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MARCH 1, 2018


1. How should we use the Bible in studying Christian Ethics?

Bible is a compilation of text and teachings inspired by the divine

intervention by God. Some people thought or uses bible as the authority that
must be followed in order to ascertain what is right from wrong.

Bible serves as a guide on how to act and treat people according to the
image and likeness of God. We may be different as to raise and belief but, thru
the teachings and wordings of God embodied in the thereat, we can act
according to his image and likeness. We may not be equal but we can treat other
people equally.

Being an imperfect person, guidance is essential for our well-being. It

includes our actions towards others and the morals that we impart with.

2. What kind of authority does the Bible have?

The bible, as an instrument which embodies the teachings of God, has the
authority that imposes what is right from wrong. It represents the law on how to
be good and what are matters to be treated as evil or bad. It guides attitudes
towards people and what should not be followed.

Bible as we knew may have been influenced by outside sources. People

tend to give different interpretations and give different meanings. An
interpretation that teaches a good if not a very influential meaning of what is right
may be changed into other interpretation.

Influenced or not, the Bible, base on the scriptures and texts, represents
what is best for us as a whole and us with other people. It does not talk of
something which represents only one person, it includes the whole society, it
may be good or evil.

3. Are there ethical codes in the Bible?

We may have different interpretations of what the Bible symbolizes,

construct our own list of do’s and don’ts, good and evil, but the reality remains
that, morality and goodness remains in the swift meaning and guidance given to
us by the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments sums up into a simpler interpretation; to love

God, ourselves without stepping into others rights and to love thy neighbour. It
may be summed up into a shorter interpretation but the impact that it gives
affects the entirety of the society, may be Christian or not, rich or poor or of
different belief. Goodness, even with the guidance of the bible, depends on our
own, it depends how we give others due respect and how willing are we to reach
our hands to others. In the end, goodness, is merely hiding at our back, reaching
towards us and dependent on our own actions.