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1. Do individual differences explain behavior in the workplace?

2. Define personality and describe how it affects work behaviors.
3. Understand the role of values in determining work behaviors.
4. How individual differences affect ethics.
5. Why individual difference are important?
6. Describe the link between values and individual behavior.
7. What are the unique challenges of managing employees who have low self-efficacy
and low self-esteem? How would you deal with this situation?
8. What are the methods that organization can use to assess employee personality?
9. What are the most important values of the organization?
10. How important is diversity to you, and what value does it bring?
11. Is the leadership team committed to diversity?
12. What leadership style do you use?
13. How do you go about resolving conflict?
14. Do you have an organizational culture that promotes the growth and development of
15. Do you have a culture of accountability and respect?
16. How do you prevent a situation from getting too stressful to manage?
17. How do you handle stress?
18. How do you ensure employees job satisfaction?
19. Are Employees Encouraged to Offer Their Input?
20. How do you motivate employees?
21. Regarding communication within your organization, what improvements could be
22. How do you feel about working on a team?
23. What strategies would you use to motivate your team?
24. How does the organization handle a project that required input from people at different
levels in the organization.
25. How do you communicate effectively with different personalities?
26. Have you ever had difficulty working with someone? If how did you handle it
27. What type of support does a team need to function as efficiently as possible?
28. What do you do if there's a disagreement within your team?
29. What is your strategy in sharing the work among your team members?
30. Recognition and rewards are important tools of management. What strategies do you
31. how you demonstrate the ethical values as a leader.
32. What do you like about managing people?
33. Does your organization believe in team effectiveness?
34. How you improve the performance of teams?
35. What is the process of communication within team members and how it could effects
on effectiveness:
36. How much top management allow team members for taking decisions?
37. How management encourage teams for achieving targets?
38. Normally what types of arise in your organization at different levels?
39. How conflicts affects the performance of employees?
40. What are the strategies you are applied by management for resolving conflicts?
41. How much management believes in collaboration among employees, teams and
42. Do you think collaboration affects the work environment and performance?
43. What is the flow of communication in your organization? Horizontal, vertical or
44. Do you believe that your organization have leaders that can really take the organization
at the leading position?
45. Which leadership theory does your management follow and why?
46. Normally what type of traits does your organization find in their leaders?
47. Do you think that organization culture shape the employee attitude or behavior?
48. What is the process of goal setting in tour organization? Does goals are dictated or
mutually shared?
49. Does management use latest technology fir designing structure and strategies? It yes,
then how?