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Imagine song by UNICEF open our minds in, what if the world that we are in now is just

as plain as what the song says. This song says what the world will be if there are no
such things like technologies. What will be our life then? This songs want to tell us that
we should not be greed in everything. We should live as one, for peace and

In the songs there are some parts that has a message to give and which we can
connect it with the globalization. “And the world will be as one” just like the message of
the song, the purpose of globalization is to bring the contries or the world as one. There
are no other things that globalization wants, it only wants to bring the all countries to
one. However, there are a lot of debates and arguments about how globalization causes
war. Misunderstanding and greediness was one of it's reason. And there are people who
believe that globalization actually brings peace to countries because as what I said the
globalization wants to be the world as one. The other line is “No need for greed or
hunger” according to Pranab Bardhan, an economist, “antiglobalizers’ central claim is
that globalization is making the rich richer and the poor poorer; while proglobalizers’
assert that it actually helps the poor”. There's some instances that the richer gets richer
and the poor gets poorer like for the example on the developing and developed
countries, as developed countries plants their companies to the developing countries
their income growth will be higher and higher well on the developed countries it also can
help as the developing countries because they can give more jobs to the people of the
developing countries. According to economic and political writer Doug Bandow, “some
critics of globalization have contended that the process has helped them rich and hurt
the poor. However, the best research indicates that this is not accurate: ‘Poverty is
falling rapidly in those poor countries that are integrating into then global economy.”
Large numbers of people have been raised out of extreme poverty over the past few
decades, particularly India, China, and Indonesia.(www.tifwe.org/does-globalization-ha-

Globalization has helped these countries develop by integrating their economies with
the rest of the world. The openness of these countries has provided their poor with
greater access to capital, knowledge, and opportunities. The song “Imagine”
encourages the listeners to imagine a world with no barriers. To imagine a world that is
not divided into countries, religions, or nationalities. That humanity will be together as
one, disregarding all the material possesions and bring the world to peace. It only tells
us that after all what is happening now, we should still live as one. Peace and
contentment should be on us.