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The Scottish Parliament and

the Scottish Government

The Scottish The MSPs elect The First Minister then appoints
Parliament is made up one MSP as First Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers.
of 129 Members of the Minister, the head These MSPs have two roles – as a
Scottish Parliament, of the Scottish member of the Scottish Parliament
elected by the people Government. and as a member of the Scottish
of Scotland. Government.

The Scottish Government Once bills are passed as The Government decides
introduces most of the bills to laws, the Government how the Scottish budget
Parliament and is responsible is responsible for will be spent and then
for developing policies on making sure that these puts their spending plans
devolved matters, to make laws are implemented, to Parliament each year
Scotland a better place. or carried out. for approval.

|| The Scottish Government is accountable to the Scottish Parliament;

and both organisations are accountable to the people of Scotland.
|| In practice, the Scottish Government is formed from the party or
parties holding most seats in the Scottish Parliament.
|| Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers are supported by the Scottish
Government directorates, which are staffed by civil servants.