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“A Cloud Based Project Management Solution For Construction Industry – A Make-in-India product”

Sunil Vaishnav :+91-9811115163
Nitin Gupta :+91-9987671199
About the Founders

• Sunil Vaishnav
EPC professional with more than 30 years of experience in various types of industries in India
and abroad. He has worked with EPC organizations like Genelec Ltd, Punj Lloyd Ltd , Reliance
Infra, Indiabulls Power etc. He has extensive work experience in Oil and Gas and Thermal
Power Sector.

• Nitin Gupta
Planning specialist with 15 years of experience in Project Planning and Control with
organizations like Tata Consulting Engineers, Reliance Jio, Indiabulls Power etc
Challenges of Projects Management Solutions by MyEpcTeam.com

Challenge 1: Cloud Based Platform creates centralized

Project Plan is generally not shared with all database and each team member can have
team members as the plan is developed on a access to the overall Project Plan.
desktop software with limited participation
of other stake holders

Challenge 2: Integrates Management level schedule and

Unrealistic planning due to Top-Down set realistic milestones with inputs from Site
approach ignoring inputs of Bottom-Line Executives and Planning team.
Challenges of Projects Management Solutions by MyEpcTeam.com

Challenge 3: All the information like project progress status

Information chasing before meetings and reports including approvals, documents,
claims and counter-claims on facts during transmittal records, real-time S-curves, site
review meetings consumes substantial time photos are available on Mouse click.
and efforts thus impacting project

Challenge 4: Everything is available on one common

Different software(s) required for Scheduling, platform which substantially reduces time and
Project Management & Control and cost of the project.
Document Management.

Challenge 5: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Key departments such as Engineering, activities are totally integrated with successor
Procurement and Construction work in silos. and predecessor linkages thus enabling
realistic planning and scheduling.
Challenges of Projects Management Solutions by MyEpcTeam.com

Challenge 6: Issue Management Module enables

Its really difficult to keep track of past and registering of issue(s) and records further
ongoing project issues with history of communication till issue is resolved. Top
communication with different stakeholder's management can easily keep track of project
over the period of project execution. issues and advise corrective actions.

Challenge 7: Look ahead and Delay report module(s)

Its really difficult to have a dynamic process show individual assigned activities in the
through which one can find his assigned coming days and all the delayed events at a
activity in the coming days and also activities given time.
which have slipped the targets.
Challenges of Projects Management Solutions by MyEpcTeam.com

Challenge 8: Transmittal Record System in Engineering

Lack of scope/specifications clarity leads to Module keeps updates of latest revisions of
frequent changes in engineering drawings drawings with their pendency, delivery dates
which impacts project cost/time and leads to including historical data.

Challenge 9: Low subscription cost of Cloud Based

Costly software and IT personnel software makes it affordable to most of the
requirement for installation and team members. Local Server option can also
maintenance and hence limited number of be made available on request.
costly license(s) are used by few
Salient Features of MyEpcTeam.com

• Construction Driven Scheduling – Sets drawing and material requirements dates based

on construction requirement. This improves cash flow and also allows reasonable time

for construction activities thus improving quality, safety and cost.

• Online Engineering Module – Integrates with construction activities for calculating

required by date(s) automatically. Tracks status of engineering drawings including

submission, approval, holds, progress, required by dates etc. on real time basis creating

transparency, accountability in the organization.

• Procurement Tracking Module – Tracks status of procurement activities such as order

placement, vendor drawing approval, inspection, MDCC and receipt at site including auto

calculations of material required by dates based on construction requirement.

Salient Features of MyEpcTeam.com

• Scope based Progress Measurement Module – Evaluates project progress based

on actual executed quantity instead of conventional % progress update and/or

duration based updates.

• Project Dashboard- Shows S Curves, project progress and many more useful

information's like delay reports, look ahead schedule, planned vs actual finish dates

• Issue Management Module – Easy tracking and resolution of various issues

between stake holders along with reports.

• Punch List Management Module – Records and Updates list of quality defects and

incomplete work in a project with assigned responsibilities during the execution

How It looks Like - Portfolio
How It looks Like – Dashboard
How It looks Like – Delay Report
How It looks Like – Look Ahead
How It looks Like – Schedule (Work Breakdown Structure)
How It looks Like – Schedule (Activities)
How It looks Like – Engineering Module (Engineering Breakdown Structure)
How It looks Like – Engineering Module (Drawing List)
How It looks Like – Manpower Table
How It looks Like – Machinery Table
How It looks Like – DPR
How It looks Like – Procurement Module (Procurement Breakdown Structure)
How It looks Like – Procurement Module (Material List)
How It looks Like – Issue Management Module
How It looks Like – Punch Point Module
Software Comparison Table
Traditional Software MyEpcTeam
Software Features Desktop applications with Local storage Web application with Cloud storage

Scheduling Yes Yes

S-curves Yes Yes
Dedicated Engineering Module No Yes
Dedicated Procurement Module No Yes
Issue Management Module No Yes
Real Time Data Visibility of different Project
No Yes
Only online subscription is required
Local server and Licenses for devices Arranged by user
Local server not required

Cost of License Substantially High Substantially Low

Required annual maintenance cost varies Not required. Always latest version is
Annual Maintenance Cost
from 18-22% of the cost of software license available to the subscriber
Data storage and security is provided by
Data Security and Storage User to manage specialized cloud server and services
Support availability to user Yes Help videos are available
Overall cost Substantially High Substantially low
Most of the software are owned by outsider Fully developed by Indian Engineers
Country of Origin
MNC's and Planners
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