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: VARIATIONS ON ‘AMERICA’ CHARLES IVES Ist Bb Cornet (Trumpet) ‘Transcribed for Band by William E. Rhoads Based on the Orchestra Version by William Schuman. boco rit. a tempo se IE) Moderato( = ca.72) con sordino poco rit. F P 1 player Var. 1 (d= ca. 60) AIL (open Tegalo Pine iid.) Var. Il(J= ca.72) c= lao! as 6 con sord, mf [y Interlude (d= ca. 60) AU, open Var. Ill (d= ca. 84) a tempo gts Tee 9 pte ge fs — $- oco rit. 2 +All (open) oe. 4 ptt ™p a Copyright 1949 by Mereury Music Corp. Incernational Copyright Secured © Copyright 1964 by Merion Mute, Ine International Copyright Secured © Copyright 1968 by Merion Musi, ine All Rights Reserved Internatio right Secured 145-4006 Printed in U.S.A. LSt Bp Cornet (1 rumpeyy . Mg Var. V (d= ca, 138) 7#-b0c0 4 poco y Interlude (4= ca. 56) 2 Lee eee espr,legato 5 ee i epee . ane “al Aooo, Ao 1 player*mf * * é SS = 3 7 poco rit, “+Use two Comets sounding as one: One plays all up-stemmed notes, the other plays down-stemmed notes. 145-4006