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Notes on checking the load cells of Charging Car:

(i) Load cell wiring colour coding: Red and Black wires are for the input bridge of load cell and also for
power supply to load cell (+ and -) which is around 7.5V DC. The Green and White (or Yellow) wires are
for the output bridge. Blue wire is for shielding.

(ii) The load cell output voltage, when measured at the green and white (or yellow) wires of the load
cell, is around 4 mV when the hopper is nearly empty and is around 12 mV when at hopper maximum.

(iii) The input bridge resistance measured between the red and black wires of individual load cell is
around 415 to 420 Ohm, and the output bridge resistance when measured at the green and white (or
yellow) wires of individual load cell is around 350 Ohm.

Note: (i) To enter any menu, press the ENTER key on the load cell display

(ii) To go back from any menu, press FUNC key on the load cell display

Preconditions before starting calibration:

(1) Check for any defective load cells from the load cell JB of the concerned hopper.
(2) Ask the operator to empty the hopper as much as possible, before starting the calibration process.

Steps for calibration:

(1) First, press FUNC key. On pressing, P 000 appears (which is asking for the password). Enter the
password as 111. (Use the FUNC key to select the digit, and, the INCREMENT/DECREMENT keys to
change the digit)

(2) Press ENTER key

(3) The CAL menu appears (i.e. calibration menu).

(4) Press ENTER key

(5) _CAP menu appears (i.e. capacity). Press ENTER to show the current setting (normally it shows
C 20000).

(6) If the value is acceptable, press ENTER key to save it. Otherwise use the UP/DOWN/FUNC keys to
enter the correct value. Then press ENTER to save it.

(7) _OFF (i.e. Offset) menu appears. Don’t do anything here. (It basically shows here the total weight of
the hopper + the remaining coal in the hopper).

(8) Press ENTER key if you want to see the Offset value. Then press ENTER key to save it.

(9) _SPN (i.e. Span) menu appears. Press ENTER key, The display is shown as zero (“G 0”). Then ask the
operator to load the coal in the hopper. You will see that the span value gradually increases
automatically as the coal is being loaded. Ask the operator to stop loading the coal immediately when
hopper maximum indication comes, in order to achieve accurate readings.
(10) Press ENTER key

(11) The display then shows “Gld”. Press ENTER to show the current setting. Then L 16980 (i.e. known
load; here a value appears for eg. 16980). Enter the correct value eg. 16000 by pressing the FUNC and

(12) Press ENTER key again to save it.

(13) _RES appears.

(14) Press FUNC to go back.

(15) CAL menu appears.

(16) Press INCREMENT/DECREMENT keys till END appears on the display.

(17) Press ENTER key.

(18) The calibration procedure is now complete. The actual reading is now displayed on the load cell

(19) After the calibration procedure is complete, recycle the weight indicator/load cell display’s power
by putting OFF and then ON the MCB in the weighing system power supply panel.

(20) Then release the charging car for operation and observe a few charging operations.