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GENERAL EDUCATION 1-250 Questions with c.

answers! (Compiled and arranged by Sir Rolly B. d. 9
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(Share the blessing) 8. Ang tawag sa mga Pilipinong pumupunta sa ibang
Yun pong may ❤ ang correct answer. bansa upang magsimula ng HIMAGSIKAN laban sa
God bless po sa pag rereview!!! mga dayuhan?
a. Pilibustero ❤
1. Which is the BEST synonym for the word b. Kristiano
ADVOCATE? c. Terorista
a. Determine d. Dayuhan
b. Predict
c. Pronounce 9. “Habang maiksi ang kumot. Matutong mamaluktot.”
d. Support ❤ Ano ang nais sabihin nito?
a. Matutong bumili ng bagong kumot
2. A distinctive type of literary composition such as b. Matutong maglustay at gumastos ng gumastos
epic, tragedy, comedy and novel. c. Magtiyaga muna,matutong magtipid at mag-ipon❤
a. Genre ❤ d. Matutong mamaluktot habang natutulog
b. Literature
c. Prose 10. "Malalim ang bulsa" ng kanyang Nanay. Ang ibig
d. Form sabihin nito ay _____.
a. mapera
3. Which term proves there is a gap of knowledge b. walang pera
about the research topic? c. kuripot ❤
a. Research Local d. mapagbigay
b. Blank Spot ❤
c. Research Instrument 11. This is considered to be the first manual data
d. Blind Spot processing device developed in China in the 12th
century A.D.
4. Which of the illustrative verbs in stating objectives a. Hieroglyphics
does NOT belong to the group? b. Papyrus
a. Define c. Printing Press
b. Realize ❤ d. Abacus❤
c. Explain
d. Cite 12. A methodology widely used for developing new
training programs.
5. Eight pumps can fill a tank in 25 minutes. How long a. Microsoft
will 5 pumps of the same kind can fill a tank? b. World Wide Web
a. 50 c. Instructional Systems Design❤
b. 30 d. Computer Technology
c. 80
d. 40 ❤ 13. Can a person be imprisoned for debt
a. Yes, if he stubbornly refuses to pay. ❤
6. A car of Mr. Reyes consumes 9 liters of gasoline to b. Yes, if he has no property with which to pay his
cover 84 km. How far can it go on 12 liters of debt.
gasoline? c. No, if he can't pay the interest of his debt.
a. 112 ❤ d. No.?
b. 118
c. 110
d. 120 14. The first poem of Dr. Jose Rizal.
a. To My Fellow Children❤
7. A square lot has an area of 121 square meters. b. My Last Farewell
What is the length of each side of the lot? c. A la juventud filipina
a. 13 d. A Poem That Has No Title
b. 8
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22. Which of the following does not belong to the
15. Which part/s of the Visayas has/have group?
comparatively more excessively moist climate and a. Zambales
limited arable lands? B. Tarlac
a. Western C. Nueva Vizcaya ❤
b. Eastern ❤ D. Nueva Ecija
c. Eastern and Central
d. Central and Western 23. Which of the following quotations is the best
example of aphorism?
16. Of the seven continents comprising continues a. "Out of the frying pan and into the fir."
land mass surrounded by big bodies of water, the b. "I fear thee, ancient mariner."
biggest (30.1 percent of the earth) is c. "That is no country for old men."
______________? d. "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." ❤
a. Asia ❤
b. Australia 24. “Father of modern periodic table of elements”
c. Europe a. Socrates
d. Northern America b. GaLiLei
c. AristotLe
17. With the opposition of the parity rights in mind, d. MendeLev ❤
who does NOT belong to the group?
a. Claro M. Recto 25. According to the 1987 Constitution, when should
b. Jose Laurel religion be taught to children in public elementary and
c. Manuel Roxas ❤ high schools?
d. Pedro Taruc a. After the regular class hours
b. During Saturdays
18. Iyon lamang nakakaranas ng mga lihim na c. Within the regular class hour ❤
kalungkutan ang maaring makakilala ng lihim na d. During Fridays
kaligayahan. Ang mga Pahayag na ito ay nagsasaad
ng _____. 26. The language problem was defined in the studies
a. paghihikahos sa buhay and surveys conducted as early as 1929. The
b. kapangitan ng buhay proposal to solve the problem is the use of the _____
c. kalungkutan ng buhay for instruction from Grades 1 to 3.
d. kagandahan ng buhay ❤ a. vernacular ❤
b. mother language
19. Kilala siya sa tawag na “Piping Dilat” c. second language
a. Jose Rizal d. first language
b. Marcelo Del Pilar ❤
c. Juan Luna 27. Whose values are most evident in children before
d. Andres Bonifacio they go to school?
a. Peer value system
20. Alin sa sumusunod ang hindi tuluyang anyo ng b. Teacher-classmate value system
panitikan? c. Mother-father value system ❤
a. Korido ❤ d. The maid or yaya value
b. Alamat
c. Kuwentong bayan 28. The term of office for the President under the
d.Maikling kuwento 1987 Constitution.
a. 3 years
21. The study of contemporary human societies. b. 3 years with re-election
a. Psychology c. 6 years ❤
b. Cosmology d. 6 years with re-election
c. Cosmetology
d. Cultural anthropology ❤

