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Daily Lesson Log School Grade

Teacher Jofel Unday Learning Area Practical Research 1

Christopher Maramag
Date/time Quarter
Week 6 Week 11
SESSION 5 (2hrs) SESSION 6 (2hrs) SESSION SESSION Session SESSION 1 (2hrs) SESSION 2 (2hrs)
7 8 9
A. Content Standard The learner demonstrates The learner demonstrates
understanding of: understanding of:
1.the criteria in selecting, citing, and synthesizing related literature 1.qualitative research designs
2.ethical standards in writing related literature 2.the description of sample
3.data collection and analysis procedures such as survey,
interview, and observation
4.the application of creative design principles for execution
B. Performance Standard The learner is able to: 3.present written review The learner is able to:
1.select, cite, and of related literature 1.describe qualitative research designs, sample, and data
synthesize properly collection and analysis procedures
related literature 2.apply imaginatively art/design principles to create artwork

2.use sources according to

ethical standards

C. Learning The learner: The learner:

Competencies/ 1.selects relevant literature CS_RS11-IIIf-j-1 1. chooses appropriate qualitative research design CS_RS11-IVa-
Objectives 2. cites related literature using standard style c-1
Write the LC Code for (APA, MLA or Chicago Manual of Style)CS_RS11-IIIf-j-2 2.Describes sampling procedure and sample
each 3. synthesizes information from relevant literature CS_RS11- CS_RS11-IVa-c-2
IIIf-j-3 3.plans data collection and analysis procedures CS_RS11-IVa-c-3
4.writes coherent review of 4.presents written research methodology CS_RS11-IVa-c-4
literature CS_RS11-IIIf-j-4 5.utilizes materials and techniques to produce creative work
5.follows ethical standards in writing related literature CS_RS11-IVa-c-5
6.presents written review of literature
II. CONTENT Learning from Others and Reviewing the Literature Understanding Data and Ways To Systematically Collect Data
A. References Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research Qualitative Research
and Its Importance in and Its Importance in and Its Importance in and Its Importance in
Daily Life by Richard Daily Life by Richard Clemente Daily Life by Richard Clemente and Daily Life by Richard
Clemente and Aaron and Aaron Julaton Aaron Julaton Clemente and Aaron
Julaton Julaton
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages
2. Learner’s Materials
3. Text Book Pages
4. Additional Materials Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint presentation, video Powerpoint
from Learning Resources presentation
B. Other Learning Online resources Online resources Online resources Online resources
a. Activating prior The teacher review the Forums Reporting The teacher present
knowledge previous lesson by asking 2 Allow the students to exchange Assign 1 group to present their review an example of
groups to present their their ideas and views on the use of related literature and allow the class research design from a
output from the previous of sources according to ethical to critic their output research paper
session (write-up) standards

b. Acquiring new The teacher presents the The teacher present literatures Video tutorial
knowledge importance of reviewing and how this literatures used in Present a video tutorial on qualitative
related literature in the sample research research designs, sample, and data
conducting research using collection and analysis procedures
The teacher discusses the following
The teacher discusses the using powerpoint slides:
following: 1.qualitative research designs
1.select, cite, and 2.the description of sample
synthesize properly 3. data collection and analysis
related literature procedures such as survey,
2.use sources according to interview, and observation
ethical standards

c. Application Think-pair-share Group work Role playing Group work

Ask the students to extract Ask the students to assemble Divide the class into three and ask Ask the students to
information from the given according to their original them to act out the given assemble based on
examples of literature group and write a review on the scenario(gathering data e.g. interview, their original group
based on the given literatures related to their observation, and survey) and create a research
problem topics. design
Ask the original groups to Coaching: the teacher provides The teacher coaches
search for literature that support to the groups the groups.
they used in their
d. Assessment Oral Reporting: Mock convention Post quiz Panel Discussion:
Ask the pairs to present Ask the groups to present their Ask the students to answer the Ask the groups to
their outputs and allow output and allow to exchange following questions. discuss and defend
the class to critic the ideas to come up with an 1. In the study entitled “Creativity and their output in front of
output of the presenters agrrement on how to write a Artin Overcoming Boredom in the the class.
review of related literature Primary Classroom,” outline a simple
research procedure employing the
The teacher provides a elements of research design.
feedback after the session to 2. Which among the approaches to
correct misconception qualitative inquiry is best to be used for
this research? Justify your answer.

A. No. of learners who
earned 80% on the
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial
lessons work? No. of
learners who have caught
up with the lesson
D. No. of learner who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did this work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other