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Student Response and Assessment Tools

Lesson Idea Name: Number Sentence

Content Area: Math
Grade Level(s): First grade
Content Standard Addressed:
MGSE1.OA.7 Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and
subtraction are true or false. For example, which of the following equations are true and which are false? 6 =
6, 7 = 8 – 1, 5 + 2 = 2 + 5, 4 + 1 = 5 + 2.
MGSE1.OA.8 Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation relating three
whole numbers. For example, determine the unknown number that makes the equation true in each of the
equations 8 + ? = 11, 5 = _ – 3, 6 + 6 = _.

Technology Standard Addressed: Knowledge Constructor

Selected Technology Tool:

☐ Socrative ☐ iRespond ☐ Quizlet ☐ Plickers ☒ Kahoot! ☐ Office365 Forms
☐ Other:
URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Technology that student will use to respond to questions/prompts:

☒ Computer ☐ Hand-held student response system (like iRespond) ☒ Phone ☒ Tablet (such as iPad)
☒ Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch)
Type of session:
☐ Teacher-Paced ☒ Student-Paced
Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):
☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☒ Applying ☐ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Kahoot is a fun and interactive learning games that allows students to answer multiple choice questions.
Kahoot has several features that support the learning experiences for all students; teachers can add images,
videos, survey, and diagrams. Students can use their mobile device to access the Kahoot website by using the
code the teacher launches and display on the screen. The answer choices Kahoot uses are both in colors and
in shapes, therefore students who are color blind can also participate in the game. Furthermore, the teacher
can read the questions to the students to reach students at different reading levels, set the timer at an
appropriate pace for the class.

Describe the instructional activities that will occur PRIOR to the SRT activity and how you will introduce
the SRT activity.
The teacher will provide instructional teaching over the topic to the class. After students have practice the
content, the teacher will begin the SRT activity to serve as a ticket-out-the door. The ticket-out-the door will be
a formative assessment to check student’s knowledge of the content learned from the instructional teaching.
The students will be informed that this is a formative assessment to check for their understanding; teacher
will remind students that the score is based on speed AND accuracy.
Describe the purpose of the SRT activity (check all that apply):
☐ Assess prior knowledge ☐ Anticipatory set (Create interest in a topic) ☒ To illuminate common

Spring 2018_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
misconceptions ☒ Formative assessment of content knowledge (for purpose of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) ☐ Summative assessment of content knowledge ☐ Test preparation
☐ Survey/Poll ☐ Discussion starter ☐ “Homework” collection ☐ Other (please explain):

Briefly describe what will happen DURING the SRT activity:

This SRT activity is a formative assessment and students will complete the activity independently.
Throughout the activity, the teacher will read each problem to support student’s understanding. The materials
needed for this activity is a mobile device or computer/laptop, a device for the teacher, and projector to
display the Kahoot activity. Students have 60 seconds to answer each question and the teacher cannot go to
the pervious question without starting the Kahoot activity over.

Type of questions/prompts used in this activity (check all that apply):

☒ Multiple choice ☒ Multiple select ☐ True/False ☐ Yes/No
☐ Short open-ended response or fill-in the blank ☐ Longer open-ended response

If you are unable to provide a working sample of your questions, please list them below (8-10):

Right/Wrong answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions?

☒ Yes ☐ No
☐ Mixed (Some will have correct answers, other will not.)
Immediate corrective feedback: Will you pre-select correct answers to some of all of the questions and
display correct response to the class after the SRT activity?
☒ Yes
☐ No
Why or why not?
I will pre-select the correct answers to create a speedy and effective game. Student will be able to know if the
answer they selected was correct or wrong.
Describe what will happen AFTER the SRT activity?
After the activity, the teacher will analyze the data to provided differentiation to students and modify
instruction to ensure all students reach proficiency level.
How will the data be used?
Because of this activity, the teacher will be able to export data on how well the class did from Kahoot. The
data will be used as formative tool for the teacher to assess the students’ knowledge of the material. The
teacher will be able to provide differentiation to students and modify instruction to ensure all students reach
proficiency level. The teacher can administer supportive materials, group learning, and other activities in their
future instruction to advance student’s learning. Although the data will not be share with students, students
will be aware of their progress with the content based on the amount of answer they correctly answered.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.
I will observe how students perform and engage using technology. Specifically, if students are neglecting
finding the correct answer because they want to enter their answer the quickest during the activity.
Reflective Practice:
This activity impacts student learning in a positive because students are engaged in a competitive activity
that creates enthusiasm in the classroom. Moreover, the activity meets some students’ special needs such a
color-blind student. I can further extend the lesson by having students create their own question and create
their own Kahoot for their partner to play. Other technology tools could enhance students in this activity such
as Quizlet and Socrative.

Spring 2018_SJB