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1 Waterproofing Work for Sump Tank/water retaining Tank.(NEW CONSTRUCTION)
1(a) Water Swellable Waterstops at Starter joints
i Providing and applying water swellable-basic polymer-hydrophilic waterstops Supercast SW20 at all
construction joints, Supercast SW20 shall have unrestrained volumetric expansion up to 300%, Shore A
hardness of 25 to 35, Hydrostatic pressure resistance of of 100 meters. Supercast SW20 shall be fixed to the Rmt
concrete using Supercast SWX a gun grade hydrophilic adhesive

1(b) Internal side of concrete wall

Bore Packing:For inlet/Outlet Pipes
Preparing the inside surface of core and PVC /MS Pipe by roughening using suitable Sand paper to get better
adhesion prior to packing works. Cleaning the surface by wire brushing followed water jet to remove any
laitance or loose flaky particles. Providing necessary formwork for packing the bore using suitable
arrangement (depending upon site conditions). Applying a coat of Acrylic emulsion based coating using
per no
Nitobond AR to enhance adhesion between the packing material and other surfaces. Packing the gap using
non shrink cement polymer based grout using Conbextra GP2 upto the surface of the bore whilst the
Nitobobd AR is in tacky state. Typical Properties, Compressive strength at 3day as per BS 1881--
24N/mm2,Tensile strength at 28 day-- 3.5N/mm2,Flexural strength at 7 day as per BS4551 ---9N/mm2,
Bond strength at 7 day ---7N/mm2

RCC Surfaces must be clean, even and sound concrete. Remove all oil, dirt, laitance and other Contaminants
by manually and surface shall be fairly smooth finish.

Grout: Providing Chemical injection treatment in the form of pressure grouting to the cold joint by injecting
cement slurry mixed with grout admixture Cebex 100@ 225 gms.per bag of cement, in the required
consistency through the pre fixed PVC nozzles in the 18 mm dia holes, fixing of PVC nozzles with Renderoc
Plug and final cutting the projected nozzles and sealing off the PVC nozzles after the injection operation is
over with Renderoc plug, nonshrink rapid setting mortar compound, finishing, curing etc. as per
manufacturers specification and as directed.
Coving : Providing and Appling at the junction of slab and vertical offsets with Cement Mortar 1:4 and Sqm
admixed with Nitobond SBR at dosage of 1Ltr per 50kg cement .

iv Providing and applying two coat of polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating . Brushbond RFX
shall contain a liquid polymer component and a cementitious powder component, which shall be mixed as per
manufacturer’s instructions and applied over prepared concrete surface strictly maintaining the coverage
specified by the manufacturer. The applied material of Brushbond RFX should have a weight loss of less than
1gm when tested for abrasion resistance according to ASTM-D4060,Tensile strength as per ASTM D638 is
2N/mm2 Adhesion to concrete is greater than 1N/mm2 and static crack accommodation of 1mm according
to ASTM-C836.System includes surface preparations,injection grouts,coving,supply, application and complete
as per the fosroc methodology
Horizontal Protection layer : Providing and Laying M20 grade screed concrete mixed with Conplast X421IC
at the dosage of 125ml/bag of cement over waterproofing layer to a minimum thickness of 50mm as per site Sqm
requirement, (All these items will be charged separately in the relevant item)

vi Vertical Protection layer : Providing and applying plastering with CM 1:4 mixed with Conplast X421IC
at the dosage of 125ml/bag of cement over BrushbondRFX to a minimum thickness of 18mm as per site Sqm
requirement. (All these items will be charged separately in the relevant item)
1.(c) Internal side PROTECTIVE COATING for Water retaining structure(Domestic Water tanks)
i Over protective layer of plastering application of Nitocote EP405 protective lining to tanks, Supplied in two
pack, solvent free, epoxy resin material. It is supplied in pre-measured quantities ready for site mixing and
use. The material cures to provide a smooth, hygienic and tough finish which is suitable for contact with
potable water and foodstuffs. It is available in blue and white colours. epoxy coating specifically designed for
contact with potable water. The cured film shall comply with the requirements of IS: 9833 - 1981.specifically
designed to provide a tough, Solvent free & Non–toxic, Impermeable, chemical resistance, corrosion resistant
film and abrasion resistant lining shall be applied over prepare substrate at a thickness of 200 micron Sqm
(100micro /coat) dry film in two coats for internal sides of tank, confirming to the following properties
Volume of solids : 100% , Specific gravity / Mixed density : 1.85 g/cc , Adhesive bond strength with concrete
: Exceeds 100/mm2(ASTM) Strictly following the Instructions as per Fosroc specifications which shall be
applied by Fosroc Authorised /Approved Applicator only .

1(d) Internal side PROTECTIVE COATING for Fire Tanks

Over protective layer of plastering application of epoxy tar coating providing and applying Nitocote ET 550
a epoxy tar based high performance resin coating, shall be supplied as a two-component system comprising
a special blend of epoxy resins and a low viscosity amine hardener. Specifically designed to provide a tough,
Impermeable, and abrasion resistant lining that shall be applied in two coats on internal wall faces at a
thickness of 530 micron wet film thickness (265 micron wft per coat) of Sewage Treatment Plant tank, as per
the specification and as directed by internal wall faces of tank as per Fosroc specifications.