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Your Name:__Perla Cardenas____________

Lesson Plan Presentation Date:____10/23/17________

Lesson Plan

Title:__”Thank you m’am” by Langston Hughes

Grade Level:__6th__

Content Objective (TEKS)

110.18 (b) reading fluency and comprehension

ELPS Focus: Reading,writing, speaking, listening.

Purpose: To increase their reading comprehension by relating the story to their own

Materials: “Thank you m’am” by Langston Hughes short story, paper, pencils,
highlighters, graphic organizer template, probably passage template, laptop, wifi. Link to
story https://photos.state.gov/libraries/hochiminh/646441/vantt/Thank%20You_

Lesson Procedures / Activities:

1. Ask students what is one thing they want for Christmas. Then ask them to write
about a way they could get it if their parents refused to get it for them. For
example, “what would you do to get a playstation?” 5 minutes
2. After the quick write, have them make predictions about what the story will be
about using the Probably passage template. 5 minutes
3. Hand out a graphic organizer to help guide their reading. Focus their attention on
analyzing how the characters feel at the beginning and at the end of the story. 1
4. Take turns reading. Have them highlight or circle words they are unfamiliar with
as they read. 15 minutes
5. Have the student fill out the graphic organizer. 10 minutes
6. Group discussion questions (DOK): What would you have done if you wanted the
shoes but didn’t have money? What lesson was the Mrs. Jones trying to teach
Roger? How did Mrs. Jones impact Roger? How do you think Roger will change
after his encounter with Mrs. Jones? 10 minutes
7. Afterwards, the teacher will look up the definitions on google and have the
students write in their own words the definitions. Then they will write a sentence
for at least 5 words and draw a picture to go along with it. 15 minutes

Supports for Struggling Readers

The graphic organizers help visual learners. The teacher reading aloud helps them learn
how to pronounce words. Drawing pictures helps kinesthetic and visual learners.


5 sentences using vocabulary words correctly=100

4 sentences using vocabulary words correctly=90

3 sentences using some vocabulary words correctly= 80

2 sentences using no vocabulary words correctly=70

1 sentences using no vocabulary words=60