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June 18, 2002
Dear Sirs,

Changing Ordering Method of VCRs (SONY SVO-9500 series)

You are kindly requested to change ordering method of SONY VCRs as follows.

Until now the model numbers of the VCRs differ depending on the optional interface
board incorporated in the VCR as follows:

Table 1
Basic unit When SVBK-110 When SVBK-120 is
is incorporated. incorporated.

NTSC system SVO-9500MD SVO-9500MD4 SVO-9500MD2

PAL system SVO-9500MDP SVO-9500MDP4 SVO-9500MDP2

・ SVBK-110 is a 34-pin interface board, which enables remote control of the VCR
from the operation panels of SSD-4000 and SSD-5000. (Tape counter display is
not available.)
・ SVBK-120 is an RS-232C computer interface board, which enables VCR tape
counter display on SSD-5500 (Ver. 5)* and remote control of the VCR from the
operation panel of the SSD-5500.
* See Note on the next page.

From now on, would you order the basic unit and the interface boards separately as

Table 2
Former model
number SVO-9500MD4 or SVO-9500MD2 or
Basic unit SVO-9500MDP4 SVO-9500MDP2

NTSC system SVO-9500MD Please separately Please separately

order SVBK-110 order SVBK-120
PAL system SVO-9500MDP

・ Delivery lead time of VCRs with the interface boards incorporated from SONY is
unacceptably long. Therefore, we have determined to procure them separately.
・ More flexible logistics is possible, which leads to a shorter delivery time.

Please be advised that from now on if you use the former model numbers, related
documents will make discrepancy.

As the goods are shipped separately, we would like you to incorporate the interface
board at your side. Incorporating the interface board is easy and can be finished in a
short time.

When SSD-5500 is upgraded to Ver. 5 from lower versions, please order VCR remote
control cable model KRS-117 also. Please specify the length of the cable as 1.5 m.
The KRS-117 is necessary when the SVBK-120 is incorporated into the SVO-
The KRS-117 is included as a standard component of SSD-5500 from Ver. 5 and not
included in the lower version units.

Yours very truly


K. Kobayashi
Managing Director & General Manager
International Sales and Marketing Dept.