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Beloved Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, and women called by the Lord. Without
those former ones we cannot prove to
On the occasion of the second anniversary people our true identity.
of my Episcopal Consecration I stand
before the Lord with a grateful heart and All of you have been very respectful,
open hands “to embrace his plan and his obedient, loving and encouraging towards
people”. Our meeting at St. Paul’s me. Thanks for this filial affection. It’s same
Cathedral before the Consecration and the from my part too. My only mission has
joyful meeting on the day of the been to seek the “welfare” of my sheep that
Consecration are still fresh in my mind. I is entrusted to me. I have been dutifully
renew my promise to the Lord: Totus tuus doing it accepting all the invitations that
ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt. different parishes, village communities and
priests have been offering me. I did not
As promised I am keeping my faith and spare a single minute for my own self, but
running my race and will run till the end have been spending my time only for your
to win the crown that the Lord is preparing spiritual well-being and for the economic
for me. I have gone deep into the hearts of well-being of those brothers and sisters
our people and spoke to every heart that who are less fortunate in our area, but are
was willing to listen to me, their “shepherd most close to the heart of Christ. I have
and father ”. My joy has been that of defended your good name and safeguarded
ministry of the Word among you, your honour and that of the diocese in the
addressing the issues that needed very delicate moments. I am immensely
immediate attention, working with grateful to God and to you for the support
different commissions, fostering and understanding. If I have pained anyone
collaborative leadership, caring for our during these two years, I humbly ask your
children, teachers, families, women, youth, pardon and pardon me more because I
catechists, priests, our education system, consider myself very undeserving before
establishing a strong economic stability, the Mighty God. On my part I extend
fostering effective cooperation from the pardon to all those who accept that they
Religious, transparency and accountability have offended me.
in our financial matters, sending
missionaries on “Fidei Donum” principle, Now we will begin our work anew with
and above all, the pastoral charity. All these more effort towards personal outreaching,
are part of the Gospel we are called to and work on the progress of our Diocese,
practice and then preach. Everyone who its parishes, our people, specially the most
has the cause of Christ at heart can urgent task of empowering the weak:
understand my words. For me it is children, youth, women and create
important to listen to His words and act facilities for their overall development as
than just being a “nice man” to everyone. suggested by the Gospel and the CBCI’s
We need personal prayer, justice, hard- document on Dalit Empowerment. We
work, discipline to show that we are men must be ready at every level to give-up,


open the doors, breaking the conventions, who collaborate in this important task of
taking the last place and having the mind animation of the diocese. To all the
and heart of Jesus and the spirit of His members of the Clergy, I owe a great
Gospel. We will have to come together to amount of gratitude. To all religious men
discuss this issue. Being a diocese with a and women my thanks for your witnessing
vast majority of Dalit population, all our and involvement in preaching the Gospel
programmes, especially educational, social and to all our catechists who tirelessly and
and other self-help groups all have the same faithfully serve our communities, I am
target, namely the empowerment. profoundly grateful.

We need to empower our priests, especially God has been gracious to all of us. There is
the young ones. We also have the duty to a wonderful atmosphere of brotherhood
build our people, especially by way of BCC among us. Do continue with it without
programmes and that of CCR. Our Holy animosity or ill-will. I was so glad to see all
Childhood programme is doing a the members of clergy of the Vicariate
commendable job for the children in our present at parish feasts. It is such a
schools. We have not found yet a good, consoling witness of unity and
enthusiastic young priest to be trained as brotherhood. Let us continue with it and
the Youth Director, but we shall find one let no one disturb our peace. I am reminded
soon. Our Education Desk is reaching out of St. Teresa of Avila’s prayer written in her
thousands of Children and the Director is breviary:
trying for more outreaching programmes
and increase the numbers, especially the Nada teturbe; (May nothing disturb you)
poor Dalit children in our diocese. The nada teespante; (May nothing astonish you)
Catholic Centre, the Pastoral centre, the todo se pasa; (Everything passes)
Social Service Centre and all other centres Dios no se muda, (God does not go away)
both small and great are doing their job la paciencia (Patience)
and so are the Commissions taking todo lo alcanza. (may attain anything)
seriously their job: for example, the Bible Quien a Dios tiene, (He who has God
Commission by organizing classes and within)
sessions. There is a renewed enthusiasm nada le falta.(does not lack anything)
among our people for the Word of God and Solo Dios basta.(God is enough).
it has been adequately answered.
Let us remain with this prayer and in the
We need to build parish churches, village spirit of this prayer. May such confidence
chapels, new schools: all for our people, for and trust lead us to celebrate the feast of
their well-being and for their Our Lady of Lourdes at Gunadala with its
empowerment. We have already made devotion and piety. May the enthusiasm
some strategies to find more money and with which we have prepared the premises
generate income so as to answer these to honour her, since she is the Mother of
needs. We shall be successful because it is our Saviour bless everyone of our diocese
God’s work and for no one’s glorification and all those pilgrims that come to visit the
but for Him Alone! So, He will provide us. shrine in these days.
With my prayers and blessings,
The administration has been functioning
in the spirit of delegation. I thank the office-
bearers, the Curia in particular, the
committee members, the Consultors and
the Senate, the Vicars Forane and all those + Thelagathoti J. Raja Rao, S.M.M.
Bishop of Vijayawada




Date Day Programme
February 1 Thursday : Leaving for Bangalore
February 2- 9 : CBCI Plenary Session, St. John’s National Academy
of Health Sciences Bangalore.
February 10-11 : Gunadalamatha Festival
February 13 Tuesday : Parish Feast, Velagalagudem, Mass 7.00 p.m.
February 14 Wednesday : Ash Wednesday, Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
February 17 Saturday : Annual Day, St. Teresa’s School, Kanuru, 5.30 p.m.
February 18 Sunday : Re-dedication of Parish Church, Avutapally, 7.30 a.m.
February 21 Wednesday : Siluvagiri Feast, Siluvagirinagar, 6.00 p.m.
February 22 Thursday : Mulaparru (Bantumilli Parish), 6.30 p.m.
February 23 Friday : Confirmations & First Holy Communion, Koduru, 6.00 p.m.
February 24 Saturday : Rajavaraprasadamatha, Rajavaram, Agiripalli, 6.00 p.m.
February 28 Wednesday : Feast of the Holy Cross Siluvagattu, Nuzvid, 6.00 p.m.

March 01 Thursday : Silver Jubilee, JMJ School, Satyanarayanapuram, 7.00 a.m.

March 03 Saturday : Kalidindi Feast of O. L. of Good Health, 6.00 p.m.
March 04 Sunday : Chevitikallu, Kanchikacherla, Blessing of Grotto, 6.00 p.m.
March 05 Monday : Leaving for Hyderabad
March 06-08 : TCBC Meetings at St. John’s Regional Seminary, Hyderabad.
March 09 Friday : Sagaramatha Festival,Guntur Diocese, Mass 10.30 a.m.
March 10 Saturday : Women’s Day Celebration, SCN Centre, Musunuru.
March 11 Sunday : Feast of Our Lady, Vennanapudi, 6.00 p.m.
March 12 -17 : CCBI Junior Bishops Training Programme, Mumbai.
March 20 Tuesday : Bodawada-Jammavaram, Feast day Mass, 6.30 p.m.
March 21 Wednesday : Ramanakkapet, Mary Immaculate Shrine, Nehru Nagar, 6.30 p.m.
March 22 Thursday : Annual Feast, Tiruvuru, 6.00 p.m.
March 23 Friday : Pavanagirimatha, Polukonda, 6.00 p.m.
March 24 Saturday : Telaprolu, Parish Feast, 7.00 p.m.
March 25 Sunday : Palm Sunday, St. Paul’s Cathedral.
March 29 Thursday : Holy Thursday
March 30 Friday : Good Friday
March 31 Saturday : Holy Saturday
April 01 Sunday : Easter
April 05 Thursday : Repudi, Kambhampadu parish, Mass 6.30 p.m.
April 06 Friday : Silver Jubilee of Holy Spirit E. M. School, Kuchipudi.
April 07 Saturday : Jujjuru, Jagannadhapuram Parish, 6.30 p.m.
April 09 Monday : Priestly Ordinations of Diocesan Deacons, 5.00 p.m., Gunadala.
April 10 Tuesday : Feast in Boddapadu, Kankipadu Parish, 6.30 p.m.
April 12 Thursday : Parish Feast, Uppaluru, 6.30 p.m.
April 21 Saturday : Perpetual Profession and Jubilee, FMSC, Labbipet, 5.00 p.m.
April 22 Sunday : Parish Feast, Gollapudi, 6.00 p.m.
April 25 Wednesday : Feast of St. Therese of Lesieux, Goodmanpet, 6.30 p.m.
April 26 - 27 : Not available.
April 28 Saturday : Confirmations, Vellaturu, 6.30 p.m.
April 29 Sunday : First Communion & Confirmations, Mudinepalli, 6.30 p.m.
April 30 Monday : Parish Feast, Sacred Heart, Velpuru, 6.30 p.m.

May 01 Tuesday :
Not available
May 02 Wednesday :
Nandiwada, Vennanapudi Parish, 6.00 p.m.
May 03 Thursday :
Parish Feast, Bhyravapatnam, 6.30 p.m.
May 04 Friday :
Kondapavuluru, Parish Feast, 6.00 p.m.
May 05 Saturday :
Parish Feast, Vuyyuru, 6.30 p.m.
May 06 Sunday :
Parish Feast, Bantumilli, 6.30 p.m.
May 07 Monday :
Not available
May 08 Tuesday :
Parish Feast, Lakshmipuram, 6.30 p.m.
May 09 Wednesday :
First Communion & Confirmations: Chanubanda, 6.00 p.m.
May 10 Thursday :
Feast of Divine Mercy, Mustabada, 6.00 p.m.
May 11 Friday :
Feast of Velanganimatha, Rudrapaka, Polukonda Parish, 6.30 p.m.
May 12 Saturday :
Not available
May 13 Sunday :
First Communion & Confirmations: Kondapalli, 7.00 p.m.
May 14 Monday :
Final Profession, Kanuru Parish Church, 5.00 p.m.
May 15, Tuesday: On travel abroad. Returns on the 10th June.

