sojourning Lou’s
lately. Picture was “They Had To
artist work medley of past song compositions See

Paris” (Fox) with capacity them are back

selling neckties.
watched this finished
They crave him here, and he likes
landed in cyclonic style.
The remainder of the bill can be Chamberlin and Himes landed
laugh' purposes okay with their familiar Bowery
tody. W it. For a boxoffice attraction,
Marco showed his shrewd show-
classified as for
They’ll click on any bill FIFTH AVE. manship when he dragged Eddie “HOT DOMINOES” Idea
only, and include William and Joe turn.
up to Seattle for these few weeks. Senator Theatre, Sacramento
Mandel, two athletes who offer and anywhere. SEATTLE
Six Brown Brothers in closing (Reviewed Jan. He’ll make dough here, or any Thanks to Fanchon and Marco
just as much comedy as they do 16) place, for, after all, there’s only
well-handled R i s 1 e y and stand spot made the grade with a rou- Peabody’s back and with it he one Eddie Peabody, a great little
work. Dick Nash, a sort of human tine of saxophone nonsense and brought the smile to Jim Clem- .

Another good bet for mer’s face, for the diminutive showman.
Eifel tower, and Midgie Lately, a otherwise.
The screen attraction was “The
little half - pint - size comedienne, entertainment.
who have a popular offering, with
banjo twanger’s boxoffice records
Wm. Nunn and Company offer- have never been topped here. It’s
Lone Star Ranger.” SYLVIA DOREE
Jean. Featured in
Nash/s d,roll humor and rope ing a condensed old-time melo in true, the long line of standees are
twirling getting over nicely, and burlesque gesture, went over in smaller, but that can be laid to Fanchon and Marco's
Miss Fately, very eye-pleasing as double forte fashion. The fans the door of the weather man, who FOX-WEST COAST “JAZZ TEMPLE IDEA”
a foil. trumped the few probable audience has had the city under snow for LONG BEACH
“The Wager,” closing offering, is plants with a double-barreled the past few days. (Reviewed Jan. 18) EN TOUR
a burlesque on McGivney's quick burst of hissing and a goodly time They turned out for the opening Herb Kern opened the “Ivory”
change act, and everyone on the was had by all. day, plenty strong, and witnessed Idea with a band number, Stra-
bill except the opening act work- LaSalle and Mack, a better one of the best all round bills dellaOverture, from the pit. At
The Mandels grab a than ordinary a c r o b at i c turn, that Marco has ever sent up this
ing in it.
load of laughs with their hokum. opened and had no trouble in reg- way, topped off by a whale of an
Tiny Burnett’s R-K-Olians and istering. Sold their wares for full outdoor western that clicked.
the conclusion of the number Bet-
ty Lou Webb introduced herself
This “Black and Gold” Idea
evidently hasn’t lost any of the
Carita, a snappy yqung lady, did
well-executed back bends before
Fanchon and Marco’s
FANCHON AND MARCO pep since playing Loew’s State,
although nothing could drag with
the ensemble who were presenting
a Far East rythmatic dance. The DESERT IDEA
PRESENT Eddie out there in his first day tap dancing of the evening was
back at work, putting everything furnished by the Four Hi-Hatters.

he had. into the show.
are good-looking,
The girls
and dance ... a triple quality that
has been lacking in some of the
These four
some fine
young men
and functioned as a well-trained
group. Each gave an individual
their dancing JOAN
HARDCASTLE Featured in
LOEW’S STATE, LOS ANGELES, THIS WEEK “Idea” line-ups, at least when they
hit here. They’re gratifying to
dance that was different and each
one was well received.
the extreme, looked “Sun-kisted”
Miss Webb next presented the
against a gorgeous setting, with line girls in a Cameo number rep-
lighting far superior to the av- resenting the eighteenth century.
PHIL SYLVIA erage. This one will go over to Their dancing was nothing extra
a fare-thee-well in the east.
The Three Kemmys,
Eva Ivey, put across
exhibition of
but Carita’s toe dancing was the
assisted by
as neat an
acrobatic adagio
highlight of the act. Her rapid
whirling while on her toes brought
solid applause.
Fanchon and Marco’s
“Overtures” Idea

Booked Solid Over R-K-O Circuit In “Songs and Steps” topped off by a balancing offering Themixed comedy team of
Direction Wm. Morris
that clicked heavy. Goetz and Duffy ended up much







Producers and
EXCHANGE Distributors of IN
General Booking
Offices RADIO
1564 Broadway
CORP. 1560 Broadway Corner Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street
General Booking New York
1560 Broadway
New York
HO. 2181—Telephones— HO. 2182
1560-1564 Broadway,
Telephone Exchange: Bryant 9300
(Reviewed Jan. 17)
With Fox’s “Cockeyed World”
10 ACTS All the passenger steamers on
the Dollar Steamship Lines fleet to
using up most of the running time
the Orient and around the world
this week’s Merrymakers Revue
(Continued from Page 8)
was limited to a scant 26 minutes, IN PUR’S PARADE will be equipped with talking mo-
larly attractive bit of work by necessitating fast moving work on tion pictures starting with the in-
Buck Theall. Overseeing the en- the part of the acts and Jay
affair was Don Smith who Brower, m. c. Show was framed stallation on the round the world Taking over the California
master - of - ceremonied in highly by Peggy O’Neill and Brower ARE MADE PUBLIC liner President Fillmore, departing
Studios on Beachwood Drive,
adequate fashion. along the “School Days” lines and from New York westward Janu- Hollywood, last occupied by the
After a routine by Nell Hard 1 was okay. -
The first Paramount revue, fol- ary 16, according to announcement John Ince organization, Herman
ing’s chorus, Pinkie Green put A band number by Brower .and lowing in the footsteps of those by R. Stanley Dollar, president of Fowler, head of the Fowler
over rope-skipping tap number the boys started off the affair and
and then Duke Kuana and a fern then Royal Gascoigne sold the of Fox, M-G-M and Warner Dollar Steamship Lines. Western Studios has announced a program
partner offered a group of Hawa- Missionites heavily on his clever Brothers and made under the Electric installed equipment on the of nearly 500 one and two reelers
iian selections, the girl later re- juggling, following it title of “Paramount on Parade,” President Fillmore. This marks on his 1930-31 program. Produc-
up with com-
turning for a hula and the Duke edy stuff with a dog. Nice all was revealed in detail this week. the first invasion of the Pacific
doing a solo. tion, it is stated, will start about
the way through and scored easily. Contents during shooting time was Ocean and seas westward
Selections from “Madame But- as far the first of February.
Rosemarie led the sixteen girls as the Mediterranean with sound- So on the program, it is
terfly” as sung by Jacqueline Bru- in “Icky” and then Brower brought kept secret. Elsie Janis prominent
nea provided a pleasing bi.t of the on Jimmie Barr, who, in his sec- in not only being one of the stars
-on-film. Talking movies
are said, three short sound reels
show. Helen Cuneo, stepping out ond week doubling in from the
known in Japan, China and the per week, with additional produc-
but she also aided in putting the Philippines, but the arrival of the tion of 12 one and two-reel nov-
of the line, sold a fast moving Silver Slipper, again rang the bell
opus together and also is said to President Fillmore at Straits Set- elty numbers in color, a series of
dance to big returns and then Don for heavy returns. Opened with
Smith high-tenored a classy tune “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ” and followed have written some of the songs. tlements, Ceylon and other far 12 2-reel comedy and dramatic
for nice results. The Nearing with “Singin’ in the Rain,” and eastern ports will give residents subjects in the Hebrew tongue,
Thirty-five stars and featured there the first opportunity to see several one and two reel comedies
Sisters in an average dance and went plenty big. players are in the cast and also
then Don and Jacqueline returned some freelance personalities for
talking movies. The President and a series, of novelty shorts.
Finale was “Paper Dolls.” Fillmore arrives at Los Angeles There will also he a series in the
to duo “I Love You Only.” Mel Hertz at the organ. important bits.
Picture was Fox’s “South Sea
Harbor Feb. 2 on her voyage Spanish language, it is announced.
Hal. Listed in alphabetical order the
Rose” with Lenore Ulric. round the world. Fowler claims over 1000 ad-
following stars and featured play-
vance bookings, and says he will
Joe Livingston and his Orches- SENNETT appear at various times in
tra were in the pit.
“Paramount on Parade”: BREAK FOR BARBARA open exchanges immediately in
Hal. STEADY SHOOTING PACE Richard Arlen, Jean Arthur,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dal-
Barbara Kent has been assigned las, Chicago, New York and Min-
William Austin, George Bancroft,
FOX The Mack Sennett Studios are Evelyn Brent, Mary Brian, Clive the feminine lead opposite Robert neapolis, with others to follow.
keeping to their steady pace of Brook,
Armstrong in Warner Brothers’ Foreign rights have been disposed
SAN FRANCISCO Virginia Bruce, Nancy “Dumbells in Ermine.” Miss Kent of to William Pizor, New York
about one production a week, hav- Carroll, Ruth Chatterton, Maurice
(Reviewed Jan. 17) ing one just completed, one in Chevalier, got her break opposite Harold picture man.
Gary Cooper, Stuart
Walt Roesner and the Fox Con- production and another preparing Erwin, Kay Francis, Lloyd in “Welcome Danger.” The California Studios, which
Sheets Gal-
cert Orchestra with their overture for an early start. lagher, Harry Green, Mitzi Green,
Others in the cast include Char- will be renamed the Fowler
offering “Singin’ In the Rain” was A. Leslie Pearce, who co-di- James Hall, Neil Hamilton, Phil- lotte Merriam, Arthur Hoyt, Studios, will be used for produc-
the one bright spot in an other- rected the dialogue of U. A.’s lips Holmes, Helen Kane, Dennis Claude Gillingwater, Julia Swayne tion purposes only, the executive
wise dull stage show, Fanchon and “Bulldog Drummond” and also di- King, Gordon, Beryl Mercer, Mary Foy offices and laboratories being
Frederic March, David and Marie Astaire.
Marco’s “International Idea,” full rected the Paramount Douglas Newell, John Adolfi maintained at their present locale
of color but little else. Built up MacLean
Jack Oakie, Warner is directing. in the Lillian Way building.
starring vehicle, “The Oland, Zelma O’Neal, Eugene
by the aid of a sound trailer with Carnation Kid,” the first action Pallette,
Joan Peers, William
a vocal chorus the number provid- talkie, and many others, has been
Powell, Charles “Buddy” Rogers,



ed plenty in the way of class en- signed by Sennett to do the pic- Lillian
tertainment. A flash finale with a ture which is about to start under ToomeyRoth, Stanley Smith, Regis
and Fay Wray.
rainbow effect in the background the title of “He Trumped My The directors who contributed
and a group of girls at the trap Ace.” Pearce’s contract calls for are Dorothy (AGENCY)
Arzner, Otto
drums brought the tune to a wow a series of Sennett productions.