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29. Civilization is where large ideas and tools, as well 36. Evaluate the following expression: 5 + 3 (42 + 7) -
as human settlements flourished. Where do historians 7 (2 + 32 x 8)0
say civilization had first been born? a. 0
a. China b. 7
b. Middle East ❤ c. 152 ❤
c. Egypt d. -444
d. Jordan
37. What number is 65 more than 40 ❤
30. If one side of a square is doubled in length and a. 100
adjacent side is decreased by two centimeters, the b. 105 ❤
area of the resulting rectangle is 96 square c. 130
centimeters larger than that of the original square. d.140
Find the dimensions of the rectangle.
a. 6 x 16 38. What country culture usually shows courtesy by
b. 10 x 24 ❤ living their footware on the stairs?
c. 17 x 24 a. Italian
d. 24 x 24 b. Japanese ❤
c. American
31. What is the production of two usable forms of d. Chinese
energy at the same time from the same process?
a. Energy efficiency 39. Who made the geocentric model of the solar
b. Cogeneration ❤ system?
c. Conservation a. Fred Hoyle
d. Sustainable energy b. Georges Lemaitre
c. Ptolemy ❤
32. A projectile always travels in a _____. d. Geoffrey Burbidge
a. parabolic path ❤
b. linear path 40. Who was the revolutionary leader who refused to
c. circular path surrender to the Americans even after General
d. linear and parabolic paths Malvar’s surrender, and declared himself President
and Commander-in-Chief of the Supreme
33. The words "inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible Government of the Tagalog Archipelago?
and unaware" have prefixes which are classified as a. Julian Montalan
_____. b. Macario Sakay ❤
a. neutral c. Licerio Geronimo
b. common d. Artemio Ricarte
c. positive
d. negative ❤ 41. Mary and Samantha have 72 pieces of candy
altogether. If they split them in half, how many would
34. Since he met his new girlfriend, Mico never each girl have?
seems to be _____ home. a. 30
a. at ❤ b. 25
b. in c. 37
c. towards d. 36 ❤
d. on
42. This law promotes responsible family and proper
35. Which among the following statements is use of reproductive methods to eliminate over-
ALWAYS TRUE? population growth.
a. The supplement of an angle is acute. a. RH Bill
b. Two supplementary angles are congruent. b. Reproductive Law
c. The complement of an angle is obtuse. c. Family Planning
d. The complement of any acute angle is acute. ❤ d. Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health
Law ❤

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50. Which of the following is the best technique to
43. The Philippines are located in ___________. loosen two tumblers that are stuck one inside the
a. Southeastern Asia ❤ other?
b. Southwestern Asia a. pouring cold water on the outside tumbler after
c. Southeastern Europe filling the inside tumbler with hot water
d. Southwestern Europe b. pouring cold water on the outside tumbler after
filling the inside tumbler with cold water
44. Which is an example of a non-pathogenic c. pouring hot water on the outside tumbler after filling
microorganism? the inside tumbler with hot water
a. Palsmodium falciparum d. pouring hot water on the outside tumbler after filling
b. Influenza sp. the inside tumbler with cold water ❤
c. Probiotics such as bifidobacteria ❤
d. Yersinia pestis 51. The nearest post office is on _____.
a. Twenty Second Street
45. Ito ay isang agham na tumatalakay sa b. Twenty second Street
produksyon at distribusyon ng yaman ng bansa. c. Twenty-second Street ❤
a. Pisika d. Twenty-second street
b. Biyolohiya
c. Ekonomiks ❤ 52. The term of office of the President and Vice-
d. Pamamahala president of the Philippines shall be up to how many
46. Alin ang wastong salita ng bata? a. 3 years
a. Nanay, darating ako diyan b. 6 years ❤
b. Ako, nanay, darating ako diyan c. 5 years
c. Darating nanay ako. d. 4 years
d. Nanay, akoy darating diyan ❤
53. Find the correct spelling from below options.
47. What is the best description of a point? a. Puerille
a. straight path that has no thickness and extends b. Puerile ❤
forever c. Puerrile
b. names a location, has no size ❤ d. Purrile
c. flat surface that has no thickness and extends
forever 54. “Huwag ka ng mahuhuli sa lakad, “ ayon kay
d. none of these Shiela. “Oo naman, “ sagot ng kapatid. Ano ang
kahulugan ng sagot?
48. Justin mows lawns for extra money. If he mows 5 a. Sasama siya talaga
lawns in one hour and has 30 lawns to mow, how b. Sasama siya ngunit depende sa gising
long will it take him to mow all of them? c. Di nakatitiyak siya’y makakasama
a. 6 hours ❤ d. Tiyak siyang sasama ❤
b. 5 hours
c. 4 hours 55. How many meters in 5 kilometers?
d. 3 hours a. 3000
b. 7000
c. 5000 ❤
d. 8000

49. Which of the given fraction is equal to 12/84? 56. The executive power shall be vested in the ____.
a. 7/42 a. The Congress
b. 1/8 b. House of Representatives
c. 6/42 c. President of the Philippines ❤
d. 1/7 ❤ d. The Supreme Court

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57. Carl Friedrich Georg Spitteler received the Nobel d. The plant cell will swell. ❤
Prize in Literature in 1919. What was the title of the
poem that he was most known for? 65. Igor's nipa hut was destroyed _____ by typhoon
a. "The Victim" Peping.
b. "Pearl" a. altogether
c. "The Stranger" b. at all
d. "Olympian Spring" ❤ c. altogether ❤
d. all together
58. The Vice-Governor said, "I _____ won the
election without the backing of a religious sect. 66. Neither of them _____ expert on the subject.
a. could had a. is
b. should have not ❤ b. are
c. shall have not c. is an ❤
d. should d. is

