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W Mackie has been in the business of HEMPEL Marine Paints since 1982 and from 2008 it has
become the sole distributors of this product in both Sri Lanka and Maldives.Hempel Marine paints has origin in
Denmark and we make our imports from Hempel Singapore Factory. Currently we are holding an average stock
around 50000 ltrs of various types of Hempel Paints at a bonded warehouse and 15000 ltrs at our warehouse in
Hempel mainly serves foreign and local ship owners, government, establishments, multinational and local
private companies

• Marine Segment

• Protective Coating System

• Container Coating Segment

• Galvanized Surfaces Painting Segment

Hempel Marine Paints

• High Quality Epoxy Paints for any Corrosive Area

• Paints For Steel Building Structures
• Polyurethane Finish Paints
• Fresh Water Certified Paints
• Heat Resistant Paint
• Paints for Galvanized Surface
• Marine Varnish (Pack Sizes 5 ltr & 20 ltr Only)

Hempel’s Technical Service team offers customer expert advice to ensure every coating lasts as long as
it should and every application procedure is as fast and efficient as possible.
Contact Us
C.W. Mackie PLC
36, D.R Wijewardana Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Tel: +94-11-2423554 up to 62

Hempel Divition
Tel: +94-11-2423554 Fax: +94-11-5118282
Mr. Chinthaka Indrapala (0777277962 / hempel@cwmackie.com ) – General Manager
Mr. Keerthi Senewirathna (0777284125 / keerthi@hempel.cwmackie.com) – Assistant General Manager
Mr. Chathura Sanjeewa (0773793398 / chathura@hempel.cwmackie.com) – Technical Executive
Mr. Ruchira Ravindra (0772715426 / ruchira@hempel.cwmackie.com – Technical Executive