I am Grateful to the Priests,

Religious and the Laity for being
with me and I need your love &
co-operation in the coming years


Message of his Holiness Pope Francis
For World Communications Day
13 May 2018
“The truth will set you free” (Jn. 8:32). Fake news and journalism for peace

Dear Brothers and Sisters, “Social Communications at the Service of

Truth”. In this way, I would like to con-
Communication is part of God’s plan for tribute to our shared commitment to
us and an essential way to experience fel- stemming the spread of fake news and to
lowship. Made in the image and likeness rediscovering the dignity of journalism
of our Creator, we are able to express and and the personal responsibility of journal-
share all that is true, good, and beautiful. ists to communicate the truth.
We are able to describe our own experi-
ences and the world around us, and thus 1. What is “fake” about fake news?
to create historical memory and the un-
derstanding of events. But when we yield The term “fake news” has been the object
to our own pride and selfishness, we can of great discussion and debate. In gen-
also distort the way we use our ability to eral, it refers to the spreading of
communicate. This can be seen from the disinformation on line or in the traditional
earliest times, in the biblical stories of Cain media. It has to do with false information
and Abel and the Tower of Babel (cf. Gen based on non-existent or distorted data
4:4-16; 11:1-9). The capacity to twist the meant to deceive and manipulate the
truth is symptomatic of our condition, both reader. Spreading fake news can serve to
as individuals and communities. On the advance specific goals, influence political
other hand, when we are faithful to God’s decisions, and serve economic interests.
plan, communication becomes an effec-
tive expression of our responsible search The effectiveness of fake news is prima-
for truth and our pursuit of goodness. rily due to its ability to mimic real news,
to seem plausible. Secondly, this false but
In today’s fast-changing world of commu- believable news is “captious”, inasmuch
nications and digital systems, we are wit- as it grasps people’s attention by appeal-
nessing the spread of what has come to ing to stereotypes and common social
be known as “fake news”. This calls for prejudices, and exploiting instantaneous
reflection, which is why I have decided to emotions like anxiety, contempt, anger
return in this World Communications Day and frustration. The ability to spread such
Message to the issue of truth, which was fake news often relies on a manipulative
raised time and time again by my prede- use of the social networks and the way
cessors, beginning with Pope Paul VI, they function. Untrue stories can spread
whose 1972 Message took as its theme: so quickly that even authoritative denials


fail to contain the damage. aimed at developing regulations for curb-
ing the phenomenon, to say nothing of the
The difficulty of unmasking and eliminat- work being done by tech and media com-
ing fake news is due also to the fact that panies in coming up with new criteria for
many people interact in homogeneous verifying the personal identities concealed
digital environments impervious to differ- behind millions of digital profiles.
ing perspectives and opinions.
Disinformation thus thrives on the ab- Yet preventing and identifying the way
sence of healthy confrontation with other disinformation works also calls for a pro-
sources of information that could effec- found and careful process of discernment.
tively challenge prejudices and generate We need to unmask what could be called
constructive dialogue; instead, it risks the “snake-tactics” used by those who dis-
turning people into unwilling accomplices guise themselves in order to strike at any
in spreading biased and baseless ideas. time and place. This was the strategy
The tragedy of disinformation is that it employed by the “crafty serpent” in the
discredits others, presenting them as en- Book of Genesis, who, at the dawn of hu-
emies, to the point of demonizing them manity, created the first fake news (cf. Gen
and fomenting conflict. Fake news is a 3:1-15), which began the tragic history of
sign of intolerant and hypersensitive atti- human sin, beginning with the first frat-
tudes, and leads only to the spread of ar- ricide (cf. Gen 4) and issuing in the count-
rogance and hatred. That is the end re- less other evils committed against God,
sult of untruth. neighbour, society and creation. The strat-
egy of this skilled “Father of Lies” (Jn 8:44)
2. How can we recognize fake news? is precisely mimicry, that sly and danger-
ous form of seduction that worms its way
None of us can feel exempted from the into the heart with false and alluring ar-
duty of countering these falsehoods. This guments.
is no easy task, since disinformation is of-
ten based on deliberately evasive and sub- In the account of the first sin, the tempter
tly misleading rhetoric and at times the approaches the woman by pretending to
use of sophisticated psychological mecha- be her friend, concerned only for her wel-
nisms. Praiseworthy efforts are being fare, and begins by saying something only
made to create educational programmes partly true: “Did God really say you were
aimed at helping people to interpret and not to eat from any of the trees in the gar-
assess information provided by the media, den?” (Gen 3:1). In fact, God never told
and teaching them to take an active part Adam not to eat from any tree, but only
in unmasking falsehoods, rather than un- from the one tree: “Of the tree of the
wittingly contributing to the spread of knowledge of good and evil you are not
disinformation. Praiseworthy too are to eat” (Gen 2:17). The woman corrects
those institutional and legal initiatives the serpent, but lets herself be taken in by


his provocation: “Of the fruit of the tree evil that moves from one lie to another in
in the middle of the garden God said, order to rob us of our interior freedom.
“You must not eat it nor touch it, under That is why education for truth means
pain of death” (Gen 3:2). Her answer is teaching people how to discern, evaluate
couched in legalistic and negative terms; and understand our deepest desires and
after listening to the deceiver and letting inclinations, lest we lose sight of what is
herself be taken in by his version of the good and yield to every temptation.
facts, the woman is misled. So she heeds
his words of reassurance: “You will not 3. “The truth will set you free” (Jn
die!” (Gen 3:4). 8:32)

The tempter’s “deconstruction” then takes Constant contamination by deceptive lan-

on an appearance of truth: “God knows guage can end up darkening our interior
that on the day you eat it your eyes will life. Dostoevsky’s observation is illuminat-
be opened and you will be like gods, ing: “People who lie to themselves and lis-
knowing good and evil” (Gen 3:5). God’s ten to their own lie come to such a pass
paternal command, meant for their good, that they cannot distinguish the truth
is discredited by the seductive enticement within them, or around them, and so lose
of the enemy: “The woman saw that the all respect for themselves and for others.
tree was good to eat and pleasing to the And having no respect, they cease to love,
eye and desirable” (Gen 3:6). This bibli- and in order to occupy and distract them-
cal episode brings to light an essential ele- selves without love they give way to pas-
ment for our reflection: there is no such sions and to coarse pleasures, and sink to
thing as harmless disinformation; on the bestiality in their vices, all from continual
contrary, trusting in falsehood can have lying to others and to themselves.” (The
dire consequences. Even a seemingly slight Brothers Karamazov, II, 2).
distortion of the truth can have danger-
ous effects. So how do we defend ourselves? The most
radical antidote to the virus of falsehood
What is at stake is our greed. Fake news is purification by the truth. In Christian-
often goes viral, spreading so fast that it is ity, truth is not just a conceptual reality
hard to stop, not because of the sense of that regards how we judge things, defin-
sharing that inspires the social media, but ing them as true or false. The truth is not
because it appeals to the insatiable greed just bringing to light things that are con-
so easily aroused in human beings. The cealed, “revealing reality”, as the ancient
economic and manipulative aims that feed Greek term aletheia (from a-lethès, “not
disinformation are rooted in a thirst for hidden”) might lead us to believe. Truth
power, a desire to possess and enjoy, which involves our whole life. In the Bible, it car-
ultimately makes us victims of something ries with it the sense of support, solidity,
much more tragic: the deceptive power of and trust, as implied by the root ‘aman,


the source of our liturgical expression
Amen. Truth is something you can lean 4. Peace is the true news
on, so as not to fall. In this relational sense,
the only truly reliable and trustworthy The best antidotes to falsehoods are not
One – the One on whom we can count – strategies, but people: people who are not
is the living God. Hence, Jesus can say: “I greedy but ready to listen, people who
am the truth” (Jn 14:6). We discover and make the effort to engage in sincere dia-
rediscover the truth when we experience logue so that the truth can emerge; people
it within ourselves in the loyalty and trust- who are attracted by goodness and take
worthiness of the One who loves us. This responsibility for how they use language.
alone can liberate us: “The truth will set If responsibility is the answer to the spread
you free” (Jn 8:32). of fake news, then a weighty responsibil-
ity rests on the shoulders of those whose
Freedom from falsehood and the search job is to provide information, namely, jour-
for relationship: these two ingredients can- nalists, the protectors of news. In today’s
not be lacking if our words and gestures world, theirs is, in every sense, not just a
are to be true, authentic, and trustworthy. job; it is a mission. Amid feeding frenzies
To discern the truth, we need to discern and the mad rush for a scoop, they must
everything that encourages communion remember that the heart of information is
and promotes goodness from whatever not the speed with which it is reported or
instead tends to isolate, divide, and oppose. its audience impact, but persons. Inform-
Truth, therefore, is not really grasped ing others means forming others; it means
when it is imposed from without as some- being in touch with people’s lives. That is
thing impersonal, but only when it flows why ensuring the accuracy of sources and
from free relationships between persons, protecting communication are real means
from listening to one another. Nor can of promoting goodness, generating trust,
we ever stop seeking the truth, because and opening the way to communion and
falsehood can always creep in, even when peace.
we state things that are true. An impec-
cable argument can indeed rest on unde- I would like, then, to invite everyone to
niable facts, but if it is used to hurt an- promote a journalism of peace. By that, I
other and to discredit that person in the do not mean the saccharine kind of jour-
eyes of others, however correct it may nalism that refuses to acknowledge the
appear, it is not truthful. We can recog- existence of serious problems or smacks
nize the truth of statements from their of sentimentalism. On the contrary, I
fruits: whether they provoke quarrels, fo- mean a journalism that is truthful and
ment division, encourage resignation; or, opposed to falsehoods, rhetorical slogans,
on the other hand, they promote informed and sensational headlines. A journalism
and mature reflection leading to construc- created by people for people, one that is
tive dialogue and fruitful results. at the service of all, especially those – and


they are the majority in our world – who You are faithful and trustworthy; may our
have no voice. A journalism less concen- words be seeds of goodness for the world:
trated on breaking news than on explor- where there is shouting, let us practise lis-
ing the underlying causes of conflicts, in tening;
order to promote deeper understanding where there is confusion, let us inspire
and contribute to their resolution by set- harmony;
ting in place virtuous processes. A jour- where there is ambiguity, let us bring clar-
nalism committed to pointing out alter- ity;
natives to the escalation of shouting where there is exclusion, let us offer soli-
matches and verbal violence. darity;
where there is sensationalism, let us use
To this end, drawing inspiration from a sobriety;
Franciscan prayer, we might turn to the where there is superficiality, let us raise real
Truth in person: questions;
where there is prejudice, let us awaken
Lord, make us instruments of your peace. trust;
Help us to recognize the evil latent in a where there is hostility, let us bring respect;
communication that does not build com- where there is falsehood, let us bring truth.
munion. Amen.
Help us to remove the venom from our
Help us to speak about others as our
brothers and sisters. FRANCIS
Vatican, 24 January 2018



Say “No” to Corruption

That those who have material, POPE’S QUOTE
political or spiritual power may resist “This is the struggle of every person:
any lure of corruption. be free or be a slave.”