59. How far is the sun away from the earth? 67. The weather bureau gave this warning during
a. 149.6 million km ❤ thunderstorm. Which comes first?
b. 22.3 million km a. Lightning flashes first ❤
c. 126.9 million km b. Lightning and thunder are simultaneous
d. 304.2 million km c. Thunder sounds spread fast
d. Thunder follows all lightning
60. Which one cannot be found in Bicol Region?
a. Sorsogon 68. Rabies comes from dog and other bites. How
b. Camarines Norte could this be prevented?
c. Romblon ❤ a. Have the dog vaccinated with anti-rabies ❤
d. Camarines Sur b. Tie the dogs at all times
c. Keep the dogs in cage
61. The Philippines counts more than 7, 114 islands. d. Kill the dog that bites
Why are some islands not fully identified?
a. Some are not inhabited 69. An association wherein the name of something is
b. Some submerged after a volcanic eruption substituted by something that represents it.
c. Some have not been surveyed a. Personification
d. Some are only seen during low tides ❤ b. Metonymy ❤
c. Euphemism
62. Families in the troubled Mindanao areas were d. Comparison
a. Scared so they left their homes, ❤ 70. Roset can finish a project in 10 hours while
b. Satisfied with the peace efforts, Sheena can do the same project in 8 hours. How long
c. Unmindful of the events so they stayed home, will it take them to finish the project together?
d. Happy gunshots filled the air, a. 4.00 hours
b. 3.44 hours
63. A girl scout qualified to join an encampment in c. 4.44 hours ❤
England. What advantages would she profit from the d. 18 hours
a. Understanding of other girls in the world ❤ 71. A projectile always travels in a _____.
b. See the world a. parabolic path ❤
c. Present Filipino values at the camp b. circular path
d. Feel the sisterhood among other girls c. linear path
d. linear and parabolic paths
64. What will happen to a plant cell in a hypotonic
solution? 72. World body with 143 member-countries that set
a. The plant cell will develop a thickened cell wall. governing rules in economic relations and trade.
b. The plant cell will shrivel. a. World Trade Organization ❤
c. No effect on the plant cell.
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b. United Nations 80. If 25% of 50% of 80 is 10, then 1/4 of 5/10 of 80 is
c. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade _____.
d. U.N. Conference on Trade and Development a. 15
b. 40
73. It is the environmental milestone that requires c. 10 ❤
industries to install anti-pollution devices and ban the d. 20
use of incinerators.
a. The Greenpeace Act 81. Add: 48.63 + 96.28 + 436.45 + .2385 = ?
b. The Environmental Care Act a. 581.5985 ❤
c. The Clean Air Act ❤ b. 581.5986
d. The Anti-Pollution Law c. 581.5990
d. 581.60
74. The Father of Philippine Democracy and
Philippine Army Special Forces. 82. In the Philippine history, who was known as "The
a. Jose Rizal Great Dissenter"?
b. Guillermo E. Tolentino a. Eulogio Rodrigues
c. Crisanto Evangelista b. Claro M. Recto ❤
d. Fidel V. Ramos ❤ c. Camilo Osias
d. Manuel Roxas
75. "And it seems to me you lived your life, Like a
candle in the wind." 83. Which of the following is the CORRECT name for
a. Metaphor the compound MnF3?
b. Simile ❤ a. Manganese flouride (III)
c. Hyperbole b. Manganese (I) flouride (III)
d. Irony c. Manganese (III) flouride ❤
d. Manganese (III) flouride (III)
76. Anong babala sa Maynila na dapat sundin ng
lahat? 84. What is the smallest positive number which, when
a. Huwag umiihi sa pader it is divided by 3, 4 or 5, will leave a remainder of 2?
b. Huwag umihi sa pader ❤ a. 22
c. Huwag mag-iihi sa pader b. 222
d. Huwag mag-iihi sa pader c. 62 ❤
d. 182
77. Tapos na ang klase kapag tumunog na ang
_____. 85. _____ is to insects as toxicology is to _____
a. agunyas a. phraseology : behavior
b. kampana ❤ b. etymology : toxicity
c. batingting c. ichthyology : dinosaurs
d. kampanilya d. entomology : poisons ❤

78. Stagflation occurs when the economy 86. What is the measure of an interior angle of a
experiences _____. dodecagon?
a. falling prices and falling output a. 120 degrees
b. falling prices and rising output b. 140 derees
c. rising prices and falling output ❤ c. 150 degrees ❤
d. rising prices and rising output d. 130 degrees

79. The sum of three consecutive integers is 96. What 87. The statue was erected in _____ to war heroes.
are the integers? a. irreverence
a. 31, 32, 33 ❤ b. homage ❤
b. 33, 34, 35 c. defence
c. 32, 33, 34 d. protection
d. 30, 32, 34

