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Direction: Encircle the letter of your answer. Column A Column B
1. Leucippus posited innumerable elements in perpetual
motion, namely the ____ and ____ ___ 25. Metempsychosis A. Love
___ 26. “There is a portion B. Element
A. Atoms and void C. Sphere and atoms of everything in everything” C. Empedocles
B. Void and sphere D. Sphere and infinite ___ 27. Cosmogony D. Hate
___ 28. Aither E. Anaxagoras
2. He was the physician who gave a detailed account of
___ 29. Union for all elements F. Air
the anatomy of veins?
___ 30. Roots G. Transmigration
A. Democritus C. Diogenes of soul (Reincarnation)
B. Leucippus D. Protagoras H. The study of
origin & structure
3. Who refined the system of atomic theory?
of universe
A. Democritus C. Diogenes
B. Leucippus D. Protagoras

4. He says that “human being is the measure of all


A. Democritus C. Diogenes
B. Leucippus D. Protagoras

5. Who wrote the Euthyphro?

A. Socrates C. Empedocles
B. Plato D. Thales

6. It ranks as one of the great centers for learning in

western history?

A. Plato’s Academy C. Thales Academy

B. Socrates’ Academy D. Empedocles Academy

_____________ 7. The study of man is known as?
_____________ 8. Who is the pupil of Anaximander?
_____________ 9. Based on Anaximenes, what is the
primary element?
_____________ 10. Who is the ancient thinker that was
more concerned with the mystical problems?
_____________ 11. It said that, mathematics is the?
_____________ 12. It is an essential element to life.