Second Anniversary of the Episcopal Priestly Ordinations:
Consecration of Our Bishop: This year, the ordination of the
2ndFebruary, 2018 is the second Deacons of our diocese will take place on
anniversary of my Episcopal 09 April, 2018, Monday, at the campus of
Consecration as the Bishop of the Diocese. Bishop Grassi High School, Gunadala.
I request your valuable prayers for me that
the Spirit may strengthen me to lead you Chrism Mass and Monthly
to good pastures and be at your service Recollection, March 2018:
for your good and the good of the diocese. There will be a monthly
recollection for the pastoral clergy of the
Monthly Recollection for the
diocese on 26 March, 2018. It will start
Month of February, 2018:
at 9.30 a.m. and will end with lunch. In
The monthly recollection for the
the evening at 5.30 p.m. there will be
pastoral clergy for the month of
Chrism Mass in St. Paul’s Cathedral,
February will be held on 26 February,
Vijayawada. All the priests are obliged
2018, Monday. It will start at 09.30 a.m.
to participate in the Chrism Mass.
and will close by lunch. All the pastoral
clergy are invited to attend without fail.
SEASON OF LENT : The money saved during the
This year, the season of Lent begins season of Lent through fasting and
on 14 February, 2018 with Ash penance is to be forwarded to Caritas India
Wednesday. All the Parish Priests are for fight against hunger. We request all
requested tomake sure that the season Parish Priests to encourage the faithful to
begins on the right note of abstinence and join this campaign and contribute their
encourage the faithful to participate in the savings to it during Lent. The Parish
prayers that are pertaining to the Holy Priests are requested to remit to the
Season of Lent with the traits of fasting, Bishop’s House these amounts at the end
prayer and almsgiving. I also request the of the season of Lent. The Religious
heads of the institutions to encourage the communities in the diocese are hereby
children and youth to participate in the requested to kindly remit your
Way of the Cross and help them to Lenten Campaign contributions
inculcate the habit of living a life of directly to the Bishop’s House.
sacrifice and love for God.


GOOD FRIDAY COLLECTIONS: financial year, i.e. 2017-18 should submit
The Holy See has been requesting an up-to-date statement of accounts with
to forward the collections of Good Friday bills and vouchers for audit, before the 15th
from all the parishes towards the March 2018. All those who have taken
maintenance of the Holy Land. Care of money and have not spent the money are
the Holy Land is a responsibility of every to return the balance amount to procure
Christian. So, we request the Parish Priests before the 25th March, as no balances
to kindly remit the collections of Good should remain outside the Society
Friday to the Bishop’s House to be Accounts at the end of the financial year,
forwarded to the Nunciature. the 31st March 2018.


As already communicated to you ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION :
in the last three issues of the Newsletter, Kaladarshini is glad to announce
all the Parish Priests and Heads of the its new magnum opus roopakam, “Viswa
Institutions are hereby requested to submit Dharmasanam”, based on the theme of
the duly filled in Annual Returns -2017 Ecology and Environmental protection. It
Forms, to the curia, Bishop’s House as we has an universal appeal which makes it a
need the data to prepare the report to be must watch for the members of all the
sent to Rome.Your co-operation in this educational institutions, formation houses
regard is urgent. and parishes as it touches various issues
like pollution of air, water, land, global
MISSION SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS: warming, ozone layer depletion and the
Parish Priests and heads of the stand of various religions like Christianity,
institutions in the diocese, who have not Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and also
yet sent their contributions are hereby tribal’s culture on the Creation and
requested to send the same to bishop’s Environment, everything conveyed in an
house as soon as possible. This will enable entertaining and gripping way replete
us to forward the same collection to the with quality music, dance and costumes.
Secretary of the Pontifical Mission For any details, please contact : Fr. K.
Societies, Bangalore. Ravindra S . J . , Director, Kaladarshini,
Andhra Loyola College, Cell No :-
SUBMISSION OF ACCOUNTS: 9000921092; emaild address :
Those who have taken money kotiiravindra@gmail.com
from the bishop’s house during the current


Second Sunday Collections of All Parishes of Vijayawada
1. St. Paul’s Cathedral 19,020 36. Kaikaluru 1,327
2. St. Peter’s Co-Cathedral 13,147 37. Kalidindi 1,046
3. Agiripalli 384 38. Kambhampadu 179
4. Ajithsinghnagar 1,465 39. Kanchikacherla 1,825
5. Arugolanu 613 40. Kankipadu 1370
6. Assisi Nagar (Konkepudi) 818 41. Kanuru 2,051
7. Avanigadda 2,848 42. Keesara 784
8. Avutapalli 4,765 43. Kesarapalli 3,039
9. Azzampudi 1,141 44. Koduru 561
10. Bantumilli 616 45. Kondapalli 2,373
11. Bhaskaraopeta 532 46. Kondapavuluru 803
12. Bhyravapatnam 789 47. Korukollu 993
13. Bodavada-Jammavaram 1,014 48. Kotapadu 303
14. Carmelnagar 642 49. Kothapalli 444
15. Challapalli 783 50. Kuchipudi Not Paid
16. Chanubanda 216 51. Labbipeta 3,036
17. Chatrai 686 52. Lourdunagar 740
18. Chillakallu 545 53. Machilipatnam 5,533
19. Christurajapuram 2,630 54. Mallavalli 724
20. Edara 2,855 55. Manginapudi 1,005
21. Edulagudem 749 56. Mariapuram (Lakshmipuram) 677
22. Enikepadu 250 57. Mucchintala 1,208
23. Gampalagudem 730 58. Mudinepalli 1,015
24. Gannavaram 2,630 59. Munagalapalli 615
25. Gollapudi 2,380 60. Musunuru 829
26. Goodmanpeta 2,260 61. Mylavaram 1,904
27. Gudivada 4,443 62. Nagayalanka 1,116
28. Gudlavalleru 1,774 63. Nandigama 3,143
29. Gunadala 31,275 64. Nawabupeta 451
30. Guntupalli 1,040 65. Nehrupeta 1,335
31. Jagannadhapuram 571 66. Nunna 1,209
32. Jaggayyapeta Not paid 67. Nuzvid-Town 2,542
33. Jakkampudi (Jeevan Nagar) 403 68. Pamarru 585
34. Joji Nagar 4,598 69. Pedda-Mustabad 1,220
35. Jyothinagar 1,648 70. Pedana 757


71. Penamaluru 1,312 88. Vanukuru 2,152
72. Pezzonipeta 6,010 89. Vatsavai 281
73. Penugolanu 404 90. Velagalagudem 311
74. Polukonda 763 91. Vellaturu 985
75. Pydurupadu 431 92. Velpur 625
76. Rajareswaripeta 670 93. Vennanapudi 759
77. Ramanakkapeta 580 94. Ventrapragada 380
78. Ranigarithota 1,943 95. Vissannapeta 810
79. Sahayanagar(Ibrahimpatnam) 1,086 96. Vuyyuru 2,078
80. Saradhanagar 886 97. Yesupuram 246
81. Satyanarayanapuram 1,881
Total 1,85,853
82. Siluvagirinagar 227
83. Telaprolu 905
84. Thukkuluru 430
85. Thurlapadu 275
86. Tiruvuru 1,109
87. Uppaluru 1,312

20.01.2018 St.Peter’s Co-Cathedral @ Rs.100 60 Rs. 6,000.00
23.01.2018 Jojinagar @ Rs.100 17 Rs. 1,700.00
29.01.2018 St.Paul’s Cathedral @ Rs.100 100 Rs. 10,000.00
29.01.2018 Kesarapalli @ Rs.100 100 Rs. 10,000.00
30.01.2018 Gundalamatha Shrine @ Rs.100/- 764 Rs. 76,400.00
Total 1041 Rs.1,04,100.00

20.01.2018 St. Peter’s Co-Cathedral Rs. 5,000.00
29.01.2018 St.Paul’s Cathedral Rs. 4,480.00
30.01.2018 Gunadalamatha Shrine Rs. 7,400.00

Total Rs.16,880.00




Blessing of Kondangi Chapel nity of Kondangi felicitated the bishop and
the priests who were present for the inau-
The small community of Kondagi, the sub- guration of the chapel. They organized the
station of Kalidindi parish felt privileged agape meal to the priests and the faithful.
when their long awaited dream of having
Fr. Sunil Thota, Parish Priest, Kalidindi

73 Death Anniversary of Bro. Joseph

Thamby, Pedavutapally (January 13-
15th, 2018):

We celebrated the 73rddeath anniversary

of Bro. Joseph Thamby, the servant of God
13-15 January. For nine days we had no-
the house of God in their midst, had come vena Masses, celebrated by different
true on 10th January, 2018. This chapel is priests. Our Provincial Minister, Rev. Fr.
built with the financial help from the dio-
cese of Munster, Germany. It is dedicated
to St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort.

His Excellency, Most Rev. Thelagathoti

Joseph Raja Rao S.M.M., bishop of
Vijayawada, blessed and inaugurated the
chapel. The priests of Korukollu vicariate
and guest priests were present for this
blessing. A good number of the faithful Melchior Kata OFM(Cap) celebrated the
participated. Fr. Sunil Thota, the parish Eucharist on 13 January morning. On the
priest thanked the bishop and the priests 14th morning, Most Rev. Maipan Paul,
for their valuable presence. The commu- Bishop of Khammam, celebrated the Holy


Eucharist for the pilgrims. That evening, Ongoing formation seminar for the
Most Rev. Udumala Bala, Bishop of Junior Clergy
Warangal, celebrated the Solemn Eucha-
rist and blessed the faithful.On the 15th The Ongoing Formation Seminar for the
morning, Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Junior Clergy of the diocese was held from
22-25 January, 2018 at Bishop’s House,
Vijayawada. Rev. Fr. Joe Mannath SDB,
the CRI National Secretary, was the re-
source person. Altogether 50 priests par-
ticipated in it.