Brower, Edmund Goulding, Elsie VAUDEVILLE—ORCHESTRAS

of a finish and netted a half doz- Johnny Burke has been signed Janis, Edwin Knopf, Rowland
en bows for Roesner and his gang. for the male lead in the picture. V.
Lee, Ernst
The stage show opened in a Burke was lead in Sennett’s fea- Mendes, Victor Lubitsch, Lothar
Schertzinger, Ed-
Spanish setting with Federico ture-length silent, “The Good-Bye ACTS SUITABLE FOR PICTURE HOUSE PRESENTATION
ward Sutherland and Frank Tut-
Flores handling the vocals in ade- Kiss,” made a few weeks ago. AND CLUBS
tle. Several of these directors, as
quate fashion. Then Billy Carr in Marjorie Beebe will play oppo- for example Ernst
a new type of Apache and okay. site Burke, with the cast also in-
Lubitsch, di- WHITE—WIRE—CALL
Mignon Laird, harpist, followed, cluding Dot Farley, Robert M. Luibitschseveral of the numbers. 607-8 Majestic Theatre Bldg., 845 South Broadway, Los Angeles
directed each of the three
doing nice work, and then she and O’Connor, Ken Thompson and in which Maurice Chevalier Phone TUcker 2149
Carr doubled for a rough dance. Rosemary Theby. starred.
Osaki Boys, juggling barrels, The picture just finished is “Paramount on Parade” is made
.good for a novelty, the number “Match Play,” with Marjorie
_ up. of fifteen separate starring
being built up by the line girls Beebe in the feminine lead, with
units, each in itself a complete
also in Japanese costume. Markel Andy Clyde and Bud Jamieson
and Faun in a long group of com-
edy dances, netting them only fair
returns. Finale had a lot of flash
support. It is a golf story.
short feature production either in-
timate or spectacular, musical or
also comedy skit.
Travis Banton, fashion creator taken by itself,
Each of these,
Walter Trask
and was good. for Paramount, has left on a tour make
has been .titled to WANTS STANDARD ACTS and ENTERTAINERS (or
On the screen was Fox’s “Hot of London, Paris, Cannes, Monte short
up, in fact, a collection of THEATRES, CLUBS, LODGES and SMAROFF-TRASK
pictures under one general PRESENTATIONS
For Paris.’’ Carlo and Antibes for ideas. He heading.
Hal. will return the first of April.
“The Rainbow Revels,” “In a 1102 Commercial Exchange Bldg.
Paris Park” and “Origin of the
Apache,” by Maurice Chevalier;
416 West Eighth Street Los Angeles

Meiklejohn Bros. “The Gallows Rag,” by Dennis

King”; “Show Girls on Parade,”
featuring Virginia Bruce and show
Telephone TUcker 1689


“Buddy” Rogers and Lillian Roth; 7016 Hollywood Boulevard Studio of Dancing
Fourth Floor, Spreckels Bldg. “The Toreador,” featuring Kay Professionals Taught by Professionals
GLadstone 9502

Phones: 714 So. Hill St. Francis as Carmen and Harry Routines Created and Perfected for Single, Double and. Ensemble
Green as the toreador; “The Dancing Acts
TRinity 2217, TRinity 2218 LOS ANGELES School Room,” by Helen Kane; Walter Wills Theatrical Employment Agency
Talent Booked for Pictures, Vaudeville,
VAUDEVILLE AND PICTURE HOUSE “Mitzi Herself,” with Baby Mitzi Production, Clubs
Green; “In a Girls’ Gym,” with
ENGAGEMENTS AVAILABLE Jack Oakie and Zelma O’Neal;
FOR STANDARD ACTS “The Montmarte Girl,” with Ruth
Chatterton singing; “Dance Mad,”
presenting Nancy Carroll and Ackerman & Harris

Charles “Buddy” Rogers; “Dream
WANTED—Acts Suitable for Vaudeville, Picture Girls,” featuring Richard Arlen,
Jean Arthur, Mary Brian, Vir-
House Presentations, Clubs and Talkies ginia Bruce, Gary Cooper, James
Hall, Phillips Holmes, David

AL WAGER (Artists’ Representative)

T AL Newell,
Joan Peers and

“Murder Will Out,” a travesty


on detective mysteries, and “Im-

Ella Herbert Weston,

Market, Grant and O’Farrel] Sts.

Booking Manager

221 LOEW’S STATE BLDG., LOS ANGELES, CALIF. pulses,” starring George Bancroft,
LOS ANGELES—20 Film Exchange Bldg.
and others.
Phone: VAn dike 3619
Thepicture is being prepared
Washington and Vermont — Telephone: BEacon 7969
for early spring release.

Artists and Acts Register For

Theatrical Bookings, Orchestras and
Club Entertainment
IRA F. GAY AGENCY 206 Majestic Theatre Building
845 South Broadway
FA 3421 Los Angeles

A. K. MacMartin
901 Bekins Bldg.
B. C.
Joseph D. Roberts
WASHINGTON :: OREGON :: IDAHO :: MONTANA 1118 Northern Life Tower


Be Her Next TO
Phenomenal business is being
chalked up at the Dominion with
ganist at the Fox Fifth Ave.
George Arliss in “Disraeli.” The ILL HOUSE RECORDS
Theatre for the past three years, Warner Brothers’ feature is now
SEATTLE, Jan. 23. — Ron and pulled the prize one the other SEATTLE, Jan. 23. — Still sub- in its third
holding week and
SEATTLE, Jan. 23. Eddie Pea-

Don, the duo organ team now in morning on her way into town to them out from
opening to body, the banjo wizard, opened at
Publix zero weather up here, considerably
their second year at the broadcast over KOMO. closing shows. George Bancroft the Fifth Avenue on Thursday,
Seattle Theatre, have recently hurting the standing line proposi- in
It appears that Betty was “The Mighty” (Paramount) January
16, proceeding to smash
copyrighted the drawings on their speeding, got caught, and told the tion. Even the heroic efforts of polled big returns at the R-K-O all
“Baby Console.” claimed house records to a total of $14,-
It is guy just “why.” He proved to the press agents, who surpassed Orpheum. Four acts and an after- 260 for four
that it is the smallest console in be one of her fans and turned her
days. The dough
themselves in their attempts to en- piece supported the screen feature came in as follows: $3260 opening
existence. loose with a warning. Betty told with Willie and Joe Mandel hold- day,
The minute instrument at no him she’d play a number for him tice the populace downtown, failed $3200 Friday, $3400 Saturday
ing down the topline honors. Aver-
point measures over 36 inches, in and she led off thait evening with to bring >the grosses up. Tough age boxoffice takings were regis- and $4200 Sunday. The latter fig-
height, breadth or depth, and, by “I’ll Get By So Long as I Have breaks all the way round on good tered at the Strand with Reginald ure for Sunday tops anything Pea-
an intricate system of wiring, the You.” offerings due
body has ever done at this the-
to the weather Denny in “One Hysterical Night”
entire range of the four-manual breaks. atre. The grosses are considered
There the story should end, but as the screen feature and F. and
organ is made available at its one he called up and asked for more With the weather man reporting M. “Idea in Green” as the stage phenomenal and are of a sensa-
tional order due to the inclement
keyboard. It is connected to the plugs, so she let him have :‘The a rise in the thermometer, the attraction.
boys expected the long-horded en- and sub-zero weather which actu-
main organ by a cable 185 feet Prisoner’s Song” with the death “Gold Diggers of Broadway” ally. forbids any line for any
long which contains over 5 miles march from Saul interspersed. The tertainment dough to start rolling (Warners) missed the mark at the length
of time.
of copper wire. next evening he called again and in. The Orpheum topped the week Capitol. After a nine-day run this
Despite this, Peabody lined ’em
Change of tone color is made told her that he had clocked her with an estimated $16,000 with feature, which has shown big re-
possible by 10 combination pistons stepping on it that morning and Rudy Vallee’s “Vagabond Lover” sults in other cities, has failed to Sunday night for over a block,
besides packing the lobby.
in positions directly above the she’d have to tone dcwn some, and five acts of vaudeville. reach the goal expected. Playing
keys. An example of the scale of else she’d really have need to play Maurice 'Chevalier’s “Love Pa- second run. to the Strand, “Her Any doubt as to his drawing
power or popularity due to his
size of the “Baby Console” is the the “Prisoner’s Song.” She came rade” (Paramount) was another Private Life,” featuring Billie
dimensions of the pedal keyboard back with “I’m Sorry, Dear,” an4 disappointment at the Seattle where Dove, was not strong enough on absence from the Northwest has
Where the ordinary been easily dispelled. It is re-
for the feet. at the last broadcast the gang it took $15,000. Had the weather the repeat to poll anything better ported that
been better, both of these would than poor business. Peabody’s engagement
pedal key rises some 9 inches off around town who are hep to the was due to personal invitation and
the floor, the “Baby” pedals are budding friendship are wondering have done from $5000 to $6000 Going it alone in the legit field, hunch on the part
exactly 154 inches over all. what Betty is going to use next. more easily. the British Guild Players hit the
of Jim 'Clemer,
manager of the Fifth Avenue The-
Ron and Don introduced the Close behind in the trey spot near-capacity mark at every per-
“Baby Console” to the public at ORGAN DUO ON KJR was “Hot for Paris” (Fox) at the formance with “Interference.” The atre. It is further reported, while
the Seattle Theatre the week of Fox Theatre, which took $11,000. production was high class in every Peabody’s verbal agreement is but
for four weeks, his engagement
Vic Meyers and his band in their respect and the natives, following
February 16. 1929. SEATTLE, Jan. 23.- — Lorain Le
sixth week helped considerably; the usual custom, turned out in here will be indefinite according
Bel, the wife of Henri Le Bel, an announcement made by Mrs.
FOSTER AND KLEISER both organists of repute, are broad- Owen Sweeten takes the organi- force to welcome the “over ’ome” to Eddie Peabody, his sole personal
zation for two weeks.
REMODEL BILLBOARDS casting daily over KJR. Le Bel
The big surprise of the week
product. The Vancouver
was representative.
is one of the most original organ-
was “Red Hot Rhythm” at the * * *
SEATTLE, Jan. 23.— One of ists in the business and the tie-up Fox Fifth Avenue, which cost the MULVIHILL DIES
the manyimprovements in the on the air with Lorain Le Bel is The
stage show has been pulled
house dough. The F. and M. “Jazz
Foster and Kleiser expansion pro- expected to bring forth some un- out of the Pantages here and sec-
gram for the new year is a com- usual arrangements. The latter
Temple Idea” did its share to-
wards getting what came in. The
ond run talkies make up the pres- DENVER, Jan. 23. John M.—
Mulvihill, president of Elitch Gar-
plete remodeling of the boards in has quite a rep at the console. ent program. W. P. Dewees, who
house did $8000 for the week. Ed- dens and Broadway Theatres and
the northwestern district. Included purchased the leasehold interest
die as m. c. followed and made prominent figure in local theatri-
in this program is the rebuilding WITHERS WITH F. N. the red on this back in his first
from Alexander Pantages at a cals for many years, died last
of over 300 panels in Seattle alone. reported figure of $125,000 some week
four days. pneumonia.
The new boards are six inches SEATTLE, Jan. 23. W. T. — Hamrick’s Blue Mouse with
time ago, has not yet made an

deeper than the old ones, with (Tillie) Withers, has just joined Colleen Moore in “Footlight and
of the transfer to
three feet of lattice between and the First National Exchange as a
the public. It is rumored in local “IDEA” GIRLS BACK
Fools” (F. N.) did $6200, while theatrical circles that Dewees in-
under each panel, giving each member of the sales organization. the last five days of “Shows of
panel a “single panel” effect. Ac- Tillieis well known in this terri- tends to book the F. and M. “B” >Sunkist Beauties, who termi-
Shows” (W. B.) at the Music units and open with a big pub- nated their tour with “Up In the
cording to the program, there will tory and relieves Tommy Gib- Box did $1000 a day for a $5000
be no more than three panels on bons. licity campaign in the near future. Air,” Fanchon and Marco “Idea,”
any one location. He operates the Strand, where the when the act closed Jan. 14 at
At the two night clubs “Tiny” F. and M. Ideas have been shown Waterbury, Conn., are back in Los
One of the first accounts to en- JOINS WILBUR Burnett and his orchestra at the
joy a showing on the new plant in this city. Angeles for a brief rest before
Venetian Gardens did a nice week- * * *
was the heavy poster order placed Florence Holland has left for
being offered a route with one of
night business with a sellout Fri-
by Eddie Fitzgerald for the cam- Honolulu to join the Wilbur day and Saturday; while Vic Mey- The Strand Theatre, which has the “Ideas” now in rehearsal.
paign he is conducting for Eddie Players as ingenue. The com- ers’ Club Victor is making plenty
been playing Fanchon and Marco
Peabody’s engagement at the pany has undergone a reorganiza- of dough, pulling in the newly edu-
Ideas for the past two years, has week, has
been eating up all the
Fifth Avenue. The others, sensing
tion with a guest star policy put
cated Seattle nighthawks. cancelled and played its last stage profits. The house belongs to a
the value of the new Foster and into effect. Dick Wilbur intended The Duffy Players did $3100 on show the week of January 20, group controlled by
Kleiser program, include to come to the coast shortly after
Vic “Boomerang”; nice business.
“The Jazz Temple” Idea being the wees and Ira EdisonW. P. De-
is house
Gauntlet, who stepped out on John
the first of the year but post- last one in here. manager.
Barrymore’s “General Crack’” at poned his trip because of the ne- Jackie Souders and his Band
the Music Box, and Roy Cooper cessity of his presence with the
NEW ACTS BOOKED will, be retained. The band will
* *
The Rex Theatre, which
is di-
who has made a big splurge on company during the change-over be increased to 25 members from rectly
“Paris” for Sterling Chain The- in policy. NEW YORK. —Among acts re- the present 11 and will put on a Hastings
the Pantages, on
St., has been
atres, Inc. cently booked by RKO, are: Billy a musical program three
times closed temporarily. W. P. De-
Mack and George Wright, in day. To overcome the drop ina wees, who operates both houses

“Highlights of Harmony”; Bento draw when the Ideas went out

and recently acquired the Pan-
Brothers and Rita, an acrobatic stronger pictures were featured.
SEATTLE, Jan. 23. — Ruth SEATTLE, Jan. 23. — Ed team; Lerner and Calvin, musical “Paris” is the feature on the
tages, is experimenting to see
what effect the Rex being dark
Layne and Dave Gordon, well Loop, vvho is connected with comedy and vaudeville steppers; ing screen the week of January will have on the attendance on
known in and around Los Angeles the display advertising de- Moran and McBan, in a rustic odd- 27, the first time in two years that the Pan house across the street.
and San Francisco, were recently partment of the Seattle P. ity, “Slick and Slicker”; Don Gal- this house has opened without a
I., Talking pictures, second run. with-
signed by Charles Kurtzman, head has joined the forces of In- van, “the Spanish Banjo Boy”; the stage show. The following week out a band or stage show of any
of the Publix on the coast to do side Facts as assistant to Teller Sisters; the Alexander will have “Romance of
the Rio kind, was the policy of both
four weeks in each of the coast Jean Armand, district man- Troupe, gymnasts and pyramid Grande.” houses when the Rex went dark.
houses. The pair do a novelty act ager. Loop will cover the ac- builders; Roslyn and Gertrude The Strand, which seats a little The house staff at the Rex are
in the lobby of the theatre, sing- tivities of the profession in .Green; Colby and Murphy, terp- less than 2000, has cancelled its
continuing on the payroll and the
ing requests from
the Seattle. sichorean artists; Milo?; and the stage show because the extra
over- talkie equipment is being over-
mostly the themies from the pres- Monge Troupe, equilibrists. head, amounting to about $3000 a hauled while the house is closed.
ent and coming attractions. The
gag is somewhat new here and is
going over great.