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88. The suggestions of the employees _____ b. Yes ❤
appropriate. c. Yes, if the land grabber is rich.
a. seem ❤ d. No
b. is very
c. is 96. I think Carmen spent the entire afternoon _____
d. seems the phone.
a. at
89. He is known as the “poor boy from Lubao”, in the b. in
province of Pampanga. c. on ❤
a. Ramon Magsaysay d. with
b. Manny Pacquiao
c. Diosdado Macapagal ❤ 97. “The rush of this stream, its bamboo shaft, its
d. Benigno Aquino humid air, is a whisper of nature.” This is an example
of _?
90. What utterance shows determination? a. Onomatopoeia ❤
a. I have good news for you b. What a shame, she b. Alliteration
came back c. Apostrophe
c. This time, I have not made my mind d. Exclamation
d. This time I won't stop schooling ❤
98. It is the distance traveled by the body per unit
91. Which among the following is an example of a time and tells how fast or slow the body moves.
transfer payment? a. velocity
a. Government purchases b. acceleration
b. Profit c. speed ❤
c. Unemployment benefits ❤ d. thrust
d. Rent
99. What is considered the earliest form of writing in
92. What is the sum of the measures of the interior the Philippines?
angles of an icosagon? a. Abakada
a. 3140 b. Roman alphabet
b. 3100 c. Alibata ❤
c. 3240 ❤ d. Balitaw
d. 2850 100. During the Spanish era, who was the
revolutionary leader who waged a long war against
93. Who was among the last Filipino generals who the government because it did not allow proper burial
fought the Americans and established the so-called for his brother?
"Tagalog Republic"? a. Macario Sacay
a. Gregorio del Pilar b. Andres Bonifacio
b. Manuel Tinio c. Diego Silang
c. Miguel Malvar d. Francisco Dagahoy ❤
d. Macario Sakay ❤
101. The Philippines is dominantly a Christian country
94. “Pinaniwala niya ang mga tao na siya ang in the Orient, yet according to survey it is the top 5 as
kanilang tagapagligtas mula sa delubyo.” Anong uri the most corrupt nation in Asia. What does this point
ng tayutay ito? to in Philippine Society?
a. Oksimoron a. Prevalence of ethnocentrism
b. Aliterasyon b. Lack of cultural integration ❤
c. Personipikasyon c. Prevalence of xenocentrism
d. Alusyon ❤ d. Presence of cultural differences

95. Is land grabbing an act of deprivation of property

without due process?
a. No, if the land grabber is landless.

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102. A society cannot exist without a government.
Which word is synonymous with government? 109. Refers to the passing of culture to the next
a. Check-and-balance generation.
b. Domination a. arts
c. Restraint b. language
d. Authority ❤ c. religion
d. education ❤
103. Material culture refers to the tangible and
concrete objects produced by man. Which are 110. What does "capital" in economics refer to?
examples of material culture? a. Profit and labor spent for the business
a. Ceremonies of Ivatans b. Outcome of a business transaction
b. Stone walls of Tasadays ❤ c. Investment and loss computed
c. Moriones festival d. Money/machines invested to transact business ❤
d. Sinulog celebrations
111. Who was the American president who
104. Under the 1987 Constitution, which among its' proclaimed the Benevolent Assimilation policy during
basic principles embody the sociological aspects of the American colonial years of the Philippines?
life? a. William Mckinley ❤
a. Separation of State and Church b. Theodore Roosevelt
b. Recognition of Family as a basic social institution c. Franklin Roosevelt
❤ d. Woodrow Wilson
c. Empowerment of People Power
d. Empowerment of Suffrage 112. How is the crime of rape classified?
a. Homicide
105. What is the main goal of drug abuse education? b. Heinous ❤
a. arrest c. Malicious Mischief
b. control d. Slander
c. prevention ❤
d. rehabilitation 113. Upon which is based the claim that there is no
single universal standard to be used to judge any
106. A losing senatorial candidate may file a protest culture-based?
against the winner. What body will assume jurisdiction a. Ethnical relativism
over the case? b. Cultural relativism ❤
a. Electoral Tribunal ❤ c. Culture shock
b. COMELEC d. Cultural diversity
c. Supreme Court
d. Regional Trial Court 114. Which of the following state is the right to human
107. Which of the following would refer to the "Funnel a. honor and reputation ❤
Effect"? b. political independence
a. very few criminals are actually punished c. property ownership
b. every criminal would be caught and be punished d. fair trial

c. criminal justice is fully implemented in the 115. Under which group do the Sunday churchgoers
Philippines in a Cathedral fall?
d. all crimes are under the same criminal justice a. Primary group
b. Tertiary group
108. It is the corporate mind of the pupils and c. Elementary group
teachers organized around principles of knowledge in d. Secondary group ❤
which all minds are thinking as one.
a. educative mind
b. social mind ❤
c. philosophical mind
d. intelligence
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116. Which among the following best describes a
recession? 124. Birds have shapes that influenced the building of
a. A fall in real GNP over two consecutive time aircrafts. What feature is most present in airplanes?
periods ❤ a. The presence of hollow oblong body
b. No change in real GNP from one period to the next b. The presence of head
c. Norminal GNP declines from one period to the next c. The presence of a tail
d. An increase in real GNP from one period to the d. The presence of wings ❤
125. What element has six protons, neutrons and
117. Which is an unlawful act of scaping from electrons?
payment of taxes? a. Carbon ❤
a. Exemption b. Calcium
b. Avoidance c. Copper
c. Evasion ❤ d. Curium
d. Shifting
125. 2 is what percent of 5?
118. Which of the following statements is TRUE? a. 25%
a. A square is a rhombus. ❤ b. 35%
b. A rhombus is a rectangle. c. 40% ❤
c. A parallelogram is a trapezoid. d. 38%
d. A rectangle is a square.
126. What is the average of the first 100 positive
119. What is 44 percent of 80? integers?
a. 25.5 a. 50
b. 40.5 b. 50.5 ❤
c. 35.2 ❤ c. 51
d. 30.2 d. 49.5