It was indeed a great opportunity for the

junior priests to have the good reflections

Raja Rao, S.M.M., the Bishop of

Vijayawada, celebrated the Mass.

Around 10 lakhs of pilgrims participated

in the feast including people of non-Chris-
tian religions and other Christian denomi-
nations. Many priests took part in the feast
which added beauty to the Eucharistic
celebration.We remember and thank all
those who helped during the festival days, of Fr. Joe Mannath SDB. He highlighted
especially His Excellency, the priests, the that a priest needs to be happy always and
get along with all sorts of situations in life.
One needs to prune his mind and culti-
vate the virtues to be emotionally balanced
and fully alive. Priests must reach the
faithful through counseling, spiritual di-
rection and confession to extend the love
of Christ and for the good of the church.
All these things take place only when a
priest deepens his relationship with God
religious, sisters and brothers of the dio- and to be away from the reality that lets
cese. him down. He needs to be strongly con-
vinced of what he is rather than being
Fr. Inna Babu OFM(cap), Parish priest, somebody else. The seminar was a wakeup
Avutapalli call to renew one’s own life.


On the final day, Most Rev. Thelagathoti with Fr. Leoncini and his concern for the
Joseph Raja Rao thanked Fr. Joe Mannath local vocations, Fr. Balthazar advised the
and urged the priests to have changes in congregation to emulate the life of Fr.
life to be a better person for the growth of Leoncini. Apart from many priests, good
the local Church in Vijayawada. Some of number students from catholic institutions
the priests shared their views basing on
the reflections that the seminar would help
them to improve their way of life and com-
mit themselves with conviction to the min-
istry they are promised. Fr. Kama Anil

of Nuzvid and many people from the par-

ishes of Nuzvid, Nehrupeta and
Tukkuluru participated in the memorial
proposed vote of thanks and thanked Mass.
Bishop for organizing the seminar. Fr. B. Vijaya Kumar, Rector, St. Ambrose
Fr. Kondala Ravikanth, Secretary, Seminary, Nuzvid
Bishop’s House, Vijayawada Parish Feast at St. Paul’s Cathedral,
Commemoration of Rev. Fr. John
Leoncini on his 16th Death Anniver- The feast of the Conversion of St. Paul was
sary celebrated on 26 January, 2018. His Ex-
cellency, Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph
The 16 death Anniversary of Fr. John Raja Rao, S.M.M., the Bishop of
Leoncini PIME was celebrated on 26th Vijayawada, celebrated the Solemn Mass
January 2018 at his tomb in Thukkuluru. on that special day. His Excellency deliv-
The Holy Mass was celebrated by the Sil- ered his homily on the life of St. Paul. All
ver Jubilarian, Rev. Fr. Nakka David, the priests and religious along with the
along with a host of other priests from laity of the city parishes participated in
Vijayawada and Eluru dioceses. Msgr. this great feast. Fr. Papi Reddy, the parish
Gude Balthazar of the diocese of Eluru, in priest thanked the Bishop, the priests and
his homily, eulogized the contribution of religious.
Rev. Fr. John Leoncini, the Father of
Priests, for the local church. In a homily Fr. Basani Papi Reddy, Parish Priest, St
laden with his experiences and memories Paul’s Cathedral


Inauguration of Gunadalamatha Festival and and religious and a huge crowd of faith-
the Blessing of St. Joseph’s Stage ful participated in the Holy Eucharist.
Earlier, the new stage of St. Joseph built
The Gunadalamatha festival celebrations in memory of late Bishop Ambrose de
were declared open on 31 January, 2018 Battista was inaugurated and blessed by
by hoisting the flag and the initiation of His Excellency at 5:30 p.m. which is built
the Novena Prayers by His Excellency, in Bishop Grassi High School campus. It
Most Rev. Jo- was indeed a big stage that is set to be uti-
seph Raja lized for all the diocesan functions. The
Rao S.M.M., new road laid from Eluru Road leading to
Bishop of Gunadalamatha Shrine was also inaugu-
Vijayawada, rated by the Bishop. The long throng of
at 6.00 p.m.
The flag
hoisting was
followed by
procession to
the grotto of
Our Lady. It
was so good
to see the sight of long streak of devotees
mounting the hill with devotion. The faithful walked along the road after the
bishop gave the Eucharistic benediction inauguration. Rev. Fr. Mesapam Gabriel
to the faithful gathered. Rev. Fr. Mesapam & Rev. Fr. Muvvala Prasad, the Vicars
Gabriel, the Vicar General, celebrated the General of the diocese, Rev. Fr. Eleti Will-
inaugural Novena Mass along with many iam Jaya Raju, Rector & Parish Priest of
concelebrants. A good number of priests Gunadalamatha Shrine, Rev. Fr. Inti An-
thony, Correspondent of Bishop Grassi
High School, and many priests of the dio-
cese were present for this inaugural func-

Fr. Eleti William Jaya Raju,

Rector & Parish Priest,
Gunadalamatha Shrine, Gunadala




Jubilee Celebration of Assisi Sisters In his homily Bishop enriched and encour-
of Mary Immaculate (ASMI), aged the Jubilarians to have deeper attach-
Theresa Nagar, Nuzvid ment with the Lord. He also appreciated
very much the simplicity of their life and
8th January 2018 was a day of Jubilation dedication to the poor. He congratulated
and thanksgiving for the Assisi Sisters of the sisters for their faithfulness to the Lord,
Little Flower Province. Three of our Sis- to the Church and to the congregation for
the past 50 and 25 years of their life. The
Jubilarians were felicitated after the holy
Eucharist and the programme concluded
with Agape.
Sr. Elsy
Francis,Assisi Karuna Bhavan, Nuzvid.

Chapel Blessing at Carmelnagar

ters, Sr. Arati Francis, Sr. Christopher The Discalced nuns of the Order of the
Mary, Sr. Mercy Francis celebrated Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount
Golden Jubilee and Sr. Chaithanya Carmel at Carmel Ashram, Carmelnagar
Francis, the Superior of the house cel- participated and witnessed with great joy
ebrated her Silver Jubilee. Most Rev. the solemn celebration of the blessing and
Bishop Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao
S.M.M. was the main celebrant for the
holy Eucharist. About 35 priests and a
good number of religious sisters were
present for the celebration along with the
family members of the Jubilarians.

inauguration of Our Lady of Vailankanni

Church on 16 January, 2018.

Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao

S.M.M.,Bishop of Vijayawada,solemnly


blessed the Church. Very Rev. Fr. Saverio the soil, Deacon Panthagani Raja Sudheer
Cannistra OCD, Superior General, inau- for the congregation of the Oblates of
gurated the church. Rev. Fr. Gorantla St.Francis De Sales on 17 January,
Johannes OCD, Definitor General, the 2018.His Excellency, Most Rev.
priests and the religious of the diocese of Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao S.M.M.,
Vijayawada and the laity were present for bishop of Vijayawada, presided over the
ordination ceremony at Tamarakollu vil-
lage of Korukollu parish.

Fr. Baiju Puthussery OSFS, Regional Su-

perior, the general councilor, Fr. Shaju
Kanjiramparayil, the regional councilors
Fr. Michael Etathottu, Fr. John George and
Fr. Thambi Joseph were present for the
ordination of their friar. Priests of the dio-
this great event. It was a great day to Rev. cese of Vijayawada and priests of the Her-
Sr. Mary Gloria, as it is her Jubilee Year alds of Good News concelebrated and
(50 years). The presence of good number blessed the new priest. It was a solemn
of priests and religious and the relatives ceremony witnessed with wonder and
of the Golden Jubilarian filled her heart devotion by the faithful.
with happiness.
Fr. Raja Sudheer OSFS, thanked His Ex-
The Church was built with the joint col- cellency, the parish priest, the priests, the
laboration of the OCD congregation and religious and parishioners for making the
the diocese of Vijayawada. A good num- occasion very meaningful to his life. The
ber of generous donors too contributed to faithful felicitated the Bishop and the new
the project. The sisters were grateful to all priest after the celebration of the ordina-
the priests, religious fathers and sisters, the tion ceremony.
donors who helped in the construction
work and making the celebration memo- Fr. Pulugu Vijay, Parish Priest,
rable. Korukollu
Sr. Mary Gloria, Superior, Carmel Feast of St. Vincent Pallotti (22nd
Ashram, Carmelnagar Jan, 2018)

Priestly Ordination of Deacon Raja The Pallottine fathers celebrated the feast
Sudheer of their founder on 22 January, 2018. In
response to their invitation several priests
The faithful of Tamarakollu witnessed the of Vijayawada diocese and the religious
great event of the ordination of the son of
and some lay people gathered at Pallotti munity aspect in such words as, “I am
Vidyanam, Nidamanuru. because we are.” He ended his enlighten-
ing homily with the importance of express-
His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr.Joseph Raja Rao ing gratitude to God for the endless bless-
celebrated the Holy Mass with all the ings he showered on us. Quoting from the
priests present there. In his homily, His
Lordship identified the outstanding quali-
ties of St. Vincent Pallotti and presented
the same to the participants with utter clar-

letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians, His

Lordship said, what do I own that is not
received. The words of the Bishop were
very practical, enriching and relevant. The
Holy Mass was followed by the cake cut-
ity. Above all, he spoke about the infinite ting and a fellowship meal. The Pallottines
love of God as believed by St. Vincent expressed their gratitude to the Bishop and
Pallotti to be the motivating force for his all the participants for sharing their fes-
followers and others. The Bishop empha- tivity and joy.
sized much on the Mysticism of the saint.
On the practical level, His Lordship drew Fr. Bala Joseph, Pallotti Vidhyanam,
the attention of the audience on the com- Nidamanuru


Jyothirmai Bible Exam in participation in whole of Andhra and
Telangana states. Sincere thanks to all the
Jyothirmai Bible Exam was held on No- parish priests and heads of religious insti-
vember 5, 2017. It was conducted in three tutions for the support and encourage-
categories. Two thousand four hundred ment. The certificates and prize money
and fifty three (2453) have written the will be awarded to the winners. Each cat-
exam from 70 parishes. It gives joy to say egory will have 8 prizes (1-5 and 3 conso-
that our diocese stands first and the best lations).