Dress Your Theatre or Your Act With

Eddie Meets
Old Friend The Finest and Most Artistic
Long Way Off
Drop Curtains
SEATTLE, Jan. 23. The phrase — Picture Screens
“You never can tell” was brought
home to Eddie Peabody a short
while ago while playing Philadel- Presentations
phia. Some years ago, while Ed- Cydoramas
die was playing the Met in L. A.,
Jim Loughborough, one of the Unusual
smartest exploitation men in the
business, together with Mrs. Pea- Fabrics
body formed with Eddie an “Eddie
Peabody Club” throughout the
high schools.
Memberships ran into the thou- DESIGNED - RENTED PRODUCED
sands with the ballot for vice- By
president going to Le Roy Green
the Largest and Best Staff of Scenic Artists
at Polytechnic High school. Le In America’s Most Beautiful Studio
Roy walked back stage in Phila-
delphia and found Eddie reading
his review on the show. Le Roy
is now drama critic on the Eve- 1215 Bates Ave., at Fountain, Near Sunset Hollywood, California
ning Ledger. Phone OL. 2914


Pickups & Program

An aggrieved woman recently
put in appearance at KECA and KHJ, LOS ANGELES
asked permission to go before the CBS National Release
There is a crying- need for com- mike and tell the world how badly The friendly liaison existing be- January 20 “We wantcriticism, not apple-
edy on radio programs, according her husband treated her. tween broadcasting stations and Opened with Earl Burtnett Dance sauce!” So says Earle C. Anthony,
to Richard Creedon, director of * * * Orchestra and vocal trio in sig. operator of KFI and KECA, two
picture lots is threatened!
features for KHJ. We wish the Federal Radio Sound-effect technicians employed Announcer, song “California, Here We Are.” powerful Los Angeles radio sta-
But, according to Creedon, while Commission would bar the St. Lindsay MacHarris, tions, and in so saying he echoes
there are available many comedians Louis Blues from the air. Even by some of the local broadcast who introduced Ray Paige and the desires of all Southern Cali-
of all sorts, sizes and varieties, the “original arrangements.” stations are up in arms over the Orchestra (Kenneth Niles batting
1 fornia broadcast executives.
there is a serious shortage of com- * * * alleged attempts of technicians on
for Paige in the vocal response), “Newspaper criticism has de-
edians who can make the air audi- which offered “Farewell Blues” in cayed to the point where you get
ences laugh. Tuners of musical instruments picture lots to steal their ideas. a novelty symphonic arrangement nothing but applesauce about even
“An almost unnameable some- around the radio stations have pe- The said technicians believe the full of variety and interest. the worst shows, concerts or
thing is required,” says Creedon, culiar problems. Everything is The Biltmore trio sang “Chant operas. Shows fail in spite of the
continuance of their jobs depends
“an artistry of the voice that must supposed to be tuned to interna- of the Jubilee” very carefully, and most extravagant praise by news-
not alone on resourcefulness and the Burtnett band
sell the comedy without the aid tional pitch, but symphonizing this followed with papers, influenced by the adver-
of visible personality or facial ex- pitch has its difficulties. The ce- ingenuity in devising synthetic ef- “Lonely Troubador,” with vocalled tising department,” continues An-
pression; a sense of timing that lesta and glockenspiel have a fixed fects that reproduce better than the refrain. Then Ray Paige’s Don thony.
pitch almost impossible to alter. “The same thing applies
is at present lacking in most radio originals, but also, once success- Lee Filmland Orchestra gave to
humor. With all this, though, the Pianos use the tempered scale and fully
devised, in
“Sailing on a Sunbeam,” supported
keeping them by the Filmland Male Chorus, in
radio. We newspaper ac-
effect must be natural and un- bells have two or three distinct counts of our programs with a
strained. tones on each tap. cloaked in mystery in order to which the tenor carrying the mel-
f great deal of attention and inter-
“Where can such comedians be “And,” as one of the tuners sad- preserve the benefits for them- ody was exceptionally good. est, and nothing so delights us as
found? ly comments, “the next ukulele selves. Scene shifted to M-G-M, sound to find a candid, freely expressed
“While there is always a de- player' will play a quarter-tone off In a weak moment of friendli- stage 12, where Jack Benny acted opinion, whether favorable or not.
mand for gags, jokes, situations for half an hour and get a million ness the sound effects man of one as m. c. A clamor of many voices The radio business will never be
and general comedy material, the offers of marriage by -the next of our leading broadcast stations followed his announcement he * endangered if a publication prints
greater need is for artists to sell mail. Wotta woild!” consented to lend one of his freak would introduce the star of a new strong, well founded opinions on
them to the listeners. We have * * noise-making gadgets to a picture picture. After a few comedy lines radio. programs. It will rather re-
found out the same thing on radio Fan mail evoked by cookery studio. Having a sudden occasion Benny introduced Chas. King, who sult in strengthening the appeal of
that showmen of the theatre dis- talks over KiFWB discloses a hus- to use it he appeared unexpectedly sang “Love Ain’t Nothin’ But the radio entertainment by pointing
covered some time ago: that the band who stays home to do the at the studio and found his pet all Blues,” and sang it well. out weak spots that need building
tried and proven gag or joke, al- cooking while the wife goes to apart, with a crowd of technicians Then Bessie Love was intro- up.
though draped with whiskers, will business. Modern conditions ex- around it trying to determine what duced, and she sang “I’ve Got a
- “We solicit and welcome Inside
invariably get a laugh where a posed by the modern medium. made it go. Man Of My Own,” a good sub- Facts’ candid and well-informed
brand new untried crack, smart * * All bridge games are now off ject in view of her recent mar- criticisms of our work. have We
though it be, falls as flat as a
KHJ invited its audience to between the wives of the respective ter actress
riage, but she is a bet- — MUCH discovered that such criticisms
stimulate interest in our stations
cheer for Beelzebub at the An- than singer.
leave sets tuned in to the station technicians, and icicles are to be and, whether favorable or not, al-
gehis Temple. Benny offered some more chat-
when retiring Monday night, prom- found on the knobs of all doors ter and King closed ways have a beneficial effect.”
“The good comedian can sell ising the M-G-M
broadcast siren to marked “Sound Effects.”
any kind of a joke. The poor one
to a
interlude with “Lucky Me and Wm. G. Ebersole, manager of
awaken them in time to hear King Lovable You.” KEJK, when asked if impartial re-
cannot even tickle a naked baby.
George speak from London. Mis- plicated for the boys around the The Burtnett band and trio pre- views of radio programs were of
Laughter is the most popular en-
understanding as to the nature of Anthony stations.
tertainment merchandise in the
this siren caused no little confu-
sented “Happy Days Are Here value, said, “Very much so. We
world, and we wish there were * * * Again,” followed by a novelty duo badly need them, but they must be
sion, especially in apartment by competent, well informed
more laugh merchants.”
houses, many shadowy figures be- An interesting Friday evening “Bygones,” which sounded like
steel, guitar and sax. Announcing critics,” and this sentiment was
ing noted leaving doors rather can be spent around KNX, when supported by Glenhall Taylor, man-
FILM LUNCH BROADCAST hurriedly immediately after. Bert Butterworth stages two one- Hal Roach studios for next week,
hour programs of variety and cir- program closed with the sig. song. ager of KTM, as well as Duke
=K * H= Hancock of KGFJ.
Locals unable to attend the an- cus. The public is admitted and
L. A. dailies have just put in
nual luncheon of the National really live radio departments, pub- something to eat is usually served. “THE RAINFALL”
Board of Review of Motion Pic- lishing news and comments as well His colored entertainers are a KNX, LOS ANGELES REPERTORY ON AIR
tures Washington may hear as programs. show to watch in themselves, es- January 20
in Station managers
the proceedings as broadcast over are naturally happy over it and pecially the tiny Snowball who George Fifield, Charles Stanton The Los Angeles Civic Reper-
the CBS. Saturday, January 25, give much of the credit for the peeps around the edge of a big and Pierre Nellonino in a triangle tory Players have arranged to
through KHJ. base viol very much bigger than broadcast abbreviated plays of the
new departure to the pioneering he and saws away with great in- story of love on the desert. Stan- repertory school from KHJ each
of Inside Facts. The Record cred- ton married Miss Fifield out of a
dustry. Thursday evening, following with-
SIGN MURRAY GIRLS its a considerable gain in circula-
* *
well-to-do family and took her to
in a short time the performances
tion to its radio section. a ranch where poverty, heat and
We are quite sure we recog- three years of drought have re- of the New York Civic Repertory
Billy Reynolds, Irene Snow, * * *
nized a pair of voices on the Jam- duced them to desperation. Nel- which come to the same station
Eva Hoffman and Patsy Lee, four Those who listened to the M- over the Columbia chain Thursday
girl graduates of the Bud Mxirray G-M hour Wednesday of last week
boree from San Francisco last lonino is a rich man in that coun-
Monday night introduced as “Mr. try for his health. He makes love afternoons.
School for Stage, have just signed and heard the excerpt from Law-
16-month contracts with Metro- rence Ti'bbett’s “Rogue Song” Long and Mr. Short.” If we are
to the other man’s wife and per-

Goldwyn-Mayer to appear in the suner by Pietro Gentile, heard the not mistaken this pair have been suades her to leave, she consent- “FREE” OFFER SWAMPS
forthcoming “Good News” picture. crack of the whip as the singer known as “Doby
and Lou,” who ing provided it does not rain with-
was supposedly flogged and nat-
started with a two-act in grind in 24 hours. Who says the public doesn’t like
houses in the Northwest and ‘‘The Rainfall” is a bad title for something for nothing?
TO DIRECT RUBIN urally supposed it was another to get
front in that region this as most of the dramatic tensity An announcement
sound effect. It .was not. Gen- forged to the recently made
very rapidly. They are comedy hangs on the uncertainty of rain, over the CBS, in connection with
Norman Taurog has been as- tile had himself tied to a scaffold singers with a naive style of de- and it is a tip-off on the fact that its new School of the Air, that a
signed to direct Benny Rubin’s and actually lashed with a whip,
livery. it does rain. certain publishing house would
starring vehicle, “Sunny not only, he get an au-
savs, to
* * *
first Miss and her two sup-
Fifield send a free book to those asking,
thentic, sound effect, but to make
Days,” for Tiffany. The picture Showing how people listen to porting players gave a remark- resulted in 20,000 requests being
was written by A. P. Younger and
him sing the song with the right ably clear enunciation of the lines,
dramatic feeling. the radio during the night hours, received overnight and the offer
depicts college life. Rubin was Charlie Wellman received 400 re- but Nellonino was a most casual had to be withdrawn to save the
under contract to M-G-M up to * * * reading
quests between 1:30 and 2:30 a. m. lover, his lacking in publisher from bankruptcy.
Jan. 13. We discovered this week that
Tuesday morning last. warmth and earnestness. He
many programs for the National talked like a salesman closing a
Broadcasting Company originate deal rather than a romantic heavy
AT LIBERTY in theL. A. studios of KFI and
Before Herbert Brenon begins
picture under his new talking an unwilling woman out
DICK BURNS KECA that local listeners never
his first
contract with Radio Pictures, he of her fidelity.
Nita Mitchell, radio star from
Fast drummer; fine outfit; Vibrai hear, being produced here for San Farncisco, lately come to Los
phone. Bead anything. Union. will spend six weeks vacationing Angeles, has been functioning vo-
Eastern release at the same mo-
Age 35. All requirements. Xylo-
phone soloist with large rep. of ment that an Eastern program is in England and the Continent, SPEECH OF KING GEORGE cally at the M-G-M studios during
leaving New York Feb. 1. KFT. LOS ANGELES the past few days.
Folos. Consider Fadio, Presenta- being broadcast from the local
tion, Dance or Hotel. All an- stations. In the new studios four INBC Release)
swered. Go anywhere. Care of In- January 2
side Facts, 801 Warner Brothers’
programs can be handled at once,
Downtown Bldg.. Los Angeles, Cal. two coming in and two going That this program held ele-
out. Life is becoming more com-
ments of showmanship is attested
by the numbers who arose at 2:30 AN EGOTIST
a. m. to hear it. In spite of the is a person who cannot
many technical difficulties and the
make his “Ps” behave. I
YOU’LL READ IT FIRST short-wave roar, the voices came

