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APRIL 18, 2018

PO BOX 1401

See: sunlightshores.weebly.com

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by President, Gary Uhlig. Other board members present were
Vice President, Lance Porter, Treasurer, Sharon Rose, Secretary, Martha Fleming, Wil Surface, Mike
Downey and Glen McConnachie. Martha held Nancy McCallum’s proxy. Andy Quinn and Sarah Bellin
were absent.

Present in the gallery were Bob Campbell, Nancy Stiefel Boyle, Lu Surface and Wayne Morrison.

Wayne stated that he wanted the minutes of the February board meeting to be corrected regarding the
comments he made at that meeting and also stated that he felt there were discrepancies regarding his billing
and wants the treasurer to meet with him again.

The March 22, 2018 minutes were reviewed. Wil moved to approve as written, Mike seconded. The
motion passed including the proxy vote.

Gary introduced the Second Reinstatement of the SSCC Bylaws. Our attorney incorporated the Bylaw
changes that were approved at the Special Meeting on March 4, 2018 into the current Bylaws rather than
adding amendments to the current Bylaws. Martha moved to approve the Second Reinstatement of the
Bylaws with spelling corrections. Wil seconded. The motion passed including the proxy.

Sharon presented the March 31, 2018 Financial Statements. Sharon mentioned that SSCC is operating with
2015 Quick Books which is no longer supported, thus, needs to be updated. The new board should
probably discuss using accrual based accounting. Discussion followed how to make the statements clearer
when presented at the annual meeting. Glen moved to approve the Financial Statement with a change in
the format. Martha seconded. The motion passed including the proxy. Lance moved to approve the
propane budget on the Financial Statement for the annual meeting. Wil seconded. The motion passed,
including the proxy.

Gary announced that Wayne Morrison’s Small Claims Court Case against SSCC was dismissed without
prejudice and may be subject to appeal.

The board reviewed the contents of the mailing for the annual meeting. Documents to be included are the
Water Quality Report, Proposed 2018/2019 Budget, 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda, Draft of 2017 Annual
Meeting Minutes, Draft of March 4, 2018 Special Meeting Minutes, Bylaw Changes, President’s Letter,
Ballot for the 2018/2019 Board, Board Applications for 2018/2108, Annual Financial Statement and
Individual Return Address Envelopes for the 2018/2019 Board Ballots.

Lance announced that there will be a small work party to prep the pool on May 4, 2018.

The board went into Executive Session at 8:50 pm to discuss voting procedures at the annual meeting. The
meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Fleming