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You will need to write 5 principles/fact/ideas that you already know about Vocabulary. 5 new
principles/ideas that you would like to learn, and 10 new facts that you have learned from the

What I Know What I Want to Know What I Learned

 Vocabulary is in everything.  What are the different  Vocab is the knowledge of
 Vocab. is important to every forms of vocabulary? words and word meanings
subject.  How does vocab have  There are four forms,
 You can teach vocab in different sizes and why Listening, speaking,
many ways. doesn’t it matter. reading and Writing
 There are many ways to  What is the vocab gap?  There are four levels of
learn about vocab.  In what ways do vocab help vocab. 1. Never seen nor
 Vacab. Are the words that with comprehension? heard. 2. Have seen or
are special to a category  What are the best ways to heard but don’t know
that creates the language of teach vocab. meaning. 3. Kind of sort of
that category. know the meaning. 4.
Know it well.
 The size relates to how
many words a person
 You learn between 800-
1000 root-words per year
through six grade.
 You can learn about 2
words a day or 10 a week.
 The gap refers to how
many words you know
compared to others. It only
gets bigger the older you
 You can not understand
text unless you know what
the words mean.
 There are more words than
can be taught.
 The dictionary is a great
way to learn new words.
 To help build vocabulary,
you must grow an interest
in words.
 The more you are exposed
to a word the better you
remember it.