m over clear enough to be recog-
nized and understood, and this was
the first oonortunitv for many to
am no
egotist but never-
insist that my
hear the “King’s English.”
An interesting sidelight is the
incident of the technician in the
NBC receiving station who used
a definite
on a picture are
OF STAGE AND SCREEN whether they be utilized
800-801 Warner Bros. Downtown Bldg. Los Angeles, Calif. FACTS his bodv for half an hour as a
connection between the broken
ends of wire, without noticeably
on plot construction,
comedy relief or dia-
affectino- the broadcast.
It will be interesting to observe
the effect of His Majesty’s “ac-
Kindly enter my Subscription for One Year, for which I enclose cent” on Hollywood:
$4.00 in Payment for Same
Na Elaine Hardsteen had her violin JAMES MADISON
Coast stolen out of her car last Mon-
day night and in consequence was (An Author and a Showman)
Address unable to plav her usual midnight 465 South Detroit St.
Theatrical concert over KHT. Manager Dol-
Los Angeles
berg of the station rushed down
(Phone ORegon 9407)
Town and State.. Newspaper and filled in with baritone solos.
It is asserted there is no truth
in the rumor that the violin was
stolen by a radio listener,


Facts9 Echoes From Melody 'Land

Hot Lic\s of Music ‘BOOTIES’ SOI
LOS ANGELES Jimmie Barr leaves the Silver

By JACK B. TENNEY Harry Owens’ Band

is still prov-
of best sellers this week the
The only additional new tune on Slipper Cafe this week to begin
the third week of a 10-weeks’ con-
popular. tract at the Fox El Capitan as fea-
The piccolo-player had the solo. * * *Berlin’s “Year From Today,” was
In the sixteenth measure he hit theme song from United Art- the tured vocalist. Casey Jones takes
a blue one that smote the most
Kay Robinson and
tra are still holding forth at the
release, “New York
Two weeks ago Barr doubled
the Slipper job. Oi SHEET SUES
calloused ear with a brutal smack. Nights,” starring Norma Talmadge.
The piccolo-player blushed and
Adams Hotel in Phoenix No great change since the last into the El Cap from the Slipper
.' . .

Frankie Allen is at the Grand and has been there since. Now, SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.—
asked the accompanist to try it
Cafe Mike Seidel is at the week’s line-up. Ten best were:
“Chant of the Jungle”— Rob- however, he’ll concentrate on the Music publishers ran new
. . .

over. The accompanist was agree- Frolic with Ollie Kittleson play-
1. into
able. In the sixteenth measure bins.
Mission district house, being fea- competition this week when a
ing sax.
the piccolo-player murdered the * 2. “Following You” Berlin. — tured in Peggy O’Neill’s stage publication called “Songland Her-
same note.

have often wondered what be-

3. “To Be Forgotten” Berlin. — shows.
To his credit Barr has just
ald” made its appearance on Mar-
ket street, kids peddling the sheets
“The dirty so-and-so!” ex- 4. “Love, Your Spell Is Every-
came of the members of Persh-
claimed a voice in exasperation. ing’s Own Band. I can still see where” 'Berlin. — completed 12 weeks at the Silver
Slipper, an equal length of time
with choruses from 100 of the
The deacon arose and faced the 5. “Should I?”— Robbins. latest pop tunes.
those boys doing guard mount at at Marquard’s, two weeks at the Despite protests from
GHQ, Chaumont. France the 6. “I’m a Dreamer, Aren’t We all music
“Who called the piccolo-player drum major turning cartwheels. It
. . .

All?” DeSylva, Brown and Hen- — Orpheum and engagements of from

five to 50 weeks at local show-
the American
Authors and Composers, repre-
a dirty so-and-so?’’ he thundered. was great organization.
a rooms. sented locally by Attorney Sam
Silence reigned supreme and the 7. “That Something Called
deacon sat down. The piccolo-
* * *
ten years, one becomes
Love” — Robbins. Roeder, took no action against the
infringement of copyright law. In-
player nodded to the accompanist 8. “What Do I Care?”— Sha-
and ventured his solo once more. more or less sentimental over the piro, Bernstein, Inc. stead all action was held in abey-
At the sixteenth measure he turned
red in the face and once more
Which reminds
haven’t heard the “Terrible Bat-
me that
“Singing In the Bathtub”— MIT HICilDIES ance pending word from the New
York headquarters of the organi-
tle of Paris” and “Bond Swa Mah
slaughtered the same note a long — The
10. “A Year From Today” — zation as to what course should be
wail of indigo torture.
“Oh, the dirty, dirty so-and-so!”
came the voice with agonized em-
Cherry” for beaucoup time.
revival of those songs in a typical
Division Show might be a good

“Chant of the Jungle” — All
AFTER OPEMI followed in stopping this competi-
According to music men there
suggestion for the American Le- recordings. is a decided dropping off of sheet
The deacon was on his feet.
gion. 2.“I’m Following You” — Paul SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23.— music sales due to the song herald.
* * * Leaving behind him of There are probably 20 or 30 kids
“WHO CALLED THE PIC- Spect (Columbia). a host
of records
greatest asset to
and sheet music is the
the sales
3. “Little By Little” — Guy friends and followers,
man, veteran of the music world
Art Hick- about town peddling the sheets at
a dime a throw and every time
AND-SO?” quivering
he yelled, Lombardo (Columbia).
new tune fadist and the bird who and credited generally as the or- one of them is sold, a sheet mu-
with rage. a few seconds
For “Singing In the Bathtub”
Then an would be known as “just crazy
Ben Bernie (Brunswick). iginator of jazz, died here this week sic sale is dropped, it is claimed.
there was no response.
old man arose and faced the irate
music.”. Both
distinguishable by musi-
5. “Should I?” —
Paul White- after a major operation that cli-
maxed nearly three years of ill-
The sheet evidently is printed in
the East as there are no western
deacon. man (Columbia).
cal ignorance and their overwhelm- ness, the last five months of which publishers’ tunes in the lengthy
“The question, deacon,” he said 6. “Love, Your Spell Is Every-
slowly, “is, not who called the
ing desire to be “in the know.”
where” All recordings.
The “new tune fadist” never asks
were spent in St. Francis Hospi- — list.

piccolo-player a dirty so-and-so, 7. “That Wonderful Something tal.

but who called that dirty so-and-
for the same number twice and
Called Love” Roy Ingraham The day before New Year’s — CROSS NUMBER GOING
probably couldn’t name yesterday’s Hickman was removed from the
so a piccolo-player?”
The bird who is “just nuts
(Brunswick). GOOD ON COAST, EAST
* * *
8. “You’re Always In My hospital to his home here, but
over music” buys records by the
Mai Hallett and his Orchestra, carload in order to impress his
Arms” Bebe Daniels (Victor). shortly afterward suffered a re- — SEATTLE. — The Sylvester L.
9. “I’m a Dreamer, Aren’t We lapse and underwent a series of Cross number, “Rock-a-Bye
recently at the Cocoanut Grove, (or her friends). to
It is a forgot-
broke their jump east by playing ten art when they find themselves
All?” All recordings. blood transfusions in an effort to — Sleep in Dixie,” is being featured
10. “Your Fate Is In My save his life. by Ron and Don
one night, Monday, January 13, alone. the
at the Rendezvous Ballroom, Mesa, * * * Hands” Paul Whiteman (Colum- In the old dance halls of the
Barbary Coast Art found inspira-
— with “Kisses,” the other Cross
at Seattle,

Arizona about sixteen miles east The music publishers, dealers
SAN FRANCISCO tion for what is now modern jazz.
due for a plug the following
of Phoenix. Mai and his boys and recording companies should
There was a general reversal in In 1913 he organized the first jazz Eastern houses are getting calls
proved a big attraction and the avail themselves of these com-
sheet music sales with all of the band at Boves Springs, and dur- for the numbers through the local
fans from Phoenix and the sur- plexes and inaugurate a sales cam-
previous week’s sellers still in but ing his earlier career had under house here, handled by the Calitol
rounding country flocked in to the paign for their full development.
in different positions. “Chant of his baton such men as Walt Roes- Music Co., local music jobbers.
Rendezvous to dance to the music Slogans, such as “If You Don’t
the Tungle” and “Talking Picture ner, Jesse Stafford, Frank Sie- Gene McCormack, professional
of the famous orchestra. Man- Know the Latest Song You’re a Up.” grist, Frank Ellis, Vic King and
ager C. M. Kjmpton reported a Back Number” and “What! You others.
manager for the firm, is now in
Leaders are: San Francisco, headed for Los
record night. Haven’t Heard Whoozit’s Record-
* * * 1. “Aren’t We All?”— DeSylva, Angeles to close for representation
ings?” might Drove helpful. “A Brown and Henderson. WILL COBB DIES there.
The Rendezvous Park Ballroom New Song a Da 3 is the Up-To- 2. “Sunny Side Up”— DeSylva,

at Mesa, Arizona, by the way, is Date Way” has possibilities. A Brown and Henderson. Will Cobb, who twentjr years
one of the class spots in Arizona. subtle advertising campaign would ago was one of the most success- — NOT NORMA’S KIN
3. “Tip Toe Thru the Tulips”
Such aggregations as Glen Os- soon build un a clientele of morons Witmark. ful song writers of his dav. died
wald’s Victor Recording Orches- who would feverishly buy any and 4. “Talking Picture” DeSylva. last week at the State’s hospital
tra have helped make it the popu- evervthing musical as soon as pub- Brown and Henderson. on Ward Island, N. Y.. at the
— tionship
Shearer disclaims rela-
with Bermona Shearer
lar dance spot in and around Phoe- lished and recorded. who recently broke into the news
5. “I’m Tn Love With You”— age of 53. Among his hits were columns when her marriage
* * * to Dr.
nix. Sherman, Clay. “I’ll be With You When the Roses
* * * Gilbert H. Wyenkoop was
• There is, of course, a tyne that
Tucson, Arizona, is reported as really is "crazv over music.” They lin.
6. “I’m Following You” Ber- Bloom Again,” “Goodbye. Dolly — in the dispatches. Bermona claimed
Gray.” “School Days,” “Sunbon-
that shewas a cousin of the fam-
“booming” musically. About thir- are easilv distinguished from the 7. “Chant of the Jungle” Rob- net Sue,” “Goodbye, Little Girl. — ous Norma, but Norma denies hav-
ty or forty big Sharp and Flat crude imitation. There is discrimi- bins. Goodbye.” “Waltz Me Around ing any relative by the name of
men, dedicated to the Rhythm nation in their selections. They
Racket, are pounding out a living know what they want and their ly Bros.
8. “Lonely Troubadour” Sant- Again Willie,” and “I Tust Can’t
Make Mv Eyes Behave.” the song
— Bermona so far as she can ascer-
— and that is quite a few for Tuc- collection of records is a credit 9. “When the Sun Goes Down” that made Anna Held famous.

son. to them. The imitators of these

Tdovd Campbell. —
* * * real lovers of music constitute the 10. ’’Love Is Like That”— Vil- ON CONCERT TOUR IT’S A HIT!
class mentioned above.
The new Pioneer Hotel is the
class spot in Tucson. Lyle Thay-
la Moret.
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 23.— (When the Day Is Done)
er, who has the orchestra at the OPENS AT EL PATIO LEONARD STEVENS ILL Dorothy Williams, vocal soloist Slow Fox Trbt
Westward Ho Hotel in Phoenix, with the Golden Gate Park Band,
has the music contracted at the SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 23.— Leonard Stevens, pianist and left this week for a concert tour AMERICAN MUSIC CO.
Pioneer. This consists of six men Tohn Wolohan has signed for a composer, is ill at the California of the Hawaiians.
under the direction of “Doc” Gar- long term contract at El Patio Lutheran hospital.
rison, trombonist. Ballroom, onening February 9 with
* * * 10-piece band.X
Among other rumors around
Phoenix: The Westward Ho Ho-
tel chain is about to take over
the St. Francis Hotel in San Fran-
Evelyn Previatt. radio and opera
SAN FRANCISCO. Tan. 23.— singer who has been with the Pa-
cisco and Lyle Thayer will have Miss Karan Dunn, music publish- cific Coast Ooera Co. for the
the music and don’t think er. has recovered from a recent nast five or six seasons, died in

. . .

