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My Group, My Responsibility Strategy to Improve

Grade 9 Students’ Oral Participation in English 9

I- Context and Rationale

Many surveys and Tests have proven that every individual differs in IQ (Intelligence
Quotient). Most of the cases, Human intelligence greatly affects his/her success and well-
being. Scientific studies proved that human Development in all aspects is quietly different.
Evidently, The use of Multiple Intelligences (MI) Survey Form (McKenzie, 1999) has given
people a clue on what intelligences they actually belong. A classroom set-up verifies this
case since it is composed of diversified learners. Each learner’s performance or Participation
in the class is greatly affected by individual differences.

In the context, Canico P. Iriberri National High School has only one section in Grade 9
level with 26 enrolled learners. Most of these students received low or even failing grades in
Performance Tasks component due to inactive Participation of students in the Performance
Tasks conducted in English 9 subject. Out of 26, only 2 students in the line of nine, 11 for
line of eight, 10 for line of seven and 3 for line of six ( As reflected on the First quarter
grade) in Which these Performance tasks Rating composed the 50% of the total Grade of the

Having the belief that these learners need to be assisted, an intervention was
designed to increase the Participation level of Grade 9 students in English 9 Subject. Helping
them to develop their confidence and social interaction from which a young age will aid
them in reaching their optimal Potential.
II- Research Questions
Specifically, this study answered the following Questions:
1. What is the Performance task rating of identified low performing
students in English 9?
2. What are the reasons Affecting Inactive Participation of identified
low performing Students in English 9?

III_ Scope and Limitation

This action Research is delimited on the improvement of Student’s Performance Task

Rating in English 9. Recipients of this study are 13 identified low performers Grade 9
Students of Canico P. Iriberri National High School.

My Group, My Responsibility Strategy was implemented and observed from the

beginning of the second quarter up to the of the said quarter. Their performance tasks
rating for the first quarter was used as basis for the analyses of results.

IV - Methodology
a. Data Collection

This action Research used the descriptive Method. Data collection was based on
students’ Performance task Rating for the first Quarter. Four sources of data were used to
generate viable target respondents for appropriate actions. The use of Multiple Intelligences
(MI) Survey Form (McKenzie, 1999), Their rating for their performance task for the first
Quarter, An observation with field notes to keep records of their responses in class
Activities, And an interview to support their inactive participation in Performance activities

b. Ethical issues

Prior to the provision of this intervention Strategy, Parents and students are
informed of the said strategy. Students were called and oriented on this and how this is
going to be done for their own seek. Identified low performing students always go working
out with their classmates who are responsible. This activity is going to be a tutorial Strategy
but the outcomes must also depend to the responses and positive outlook of the identified
low performers.

c. Plan for data Analysis

Objectives Activities Time Frame Persons Involved Remarks

V- Results and Findings

Table1. No. of Students and their Performance Task Rating ( 50% of the total quarterly
Grade) in English 9

65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-100 N=26

3 4 6 7 4 2 0 26

The table showed the number of students who are classified as inactive in
performance Task. Out of 26, only 13 belong to Very Satisfactory and Satisfactory
Performance Task Rating, while 13 students are subject to fail resulting to low or even failing
Quarterly Grades.

Table2. Causes of inactive Participation based on interview.

Lack of Cannot easily Lack of interest N=13

Confidence/Stage understand the
Fright topic/Activity
2 7 4 13

The table has shown the reasons why students are not participating in the
performance activities conducted in English 9. Two are having lack of confidence or too
nervous to do the task, 7 cannot easily get the instruction, 4 lack of interest to do the task.

Table3. Performance rating of Grade 9 students after the intervention

Students Performance Task Rating Performance Task Rating

( First Quarter) (Second Quarter)
A 68 77
B 67 75
C 69 79
D 72 81
E 71 83
F 74 79
G 74 84

The Table shows the performance Task Rating of Grade 9 Students in English 9
before and after the implementation of My Group, My Responsibility Strategy. It is shown in
the table that there is an increase in the Students’ Performance rating after the
intervention. It is very evident that an individual needs to be assisted/ motivated in order to
actively participate in every activity performed by a group or individual.
VI- Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the findings, there is an increase of students’ oral Participation level

through giving assistance to them. Thus, Students confidence and understanding would be
develop if there would be someone who will lead, teach and motivate them in all the
activities they do.

On this case, there would be a sustainable active participation in this subject if best
performer students would be empowered to lead, Teach and motivate their Classmates. A
sense of cooperation and leadership must be highly observed in every Performance activity