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2018 Calvin Congress Proposed Schedule

Version 11 Juli 2018

Sunday, August 26th

6:30p Registration Open
7:30 Welcoming Address | Dr. Peter Lillback & Dr. Herman Selderhuis
8:00 Calvin’s Distinctive Political Ideas Compared to His Protestant Colleagues| Dr. Scott M.

Monday, August 27th

8:45 Welcome & Announcements
9:00 Calvin and Politics According to the Mosaic Harmony | Dr. Barbara Pitkin
10:30 A Comparison of Calvin and Other Exegetes on 1 Samuel 8 | Dr. Oliver Millet
11:35 Short Paper Presentations
1. Erik de Boer, ‘The First Step in Satire: a Recently Discovered Pamphlet,
Attributed to John Calvin (Wendelin Rihel, 1539), in the Context of the
Strasbourg Correspondence’
2. Balász Dávid Magyar, 'What Would Calvin Say?: Theological, Ethical, and
Judicial Backgrounds of Genevan Political Authorities' Treatment of Sodomy'
3. Machiel A. van den Berg, '"Perdam Babylonis nomen": A New Year's Message
of John Calvin in Times of War'
12.10 Short Paper Presentations
1. Victor Edouard d'Assonville, 'Greek Physicians and Cancer: Calvin's Critical
Observations On A Latin Translation of Erasmus'
2. David Filson, 'It's A Jungle Out There: Twentieth And Twenty-First Century
Trajectories of Reading Calvin'
3. Jeffrey T. Riddle, 'Calvin and Canon'

12:40p LUNCH
3:00 Paper Presentations
1. Suk Yu Viola Chan, 'Who Is the Exemplar of Virtuous Suffering?: Examining
Calvin's Understanding of "Providentia Dei" Through His Interpretation Of the
Example and Prayer Of David in Sermons sur le livre de Job 1554–1555 and in
Commentarius in librum Psalmorum 1557'
2. David W. Hall, 'Calvin's Disciples and the Republican Trajectory: A Reception
3. Arnold Huijgen, 'John Calvin's Theological Anthropology Reconsidered'
3:35 Short Paper Presentations
1. Alden C. McCray, '"We Know that God Has No Passions": The Impassibility of
God in Calvin's Biblical Commentaries as a Test-Case for the Divine Attributes'
2. Jeremiah Martin, 'Preaching Politics and Tragedy after Calvin: Suffering and the
State in the Sermons of Theodore Beza'
3. Willem van Vlastuin, 'Calvin's Catholicy Reconsidered'
4:10 END

Tuesday, August 28th

8:45 Welcome & Announcements
9:00 For the Dead or for the King? Prayer and Piety in Reformed and Roman Catholic
Traditions | Dr. Elsie McKee
10:30 Calvin’s Use Of Augustine in His View on Church & State | Dr. In-Sub Ahn
11:30 Short Paper Presentations
1. James E. West, 'Huldrych Zwingli: His Path to Reformation'
2. Forrest Buckner, 'Love For Neighbor in Calvin's Preaching'
3. Henk van den Belt, 'True Safety or Carnal Security: The Meanings of Securitas in
Calvin's Theology'
12:05p Short Paper Presentations
1. Eric Kayayan, 'From Israel to Geneva: Calvin's Sermons on Deuteronomy As
Second Instruction on God's Government in the Wake of the Elections Of 3
February 1555'
2. Benyamin F. Intan, 'Calvin and Neo-Calvinism on Public Theology and Its
Meaning For the Churches in Indonesia'
3. Kevin P. Emmert, 'The Bond of Our Union: Calvin's Teaching on Personal
Holiness in Relation to Communion with God'
12:40p LUNCH
3:00 Short Paper Presentations
1. Thapelo Khumalo, 'Calvin's Reply to Sadolet As An Extension Of His Pastoral
2. Daniel Wiley, 'But If We Have Respect for the Word of God: An Evaluation of
Calvin's Perspectives on the Believer's Responsibility to the Governing
3. David M. Barbee, 'Sources of Calvin's Trinitarian Theology'
3:35 Short Paper Presentations
1. Jeannette Kreijkes–van Esch, 'Calvin and Chrysostom's Understandings of the
Confirmation of the Gospel: By Miracles or the Internal Witness of the Spirit?'
2. Eundeuk Kim, 'Amsterdam Praised and Blamed Geneva: Kuyper's Appropriation
of Calvin for his Public Theology'
3. Steven W. Tyra, 'A Solid Beatitude: John Calvin's Doctrine of the Beatific
4:10 END

Wednesday, August 29th

8:45 Welcome & Announcements
9:00 The Reception of Calvin in 17th Century Literature on Politics | Dr. John Witte
10:30 Short Paper Presentations
1. Shin Nomura, 'Biblical Interpretation: res et signum. Augustine, Erasmus and
2. Preston McDaniel Hill, '"The Useful and Not-To-Be-Despised Mystery of a Most
Important Matter": The Place of Christ's Descent into Hell in the Theology of
John Calvin'
3. Gregory Soderberg, 'A Calvinist Epiclesis? A Critical Look at Research on
Calvin and Orthodoxy'
11.05 Short Paper Presentations
1. Márton Zászkaliczky, 'Calvinist Political Theology in the Bocksai Rebellion (1604–
2. Lyle Dean Bierma, 'The Efficacy of Baptism in the 1536 Institutes'
3. Peter Ndaita, '"How Not to Worship Allah." John Calvin on the Knowledge and
Worship of God Among the Turks'
11:40 Short Paper Presentations
1. Lucas W. Kriner, 'Doing Penance or Confessing Faults?: Repentance and the
Struggle for Authority in Consistorial Procedure in Geneva, 1542–1555'
2. Pierrick Hildebrand, 'Civil Order and Covenant: A Comparison of Bullinger and
3. Kalle Elonheimo, 'Calvin's Concept of the Universal Law'
4. Johan Frederik Kelber Mulder, 'Let His Children Be Fatherless, and His Wife a
Widow: John Calvin and the Imprecatory Character of Psalm 109'
12:30p LUNCH
2:00 END
Special event for paper presenters and plenary speakers in Philadelphia.

Thursday, August 30th

8:45 Welcome & Announcements
9:00 What is a Good Political Order According to Calvin? | Dr. Cornel Zwierlein


10:30 Short Paper Presentations
1. Rudolph Marthinus Britz, 'Calvin's Exposition of the Sixth Commandment in
Teaching Children'
2. Ariana Anna Albisser, 'The Significance of Pneumatology for the Consensus
3. Jeannine E. Olson, 'Calvinism Realized: Queen Jeanne d'Albret, Nicolas Des Gallars,
and the Reform in Béarn'
11:05 Short Paper Presentations
1. W.H.Th. (Wim) Moehn, 'John Calvin as Teacher of Guido de Bres'
2. Christopher DiVietro, 'True Authenticity and the Duplex Cognitio Dei'
3. Kirk M. Summers, 'Theodore Beza's Bare-Breasted Religion: Liturgical Mystery and
the English Vestments Controversy'
11:40 Plenary session with reports of the Praesidium
12:30p END