Lyle can’t cut it. illness and returned to her offices Colfax this week. She was only
* * *
in the Kress Building. 21 years of age.
The Arizona Biltmore at Phoe-
nix not going so big this year
and there is talk that it may
close down earlier than usual. It
3AN FRANCISCO. 23.— Priscilla Dean
Tan.last week took
may be that this beautiful hostelry
is a little too far ahead o,f the
After an absence of several months foreclosure proceedings against
Henr v Warner has returned to nroDertv belonging to Harrv Arn-
town. At the rate Phoenix has
been going for the past few years,

however it’s bound to catch tyt.
Tait’s-at-the-Beach w^ere he nur- old. unon which she held a mort-
vevs nop tunes in coniunction with gage for $10,000 with additional NOW IN SECOND
Tack Coaklev’s Orchestra. claims running no a total of $12.-
180. Arnold is related to Leslie YEAR
Sales Representatives
MARTIN AT BOULEVARD Arnold, aronnd-the-world flier, and
husband of Miss Dean.
"SHm” Martin, trombonist mas- AT
Wanted in Large Eastern Cities
with well known music pub-
ter-of-ceremonies at the Colorado SUES PROFESSIONALS
Theatre. Pasadena, where Fanchon
lisher. Commission basis. and Marco “Ideas” break’in before
opening in Los Angeles, has Keen
Florence Eldridge. screen and
stage, recent.lv =een here with Ed-
Address: IXL, Inside Facts
San Francisco
promoted to the Boulevard The-
Ralph Pollock took up the
in Pasadena Jan.- 16.
ward Everett Horton at the Ma-
iestir and in various pictures, and
her husband Frederic March the
“Tohn Gilbert” of the talkies were (Formerly Cinderella Roof)
When San Francisco be sure sued for $52,000 bv Harrv Green-
in to see Lou Emmel, representing LOS ANGELES, CALIF.
berg who claims to have been in-
jured in an automobile accident
DE SYLVA, BROWN FHENDERSON last December for which he blames Hear Our Latest Recordings
“Shanghai Rose” and “Till I Kissed You”
935 Market St. San Francisco
“I’M A DREAMER, AREN’T WE ALL?” STARTS REVUE SHORT Phone Your Favorite Radio Station
TURN ON THE HEAT” “SUNNY SIDE UP” Martv Brooks has started direc-
“IF I HAD A TALKING PICTURE OF YOU” tion of a new M-G-M colortone During the Recording Periods
“SITTING BY THE WINDOW” revue titled “The Clock Shoo.”
“A NIGHT OF HAPPINESS” Included in the cast are Cliff Ed-
wards and Doris Mahon.


PICTURE Fanchon and Marco Orchestra Reviews

is the Fanchon and Marco+
Following (24) MILWAUKEE San Francisco
‘SALLY' Ideas schedule, with the opening
route Wisconsin Theatre

dates, all the current month, in pa-
of ‘Art in Taps’ Idea

’ (Reviewed Jan. 8) (Reviewed Jan. 17)
(Continued from Page 4) renthesis besides the name of the town: Myrtle Gordon Johnny Plank Since

’way back when” the
Rodney and Gould Jeanne McDonald Tremendous applause greeting
does not work easily, thus de-
(23) A1 and Hal Eddie Lewis Roof Garden has been THE high- the close of Owen Sweeten’s first
tracting from the final effective- Colorado Theatre Brown and Willa . light of San Francisco night life, offering here wrote an okeh to
ness of his portrayal.
‘Eyes” Idea 1

DETROIT, MICH. (24) and although, during the past few the management’s judgment in the
Wells and Winthrop Six Candrevas Fox Theatre years, new cafes have sprung up,
Joe E. Brown has his usual style Bob and Ula Buroff ‘
'Types’ Idea ’
switch in m. c.’s.
the Roof always has held its pop- Leading Vic
clowning to offer, and his work LOS ANGELES (23) Carlena Diamond Meyer’s band,
Loew’s State Trado Twins Harold Stanton ularity. And in Val Valente’s whose deader is due in the south
always is funny to a part of the “Trees” Idea NIAGAGRA FALLS, N. Y. (24-26) Band it has a firmly implanted to
audience. Jack Duffy’s comedy Shapiro ond O’Malley Nayons Birds Strand Theatre
record, the smiling Swede
backbone upon which it can base' stepped into the breach and stayed
moments were a howl. Keo, Toki and Yoki ‘
‘Drapes’ Idea

of its business. ’em.

Ford Sterling over-mugged SAN DIEGO (23) Frank Melino & Co. Jerome Mann
to a
Fox Theatre Dorothy Kelly Valente’s Band has rhythm, it They’ve been at the house for
certain extent, but not enough to “Peasant” Idea UTICA, N. Y. (27) has sock, it has sweet qualities, six weeks with Vic and had met
kill off the generous share of Diehl Sisters General Ed Lavine Gayety Theatre and the majority of attributes that with a degree of success, but it
laughs which were his apportion- June Worth Bert Prival “Drapes” Idea go to make up a darn good musi- remained for Sweeten to add the
ment. Belcher Dancers Frank Melino & Co. Jerome Mann
LONG BEACH (24) Dorothy Kelly cal organization. With Val’s piano “it.”
T. Roy Barnes brought standard as its basis the band pounds out
West Coast Theatre BUFFALO,N. Y. (24) Sweeten brought it out of the
effectiveness to his role as the “Manila Bound” Idea Lafayette Theatre tunes that are an unanimous hit boys like nobody’s business, re-
breezy, wise-cracking promoter. Romero Family Stella Royal “Kisses” Idea with the clientele. The excellent
Harry and Frank Seamon Mabel and Marcia Joe & Jane McKenna vealing that he still is one of the
Nora Lane’s part was small, but Mitzi Mayfair Will Cowan trumpeting of Russ Jones, the nice
this girl with a distinctive person- HOLLYWOOD (23) best directors in the F. and M.
Egyptian Theatre Wallen and Barnes E. Flat Four sax work and the comic songs and line-up, as much at home with a
ality, distinctively pleasing, made ‘
‘Ivory’ ’
Idea Dave Hacker Helen Aubrey arranging of George Dolbier and dance band as he
WORCESTER, MASS. is with a stage
it stand out, bringing to it more Betty Lou Webb Hy Meyer (24) Valente’s ivory tickling are just a or concert orchestra.
than was written there. Miss Lane Four High Hatters Goetz and Duffy Palace Theatre
few of the band’s features.
Christel LeVine and Ted Reicard “Columns” Idea Some of his regulars from the
is set to be way up among the Rome & Gaut Billy Rolls Personnel of the group is Val-
FRESNO (23-25) Fifth Ave. must have been over
talking artists, given the proper Wilson Theatre Niles Marsh Maxine Evelyn ente, piano and director; Roily for the first one up, for Owen got
breaks. ‘Overtures” Idea . Dorothy Henley Furnas, trombone, arranger; Russ a great reception when the boys
E. J. Ratcliffe instilled a pomp- Toots Novelle Harry Rapee SPRINGFIELD, MASS. (24) Jones, trumpet; Johnny Wesch,
Edison and Gregory Huff and Huff Palace Theatre hove into view.
ousness into his role at the cost of trumpet; George Traeger, violin,
SAN JOSE (26-29) ‘Gobs of Joy’ Idea

Snapping into their first offer-
effectiveness. The over-doing drew California Theatre Pat West Scotty Weston voice; George Dolbier, sax, ar- ing, the gang, after warbling the
several snickers which were not “Overtures” Idea '
Bailey and Barnum Coley ranger; A1 Cicerone, sax, arranger;
Toots Novelle Harry Rapee Cook Sisters Loma Ruth “Hallelujah,” went into a special
wanted. Harry Carlisle, sax, arranger; Bob
Edison and Gregory Huff and Huff Billy & Elsie Lewis Dolly Kramer I
orchestration of “Largo” that
Maude Turner Gordon had both Moore and Moore Johnny Ashford Derning, bass; Ike Eynon, drums presaged the type of music the
SAN FRANCISCO (24) Jones and Howett Wanda
the poise and delivery necessary Fox Theatre
Allen and Ham Richards, banjo. pasteboard holders were to get.
for the best development of the Henry Aguirre
“Desert” Idea Bock. The brass section, composed of
society woman assignment and Ed and Morton Beck Muriel Stryker HARTFORD, CONN. (24)
Manuel Lopez Capitol Theatre Glen Atchison, Bill Stewart, A1
Pert Kelton did quite adequately Cropley and Violet “Hollywood Studio Girls” Idea BURTON TO DO “CIRCLE”
Carla Torney Girls Thompson and Gale Claggett,
with the part of “Rosie.” Three Gobs Miles & Perlee
Chas. Rozelle John Vale
stood out a peak of the others
Fox Oakland David Burton, stage
“International” Idea Lorris & Fermine director, has in a solo bit. This one got
‘SOUTH SEA ROSE’ Frederico Flores Osaka Boys NEW
HAVEN, CONN. (24) been chosen to direct Metro-Gold- Sweeten’s offerings away with
(Continued from Page 4) Billy Carr Markel and Faun Palace Theatre wyn-Mayer’s filmization of “The speed. It’s been many weeks since
Mignon Laird “Screenland Melodies” Idea Circle,” Somerset Maugham stage a Fox Theatre audience clamored
a general level of adequacy but SACRAMENTO (24) David Reece Lucille Iverson
Sherry Louise Everts & Lowry success. The play was adapted like they did at the close of this
with none distinguishing him or Senator Theatre
“Hot Dominoes” Idea Karavaeff Franklin & Warner by Sylvia Thalberg and Frank number.
herself. Jack & Betty Welling
Lenore Ulric obtains laughs in
Les Ivlicks Pall Mall Lamberti Butler. Included in the cast are A distinct contrast from the first
Dexter, Webb and Diaz BRIDGEPORT (24) Lewis Stone, Alison Skipworth, bit was the second, “Tweet,
the sure-fire chances of a wild girl SALEM, ORE. Palace Theatre
(25) British character actor, Paul Cav- Tweet.” Here the boys displayed
brought into a conservative civili- Elsinore Theatre “Jazz Cinderella” Idea
Mae Usher Albert Hugo anagh and Mary Forbes. comedy to a nicety, with Billy
zation, but her dramatic moments “Uniforms” Idea Roy Rogers Billy Randall Stewart doing a “Yid,” A1 Taylor
seem weak, and all-in-all she Armand & Perez Joy Brothers
James Gaylord Pauline Alpert
never makes more of her part
Sylvia Shore & Helen Ruth Hamilton
Adair & Stewart DOG STAR IN VAUDE a dude, Frank Spencer a tough
PORTLAND (23) and Gale Claggett grabbing plenty
than was there before she started. Broadway Theatre WATERBURY, CONN. (24) of laughs
Fox Theatre Rin-Tin-Tin has been booked for with a Swede.
Charles Bickford has a tendancy “Carnival Russe” Idea
“Gardens’ Idea For the pay-off, Sweeten
to be stagey, but apart from this Countess Sonia Sam Linfield & Co.
Slate Bros. Vina Zolle

a limited engagement on the RKO the audience out front that
is strong and one who commands
Alex-SherBekefi Moffa and Mae Cliff Nazzaro Circuit, opening February 1 at
Russian Sunrise Trio boys were going highbrow with
attention. A toning down of SEATTLE (23)
PHILADELPHIA, PA. (24) the Palace, Cleveland, followed by
a classic. They played Fried-
“technique” and a dose of more Fox Theatre appearances in several other mid-
Avenue Theatre
“Watermelon Blues” Idea man’s Slavic Rhapsody in a man-
naturalness, plus the very evident “Let’s Pretend” Idea west houses.
Tilyou & Rogers Ed Chaney
Mammy and Her Ted Ledford ner that would have doffc credit
sincerity he Wings to his work Picks Louise & Mitchell
Florence Forman Rita Lane to a symphony aggregation.
should make him among the big-
Southern Steppers MOVIE PAIR ON RKO Jean.
gest. But he hasn’t struck the Grand Theatre
proper chord yet.
While their roles do not permit
“Black and Gold Idea”
Four Kemmys Maxine Hamilton
Fox Theatre
“Sweet Cookies” Idea NEW YORK. —
John Bowers JOINS IDEA
Arnold Grazer
Eva Mandel Roy M. Loomis and Marguerite de la Motte are
them Kenneth Lee Wilmot Jones & Hull
to steal the picture,
Bobbe Tomson back in RKO vaudeville with a Louise Manning joined the
McKenna and Farrell Macdonald (28) ATLANTA, GA. (24) new act, after a former appearance “Overtures Idea” at the Egyptian,
Tabor Grand Fox Theatre
fulfill the demands of their parts “Idea In Green” and an absence of several months. Hollywood, last week.
more convincingly than do any Doris Nierly Franklyn Record
“Up in the Air” Idea ;