Jyothirmai Bible Exam 2017 Prize Winners
Prizes. Name Parish Category Category Category
1 2 3
1st D. Dilip Kondapalli 95
2nd D. Akhil Bantumilli 93
3rd P. Grace Kondapalli 92
4th S. Ramya Kondapalli 91
5th Yesu Raju Jaggayyapeta 90
Cons. S. Praharsha Kondapalli 88
Cons. K. Jayasri Kondapalli 88
Cons. S. Madhuri Kondapalli 88
1st M. Sailu Kuchipudi 96
2nd M. Nagamani Kuchipudi 95
3rd D. Anuhya Bantumilli 87
4th Thomas St. Ann’s 86
5th K. Ramya Ramanakkapeta 85
Cons. V. Yuvasri Gudivada 84
Cons. K. Akshay Kuchipudi 84
Cons. K. Akhila Kuchipudi 84
1st S. Maria Velagalagudem 98
2nd P. Uma Kesarapalli 97
3rd P. Ramanakkapeta 96
4th P. Jyothi Kanchikacherla 95
5th B. Kumari St. Paul’s 95
Cons. Maria Ruth Velagalagudem 94
Cons. V. Maria Joji Nagar 94
Cons. K. Navya Manginapudi 94


Bible Exam for Catechists
Bible Exam for Catechists was held on 22 January 2018 at Pastoral Centre. Prior to
this, exam was conducted at parish level and those who got highest marks came for
the final exam on 22nd January. 57 catechists wrote the exam. Prize money, Certifi-
cates and Mementos will be awarded to the winners on the last day of Gunadalamatha
Festival after the Holy Eucharist by His Lordship Most Rev. Dr. Thelagathoti Joseph
Raja Rao, SMM, the bishop of Vijayawada.
Diocesan Bible Exam for Catechism 2018
S.No. Name of the Catechist Parish Teacher Trained Professional
1 Pulipaka Simon Machilipatnam 08
2 Konakala Christopher Rajarajeswaripeta 14
3 Chodagi Showry Paidurupadu 13.5
4 Kurapati Sundara Rao Sahayanagar 12.5
5 Gijjarlapudi Charles Merlo Jaggayyapeta 12
6 Velpula Balaswamy Keesara 22
7 Doppala Raja Kumar B.Jammavaram 21 (III)
8 Kunathi Jacob Musthabada 20
9 Kote Anthony Gudivada Town 16
10 Thota Christuraj Gudivada Town 16
11 Chigurupalli Sarveswarao Pedana 9.5
12 Soyala Rambabu Kothapalli 17
13 Barla Thomas Kaikaluru 10
14 Thera Daivadeenam Kaikaluru 20
15 Thera Jayaraju Bhyravapatnam 19
16 Dokka Jayaraju Manginapudi 20
17 Garikamukku Joseph Nuzvid Town 24 (I)
18 Prathipati Chinnappa Nuzvid Town 20
19 Usala Kantha Rao Pedana 19
20 Bunga Sundara Rao Pedana 18
21 Payarda Ramesh Jaggayyapeta 15
22 Kapudasi Lukas Thukkuluru 16
23 Yandrapati Bernard Nuzvid Town 18
24 Mullangi Amrutha Rao Edulagudem 16
25 Dasari Joji Koduru 05
26 Mandapalli Bhaskara Rao Gudivada Town 20.5
27 Peeka Wilson Nehrupeta 20
28 Lingathoti Poorna Kumar Gannavaram 23 (III)
29 Pulugu Gabriel Thelaprolu 16
30 Konala Madan Mohan Korukollu 24 (II)
31 Burra Marianna Siluvagirinagar 21



S.No. Name of the Catechist Parish Teacher Trained Professional

32 Gillepalli Sathyanandam Nandigama 21
33 Yeddu Joji Babu Konkepudi 25 (I)
34 Veerabathini Jeeva Rathna Pamarru 23 (II)
35 Nemalikanti Balaswamy Mylavaram 22 (II)
36 Jakkula Joji Babu Mylavaram 23 (III)
37 Katta Showry Babu B. Jammavaram 13
38 Nada Jaya Raju Konkepudi 10
39 Thumu Yesu Rathnam Challapalli 22
40 Badugu Samiyelu Challapalli 25 (I)
42 Gummadi Raja Rao Machilipatnam 13
43 Dandra Aloysius Jaggayyapeta 9.5
44 Kalaka Vijaya Raju Jagannadhapuram 14
45 Vasipalli Ramesh Uppaluru 17
46 Para Balaswamy Thurlapsdu 10
47 Bandi Sarveswarao Mudinepalli 15.5
48 Katta Santhaiah Gunadala 19
49 Sali Chinnappa Mylavram 10
50 Medepalli Johannes Guntupalli 13.5
51 Thiriveedi Balaswamy Velagalagudem 16.5
52 K Lourdu Swamy Joji Nagar 21
53 Kancharla Yesupadam Kotapadu 04
54 Gantasala Yesu Kotapadu 16
55 Devarapalli Jaya Raju Musunuru 08
56 Gogulamudi Elisha Rao Kankipadu 17
57 U. Zacharia Kankipadu 14
Fr. Damala Vijaya Kumar, Coordinator, Diocesan Catechetical Commission, Carmelnagar

The Bible Study Programme first session explaining the importance of

the Bible. Rev. Fr. Bavanu Vijaya Raju, the
The Bible study programme was con- parish priest of Telaprolu, Rev. Fr. Allam
ducted from 10 to 12 January, 2018 at
Pastoral Centre, Carmelnagar. This
programme was meant to impart some
knowledge of the Bible to the laity so as
to strength their faith with deeper knowl-
edge of the scripture. Rev. Fr. Mesapam
Gabriel, the Vicar General and parish
priest of Rajarajeswaripeta parish, inau-
gurated the programme and started the


Pratap, Professor of Vianney College, cellor and Procurator of the diocese gave
Janampet, Eluru, Rev. Fr. Dasi Suresh an inspirational talk on “The role of the
Kumar, professor of St. John’s Regional Laity in the Church”. He explained their
Seminary, Hyderabad and Rev. Fr. role in the church basing on the teachings
Pentareddy Raja Reddy, Secretary, TCBC of the Second Vatican Council and called
Bible Commission, were the resource per- on the Laity to play an active role in the
sons who dealt with different books of the local church.
Bible. Nearly 80 laity participated in the
programme. His Lordship, Most Rev. His Lordship Most Rev. Joseph Raja Rao
Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao, the Chair- Thelagathoti S.M.M. also addressed the
man of Regional Bible Commission was Laity. He encouraged them and appreci-
present on the last day to encourage and ated their work and involvement in pious
bless the people. Special thanks to His association like Legion of Mary, Vincent
Excellency for promoting this kind of
programme. A word of appreciation to all
the parish priests who sent the participants
for the programme and a sincere feeling
of gratefulness to Fr. Damala Vijaya
Kumar, the Director of St. Joseph’s Pasto-
ral Centre.
Fr. Nuthalapati Kishore, Coordinator,
Diocesan Bible Commission
de Paul Society, New Man Association,
The General Body Meeting of Laity Retired Employees Association, Lay Mis-
Commission of Vijayawada Diocese sionaries of Charity etc. and all the other
associations in the diocese. He also made
The general body meeting of the Laity a note about his intentions of forming new
Commission was held on 18 January, 2018 leadership and training them at NBCLC.

The coordinator of the commission was

thankful to all the parish priests for send-
ing the representatives for the meeting. He
thanked the Bishop, Fr. Joji Babu and was
grateful to the general secretaries of the
commission Mr. Maddala Anthony, Mr.
Yepuri Yesupadam for their cooperation
and specially Mr. Alankar Rao for spon-
soring writing material to the participants.
at Catholic Centre, Labbipeta. There were
90 participants representing different par- Fr I. M. Swaminadham, Coordinator,
ishes of the diocese.Fr. V.V.Joji Babu, Chan- Laity Commission




tioning and achievements of the School.
School Day Celebration of
R.C.M.School Taylorpet, Vijayawada
The messages from the dignitaries on the
dais were so rich and memorable. The
The flood gates of heaven were opened and
the showers of blessings from above rained
down in and around, as His Lordship
Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao
SMM, the Bishop of Vijayawada, set foot
on the portals of the RCM School,
Taylorpet, as the chief Guest for its School
Day Celebrations on 23 January,
2018,Tuesday at 5p.m. The School took
pride in extending a traditional warm
Chief Guest of the day, His Excellency,
welcome to His Lordship for gracing the
Most Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao,
function and honouring the occasion as
in his inspiring message, cautioned the
students about the impact of media on the
young, the pros and cons of the students’
co-existence, the value of time, self-disci-
pline and advised them to realize that it is
not the type of institution that matters a
student to achieve his goal in life but it is
he and he alone can realize his dreams by
hard work and values that touched the
the Chief Guest of the day. Rev.Msgr.
young minds. Msgr. Gabriel in his greet-
Muvvala Prasad, the Correspondent of the
ings appreciated and encouraged the stu-
school warmly welcomed the Chief Guest
dents. The D.G.M, Rev.Fr. Guzzula
Rt. Rev. Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao
Michael, advised the students not to get
S.M.M., Rev. Msgr. Mesapam Gabriel,
into bad friends’ circle and to put their
Rev. Fr. Guzzula Michael, Rev. Fathers,
heart and soul in their studies for their bet-
Sisters, well-wishers and the audience and
ter future. Msgr. Muvvala Prasad re-
led the programme tinted with efficacy.
sponded aptly for the messages and greet-
While Sr. T. Roja Pushpa sal, the H.M pre-
ings and honoured the Chief Guest and
sented a detailed history of the School, the
the dignitaries of the day.
students Kumari of class IX and Kusuma
of class V presented a report on the func-


Later the students staged a beautiful cul- of Jeevodaya province and other invited
tural programme, exhibiting their talents dignitaries. The programme started with
and standards, feasting the eyes of the a prayer dance to invoke God’s blessing.
audience and was concluded with a plea
for peace and harmony among the nations
through a skit “Prayer for World Peace”.
Vote of thanks was proposed by
Mr.A.Chinnappa. We, the Management,
staff and students thank the Almighty for
His benevolence for leading and guiding
us and bringing the Celebrations to a
great success.
In his message His Excellency appreciated
Fr. Muvvala Prasad, Vicar General and congratulated the Adoration Sisters
& the Correspondent, R.C.M.School, for their hard work and selfless service in
Taylorpet. the field of education. He also shared the
need of the English medium schools in this
Annual Day Celebrations of era. He advised the parents to take care of
Sahayamatha English Medium High all round development of their children
School Mudinepalli than concentrating on study alone. Chil-
dren exhibited their talents through vari-
29th January was the remarkable day in ous colourful cultural programmes.
the history of Sahayamatha as it cel- Around 4000 people were present for the
ebrated 23 school annual day. The day annual day celebrations. We thank the
was blessed with the gracious presence of Almighty God for hisshowers of blessings
on this institution.

