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1. You are Mr. Ali Ahmed, the sales manager of Nestle. Write an inquiry letter to the Mr.

Faisal Khan,
the Product Distributor at Dawood Supermarket to ask about the sales of Nestle Products and the
customer satisfaction from buying the products.
2. Write a request letter to Mr. Usman Hashmi, the program director of Horizon Welfare Association
for seeking the permission of community service at the Darul-atfal Orphanage. Also mention how it
will be arranged, details regarding date, day, and timings along with the resources you will need to
make it a successful enrichment activity.
3. Write a letter to Loss & Found Department of Pakistan International Airlines for the loss of your
luggage while traveling from Lahore to Karachi on certain date. Include the tracking number, seat
number, flight and timings of the flight. Explain in detail what happened and also ask them when it
will be retrieved back.
4. Write a letter to Careem to complain about the unnecessary delay caused by the driver during your
trip to an important event and then faring you with unfair waiting charges. Explain in detail what
happened, from where you were picked, where you were supposed to go, driver’s contact details,
car number and other relevant information. Also suggest the remedies.
5. Write a letter to the Municipal office of your area to complain about the rain water on the roads and
spread of diseases due to stagnant water. Explain the entire issue and the inconvenience caused to
the residents. Suggest the possible remedies.
6. Write a letter to the Editor of dawn newspaper, Mr. Shafay, to complain about the inappropriate
article published in their newspaper which contained the hate material on the particular community
of our society. Explain how it affects the sentiments of that community and why dawn should
7. Write a covering letter to apply for the job vacancy of English Teacher at Army Public School
Hyderabad. Explain why you are suitable candidate for this job, talk about your achievements and
the documents you have included in the application package.
8. Write a letter to the Secretary of Education, Muhammad Baligh to complain about the growing
culture of cheating in board exams in Sindh Province. Explain how it is ruining the education of
Sindh province and suggest possible measures that should be taken to cope with this problem.
9. Write a covering letter to the International Students Affairs Department of University of
Washington, for the scholarship you have applied for. Include why you should get the scholarship,
what are your achievements and how this scholarship will help your community to grow once you
returned Pakistan.
10. You are Mr. Raheel Ali, the owner of Pakistan Sugar Mills, you have received an invitation from Mr.
Hassan Ali, the owner of Pakistan Steel Mills, to attend the marriage ceremony of his son. Politely
decline the invitation letter and tell him why you cannot attend the event.
11. Mr. Bob Hale, President of Shoes Corporation, will be visiting your city next week. Write a letter
inviting him and his wife to dinner on Thursday night. (Be sure to specify the time and place of the
12. You are Mr. Bilal Khan, the president of EW Electronics. Write a warning letter to one of your
employees for his inappropriate behavior with rest of the colleagues, his lack of attention towards
work, his coming late and some other issues he is causing. Also suggest him ways to improve his
performance otherwise there will be consequences.
13. Complaint from an advertiser - Your company recently placed an advertisement in a local paper.
The ad included a color photograph of the company's best-selling and most colorful product. The
photo was reproduced very poorly. A phone call to the paper has not brought any satisfaction. Write
a letter to the advertising manager of the newspaper presenting your company's complaints.
14. Write a letter of invitation for a specific event – such as a sporting event, family reunion, celebration,
graduation, etc. Include detailed information about the event – the occasion, time, place, and any
other information that prospective guests need to know.
15. Write a cover letter for a scholarship or college application. Include information about yourself, how
you will use the scholarship, and your appreciation for the opportunity to apply.
16. Write a letter to the managing director of the company describing a pressing problem faced by the
company employees such as transport issues or unhygienic food served at mess hall or low salaries.
Explain what makes the issue worthy of attention and suggest possible solutions.
17. Write a letter to the human resource department of local food market from where you purchased
the groceries yesterday. Explain the rude and uncooperative behavior of staff and the cashier by
stating the incident you observed and also suggest the possible remedies they should incorporate
to deal with this problem.
18. Write a detailed letter to complain centre of Careem regarding the inadequate behavior of driver
and poor condition of the car by providing the contact details of driver and number plate of the car.
State what happened and suggest some possible measures Careem should take in order to cope with
these issues.
19. Write a letter to the owner of Bombay Bakery to let him know that some shops are selling
substandard cakes by using the name of Bombay Bakery. Suggest him that he should take action
against the culprits as Bombay Bakery is losing reputation and customers because of such heinous

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