120. How many years are there in a centennial? 127. A man receives 96 for 6 days. At the same rate
a. 50 how much will he receive on 10 days?
b. 100 ❤ a. 120
c. 10 b. 140
d. 20 c. 160 ❤
d. 180
121. If the sum of the interior angles of a regular
polygon is 1980 degrees? How many sides does it 128. The world of nations is suffering from recession
have? and so nations are experiencing the following
a. 12 EXCEPT _____.
b. 13 ❤ a. there is a drop in total spending
c. 14 b. production is slowing down
d. 11 c. people are losing their jobs
122. When +3 is added to -5, the answer is ____ d. businesses are raking bigger profits ❤
a. -15
b. +2 129. Which of the following sentences is a Metaphor?
c. -8 a. The light flows into the bowl of the midnight sky,
d. -2 ❤ violet, amber and rose. ❤
b. Gunpowder was discovers in the process of looking
123. Siya ay may “kutsarang pilak” nang ipinanganak. for the elixir for immortality
Ito ay nangangahulugang _____ c. They ran like greased lightning.
a. masalita d. Laugh a drink from the deep blue cup of sky
b. mayaman ❤
c. mahirap
d. tahimik

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130. A distinctive type of literary composition such as 137. If a=3, b=4, and c=6, find the value of square
epic, tragedy, comedy and novel. root of b square?
a. genre ❤ a. 2
b. literature b. 8
c. prose c. 16
d. form d. 4 ❤

131. A square lot has an area of 121 square meters. 138. The palay harvested is 2 and ½ kg. Convert this
What is the length of each side of the lot? into grams.
a. 13 a. 2000 grams
b. 8 b. 3000 grams
c. 11 ❤ c. 2500 grams ❤
d. 9 d. 3500 grams

132. "LASER" is derived from the phrase? 139. He wrote the famous letter "To The Women of
a. Light Application by Simulated Emission of Malolos."
Radiation a. Emilio Jacinto
b. Light Amplification by Simulated Ejection of b. Gregorio del Pilar
Radiation c. Andres Bonifacio
c. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of d. Jose Rizal ❤
Radiation ❤
d. Light Application by Simulated Emission of 140. Many a man _____ to be rich and famous.
Radiation a. desire
b. is desiring
133. What number is the solution for 24 more than c. desires ❤
90? d. desiring
b. 66 141. Which statement does NOT describe the “Homo
c. 90 Habilis?”
d. 114 ❤ a. Stone tools were discovered alongside their
134. Which of the following statements is TRUE about b. They have more technical knowledge compared to
parasites and their relationships with their host? the Australopithecus.
a. Neither the parasite nor host is really harmed in c. Their body structure suggests that they walked
their symbiotic relationships. upright.
b. The host enjoys the benefits of a relationship in d. There were signs that they knew how to manipulate
which the parasite is harmed or killed. fire. ❤
c. The parasites enjoy the benefits of a relationship in
which the host is harmed or killed. ❤ 142. A certain number doubled and increased by 10
d. The host enjoys the benefits of a relationship in is 14. What is the number?
which the parasite is harmed or killed. a. 2 ❤
135. Which of the following is not an input device? b. 3
a. Keyboard c. 4
b. Mouse d. 5
c. Monitor
d. Gaming Application ❤ 143. What is the greatest common factor of 4, 6, 8?
a. 2 ❤
136. Whose philosophy gives prominence to faith in b.3
understanding the existence of God? c. 4
a. St. John d. 6
b. St. Augustine ❤
c. St. Benedict
d. St. Peter

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44. Bile is secreted by the ___. b. 61% ❤
a. lungs c. 55%
b. liver ❤ d. 75%
c. gallbladder
d. stomach 153. Mel is 67 years old. His son Jay is 29 years old.
In how many years will Jay be exactly half his father's
145. What number is the solution for 24 more than age?
90? a. 10
a. 90 b. 8
b. 112 c. 9 ❤
c. 130 d. 6
d. 114 ❤
154. Add: 48.63 + 96.28 + 436.45 + .2385 = ?
146. What is the missing number in 4/6 x 2/3 =? a. 3/8 a. 581.60 ❤
b. 4/9? c. 2/6 d. 3/7 147. What is the word for 150 b. 581.5990
year anniversary? c. 581.59
a. Sesquicentennial ❤ d. 581.5985
b. Quasquicentennial
c. Centennial 155. Find the correctly spelt word.
d. Septuagennial a. Asspersion
b. Voluptuous ❤
148. One half of what number is 15? c. Voguei
a. 16 d. Equestrain
b. 12
c. 30 ❤ 156. Find the correctly spelt word.
d. 34 a. Schedule ❤
b. Schdule
149. To which type of rock does granite belong? c. Schedeule
a. Metamorphic d. Schedulle
b. Deposits
c. Igneous ❤ 157. How does forest protect our source of water?
d. Sedimentary a. they use water for food production
b. they let water flow to the lowlands
150. The proper disposal of garbage has improved c. they prevent flash floods and landslides
the environment. The best process of handling waste d. they serve as water holders ❤
is through 158. A father was misunderstood by his teenage boy
a. Recycling biodegradable waste ❤ because:
b. Emerging waste water soluble waste a. The father could not tolerate a live-in arrangement
c. Utilization of organic compounds of his son.
d. Burning non-biodegradable waste b. The father abhorred and mistook modernization as
151. What is the power of the State to take private being fresh
property for public use upon payment of a just c. The father imposed on his values on courting and
compensation? marriage
a. right of confiscation d. The father did not understand the teenage values
b. right of sequestration on dating ❤
c. right of eminent domain ❤ 159. There are four rooms for rent in a corner
d. right of limiting resources building. Each room is 114 sq m in area. How much
will Ms. Cruz pay for the 4 rooms for one year if the
152. At San Antonio's Town Plaza, the number of cost per square meter is P350?
trees planted by a group of students increased from a. P 1,925,200
1,350 in 2012 to 2,175 in 2013. b. P 1,915.20
What was the rate of increase in the number of trees c. P 19,915,200
planted? d. P 1,915,200 ❤
a. 82%
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c. Dialectic level ❤
160. Anatole France in Thais is quoted often for these d. Monolingual level
lines-“Fish, which are put upon dry land, die, in the
same way, monks wholeave their cells and mix with 167. In Italy, each flock has 40 heads. There are a
the world deviate from their holy purpose.” This total of 2,240 heads. How many flocks will the farm
means _____________. have?
a. One should stay only in his habitat ❤ a. 54
b. Living another life means death b. 50
c. Monks living out of the monastery violate their c. 56 ❤
holiness d. 57
d. Monks should never live out of the monastery
168. Brenda has saved 300 coins, consisting of 25
161. Which of the following is a NONRENEWABLE centavo and 10 centavo coins. If the total value of her
source of energy? savings is 45 pesos, how many 10 centavo coins did
a. Natural Gas ❤ she save?
b. Geothermal Power a. 300
c. Wind Power b. 200 ❤
d. Solar Power c. 100
d. 400
162. Opening of cement plants requires getting a
DENR clearance. Which of these clearances are 169. Miss Santiago's class has 20 boys 15 girls in her
required? English class. What percent of the students are girls?
a. Air Pollution Clearance a. 44%
b. Waste Disposal b. 43% ❤
c. BIR c. 28%
d. Environmental Clearance (ECC) ❤ d. 50%