Sr. Anice Kallidukkil SABS,

Headmistress, Sahayamatha English
Medium High School Mudinepalli

Championship to the Students of St.

Mary’s English Medium High School,
our beloved bishop Most Rev. Dr.
Thelagathoti Joseph Raja Rao S.M.M., Rev. The children of St. Mary’s English Me-
Sr. Jane Mary SABS, Provincial Superior dium High School, Kankipadu exhibited


th th
ducted on the 29 & 30 January, 2018.
They won altogether 21 medals in the ath-
letics meet. They won the overall champi-
onship with 45 points. On this triumph the
winners were appreciated by the Corre-
spondent Fr. N. David Raju, Principal Sr.
Jessy and Vice Principal Sr. Jasmine. The
management appreciated the amazing
their talent in extra-curricular activities work of the PETs who trained the students
once again especially in athletics events. to excel and win.
The boys participated in Krishna district
GRIC Memorial Sports’ Meet at Kaikalur, Fr. N.David Raju, Correspondent,
both in under 14 & 17 categories con- St.Mary’s E.M.H.School. Kankipadu.


Retired head of Mar Thoma Church Bishop Philipose Mar Chrysostom, the
conferred Padma Bhushan former head of the Malankara Mar Thoma
January 28, 2018, 6:52 PM Syrian Church, was conferred the Padma
Bhushan award.Each year on the occasion
of Republic Day, the nation bestows the
prestigious Padma Awards upon individu-
als who have contributed immensely to

100-year-old Mar Chrysostom is the old-

est living bishop in the world. He has been
the head of Mar Thoma Syrian Church,
one of the Kerala Church denominations
believed to have been founded by St Tho-
mas. A bishop for last 64 years, Mar
Chrysostom is considered the longest serv-
ing prelate in the country.

Mar Chrysostom was born on April 27,

1917. He was ordained as deacon in 1944
and later as an episcopa. He was given the
title Philipose Mar Chrysostom in 1953.He
retired from the administrative responsi-
bilities as the supreme head of Malankara
Mar Thoma Syrian Church in 2007, but
has been active in Kerala’s social life meet-


ing people and attending functions as the FOR A MISSION OF MERCY AND WIT-
senior metropolitan. NESS.
Valia Thirumeni, as he is affectionately The opening Eucharistic was presided over
called, holds modern views and effortlessly by Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro,
mingles with the youth. He is known for Apostolic Nuncio to India. Cardinal
his pleasant attitude and humorous Charles Bo will address the gathering on
speeches. He now lives at Maramon Jubi- the theme “How the Church lives Unity
lee home in Pathanamthitta. in Diversity in Myanmar.” Archbishop
Bernard Moras of Bangalore welcomed all
Bishops of India started meeting on 2 the Bishops. Cardinal Baselios Cleemis,
Feb. 2018 stressing India’s diversity President of CBCI, delivered the Presiden-
tial Address and presides over the whole
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India General Body Meeting.
(CBCI) started its 33rd biannual meeting
on 2nd February, 2018 in Bangalore dis- Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas presented
cussing ways to foster unity in diversity the Biennial Report of the CBCI for the
while stressing the Mission of the Church years 2016 and 2017. The General Body
in the country. Cardinal Charles Bo, Arch- Meeting will have three women resource
bishop of Yangon, Myanmar will be the persons two representatives of the tribals,
chief guest at the Feb.2-9 meeting at St. two from among the Dalits and a repre-
John’s National Academy of Health Sci- sentative each from the three ritual
ences. Churches.
The conference with 174 dioceses, 204 ac- During the Meeting the Bishops will elect
tive Bishops and 64 retired Bishops is the the President and two Vice-Presidents for
fourth largest Catholic Bishops’ Confer- a term of two years. They will also elect
ence in the world. Theme of the meeting, the Chairmen and Members for the vari-
that comes one in two years, is: “I am with ous Offices of the CBCI. Various matters
you always, even to the end of the ages” affecting the Catholic Church in India will
(Mat.28:20) UNITED IN DIVERSITY also come for discussion.



meaning and, more specifically, the basic
criteria for a renewal and relaunching of
Training for mission: Pope revises
the contribution of ecclesiastical studies to
norms for theology, philosophy stud-
a missionary church that ‘goes forth.’ “
Jan 29, 2018 by Cindy Wooden, Catholic
The constitution replaces “Sapientia
News Service Vatican
Christiana” (“Christian Wisdom”), an ap-
ostolic constitution issued by St. John Paul
VATICAN CITY: Catholic university pro-
II in 1979; the new document includes the
grams in philosophy, theology and canon
law, especially those designed for future
priests - must be marked by fidelity to
church tradition, academic rigor and an
awareness of the challenges to belief in the
modern world, Pope Francis said.

In the apostolic constitution “Veritatis

Gaudium” (“The Joy of Truth”), the pope
issued revised norms for what are known
as “ecclesiastical universities and faculties”
— those that grant Vatican-recognized
amendments made to the norms in
“Sapientia Christiana” by St. John Paul
in 2002, by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 and
by Pope Francis in 2015, the cardinal said.

Pope Francis wrote in the new constitu-

tion that it was time “to promote with
thoughtful and prophetic determination
the renewal of ecclesiastical studies at ev-
ery level, as part of the new phase of the
church’s mission, marked by witness to the
joy born of encountering Jesus and pro-
degrees, which are necessary for teaching
claiming his Gospel.”
most philosophy, theology and canon law
courses in seminaries and pontifical uni-
A key motivation, he said, was to find ways
to respond positively to the call of the Sec-
ond Vatican Council “to overcome this di-
Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, prefect of the
vorce between theology and pastoral care,
Congregation for Catholic Education, pre-
between faith and life.” ...........
sented the document to the press Jan. 29
Find good readers for Mass, Pope
at the Vatican, saying it “indicates the


Francis says reading, the second, the responsorial
Vatican City, Jan 31, 2018 / 07:36 am psalm, the Gospel – we must listen and
(EWTN News/CNA)Share| open our heart,” he said. “Because it is

On Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke about

the importance of the Liturgy of the Word,
and the resulting importance of having
lectors who can proclaim the readings and
the Responsorial Psalm well.“We must
look for good readers!” he said Jan. 31, in
off-the-cuff comments during the general

Good readers and psalmists understand

what they are reading and can convey it
well, he continued, explaining that they
need to be prepared by reading over the God himself who speaks to us. Do not
text before Mass.When someone reads think about other things or talk about
well, not “distorting the words,” this helps other things.”
to create “a climate of receptive silence,”
Other things which are not appropriate
during the Liturgy of the Word are the
substitution of a non-Biblical text, or omit-
ting a reading, he said.Liturgically, when
the same readings are proclaimed in each
church, it is a way of fostering “ecclesial
communion,” he said, and for this reason,
it is wrong to make “subjective choices”
in this case.

“Replacing that Word with other things

impoverishes and compromises the dia-
logue between God and his people in
he said, which is important, because “it is prayer.”The Pope recounted hearing of
not enough to hear with the ears, without someone who would read the newspaper
receiving in the heart the seed of the di- at Mass, “because it is the news of the
vine Word, allowing it to bear fruit.” day.” This is not okay, he said. “The Word
of God is the Word of God! We can read
On this note, Francis emphasized that it the newspaper later. But there we read the
is also important that we are staying fo- Word of God.”Every part of the Mass is
cused and listening to the readings with significant, including the Liturgy of the
an open heart, not looking around at dif- Word, which is when “God speaks, and
ferent things or making chit-chat.“When we listen to him, and then put into prac-
they read the words of the Bible – the first tice what we have heard.”










S.No. Name Designation/Status Address
1 Fr. Akurathi Lourdu Bernard Kumar Studies Rome
2 Fr. Amarlapudi Karunakar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Edulagudem, Agiripalli mandal, Krishna Dt. -521 211
3 Fr. Ambalathuruthel Cheriyan Thomas On leave Kerala
4 Fr. Amire Ajay Kumar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Chatrai, Krishna Dt. 521 221
5 Fr. Arava Bruno Stephen (Rajesh) Work Austria

6 Fr. Bandanadam Francis Parish Priest Catholic Church, Bantumilli, Krishna Dt. 521 324
7 Fr. Bandi Maria Sagar Babu House Minister Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Vijayawada - 520 008
8 Fr. Bandi Anil Work Germany
9 Fr. Banka Yosebu Work U.S.A
10 Fr. Bantumilli Yohan Parish Priest Catholic Church, Goodmanpet, Pamarru Road, Krishna Dt. 521 301
11 Fr. Bapatla Thomas Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Jyothinagar, Hanuman Junction, Krishna Dt.521 105
12 Fr. Basani Papi Reddy Parish Priest & Vicar Forane St.Paul’s Cathedral, Vijayawada 520 008
13 Fr. Bathula Joji Sudhakar Work Germany
14 Fr. Bavanu Vijaya Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Telaprolu, Krishna Dt. 521 109
15 Fr. Boddu Anand Babu Secretary Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Vijayawada - 520 008
17 Fr. Bontha Lourdu Francis Parish Priest Catholic Church, Guntupalli, Krishna Dt. 521 241

