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Beats and Pieces Music Studio

Concepcion, Tarlac

Name of Student ______________________________________________________________

Birthday ________________________________ Age _____________ Gender _____________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

School ______________________________________________ Level ____________________

Father’s Name _____________________________________ Contact # ___________________

Mother’s Name ____________________________________ Contact # ___________________

Does the student have an allergy/medical condition I should be aware of? ________________

If yes, please explain ____________________________________________________________

Instrument _________________________________ Level _____________________________

School Year ___________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature over Printed Name / Date
Notes: (Please keep this as your copy)
Please follow our Facebook page ( facebook.com/beatsandpieces.music ) for updates regarding the studio. For easier
communication, we would like to send you messages pertaining your child’s lessons through our FB page. Please shoot
us a message on our page for us to save your FB account. All messages will come from Beats and Pieces and not from
any personal FB accounts for security reasons. If you do not have access to an FB Account, written notices or sms will be

Each semester has a total of 15 lessons (40 minutes each) which includes 3 days of group music theory lessons. 1.5 hours
is given for group lessons.
Each semester has a fee of 4,000 for new students, which includes materials for the lessons. (If additional book is
necessary, parents will be advised)
For old students, a 10% discount is given upon enrollment if paid in full.
For regular Semesters, Lesson fees may be paid in 4 easy installments, (4 consecutive months upon enrollment).
Recital fees varies on the amount of expenditures. Students and parents will be advised.

Students' Responsibilities
1. Come in on time or earlier. If a student is late. Lesson will proceed but ends still on the scheduled time.
2. Practice everyday. A 10-minute practice each day makes a lot of difference.
3. Take care of the materials procured. Replacement of lost or damaged materials will be paid.
4. Be patient. Learning to play an instrument can be boring and difficult at first. Don't rush your way to success. You will
get there with proper attitude.
5. Have fun! Though learning to play an instrument is not as easy as it looks, you can always have fun with what you do.
Make sure you don't get grouchy over wrong notes. Remember, it is your passion which matters most.

Parents' / Guardian's Responsibilities

1. Inform the studio of the student's shortcomings. If a student will be late, let us know ASAP. However, we cannot make
up for the lost minutes.
2. If a student will not come to his/her lesson, inform us ahead of time. A make-up lesson will then be scheduled.
3. Track your child's progress. It is important for the child to feel his/her parents' support to boost his/her confidence.
Practice with them as much as possible.
4. Be patient and considerate. No two children are alike in anyway. Don't ever think your child is not progressing just
because the other students are doing ahead of him/her. Different materials and strategies will be given to each student.
These are given according to a student's skills.
5. Be proud! Be proud of your kid for his/her eagerness to learn to play an instrument. Be proud of their own progress.
Be proud of what they can do. Focus on that. Be proud of yourself for making this happen.

Teacher's and Studio's Responsibilities

1. Inform students and parents/guardian of any changes to be made on scheduled, materials, and any related
2. Track the student's progress. Make sure the students understand each lesson.
3. Be punctual. Be effective. Be efficient.
4. Help the student achieve their dream to be the best they can be.

Joy de Leon-Gabriel
Owner/Piano Teacher
Beats and Pieces Music Studio