163. A refrigerator van brought fish from Davao. The 170. Children are fond of pets. One time a pet dog
total fish brought in was 1, 250 kg. There were 48 kg growled and bit a child. How will the owner handle the
left after dealers brought their share. How many kg situation?
were sold? a. Allow the dog to be observed for 10-18 days before
a. 1202 kg ❤ giving anti-rabies injection ❤
b. 1102 kg b. Use the dog’s brain to treat the wound
c. 1302 kg c. Kill the dog
d. 1203 kg d. Tie the dog and feed it regularly
164. A poem written on the death of someone love
and lost. 171. Give the substitute: NUMISMATIST
a. ode a. One who collect dresses
b. epic b. One who collect tickets
c. sonnet c. One who collect coins ❤
d. elegy ❤ d. One who collect autographs
172. Local peace negotiations should be the primary
165. Army men who are rescued from insurgent concern of what office?
kidnap undergo medical check-up. Why is this done? a. Local municipal and provincial executives ❤
a. To protect the prisoner from further harassment b. Church hierarchy
b. To avoid relapses from illness while in hiding c. Philippine National Police
c. To determine the physical and mental state of the d. Philippine marine SWAT force
army men ❤
d. To determine the loyalty of this army men 173. What is the atomic number of Potassium?
a. 20
166. Teachers allow students to explain their answers b. 15
in dialects. This is an approach on ________. c. 19 ❤
a. Multilingual level d. 17
b. Bilingual level
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174. If 35% of the graduating class failed in NSAT 179. Technology ______ dramatically in the twenty-
and 260 passed. How many failed? first century.
a. 105 a. Was improved
b. 140 ❤ b. Has improved ❤
c. 130 c. Is improved
d. 91 d. Did improve

175. “Ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan 180. A bread – and butter sandwich ________ my
ay di makararating sa paroroonan. “Itoy favorite morning snack.
a. Babala sa maikli ang pag-iisip a. Is ❤
b. Babala sa mga mayaman b. Has been
c. Babala sa nakalimot ng kanyang tunay na buhay c. Are
❤ d. Have been
d. Babala sa bagong mayaman
181. This is a segmented worm that can be used to
176. How many years are there in a decade? facilitate anticoagulation.
a. 10 years ❤ a. Leeches ❤
b. 50 years b. Maggots
c. 20 years c. Earthworms
d. 5 years d. Bloodworms

177. A traveler was helped by other passengers for 182. The ______ of the story is that friendship is
his extra weight of 112kg. There were travelers who sacred.
gave their allotment of 25kg. How many more extra a. Morale
weight will be pay? b. Message
a. 35 kg c. Moral ❤
b. 37 kg ❤ d. lesson
c. 48 kg 183. What are the prime factors of 273?
d. 38 kg a. 3x3x7x7
b. 2x3x13
178. What comes out of this conversation? c. 3x7x13 ❤
“Really?” “Yes, she wanted to find out all about your d. 3x3x6x9
house. She even asked how old your servants were.”
And Jeanne burst out laughing. “I’m distrustful Isn’t it. 184. This is the surface of the earth between the
Very natural to feel uneasy about what one cannot Tropic Cancer and Arctic Circle.
understand.” a. Plane
a. Someone was scrutinizing Jeanne ❤ b. Circle
b. Jeanne was wary about the questions raised c. Zone ❤
c. There is an inquiry going on d. Cone
d. People can be snoopy at times
185. Political idealists advocate ideals in politics such
179. Give the Antonym: SARTORIAL as justice, and fairness. Political realist have a more
a. Sincere realist viewpoint of politics, aptly stated by “Might is
b. Inelegant right”. Who among the following is more of a political
c. Cheerful realist rather than political idealist?
d. Homespun ❤ a. Julius Caesar ❤
b. Mohatma Ghandi
178. He established the tobacco monopoly during the c. Martin Luther King
Spanish era. d. Benigno Jr. Aquino
a. Jose Basco ❤
b. Rafael Izquierdo
c. Basilio Agustin
d. Francisco Rizzo
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186. Even when her friends betray her, Becky bears c. Ana and the King
no rancor in her heart because she is not _____. d. Romeo and Juliet ❤
a. Insulted
b. Embarrassed 194. If the opposite sides of a quadrilateral are equal,
c. Consoled the figure is a _______.
d. Bitter ❤ a. Shambers
b. Rectangle
187. If I _____ known you before, we could have c. Square
become partners for a project. d. Parallelogram ❤
a. Will
b. Could 195. The proposed equipment ______within the
c. Had ❤ budget of the school.
d. Have a. Are
b. Is ❤
188. These are the thin structures of cytokinesis c. Is appearing
amoeboid movement changes in the cell shape. d. Are appearing
a. Pseudofilaments ❤
b. Myosinfilamints 196. The Philippine Legislature has two houses:
c. Microfilamints senate and House of Representatives. What term
d. Nanofilamints best describes this setup?
a. Bicameralism ❤
189. All important factors must be considered to b. Bipartisanship
arrive at a sound ________. c. Unicameralism
a. Query d. Co-legislative power
b. Change 197. How do you call the tax imposed on all employed
c. Problem and practicing professionals?
d. Decision ❤ a. Income Tax ❤
b. Real estate tax
190. The cause of power outage was a c. Community Tax
______connection. d. Inheritance Tax
a. Lose
b. Loose 198. This field with the study of how human beings
c. Lost ❤ behave.
d. Losing a. Philosophy
b. Morality
191. Virtual face-to-face communication is made c. Psychology ❤
possible by this software. d. Ethics
a. Google 199. Which of the following is considered the lowest
b. Skype ❤ form of learning?
c. Twitter a. Perceiving
d. Facebook b. Responding
c. Conditioning
d. Teaching ❤

192. “My head is bloody, but unbowed” 200. Reason must be used in understanding the
a. Metaphor existence of God. Who advocated this philosophy?
b. Simile a. St. Benedict
c. Alliteration b. St. Peter
d. Hyperbole ❤ c. St. John
d. St. Thomas Aquinas ❤
193. The shakesperean classic saw the predicament
of two lovers from warring families.
a. Hamlet and Ophelia
b. Anthony and Cleopatra
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201. If the principles and theories of human behavior c. 15
were to be applied to teaching and learning. The field d. 70 ❤
will be called ______.
a. Educational Theory 209. “My concept of inner peace came from my
b. Educational Philosophy mother’s daily activities which I now recall with
c. Educational Psychology ❤ fondness and awe. She was a full-time housewife
d. Educational Sociology wholly dependent on my father’s monthly salary. How
she made both ends meet, guided us in our studies
202. In July 1901, Isabelo delos Reyes founded the and did small acts of charity on the side was beyond
first labor union in the country. What was its name? me.” Based on the recount, the mother’s financial
a. Association of the Philippine Labor resource were ______
b. Union Obrera Democratica ❤ a. More than enough
c. Union Trabajadores de Filipinos b. Abundant
d. Association De Compania Tabacaler c. Enough
d. Limited ❤
203. The Philippine lies in the _____, an area where
volcanoes are active. 210. “I am a retired public school teacher. As a
a. Archipelagic fault line teacher, I was branded as a terror in school. The
b. Ring of fire ❤ pupils dreaded the day they would enter my class.
c. Wheel of fire Little did they know that behind my unpopular façade
d. Volcanic Rim was a heart full of compassion. But how did I learn
this moniker? I did not tolerate dirty pupils in my
204. During the June 12, 1898 Declaration of class. I wanted them to know that cleanliness of body
Independence, a band played the Marcha Nacional was good of their health. I inspected their teeth, nails,
Filipino What band was this? footwear, handkerchiefs, clothes, ears, noses and
a. Pangkatkawayang ng Pateros hair.”
b. Kawit Cavite Band Based on the recount, the teacher values
c. Malabon Band __________
d. San Francisco de Malabon ❤ a. Cleanliness ❤
b. Study
205. This is modern technology’s response to c. Absence
message previously sent over couriers or post offices d. Posture
a. E-shopping
b. E-Registry 211. The student’s request to reset the test ______
c. E-Mail ❤ reasonable.
d. Frailocracia a. Will
b. Very
206. Among the not-easily-observable skills are c. Are
cognitive abilities. This is because they are _______. d. Is ❤
a. Overt
b. Psychological 212. This person served as the brains behind the “
c. Hidden ❤ arena theater”
d. Mental a. Carpio
b. Tinio
207. Among all the religious missionaries, who arrived c. Montano ❤
first? d. Avellana
a. Dominicans
b. Franciscans 213. Ano ang tawag sa tatlong magkaka sunod na
c. Jesuits tuldok na ginagamit upang ipabatid na may bahaging
d. Augustinians ❤ hindi sinipi mula sa talata?
a. Ellipsis ❤
208. What is the LCM of 5,2, and 7? b. Abstrak
a. 35 c. Synopsis
b. 140 d. Sisntesis
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a. Metaphor ❤
214. Ito ang humahadlang sa maayos na pakikinig. b. Simile
a. Ingay ❤ c. Irony
b. Okasyon d. Oxymoron
c. Oras
d. Salita 222. Anong dulog pampanitikan ang kilala rin sa
tawag bilang reader-response theory?
215. Kung bibilangin ang pantig sa bawat taludtod ng a. Antropolohiya
tula, ito ang makukuha. b. Impresyonista ❤
a. Talinghaga c. Patalambuhay
b. Kariktan d. Pansikolohiya
c. Tugma
d. Sukat ❤ 223. Ano ang tinataglay ng mga sumusunod na salita:
tanaw, aliw, kamay, reyna?
216. Ito ay uri ng pangungusap na tumutukoy sa a. Diptonggo ❤
pangyayaring pangkalikasan o pangkapaligiran. b. Pares minimal
a. Temporal c. Klaster
b. Eksistensyal d. Ponema
c. Penomenal ❤
d. Modal 224. What do you call the molecule that contains the
genetic information of the organism?
217. What do you think will mostly happen when a a. Nucleic Acid ❤
plant cell is placed in a hypotonic solution? b. Nucleolus
a. There will be no effect on the plant cell c. Ribosomes
b. The plant cell will swell ❤ d. Organelles
c. The plant cell will shrivel
d. The cell wall of the plant cell will thicken 225. Which power of the state enables it to impose
charge of burden upon persons, property or property
218. A toothpick can float on the surface of the water rights for the use and support of the government
because of expenditures for social services and a way of revenue
a. Surface tension ❤ collection?
b. Viscosity a. Eminent domain
c. Buoyant force b. Expropriation
d. Liquid pressure c. Value added tax
d. Taxation ❤
219. Which of the following organisms is considered
heterotophic? 226. What was the first term given by Marcelo H. Del
a. Algae Pilar to the notorious invisible influence and
b. Moss domination by Spanish religious priests over the
c. Grasshopper ❤ colonial government.
d. Fern a. Lassuertpartidas
b. Pase Region
220. Below are different sources of energy. Which do c. Frailocracia ❤
you think is the most DISADVANTAGEOUS because d. Complace
of its possible threat to human sources of food?
a. Geo-Thermal ❤ 226. The fundamental right invoked by filing the “writ
b. Sun of amparo” is _____
c. Wind a. The right to self defense
d. Fauna b. The right to due process
c. The right to life, liberty and security ❤
221. “The prodigal son, who is the black sheep of the d. The right to be defended by a public attorney
family, has returned home.” What figure of speech
was used in the given statement?

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228. What does a professional code of conduct c. Discourse/skills syllabus
prescribe? d. Functional/task-based syllabus
a. Civic conduct for all
b. Professional traditions and mores 236. Higit na naipapamalas ng mga mag-aaral ang
c. Moral and ethical standards ❤ kanilang kakayahang komunikatibo sa pamamagitan
d. Stricter implementation of laws ng paglalapat ng wika sa mga sitwasyong pang-araw
araw na buhay. Samakatwid, ito ay nasa yugto ng
229. Monica obtained the following results from her _____.
mathematics exams: 80, 82, 83, 91. What score must a. aktwal na pagsasalita❤
she get on the next exam so that her average score is b. paglalahat
85? c. paglalahad
a. 89❤ d. pagsasanay
b. 92
c. 85 237. The result when there is lack of cohesion among
d. 93 gas molecules.
a. molecules are compressed into smaller volumes
230. 7 is 5% of what number? b. gas molecules are confined and kept together
a. 140❤ c. opposing forces come into play
b. 145 d. molecules move freely in all directions❤
c. 120
d. 125 238. "I will take the road less travelled by and be
condemned if necessary" said one politician. His
231. For the fruit punch, 3050 mL of fruit juice is decision shows _____.
needed. How much fruit juice is needed in dekaliters? a. regrets come before decision
a. 5.03 daL b. regrets come after decisions
b. 0.053 daL c. decisions are made despite differences from the
c. 3.05 daL majority❤
d. 0.305 daL❤ d. decisions are made on the crossroads

232. What is the Antonym of the word EXODUS? 239. The _____ of the story is not to count your eggs
a. migration until they are hatched.
b. arrival❤ a. morale
c. offgoing b. moralism
d. retreat c. morality
d. moral❤
233. Antonym of: Subservient
a. aggressive 240. People who are too _____ are liable to be
b. straightforward deceived by unscrupulous individuals.
c. dignified❤ a. demanding
d. supercilious b. cynical
c. credulous❤
234. Antonym of RECONDITE is _? d. wary
a. occult
b. pedantic 241. The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War.
c. hermetic a. Frige
d. manifest❤ b. Zeus
c. Athena❤
235. Which type of syllabus would contain the d. Odysseus
following set of topics: taking notes; writing essays;
study techniques and examinations; improving your
reading, etc?
a. Skill syllabus❤
b. Skills and strategies

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242. I rent out for P 10,000 per, month my only 249. Carter’s part in relinquishing U.S. control of the
building and lot to the Jesus is Lord Group which Canal Zone to Panama is described as a victory for
uses it exclusively for religious purposes. I am exempt ___.
from payment of _____. a. conservatism
a. professional tax b. anti-imperialism❤
b. property tax❤ c. isolationism
c. income tax d. imperialism
d. community tax
250. Which of the following best describes the
243. The secret society Jose Rizal established science of Ecology?
designed to promote civic and patriotic education a. Living things
among the Filipinos. b. Rocks
a. Companerismo❤ c. Life and environment❤
b. Propaganda d. Weather and climate
c. La Liga Filipina
d. La Juventud For more reviewers visit my website. Link is located in
the footnote of this document.
244. In which form of government are all citizens Or message me in messenger just copy and paste
treated as equals on certain dimensions such as this link in your browser. https://goo.gl/cxYYkx
religion, politics, economics, social status and
a. Totalitarianism
b. Democracy
c. Socialism
d. Egalitarianism❤

245. A policy that controls taxes and government

a. monetary policy
b. trade policy
c. fiscal policy❤
d. investment policy

246. Who said eureka?

a. Archimedes❤
b. René Descartes
c. Francis Bacon
d. Dr. Stephen R. Covey

247. A bill becomes a law even if not signed by the

President after _____ days.
a. 40
b. 20
c. 60
d. 30❤

248. Gross Domestic Product is the sum of the

market value of the _____.
a. intermediate goods
b. final goods and services❤
c. interior goods and services
d. manufactured goods

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