18 Fr. Bondala Sleeva Raju Assistant P.P, Studies, LLB St.Paul’s Cathedral, Vijayawada 520 008
19 Fr. Bhupathi Vijaya Kumar Rector St. Ambrose Seminary, Nuzvid, Krishna Dt. 521 201
20 Fr. Bhupati John Rajesh Parish Priest Catholic Church, Nagayalanka,Krishna Dt. 521 120
21 Fr. Bunga Suresh Spiritual Course Bangalore
22 Fr. Buraga Joseph Vinod Parish Priest Catholic Church, Uppaluru, Krishna Dt. 521 151
23 Fr. Burri John Peter Studies Italy
24 Fr. Chandamala Joji Work Canada
25 Fr. Chebrolu Joseph Thambi Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vuyyuru, Krishna Dt. 521 165
26 Fr. Chilukoti John Babu Dean of Studies Queen of Apostles Seminary, Gavravaram, Sanivarapupeta, Eluru, W.G.Dt. 534 007
27 Fr. Chinta Rakesh Professor Sacred Heart Seminary, Karayanchavadi Rd, Poonamallee, Chennai, TN- 600056
28 Fr. Chowtapalli Prashanth Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Ventrapragada, Krishna Dt. - 521 263
29 Fr. Damala Vijay Kumar Director St. Joseph’s Pastoral Centre, Carmel Nagar, Gunadala, Vijayawada- 520 004
30 Fr. Damala Bala Yesu Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kankipadu, Krishna Dt. 521 151
31 Fr. Dara Balaswamy Parish Priest Catholic Church, Dum Dum Gardens, Nehrupeta, Nuzvid - 521 201
32 Fr. Daram Nirmal Kumar Spiritual Course Ishvani Kendra, Pune
33 Fr. Daram Satheesh Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Keesara Post,Krishna Dt. 521 185
34 Fr. Darsi Don Bosco Studies Belgium
35 Fr. Darsi Jeeva Kumar Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Bhyravapatnam, Krishna Dt. 521 345

36 Fr. Dasi Suresh Kumar Professor St.John’s Regional Seminary, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.
37 Fr. Dodda Anil Kumar Warden St. Xavier’s Hostel, C/o PIME Regional House, Xavier Nagar, Eluru, W.G. - 534 007
38 Fr. Doma Joji Ratnakar Studies Italy
39 Fr. Dovari Joseph Work Canada
40 Fr. Duggimpudi Rakesh Reddy Parish Priest Catholic Church, Nandigama, Krishna Dt. 521 185
41 Fr. Eleti William Jayaraju Rector & Parish Priest Gunadalamatha Shrine, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004
42 Fr. Elike Balashowry Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Gudivada, Krishna Dt. 521 301

43 Fr. Gaddala Abraham Sudhakar Studies Italy
44 Fr. Gaddam Joji Parish Priest Catholic Church, Saradanagar, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dt - 521 001
45 Fr. Ganta Praveen Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Gudivada, Krishna Dt. 521 301
46 Fr. Godavarthi Maria Raju Work Australia
47 Fr. Golla Suvarna Raju Assistant Parish Priest Gunadalamatha Shrine, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004
48 Fr. Golla Vijaya Kumar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Avanigadda, Krishna Dt. 521 123
49 Fr. Gone Joseph Thamby Work Austria
50 Fr. Gonthupulugu Kiran Babu Studies Rome
51 Fr. Gorantla Datham Work Germany
52 Fr. Gorremuchu Johannes On leave
53 Fr. Gorremuchu Joseph Assistant Parish Priest Gunadalamatha Shrine, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004

54 Fr. Gotru Suresh Merlo Babu Parish Priest Catholic Church, Mudinepalli, Krishna Dt. 521 325
55 Fr. Guda Melchior Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vanukuru, Penamaluru Md., Krishna Dt. 521 151
56 Fr. Gudapati Jesu Ramesh Babu Work Spain
57 Fr. Gudapati Joji Pratap Kumar Studies Dharmaram PO, Opp Bangalore Dairy, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029
58 Fr. Gudise Jaya Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vennanapudi, Krishna Dt. 521 321
59 Fr. Gundabathini Kishore Kumar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Nawabupeta, Krishna Dt. 521 190
60 Fr. Gunturu Don Bosco Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kaikaluru, Krishna Dt. 521 333
61 Fr. Guzzula Michael DGM of Schools & Vicar Forane St. Francis Boarding Home, Parasupeta, Machilipatnam
62 Fr. Imandi Maria Swaminadham Parish Priest & Director Catholic Church, Labbipeta, VIJAYAWADA 520 010
63 Fr. Inti Anthony Director & Correspondent Bishop Grassi High School, Gunadala, Vijayawada - 520 004
64 Fr. Jaladi Sravan Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Alcott Gardens, Rajamundry - 533 101
65 Fr. Jangam Vijay Kumar Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Pezzonipeta, Vijayawada - 520 003
66 Fr. Johnny D’Cruz Parish Priest Catholic Church, Arugolanu, Krishna Dt. 521 106
67 Fr. Junjunuri John Raju Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Jagayyapeta, Krishna Dt. 521 175
68 Fr. Jyothi Ruben (Ramesh) Work Austria

69 Fr Jyothi Kiran Kranth Work Papua New Guinea

70 Fr. Kama Anil Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vissannapeta, Krishna Dt. - 521 215
71 Fr. Kaithakott Jose Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004

72 Fr. Kakumanu Arogya Raju Work Germany
73 Fr. Kakumanu Kiran Work Italy
74 Fr. Kakumanu Sebastian Work Germany
75 Fr. Kallooparampil Joseph Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004
76 Fr. Kamatham Mariadas Director Samvrudhi, Counselling Centre, Gunadala, Vijayawada520004

77 Fr. Kama Christu Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, IB Peta, Koduru, Divi Thaluka, Krishna Dt.- 521 301
78 Fr. Kandula Maria Babu Parish Priest Catholic Church, Ventrapragada, Krishna Dt. 521 263

79 Fr. Karem Sekhar Babu Parish Priest Catholic Church, Siluvagirinagar, Nandigama,Krishna - 521 185
80 Fr. Katta Sleeva Vijaya Babu Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kambhampadu, 521 227
81 Fr. Kattrukudiyil Abraham Thomas Parish Priest Catholic Church, RCM School, Ranigarithota, Vijayawada - 520 013
82 Fr. Kolakani Jayapaul Roy Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Maria Nagar, Peddaveedi, Salur, Vizianagaram dt.- 535 591
83 Fr. Kolakani Marianna Rector St. John’s Regional Seminary, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad 500 013
84 Fr. Kolikepogu Anil Francis Parish Priest Catholic Church, Pedana, Krishna Dt. 521 366
85 Fr. Kommathoti Joshi Anil Kumar Assistant Parish Priest Gunadalamatha Shrine, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004
86 Fr. Kommavarapu Joseph Thambi Spiritual Course Atmadarshan, Ranchi
87 Fr. Kondala Ravikanth Secretary Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Vijayawada - 520 008
88 Fr. Kondru Simharayalu Director Diocesan Educational Society, Gunadala, Vijayawada 520 004
89 Fr. Kosanam Jeevan Babu Work Austria

90 Fr. Kottoor Sebastian Parish Priest Catholic Church, Keesara Post, Krishna Dt. 521 185
91 Fr. Kovvala Joji Babu Parish Priest Catholic Church, Polukonda, Krishna Dt. 521 385
92 Fr. Kuchipudi Prashanth Parish Priest Catholic Church, Madhira Road, Chillakallu, Krishna Dt. 521 178
93 Fr. Kurma Thomas Studies Italy
94 Fr. Lamu Jaya Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dt. 521 002
95 Fr. Lanke Sreedhar Work Germany
96 Fr. Maddala Joseph Work Canada
97 Fr. Maddala Vara Prasad Vice-Rector St. Ambrose Seminary, Nuzvid, Krishna Dt. 521 201
98 Fr. Maddala Vinay Kumar Assistant Parish Priest St. Peter’s Cathedral, PJN Road, Tarapet, Vijayawada 520 001
99 Fr. Mallavalli Balaswamy Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Gannavaram, Krishna Dt. 521 101
100 Fr. Mandala Veilankanni Raja Work Germany
101 Fr. Mandapati Louis Raju Parish Priest Christ the King Church, Christurajapuram, Vijayawada 520 008
102 Fr. Mangilate Mathew Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
103 Fr. Marri Philomen Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Lakshmipuram, Via Bantumilli, Kruthivennu Md. Krishna Dt. 521 324
104 Fr. Mathangi Maria Kumar Doctoral Studies Pune
105 Fr. Mathangi Suresh Babu Work Canada
106 Fr. Matta Lazar Studies New Delhi
107 Fr. Medepalli Solomon Raju Retired St. Joseph’s Home, G. Konduru, Krishna Dt. - 521 229

108 Fr. Mende Francis Parish Priest Catholic Church, Muchintala, Penuganchiprolu (Via), Krishna Dt. 521 190
109 Fr. Menyam Francis Sarath Babu Ministry Bangalore
110 Fr. Meriga Suresh Babu Work Austria
111 Fr.. Merugumala Chinnappa On leave
112 Fr. Merugumala Anil Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Goodmanpet, Pamarru Road, Krishna Dt. 521 301
113 Fr. Mesapam Gabriel Vicar General & Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kotha Rajarajeswari peta, Near Railway Crossing, Vijayawada- 520 003
114 Fr. Mesapam Joseph Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004

115 Fr. Mocherla Aravind Babu Zonal Coordinator, Divyavani TV St.Joseph’s Pastoral Cente, Carmelnagar, Gunadala, Vijayawada - 520 004
116 Fr Mocherla Balayesu Studies Bangalore
117 Fr. Molugumati Joseph Suguna Rao Parish Priest Catholic Church, Tiruvuru, Krishna Dt. 521 235
118 Fr. Molugumati Prakash Director & Vicar Forane Don Bosco Boarding, Nandigama, Krishna Dt. 521 185
119 Fr. Mula Joseph Thamby Work Austria
120 Fr. Muvvala Solomon Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kanchikacherla, Krishna Dt. 521 180
121 Fr. Muvvala Prasad Vicar General & Parish Priest St. Peter’s Cathedral, PJN Road, Tarapet, Vijayawada 520 001
122 Fr. Nagadesu Deva Kumar Work Canada
123 Fr. Nakka David Raju Parish Priest & CorrespondentCatholic Church, Kankipadu, Krishna Dt. 521 151
124 Fr. Nandipamu Jojappa Professor in Liturgy St. John’s Regional Seminary, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad 500 013
125 Fr. Neelam Lourduraj Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vatsavai, Krishna Dt. 521 402