Walter Nilsson Joan Knox

other members of the cast. Mc- Moran & Weston Neil Castagneli Laddie La Monte
Kenna has Way Watts & Arminda
a pleasing personality
well suited to the assignment.
Daphne Pollard and
cola are in the main laugh se-

quence of the picture, and con-

Penny Pennington
Alene and Evans’
Fox Theatre
“Baby Songs” Idea
Rose Valyda Cal Norris
Orpheum Theatre
'Speed’ Idea
Black Cat Four

Parker & Mack

Pearl Hoff Greyhounds Helen Burke
tribute the main antics therein. NEW STATE THEATRE, SYDNEY. AUSTRALIA
They were directed with the ac-
cent on the slapstick angles of the
situation, getting the guffaws but,
of course, failing to make the se- Owen, whose
CatherineGus Shy, in Dale
the Broadway
quence click from a naturalness part in '“The Rogue Song,” has “New Moon” company, will play
Elizabeth Patterson is an ex-
cellent type as the straight-laced
and disapproving sister, and Ilka
placed her up among ’em after a the part of Bobby in the talkiza-
lukewarm picture debut in “His tion of “Good News” which Edgar
Glorious Night,” has been assigned McGregor and Albert Kelly are to
Chase is all necessary as a slat-
the feminine lead in M-G-M’s screen for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. MUSICAL PRESENTATION
“The Circle,” which David Burton
ternly maid servant.
in directing. Others in the cast Shy created the part in the original
are Paul Cavanagh, Lewis Stone, stage production. Mary Lawler is
HERB Ernest Torrence, Tyrrell
Davis, to be featured.
Organist-Master of Ceremonies
Auckland, New Zealand
DENNY TO SING Pit Orchestra of 30 - : - Stage Band of 20
Long Beach, Calif.
Reginald Denny has been signed
by Cecil B. DeMille for the lead-
ing role in “Madame Satan” at
M-G-M. Denny was formerly a
WM. KNOX musical comedy baritone, and the PRESENT
SOLO ORGANIST DeMille picture will require use of News Dealer
Fox Oakland Theatre
his singing voice.


Marie Dressier and Polly Mo-


comedy team
in shorts, are to be co-
in a feature comedy which
who have
Chuck Reisner will direct for
Personality Band
Balconades Ballroom
San Francisco


William Boyd has been signed
by Paramount for a featured role
“The Benson Murder Case.”
Jay William Powell will be featured in
this S. S .Van Dine story, with at
Frank Tuttle directing. SAN FRANCISCO
Master-of-Ceremonies Doris Hill Ken Maynard’s
leading woman
in his latest Uni- Stands PETER PAUL LYONS
FOX EL CAPITAN versal picture, “The Man from

San Francisco
Monterey,” which has started.
Others in the supporting cast are
Frank Rice, Francis Ford, Gino
Carado and Joyzelle.


‘CHAUVE-SOURIS’ ‘MISSION PLAY’ Bustamente, Amos Silva, Miguel ‘BROKEN DISHES’ ance increases of late make one
uQiroz, Bias Cota, William Jonn-
PRESIDENT THEATRE question the value of breaking this
LOS ANGELES SAN GABRIEL Pas-a-dan, Lmef x oung Eagle,
(Reviewed Jan. 15) (Reviewed Jan.
(ixeviewed Jan. H. B. M.
18) 19)
Ortensia Rocleriguez, Jose Vaien-
Excellence, originality and qual- Nineteen years of consecutive zuela and Jane Rupple. Martin Flavin’s “Broken Dish-
ity are in this collection of tit- spring seasons has not dimmedjaumta Vigare did an excellent es,” which opened at ihe Presi-
bits which Balieff brings us from luster of this epic of John Steven dance in the fiesta. Juan Zorra- dent on Sunday, is more than just
the Bat Theatre of Moscow. McGroarty. The dramatic story quinos, Charles King, Carmen de a much-better-than-average small-
Twenty numbers are listed on of the California Missions since Rara, .Olivia Castillo and Salvador town comedy; it is a cross section

the program, none of them over the first founding of the San Diego V. Chavez also contributed excel- into the mental quirks of humanity
four or five minutes in duration
but each one a gem of humor or
San Diego
glorious period of
in 1/09 lently to the fiesta entertainment.
that will hit home whether your
watcher be bucolic or urban in
of musical interpretation, placed their flourishing in 1784 to be de- type. Much of credit for this
in a setting of exquisite artistry picted by a fiesta at the Mission
“BAMBINA” must go to the fine work of the
and performed by finished artistes San Carlos de Carmel and finally
CURRAN THEATRE Henry Duffy Players, with Earl
Lee and Leona Powers drawing
whose voices are of grand opera an incident which occurred at the
merit. ruins of the Mission San Juan SAN FRANCISCO
the heaviest roles and Howard
(Reviewed Jan. 8)
Capistrano in 1847, tells the tale Miller shining again in one of the The increasing popularity of col-
Balieff himself, the father of all
of the heroic priests who did much
masters-of-ceremony, officiated be- There’s no getting around the juvenile comedy parts which he or in films has brought about a
tween each act. In appearance he in establishing and making im- fact that in “Bambina”. taking its can acquit himself so well in. keen rivalry for business among
might have stepped out of one of portant the resources of this state. initial bow at the Curran. Produc- The Bumpsted family consists the three concerns now engaged
in color photography for the stu-
Hogarth’s cartoons, overly short, Scenically nothing more inspir- er Daniel C. Blum has a colortul mainly of Jenny, the mother, whom
considerably overstuffed and with ing nor beautiful has ever been operetta with a competent cast Dorrit Kelton makes a character dios. —
Each of the three are run-
a puffy face that radiates good conceived for the theatre. The combination that presages a profit- to remember, and her two older ning to the limit of their capacity
humor. He makes his announce- large stage, perhaps the largest table lifetime for the vehicle. daughters, played excellently by and each are better than the other
ments in broken English with a in this vicinity, was taxed to its Throughout the entire show is Lulu Mae Hubbard and Helen in some respects, according to their
pronounciation studied for laugh utmost with the grandeur of the discernible the excellent direction Kleeb. Just to complete the group,
effects —
and he never fails of his exteriors of the mission sites. The of Edward Royce whose ensem- there is Elaine, the young daugh- Technicolor at present, being the
older, is having the better of the
laughs. scenes were produced with a keen bles, particularly, are outstanding. ter, and the poor, little henpecked
contest but is being closely pressed
Accompanned byan orchestra eye to the reality and proportions The book, written by Myrta Bel father.
directed by M. Zlatin with an ac- of the original and with a strict Gallaher, tells a love story of Ve< An almost mythical suitor of by Multicolor, whose new develop-
curacy and musical efficiency ex- mother’s, who is paraded as
the ment, Rainbow film, enables them
fidelity to detail. netian carnival season in 1815 and
to photograph color with the same
pected only in opera, the musical The text of the story has been surrounding settings carrying out everything that their father is not,
has been held up as a model of lighting arrangement as is used
part of the program was a genuine polished almost to perfection. It the motif of the story received
Each number has a musical male virtue to them so long by black and white; and Harris Color,
treat. is a literary gem as’ well as an hearty applause at the opening the development of Kelley Color
setting of its own. They might be historical treasure. Its three acts night. the mother that romance has been
which has contributed to the cause
termed miniature operas both grand
and comic, each complete in its
are connected by characters who The cast is large almost 60 —
killed for the two older daughters
a three-color process whereas the
begin in childhood and grow up and only by hard work and excel- and the father reduced to a door others have but a two-color method.
telling and despite the fact that
under the influence of the mission. lent trouping do remaining mem- mat. The younger girl shows
all but one number was in a for-
The one objection to the gen-
The effect of the Spanish as well bers of the company keep Marie signs of rebelling, and here is eral use of color is the fact that
as the American incursion is deli- Wells from stealing the show. As where a jug of hard cider
eign language, principally Russian, proves
its cost has been excessivly high.
the fact that the words were not cately told and the fictional epi- Carmella, a dancer of Rome, Miss an effective aid to Cupid. In
Manyproducers, too, have been
understood by the audience did sodes are no doubt built upon in- Wells is seen throughout a number fact, it falls back on Voltaire’s laying off of color with the idea
not detract from their thorough cidents which may have occurred of ensemble numbers and in vari- axiom that thinking and liquor
enjoyment of the offerings. that the public would tire of its
in fact. ous scenes, but her outstanding have caused all the world’s revo- monotony, but the new inventions
No encores were given, although In. the second act the fiesta is triumph comes with her rendition
lutions and liquor most of the
several times it was thought that thinking. and improvements are lessening
depicted with all of the grandeur of the song “Bambina” which nets objections to the undesirable fea-
the enthusiasm would have to be
The her three encores. Howard Miller makes much of
and pomp of the period. tures of color such as vibration,
responded to. Especially was this
Spanish dancers, the singing of With plenty of appeal, both au- the role as the youngest daugh- failure to register and the fading
true of the “Parade of the Wooden ter’s suitor, and Edward Cassidy
Spanish songs and the musical rically and optically, Nancy Wel- presents and unevenness of the color.
Soldiers” which has become a a good piece of acting as
contributions were exceptionally ford had everything in her favor It is believed that with the ele-
of pantomime; “The Night town’s cemetery custodian.
Idyll,”a humorous scene in which
well done. The choral work was as a light comedienne. rain the A
Paul McGrath and Clifford Dun- ment of third dimension and on
well trained, while the soloists, number, “Pitter Pat,” though a the wide films, color will bring the
a lover(Ermoloff) tried to seren- stan are both effective in the re-
particularly Irmalee Campbell and trifle long, was her best offering. movies as close to realism as it
nade his sweetheart (Mme. Fehr Early in the show where he had maining roles.
ner) in competition with a coterie Eleanor Bryan, were splendid. This marks the’ final week of will be possible to attain.
of amorous eats. The acting, however, is where his best opportunities, A1 St. John How ard Miller *and Leona Pow- r The general use of the color
looked fit to swipe the honors processes is at present handicapped
the play is weakest. In the first
“The Minuet,’’ after a tale by from everybody else, but other en- ers’ engagement here, with Guy both by the limitation of labora-
Guy De J^Jaupassant, was another act, R. D. MacLean had a ten- Post and Lillian Kemble
trants into story interest cut down Bates
charming divertissement. One of dency to overplay the character Cooper coming next week as guest tory facilities and the fewness of
his chances. St. John was excel- the available cameras for the pur-
of Fray Junipero Serra. His emo-
the high spots was the staging lent in his comedy role, at all stars. There is a report that this
and singing of “El Ukhnem,” bet- tions seemed too exaggerated and pose.
times running a high laugh aver- popular pair will not be back with The cameras that are here are
known here as the “Volga his gestures too broad. However, after the Post season closes.
Boat Song.” It was done with a in the second act he rose to fine
age. A burlesqued sword duel be- us One cannot but hope this is in- kept as busy as is possible. The
male chorus in silhouette and was heights of dramatic merit. His tween him and Ernest Wood was correct. Stock fans form a peculiar cost of the color films is about 44
good for plenty of laughs. Wood, cents a foot as compared with 11
one of the most artistic contribu- reading was dignified and impres- group of theatre patrons and at
as Florindo, a medical student cents for black and white. The
tions on the program. sive and he carried the advanced
age of the great priest with an
who particularly fancied piccolo least 50 per cent of a show’s ap- cameramen get $100 a day or $400
“Les Amourfe De Jean-Pierre,” playing as a pastime, was excel- peal to them is the favorite player
a parody on an operatic produc- understanding
of burden of
the or players. by the week, all of which makes
lent in his characterization.
tion, played in the same costumes, his task. This team has more than set it- the cost mount up, but it is be-
In the romantic leads Laurel lieved that these features will soon
scenery and settings as it had One of the best bits of acting Nemeth and Wilbur Evans were self with Seattle audiences; in
been done hundreds of years ago was contributed by Barry Gill as very fine. be brought down to a more rea-
Miss Nemeth’s strik- fact, it will be recalled that the sonable figure when color as well
at the Opera Comique in Paris, the designing commandente. He ingly pleasing voice afforded her bad break in stock attendance came
was a masterpiece of humorous looked the dandy and played him adequate opportunity to provide last season after the removal of as sound will become standard
conception both in acting and ren- with a swagger and daintiness that something classy in the way of the Miller-Powers lead pair and equipment at all of the labora-
dition as well as in conception. was deserving of the highest vocal entertainment and she took Eddie Waller a statement which tories. —
For a finale, a grotesque tobog- praise. In the fiesta scene he also care of her assignment in great is made without any discredit to
gan snow scene was arranged with displayed a baritone voice of rich style. Evans displayed a nice the players who followed and mere-
the figures painted on the sleds quality. This chap should not be voice, especially in the number ly indicates that the stock fan Allen Kearns has been signed
but the actors contributing the overlooked by those who are look- “Lelio Lies.” wants WHO
he wants. The pres- for a role in Richard Dix’s second
arms and heads. The song they ing for musical comedy villains in ent group has a pair of proven Radio starring vehicle, “I Love
Russell Scott made an excel-
sang was “I Miss My Miss” and the future. lent impression in his number leads and a light comedy player in You.” a stage play by William Le
was the only number in English. Irmalee Campbell contributed an “Cavaliers,” and Fred Walton as Earl Lee, who has hit, and attend- Baron. Mel Brown is directing.
There was not a weak number excellent bit of dramatic reading a Venetian merchant was okay.
on the bill and all of the per- and acting in the last act, the Peter Pope as the landlord gave a
formers were artists of high merit cast seemed to lack experience. nifty characterization and Hedley
although none stood out over the Their

there were no dull minutes.

make-ups were generally Hall as father of Miss Welford
The timing and speed of poorly put on and looked just and Miss Nemeth was convincing-
the performance was calculated to what they were, particularly the ly stormy.
keep everything on edge so that mustaches and beards. Then, too, Victoria Alden. Lorrayne Du
Good Food Courtesy
the types were not in every in- Val, Margaret Oliver, Evelyn Def-
The entire show was conceived stance well selected, but these did fon and Dorothy Dix were in
and staged by Nikita Balieff and not detract particularly from the minor roles. Marjorie Moore fol-
the music was arranged by Alexis general excellence of the ensemble, lowed
Archelangelsky. Jacobs. which was exceedingly large.
a violin solo while toe 745-749 South Hill Street Los Angeles
dancing that received good ap-
The costuming was most ac- plause.
curate and commendable and the Other members of the show in-

Bachelor Hotel & Grill

direction of the play was in most cluding gondoliers, serenaders and
And His
cases very well executed. ladies and gentlemen of the en-
Among those in the cast were semble include Iris Adrian, Dor-
William Ellingford, Alexander othy Dix, Gloria Faythe, Isabelle 151-159 Powell Street San Francisco
CELLAR SHAKERS Smith, E. A. Pyke, Francisco Hager, Lillian Harrell, Marilen
Mixing Musical Melodies Cuellar, John Bergman, William Kay, Edna Livingston, Virginia
Maginnetti, Edgel Blackham, Le- McAdoo, Mildred Rider, Jacklyn
at the
B. B. B. CELLAR CAFE Grande A. Anderson, William F. Roth, Mildred Terris, Mary Wind-
Harrison, Jose Vuella, Leandra sor, Florine Dickinson, Vera
French, Bernice Giffen, Hope Har- SHOW
Always Busy Developing Dancing Stars but Never Too Busy
to Create and Produce
Original DANCE ROUTINES and REVUES That Sell

Marjorie Hipsley, La Verna
Harrelle. Joy

Dorothy Scudder,
Kremer, Ernestine Mahoney, Nell
O’Donnell, Rignoir Peterson, Mar-
Webb and Dorothy

ALLES 4872—224
E. 4th St., Los Angeles—
ME. 4873
Warren. Felix Celecia, Huncey
Belmont Theatre Bldg., First and Vermont
Phone Exposition 1196 Los Angeles, Calif.
Gildner, Dudley Hammond, Henry WHEN IN TIJUANA
Markworth, John Mather, Stanley Visit the Rendezvous of the Profession
O’Connor, Art Rowlands, Don


Raymond, Ed Rockwell, Hal Roe-
lofs, Fred Seeley, Richard Webb,
David Lanigan and Murray Mine-
— —
— O' 1
MoBK^r hart.
The orchestra

was under the

John R. Britz. Though
direction of
3636 BEVERLY BLVD. — Los Angeles — Tel. DU. 6721 hampered on premiere night by in- Opposite the Foreign Club
STAGE TAP DANCING (In All Its Branches) was remedied and all is now well. FINEST IMPORTED LIQUORS AND WINES
The excellent scenery was by Con-
BALLET- "Technique*) By SIGNOR G. V. ROSl rad Tritschler. Proprietors —Alex Cardini and Johnnie Montepagno


PERSONNEL OF WEST COAST FILM STUDIOS Permission to use, all or part, must be secured from Inside Facts Publishing Co.


Lon Chaney Greta Garbo Harry Ruby Sidney Clare
MELROSE NEAR VINE Joan Crawford John Gilbert Bert Kalmar Harry Tierney BURBANK UNIVERSAL CITY
HO. 2400 Marion Davies William Haines Oscar Levant Anne Caldwell GLad stone 4111 HEmpstead 3131
Vivian Duncan Buster Keaton Harry Ruby
First Vice-President in Charge of Pro- Robert North Robert Lord President Carl Laemmle
duction Jegse I*. Lasky FEATURED PLAYERS Pearl Eaton General Manager Carl Laemmle, Jr.
General Manager of West Cast Pro- CO-EXECUTIVES IN CHARGE OF
duction B. P. Schulberg
Renee Adoree Charles King GENERAL MUSICAL DIRECTOR PRODUCTION Asst, to Carl Laemmle, Sr
Nils Asther Mary Lawlor M. Stanley Bergerman
Assistant to the First Vice-President in Wallace Beery Gwen Lee Victor Baravalle Hal B. Wallis C. Graham Baker Studio Manager J. J. Gain
Charge of Product’ n„ Albert A. Kaufman Jack Benny Bessie Love Cimini Grand Chorus
Asst. General Manager....Harry HL Zehner
Executive Assistant to Mr .Schulberg.... Charles Bickford George F. Marion Maestro Pietro Cimini, Musical Director SCENARIO EDITOR
- David O. Selznick Edwina Booth Nina Mae and Conductor Business Manager..., Walter Stern
John Mack Brown John Miljan A1 Cohn Production Manager Martin Murphy
Associate Producers
Hector Turnbull, Louis D. Lighton, J. Rosemary Cameron Robert Montgomery Supervising Scenario Chief
G. Bachmann, B. F. Zeidman, E. Lloyd * C. Gardner Sullivan
Sheldon. Marie Dressier
Mary Doran
Conrad Nagel
Elliott Nugent
COLUMBIA Corinne Griffith Daphne Pollard Story Editor Leon Abrams
Production Manager Sam Jaffe Richard Barthelmess Wm. Janney
Harry I. Garson
Attorney for Company Henry Herzbrun
Cliff Edwards
Gus Edwards
J. C. Nugent
Edward Nugent 1428 GOWER STREET Alice White
Alexander Gray
Cornelius Keefe
Leila Hyams
Casting Director
Film Editor-in-Chief Del Andrews
Studio Manager Frank Brandow JuliaFaye Catherine Dale Owen HOUywood 7490 Bernice Claire Clive Brook Director of Publicity Ivan St. Johns
Lawrence Gray Anita Pago Walter Pidgeon Noah Beery
Studio Comptroller A. C. Martin Raymond Hackett Basil Rathbone President , Joe Brandt Stenographic Grace H. Ryan
Doug. Fairbanks, Jr. Grant Withers
Director of Department of Music Marion Harris Duncan Renaldo Treasurer Jack Cohn Lois Wilson Lila Lee Art Director O. D. Hall
Nathaniel Finston Hedda Hopper Benny Rubin Chief Studio Executive Billie Dove James Murray Supt. of Laboratory and Sound
Head of Editing and Title Departments
Julian Johnson
Lottice Hawell
Leila Hyams
Dorothy Sebastian
Sally Starr

President in
Harry Cohn, Vice-
Charge of Production
Marilyn Miller
Otis Skinner
Wilfred Lucas
Vivian Oakland
— C. Roy Hunter
Kay Johnson Lewis Stone Dorothy Mackaill Louise Fazenda Camera Department C. M. Glouner
Assistant to Mr. Selznick....Harold Hurley Executive Assistant to Harry Cohn
Helen JohDson Etlielind Terry Samuel J. Briskin Jack Mulhall Raymond Hackett Purchasing Dept A. W. Klinordlinger
Story Department Editor....Edw, Montagne Dorothy Jordan Raquel Torres Allan Prior Inez Courtney
Location Manager
Scenario Editor Geffrey Shurlock General Studio Manager. Loretta Young Montagu Love Sigmund Moos
Charles Kaley Ernest Torrence , Samuel Bisehoff Sidney Blackmer Betty Compson Musical Director David Broekman
Paul Kavanaugh Fay Webb
PARAMOUNT STARS Carlotta King Roland Young Assistant General Studio Manager Frank Fay Hallam Cooley Technical Department Archie Hall
Louis Mann Marion Kohn Eddit Nugent DeWitt Jennings
Richard Arlen Maurice Chevalier Monte Blue Geneva Mitchell Electrical Department Frank Graves
Assistant Production Manager
George Bancroft Gary Cooper SONG WRITERS - . Joe Cooke Art Title Department Max Cohen
Clara Bow Dennis King Chief Sound Engineer John Lividary
DIRECTORS Zoo Department Charles Murphy
Evelyn Brent Moran and Mack Fred Ahlert Howard Johnson Ranch Department
Recording Engineer..... ...John Gray John Francis Dillon Frank Lloyd E. E. Smith
Nancy Carroll William Powell Lon Alter Jack King
Ruth Chatterton Charles Rogers Amplifyng Engineer Edward Hahn Mervyn Le Roy William A. Seiter Accounting Dept Graydon B. Howe
Martin Broones Reggie Montgomery Clarence Badger Howard Hawks
Herb Nacio Brown Andy Rice “Mike” Control Engineer (Mixer) Michael Curtiz William Beaudine
Ladies’ Wardrobe Johanna Mathieson
FEATURED PLAYERS Gus Edwards J. Russell Robinson Harry Blanchard Men’s Wardrobe .Edward Ware
Fred Fisher Herbert Stothart Camera Department Head....Ted Tetzlaff WRITERS
Jean Arthur Harry Green Transportation Dept. ..Maurice E. Kurland
Arthur Freed Roy Turk Laboratory Chief
Mary Brian Paul Guertzman George Seid Police Department
Clifford Grey George Waggoner Francis Faragoh Henry McCarty Dick Solberg
V irginia Bruce J ames Hall George Ward Dimitri Tiomkin
Property Master Edward Schulter Bradley King Forrest Halsey Prop Shop E. A. Johnson
Kay Francis Neil Hamilton Art Director Harrison Wiley Paul Perez Julian Josephson
Mitzi Green Phillips Holmes Nursery., Walter Tauer
DIALOGUE AND SCENARIO WRITERS Casting Director Clifford Robertson Earl Baldwin Humphrey Pearson
Helen Kane Fred Kohler Waldemar Young F. Hugh Herbert Scenic Dpartment James Holroyd
Jeanett MacDonald Paul Lukas Location Chief Joe Cooke
Ralph de Alberich Gene Markey Property Dept Russell A. Gausman
Lillian Roth Fredric March Maxwell Anderson Sarah Y. Mason Scenario Editor Elmer Harris CASTING DIRECTOR Hospital
Fay Wray David Newell Alfred Block John Meehan Story Editor
~.Dr. Stanley Immerman
D. A. Doran
William Austin Jack Oakie A1 Boasberg Bess Meredyth Music Department Head
Wm. Maybery
Clive Brook Warner Gland Frank Butler James Montgomery
Bakaleinokoff DIRECTORS
Morgan Farley Guy Oliver Lenore Coffee Charles MacArthur
Film Editor.Z. Maurice Pivar WARDROBE DEPARTMENT
J.Murray Anderson Harry Pollard
Richard “Skeet” Eugene Pallette Arthur Caesar Fred Niblo, Jr. Chief Dialogue Writer. ...Norman Houston
Wm. James Craft
Gallagher Frank Ross Edw. Lambert, Head of Department John Robertson
John Colton Jack Neville Chief Title Writer Weldon Melick Edward Stevenson, Costumes Henry MacRae Ray Taylor
Stuart Erwin Regis Toomey Mitzie Cummings Samuel Ornitz Director of Publicity Lewis Milestone
Alec Moss William Wyler
Salisbury Field Frank Partos dAnce director
Purchasing Agent A1 Brandt
Madame de Gresac Madeleine Ruthven Chief Studio Electrician....Denver Harmon Larry Ceballos
George Abbott Rowland V. Lee Paul Dickey Richard Schayer Paymaster Lew Ayres
Ernst Lubitsch
G. A. Sampson “Sunny Jim” (Law-
Dorothy Arzner Robert Hopkins Raymond Schrock ART DEPARTMENT John Boles*
Lothar Mendes Transportation Manager Joe Cooke rence McKeen)
Ludwig Berger Wm. Hurlbut Zelda Sears Kathryn Crawford Joan Marsh
Otto Brower V ictor Schertzinger John B. Hymer Samuel Shipman Jack Okey Anton Grot Robert Ellis Ken Maynard*
John Cromwell Edward Sutherland Hans Kraly G. Sil-Vara John J. Hughes HootGibson*
George Cukor Frank Tuttle James Murray
Anthony Jowett May Straus Otis Harlan Mary Nolan*
Marcel DeSano
Louis Gasnier
Josef von Sternberg
Richard Wallace
John H. Lawson Lawrence .Stallings WARNER BROTHERS MAKE-UP DEPARTMENT Merna Kennedy Joseph Sehildkraut*
Albert Le Vino Sylvia Thalberg Barbara Kent Nancy Torres
William Wellman Pure Westmore, Hairdressing
Perry Ivins Lew Lipton A. E. Thomas 5842 SUNSET BLVD. Mel Burns, Make-up Scott Kolk Glenn Tryon*
Josephine Lovett Wanda Tuchock HOUywood 4181 Laura La Plante* Helen Wright
Mrs. W. Mack Edward Welch Executives * Indicates player is star.
T. J. Ah earn Percy H eath Prances Marion Leo Forhstein, Director
Zoe Akins Grover JondS Vice President and Production Execu- Jerome Kern- Otto Harbach WRITERS
Doris Anderson Patrick Kearney Edwin Warde and A1 Bryan
Edwin Knopf TITLE WRITERS tive Jack L. Warner
Guy Bolton Harry Akst and Grant Clarke Tom Reed Matt Taylor
Norman Burnstine Herman Mankiewicz Associate Executive in Charge of Pro-
Ruth Cummings Joseph Farnham duction
Con Conrad, Sidney Mitchell and Winifred Reeve Paul Gangelin
Walton Butterfield Jos. L.Mankiewicz .. Darryl F. Zanuck Archie Goettler
Lucile Newmark Bob Wyler Bherman Lowe
James A. Clark George Marion, Jr. General Studio Manager Wm. Koenig A1 Dubin and Joe Burke Edward T. Lowe,
Wm. Slavns McNutt M. Jerome and Harold Berg Jr. Jed Kiley
Bartlett Cormack Publicity Director George Thomas Charles Webb
Lloyd Corrigan Alice D. G. Miller Michael Oleary, Ned Washington and Gene Towne
Herb Magidson Charles Logue Elinor Carlisle
Howard Estabrook Edw. Paramore, Jr.
RKO STUDIOS PLAYERS H. La Cossitt Len Fields
John Farrow Win. N. Robson II Wm. Houston Branch Ernst Laemmle
Charles Furthmann Daniel N. Rubin John Barrymore Lois Wilson
Viola Brothers Shore 780 GOWER ST. A1 Jolson
Albert De Mond Lew Collins
Gerald Geraghty Patsy Buth MiUer
John V. A. Weaver Well Boot
Zane Grey HOUywood 7780 Dolores Costello
Waldemar Young Monte Blue
executives Grant Withers Tully Marshall PATHE STUDIOS CAMERAMEN
Hal Mohr Arthur Edeson
Farciot Edouart Henry Gerrard
Vice-Pres. in Charge of Production
William Le Baron
Marian Nixon
Frank Fay
Marion Byron
Alice Gentle
CULVER CITY Frank Booth Walte'r Cline
Harry Fischbeck William Rand
Asst, to Mr. Le Baron Pandro Berman Betty Compson George Arliss EMpire 9141 George Robinson Gilbert Warrenton
Lila Lee Vivienne Segal A1 Jones Jerry Ashe
CASTING DIRECTOR Associate Prducer Louis A. Sarecky Louise Fazenda Pauline Frederick EXECUTIVES
Associate Producer Myles Connolly Noth Beery Winnie Lightner CARTOONISTS
Fred Datig H. B. Warner Lotti Loder General Manager in Charge of Produc-
Associate Producer Henry Hobart tion E. B. Derr Walter Lantz William C. Nolan
Edward Everett Horton
FASHION CREATOR Associate Producer Bertram Milhauser Personal Representative for J. P .Ken-
General Studio Manager C. D. White nedy Charles E. Sullivan
Travis Banton
Studio Superintendent Major Fairbanks Producer William Conselman
Albert DeSart, Technical Director of
Director of Publicity Don Eddy
Production Manager George Bertholon BRONSON AND MELROSE
Sound Assistant Treasurer L. B. Smith Literary Editor Carl Hovey
Casting Director Rex Bailey
GR. 3111 Chief Title Writer John Krafft President Alfred Mannon
WARDROBE DEPARTMENT Asst. Casting Director....Harvey Claremont President Charles H. Christie Studio Superintendent Harvey Leavitt First Vice-President and Treasurer
Production Manager Art Director Edward Jewell — J. BoyceSmith
Frank Richardson (Head) L. G. Ransome Treasurer and General Manager Vice-President
Scenario Department Betty Roberts Wm. Holman Maurice De Mond
.. S.
DANCE DIRECTOR Purchasing Agent Richard Wilde PLAYERS Secretary and Studio Manager.
Construction Supt
General Representative Phil L. Ryan .Irving Meiliken
Earl McMurtrie
David Bennett Chief Electrical Dept William Johnson Studio Manager Leo Cahane William Boyd Helen Twelvetrees Technical Director
Ann Harding Ina Claire
Albert D’Agostino
Chief Property Dept..... Sam Comer Auditor H. P. Ratlff Genl. Purchasing Agent.. ..Harry Englander
SPECIAL EFFECTS DEPT. Chief Wardrobe Dept Walter Plunkett Eddie Quillan Harry Bannister
Chief Sound Engineer R. S. Clayton
Chief Camera Dept William Eglinton Chief Electrician Leslie Tracy
Oren W. Roberts (Head) Chief Scenic Dept Holt Lindsley
Assistant Sound Engineer....A, M. Granich DIRECTORS Publicity Director
Tay Garnett Wilson B. Heller
Location Department Herb Hirst Art Director C. L. Cadwallader Paul L. Stein Assistant Publicity
Chief Drapery Department Frank Vert Construction Supt Sam E. Wood
RCA Photophone Chief Engineer on Chief Electrician Wally Oettel DIALOGUE DIRECTOR Auditor Florence Hinkle
Arch Reeve Coast — _.R.
Silent and Foreign Versions
.Townsend Chief of Props
Following are the
F. W. Widdowson
companies renting
Richard Boleslavsky
Scenic and Paints
G. Altweis
CUTTING DEPARTMENT Leon D’Usseau space at the studio
Larry Sorenson
Harold Lloyd Corp. Draperies W. S. Hepburn
James Wilkinson (Head) Head of Miniature
Dept Don Jahraus
Chief Cutting Dept William Hamilton Caddo Co., Inc. Transportation O. E. Norstrum
Chief Sound Department Carl Dreher Sono Art Prod., Inc. TELEFILM STUDIOS Outter.™ Charles Henkle
FOREIGN REPRESENTATIVE Photo Effects Lloyd Knechtel Lloyd Hamilton Prod. Chief Engineer ROA Ernest Rovere
Geoffrey Shurlock (also Scenario Editor)
Christie Film Co., Inc.
Associated Artists Prod.
1376 SUNSET DRIVE Recorder..... _L. E Tope
Fine Arts Pictures, Inc. OLympia 2111
(Under Contract) Cliff Broughton Prod.
Behe Daniels Edward Small Prod. President W. T. Lackey
Dorothy Lee
Rita T
La„ Roy Halperin Prod. Vice-President Jack O’Rourke CHAPLIN STUDIOS
MAYER Rod La Rocque
Betty Compson Renee Macready
James Cruze, Inc.
Italotone Film Prod
Secretary and Treasurer L. R. Turner
1416 N. LA BREA
General Manager Ralph M. Like
CULVER CITY Olive Borden Bert Wheeler Robert C. Bruce Outdoor
Director of Music George Cox
HEmpstead 2141
Ivan Lobedeff Joel McCrea Talking Pictures, Inc.
EMpire 9111 Hugh Trever Rudy Vallee Soung Engineers „ President, Director and Star
Sally Blane June Clyde Earl Crane and O. B. Mills - Charles Chaplin
EXECUTIVES Roberta Gale Marguerita Padula

Chief Engineer Dick Gray "V ice-President and General Manager....

Louis B. Mayer Hunt Stromberg
Polly Walker
Helen Kaiser
Franker Woods
Roger Gray
DARMOUR STUDIOS Construction Superintendent....Floyd Price Treasurer
Alfred Reeves
.Lois C. Runser
Irving G. Thalberg Bernard Hyman Chief Cinematographers
Harry Rapf Laurence Weingarten AUTHORS AND WRITERS 5823 SANTA MONICA BLVD. Rollie Totheroh and Gordon Pollock
E. J. Mannix Paul Bern HO. 8704 Photographer Mark Marlatt
Albert Lewin John Russell Ben Hecht TIFFANY PRODUCTIONS Director of Publicity and Advertising....
Eugene Walter J. Walter Ruben President and Supervision — - Carlyle Robinson
Wallace Smith Hugh Herbert Larry Darmour
SUNSET BOULEVARD Script Department Della Steele
James A. Creelman Beulah Marie Dix Cameraman James Brown, Jr. Executive Secretary Kathleen Pryor
Clarence Brown Sammy Lee George O’Hara Jane Murfin Publicity and Advertising L. E. Heifitz OLympia 2131 Communication Consuelo Jackson
Lionel Barrymore Robert Z. Leonard Charles MacArthur Story Dept
Vina Delmar E. V. Durling Purchasing Agent Joseph Van Meter
Harry Beaumont Edgar J. McGregor George Abbott Samson Raphaelson Technical Frank Dexter President L. A. Young
Charles Brabin Property Master Hal Atkins
Marshall Neilan Tom Geraghty Recording O. S. Franklin Executive Vice-President....Grant L. Cook Laboratory Chief
David Burton Fred Niblo Val Lane
Chief Electrical and Sound Neil Jack Chief Studio Executive .Phil Goldstone Assistant
Jack Conway William N igh Henry Bergman
DIRECTORS Purchasing and Production... .Pell Mitchell
Comptroller Ira E. Seidel Still Department Ed. Anderson
Cecil B. DeMille Robert Ober Property Department ..
Wsley Morton Chief Electrician Frank Testera
Wm. deMille Charles Riesner Luther Reed Frank Craven Directors Purchasing Agent Milton Gatzert Foreman Carpenter
Sidney Franklin Mai St. Clair Bert Glennon William Bogdanoff
Herbert Brenon
nerpert A1 Herman, Lew Foster, Phil Whitman Director of Publicity Casting Director
Jacques Feyder Victor Seastrom Mai St. Clair Allan Garcia
Still Department .Harry Blanc Arthur Q. Hagarman
Nick Grinde Edward Sedgwick Lambert Hillyer Rupert Julian Head Cutter Edgar Scott Art Director........ Hervey Libbert PLAYERS
George Hill W. S. Van Dyke Paul Sloane Reginald Barker RCA Photophone Licensee
Albert Kelley King Vidor Wesley Ruggles Mel Brown Home Office: Standard Cinema Corpora- Head of Sound Dept .. Lewis Myer Virginia Cherrill
Sam Wood Harry Myers
Marshall Neilan tion, 1560 Broadway, New York Head of Set Dressing Dept Geo. Sawley Albert Austin





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