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Ashley Calloway

Assessment Implementation Plan (Assignment 3)

November 2017

1) Client Information
Client Darlene Edleman, Teacher
Information South Forsyth Middle School
Certificate # 792688

Description and -Prior to this lesson, the teacher should have allowed students to select an
Teacher article from Newsela. The articles should be at the students’ lexile levels
Directions and high-interest. The teacher will copy and paste the link to each article
into a Google Doc to be shared with each student. A writing prompt will
(Taken from go along with each article and will also be posted in the Google doc. The
Assessment Google Doc will also have a graphic organizer for students to fill in.
Plan Assignment (Implementation adjustment-the teacher client elected to have all students
2) use the same Newsela article. They still differentiated it by Lexile level).
Day One:
-Students will log-in to their chromebooks and access the “shared with
me” section of their Google Drive. They will select the document and click
on their Newsela article.
-Students should be instructed to skim the article first, and then read it a
second time or as many times as necessary. They can use the Google
Read and Write extension (available on all school chromebooks) to listen
to the article as they read.
-Students will be instructed to use Google Read and Write to make digital
annotations. These annotations can be saved into a google document.
-Students will begin considering the writing prompt that goes along with
the article.
Day Two:
-Students will begin filling out the graphic organizer that goes along with
the article. They will refer back to the Newsela article and use their digital
annotations from the previous day.
-Students will share their graphic organizer with the teacher in order to get
feedback on their ideas.
-Students will start writing while waiting for feedback on their graphic
organizer, and will adjust their writing accordingly.
Day Three:
-Students will finish writing. They will also use Google Read and Write to
help them edit for spelling and grammar.
-Students will share all of their work with their teacher via Google Docs.
NOTE: Because this is a small special education ELA class, the teacher
may decide to model any of the steps of this process with the whole class
via the interactive Promethean board. This may especially be needed as
students get started on the first day. This may cause the lesson to be
lengthier, which is why it is planned for three days instead of just two. The
teacher may also use the exemplar below to introduce the process and
help students understand expectations.

2) Actual Assessment (what was given to students):

Newsela Activity

Article: https://newsela.com/read/elem-diabetes-dog/id/37042

1.Open Google Read and Write

2.Skim the article FIRST
3.Read the article a second time all the way through
4.May read as many times as needed. If you would like to listen to the
article using the Google Read and Write feature, please do so.
5. Use the Google Read and Write to make digital annotations as you
Think about the central idea of the passage. Also think about what
key details in the story. Make notes or thoughts as you read.

Complete the graphic organizer

Central Idea

Detail Detail
Writing Prompt - Answer in complete sentences with correct punctuation,
grammar, and capitalization. Type your answer below the prompt.

Write a short paragraph that explains the central idea of the article. Use
at least two details from the article to support your response.

3)Assessment Tool (Rubric):

Beginning- 1pt. Developing- Proficient- 3pt. Distinguished-

2pt. 4pt.

Ideas -Little or no - Evidence to -Evidence to support -Evidence to

evidence to support topic or topic or main idea. support topic or
support topic main idea may main idea is
or main idea. be irrelevant or -Adequate strong and
incomplete. development or compelling.
-Inadequate explanation of topic.
development -Some -Relevant
or explanation development or development or
of topic. explanation of explanation of
topic. topic.

Organization -Little or no -Organization -Organization is -Organization is

organization may be present in the writing. appropriate to
present in the inappropriate to purpose and
writing. topic. -Transition words are topic.
-No attempt to -Transition -Transition words
use transition words are and phrases are
words. attempted but used skillfully.
not used

Conventions -6 or more -3 to 5 -1 or 2 grammar, -Grammar,

grammar, grammar, usage, conventions, or usage,
usage, usage, spelling conventions, and
conventions, or conventions, or mistakes. Mistakes do spelling are
spelling spelling not interfere with consistent and
mistakes. mistakes. meaning. used correctly.

OR 3 to 5 OR 2 or less
mistakes that mistakes that
DO interfere DO interfere
with meaning. with meaning.

4) Samples of Student Work and Teacher Feedback

Writing Sample #1
Rubric Part 1:
Rubric Part 2 with Feedback

Writing Sample #2
Rubric Part 1:
Rubric Part 2 with Feedback

5)Report of Findings:
The students definitely needed clarification from the teacher in order to complete the
task, and she had to heavily monitor the students and prompt them as they were
working. I received a wide range of responses, which I expected since the students’
Lexile levels and writing abilities were vastly different. The teacher has elected not to
use these scores for grades but instead to use this as a progress monitoring activity for
their writing goals. The teacher also elected to give students the same Newsela article
so that it was easier for her to assess. Next time I’d like to see it implemented with
students choosing their own articles.
6)Report of Impact on Student Learning:
Student # Lexile Level Sped Category Score &
Percentage on
1 480 Other Health 4/12 (33%)
2 1105 Autism 7/12 (58.3%)
3 800 Other Health 6/12 (50%)
4 450 Specific 4/12 (33%)

Subgroup Analysis:
Subgroup Number of Students Average Range
(out of 4 total) Score
Females 1 50% n/a
Males 3 41.4% 25.3
Asian 2 45.7% 25.3
White 2 41.5% 17

Due to the fact that this is such a small class, I do not know if any of the findings are
particularly statistically significant. For example, since there is only one girl in the class
it is impossible to say that her score is indicative of a subgroup. I found that the
average scores amount the subgroups were similar. The ranges of the scores gives
more information about how individual students scored.

16) Future Instructional Plans

My client felt that although the data analysis doesn’t give her much information
about student subgroups, she is more concerned about individual students since her
class is so small. She felt that this exercise gave her good feedback about her
students’ abilities to respond to text. The information gathered from this assessment
helps her to establish a good baseline for her students’ writing. She can use this
information to help monitor their writing goals in their Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
and to create new goals in the future. One thing that we discussed is the need for a
more detailed graphic organizer. The one that we ended up using was easy to
complete, but pretty vague and unspecific. Given that, we would create a new writing
organizer that includes places for students to pull out evidence and include transition
words. Most of the students breezed through the graphic organizer and went on to write
their paragraph. It might be more helpful to do more work on the front end with a more
detailed graphic organizer. Because students overall did not do well with providing
evidence and using transition words, we need to be more explicit about incorporating
these parts into the pre-writing activity.
My client said that this activity was a good way of introducing the Google Read
and Write extension to students. It worked well with the Newsela website and allowed
students to get some practice with its features and how it could help them to access the
information in the article. Some of the students also used it to help with their writing and
spelling using the text prediction feature. She may use the assessment again at
another time (with some tweaking and adjustments) in order to measure growth in
writing and for progress monitoring purposes.