126 Fr. Neeluri Mariadas Parish Priest Catholic Church, Jagannadhapuram, Juzzuru P.O., Krishna Dt. - 521 181
127 Fr. Nellaturi Francis Work Austria
128 Fr. Nimmagadda Joshi Ramesh Parish Priest John Maria Vianney Parish, Kothapalli, Via Pedagonnuru, Mudinepalli Mandal, Krishna Dt. 521 329
129 Fr. Nuthalapati Kishore Parish Priest Catholic Church, Penamaluru, Krishna Dt. 521 139
130 Fr. Palanisamy Joseph Thangaraju Work Canada
131 Fr. Pamiti John Stephen Parish Priest Catholic Church, Gollapudi, Krishna Dt. 521 225
132 Fr. Pamu Joshi Sudhakar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Challapalli, Krishna Dt. 521 126
133 Fr. Panengaden John Prasad Retired Vijaya Nilayam, H.No. 7-309/D, Near RCM Church, Nuzvid, Krishna Dt. 521 201
134 Fr. Panthagani Lazar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Bodavada-Jammavaram, Kanchikacherla, 521 180
135 Fr. Paragati Bernard Assistant Parish Priest Catholic Church, Telalprolu, Krishna Dt. 521 109
136 Fr. Pasala Thomas Executive Director Social Service Centre, Gunadala, Vijayawada - 520 004
137 Fr. Pataram Joseph Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
138 Fr. Pathapati Vijay Parish Priest Catholic Church, Mylavaram, Krishna Dt. 521 230
139 Fr. Peram D. Dath Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Rajiv Circle, Nuzvid, Krishna Dt. 521 201
140 Fr. Peter Mannala Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004

141 Fr. Peyyala Anthony Leave India

142 Fr. Peyyala Mariadas Parish Priest Catholic Church, Carmelnagar, Gunadala, Vijayawada - 520 004
143 Fr. Pidathala Balaswamy Medical Leave

144 Fr. Polimetla Christuraju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Ajithsingnagar, Vijayawada - 520 015
145 Fr. Polimetla Joachim Parish Priest Catholic Church, Jyothinagar, Hanuman Junction, Krishna Dt.521 105
146 Fr. Polimetla Thomas Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kondapavuluru, Gannavaram Mndl.Krishna–521101
147 Fr. Polimetla Mario Vara Prasad Work Austria
148 Fr. Polimetla Jacob Parish Priest Edurimondi Post, Nagayalanka Mandal, Yesupuram, Kirshna Dt. - 521 120
149 Fr. Polisetti Jaya Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Satyannarayanapuram, Vijayawada 520 011

150 Fr. Polneedi John Barthalomew Kumar Studies Italy

151 Fr. Pulapaka Jacob Prasad Parish Priest Catholic Church, Velagalagudem, Rangapuram post, Reddigudem Md. Krishna Dt. 521 215

152 Fr. Pulugu Vijaya Kumar Parish priest Catholic Church, Korukollu, Krishna Dt. 521 343
153 Fr. Puthukulanagara Joseph Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kesarapalli, Krishna Dt. 521 102
154 Fr. Remalli Suresh Kumar Studies Austria
155 Fr. Sale Velangani Kumar (Vinay) Parish Priest Catholic Church, Chanubanda, Krishna Dt. 521 214
156 Fr. Salikiti Emmanuel Parish Priest Catholic Church, Pamarru, Krishna Dt. 521 157
157 Fr. Sankurla Shanthi Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Tukkuluru , Nuzvid. 521 201
158 Fr. Savariappan Rajappa Work Canada
159 Fr. Soosai Maria Bernard Medical Leave Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Vijayawada - 520 008
160 Fr. Tenali Thomas Director Angel Boarding, Nuzvid, Krishna Dt. 521 201
161 Fr. Teneti Yesupadam Work U.S.A.
162 Fr. Tera Raraju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vellaturu, G. Konduru (P.O), Krishna Dt.- 521 229

163 Fr. Th. John Mathew Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
164 Fr. Thelagathoti Paul Work Germany
165 Fr. Therukunnel Anthony Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
168 Fr. Thirividhi Daniel Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kuchipudi, Krishna Dt. 521 136
169 Fr. Thoppil Mathew Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
170 Fr. Thota Sunil Raju Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kalidindi, Krishna Dt.- 521 343
171 Fr. Thottakara Chacko Retired Vianney Home, St. Joseph’s ITI, Gunadala, Krishna Dt. 520 004
172 Fr. Thullimelli Anthony Kumar Parish Priest & Vicar Forane Catholic Church, Jojinagar, Vijayawada 520 012
173 Fr. Thulimelli Jojappa Work Germany
174 Fr. Udumala Balashoury Director Amrutha Vani, P.B. No. 1588, 50 Sebastian Road, Secunderabad
175 Fr. Vadakel George Confessor & Spiritual Director St. Ambrose Seminary, Rajiv Circle, Nuzvid – 521 201
176 Fr. Valle Vijaya Joji Babu Procurator & Chancellor Bishop’s House, 59 A 1-7, Ring Road, Vijayawada - 520 008
177 Fr. Varakala Gaspar Raju Work Austria
178 Fr. Varikuty James Work Germany
179 Fr. Yangaladasu Velankani Raju Work Germany
180 Fr. Yerramalla Thambi Nirmal Kumar Work Austria
181 Fr. Yelisela Thambi Nirmal Kumar Parish Priest Catholic Church, Kotapadu, Chatrai, Krishna Dt. - 521 214

S.No. Name Designation/Status Address
1 Fr. Nagothu Bala Joji MSFS Parish Priest Catholic Church, Nuzvid Road, Agiripalli, Krishna Dt.- 521 211
2 Fr. Mandagiri Jojaiah MSFS Ibrahimpatnam Catholic Church, Sahayanagar, Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna Dt.- 521 226
3 Fr. Ratnaswamy MSFS Parish Priest Catholic Church, Nunna, Krishna Dt.- 521 212
4 Fr. Showry Kumar MSFS Assistant PP Catholic Church, Nunna, Krishna Dt.- 521 212

5 Fr. Inna Babu OFM Cap Parish Priest Catholic Church, Avutapalli, Krishna Dt.- 521 186
6 Fr. Joseph Paladugu OFM Cap Assistant PP Catholic Church, Avutapalli, Krishna Dt.- 521 186
7 Fr. Allam Pratap OFM Cap Parish Priest Catholic Church, Assisi Ashram, Enikepadu, Vijayawada Rural, Krishna Dt. 521 108
8 Fr.Baluvuri Jesu Raju MF Parish Priest Catholic Church, Azzampudi, Krishna Dt. 521 102
9 Fr. Bethala Joji Babu MF Parish Priest Catholic Church, Penugolanu, Gampalagudem Mandal, Krishna Dt. - 521 401
10 Fr. Bhaskar Rao SAC Parish Priest Catholic Church, Mustabad Village, Gannavaram Mandal, Krishna Dt.- 521 107
11 Fr. Yalla Anand Kumar VC Parish Priest Catholic Church, Edara, Agiripalli Mandal, Krishna Dt.- 521 211
12 Fr. Dhanaraj Polisetty OCD Parish Priest Catholic Church, Gampalagudem, Krishna Dt. - 521 403
13 Fr. Macherla Balaswamy OCD Parish Priest Catholic Chruch, Carmel Vidhya Bhavan, Kanuru, Vijayawada - 520 007
14 Fr. Mathew Neerakkal SJ Parish Priest Catholic Church, Gudlavalleru, Krishna Dt. - 521 356
15 Fr. Katta Vincent CPPS Parish Priest Catholic Church Kondapalli, Krishna Dt

16 Fr. Jaya Raju OSB Parish Priest Catholic Church, Jeevan Nagar, Jakkampudi, Vijayawada - 520 012
17 Fr. Mathew (Shaiju) CFIC Parish Priest Catholic Church, Lourdunagar, Putrela Road, Vissannapeta, Krishna Dt. - 521 215
18 Fr.Sudhakar Reddy CFIC Assistant PP Catholic Church, Lourdunagar, Putrela Road, Vissannapeta, Krishna Dt. - 521 215
19 Fr. Jacob Chacko MC Parish Priest Catholic Church, Thallapalem P.O., Manginapudi Beach, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dt.- 521 002
20 Fr. Swaminathan MC Assistant PP Catholic Church, Thallapalem P.O., Manginapudi Beach, Machilipatnam, Krishna Dt.- 521 002
21 Fr. John Pottamkuzhiyil CM Parish Priest Catholic Church, Mallavalli, Bapulpadu Mandalam, Krishna Dt.-521 111
22 Fr. Thomas Enthackal CM Parish Priest Catholic Church, Via Nidamanuru, Kankipadu Mandal, Velpur , Krishna Dt.- 521 104
23 Fr. Vemu Moses CSSR Parish Priest Catholic Church, Munagalapalli, Muppala, Chandralapadu, Krishna Dt.- 521 185
24 Fr. John Thomas OMI Parish Priest Catholic Church, Musunuru, Krishna Dt. = 521 207
25 Fr. Augustine Bernard OMI Assistant PP Catholic Church, Musunuru, Krishna Dt. = 521 207
26 Fr. G.Jesuratnam OMI Parish Priest Catholic Church, Ramanakkapeta, Krishna Dt.- 521 213
27 Fr. K. Rajesh Kumar OMI Assistant PP Catholic Church, Ramanakkapeta, Krishna Dt.- 521 213
28 Fr. Basil OMI Parish Priest Catholic Church, Paidurupadu, Guntupalli P.O., Krishna Dt.- 521 241
29 Fr. Vinoth OMI Assistant PP Catholic Church, Paidurupadu, Guntupalli P.O., Krishna Dt.- 521 241

30 Fr. Thota Mariadas SDB Parish Priest Catholic Church, Pezzonipeta, Vijayawada - 520 003
31 Fr. Wilson SDB Assistant PP Catholic Church, