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FAUJI GROUP is one of the Pakistan’s largest corporate cum welfare organization. It is a
charitable trust incorporated under the Charitable Endowment Act of 1890 with objective
of carrying out welfare activities for the benefit of ex-servicemen of the Armed Forces
(Army, Air Force and Navy) and their dependents. The unique feature of the organization is
that its welfare projects are not financed by any external body but through commercial
activities generated by its own projects. Fauji Foundation is, therefore, a self-contained
and self-supporting welfare organization.

Fauji Foundation has come a long way from its inception in 1946 (Post War Reconstruction
Fund). The industrial activity commenced in 1954 with an initial capital outlay of Rs. 18
million. The organization grew rapidly especially in the welfare area under a corporate
structure and governance.

The primary objective of Fauji Foundation is to cater to the welfare of approximate 9.6
million ex-servicemen and their family on a self-sustaining basis spread all over Pakistan.
However, the fundamental principle enshrined in its charter empowers Fauji Foundation to
manage, control and direct its investments in commercial oriented. Projects/ undertakings
with a view to generate profits and cash flow necessary to support its core objective of
welfare. Conversely, the very existence of Fauji Foundation is solely dependent on its
success of commercial performance, without which it would have no legs to stand on.

Fauji Foundation is the largest corporate-cum-welfare organization in the country,

operating since 1954. Today, it has grown to have total assets base of Rs. 119 billion. It
holds a diverse portfolio of investment. As the Fauji Group, it is the owner of 7 industrial
and commercial projects and also the prime sponsor of 6 large public industrial under
takings. In addition, it has an extensive portfolio of 302 welfare undertakings consisting of
health, education, vocational and technical training projects spread across Pakistan.


Medix project development effort was started in 2001, under Fauji Soft [a Fauji Foundation
subsidiary]. Later in 2003, a Medix & IT Steering Committee was established and owned
Medix Project and established department to guide, monitor and supervise the progress of
MEDIX ERP. In 2010 Board of Directors established Medix Commercial department.

Within the Fauji Foundation, the software is handled by the Directorate IT & P. This
Division is headed by a Director in the Central Board of Directors [CBOD] of the
Foundation. For development, implementation, deployment and training of the software,
the project is [headed by a professional PhD in software engineering as a CIO/GM
Software]. The application was indigenously developed in the period 2003 based on
research for the best industry practices and Fauji foundation healthcare by using latest
software engineering concepts for software product development. Fauji Foundation had
overseen the development of the MEDIX Software as well as its deployment in FF hospitals
since 2003.


MEDIX is an integrated hospital management system, covering the core functioning

aspects of a hospital which are following;

 Clinical

 Administrative

 Financial

MEDIX automates and integrates the processes of all the activities, which go on in a
hospital relating to treatment & administration. It takes care of the complete patient-
hospital relationship starting from patient’s entry into the hospital to his departure. In
doing so, it logs all the necessary information, which could be used in different ways to
help improve the quality of service and quick retrieval of a patient’s history over an
indefinite period of time.

MEDIX is a highly integrated informational infrastructure based on research for the best
industry practices. It has been developed using latest software engineering concepts for
software product development. Conceptualized and developed completely in-house. The
product is designed to seamlessly integrate business processes in different functional areas
in clinical, administrative and financial aspects of a hospital. The system integrates;
patient registration, history, billing, financial reporting, procurement and disbursement of
medicines & stores, organizational and administrative responsibilities. It helps the hospital,
while delivering quality service in today’s challenging healthcare environment. It provides:
Powerful data warehousing functions that process strategic planning and operation
management. It is a user friendly application wherein special emphasis has been given to
enhance individual productivity by affecting reduction in time and errors in performance of
hospital business functions.

Integration of business processes in different functional areas in an enterprise results in

reduction in time and resources required for processing day-to-day hospital transactions.
This high degree of integration also helps in eliminating slippages in the execution of tasks.
Software has provision to integrate with all kind of modalities like Lab Machines –
Radiology Machines for auto retrieval of result.

It is equipped with a full range of analyses, planning and decision support tools in different
functional areas to assist the managers and supervisors of the company in the performance
of their business functions and dashboard for the management are state of art and provide
click based decision making forum.


Medix application suite has been built on strong technological grounds; ORACLE’s native
platform has been used to engineer this product. This combination couples Oracle 11g as a
back-end database management system and Oracle 11g Forms ad Reports as a front-end
software application. Proposed system will be hosted on Optical Fiber network (8 Core
multimode), HP [database server], HP [domain control] as server computers, latest client/
users computers, laser and dot matrix printers.


Administration Financials

 Organizational Planning  Financial Management

 Security & Administration  Employee Payroll (Taxation)
Management  Accounts Payable
 Transport Management  Accounts Receivable
 Building repair and Maintenance  Taxation Management
 Laundry Management System
 Food And Nutrition Department
 Appointment / Scheduler
 Medix Online Reporting
 SMS Management System

Inventory Management System Billing Management System

 Inventory Management system  Complete Patient Billing

 Procurement Management  Hospital / Doctor Sharing
 Pharmacy Management  Panel Billing
 Fixed Assets Management

Clinical Human Resource

 Patient Registration  Employee Registration

 Outpatient Management (OPDs) Management
 Wards Management System  Employee Induction Management

 Radiology Management with PACS  Leave Management

 Laboratory Management System  Roster Management

 Blood Bank
 Operation Theatre Management


We have devised a very thoughtful line of action to successfully deliver this project within
the timeframe. We have a very successful track record of implementations in eight major
hospitals of Fauji Foundation and five commercial hospitals. Our lessons learnt by the
deployment teams are the key competitive advantages.

We assure you that MEDIX application fully meets present and future requirements of your
hospital in all functional areas and will provide to you and your organization a solid
foundation for sustained competitive advantage for long time to come.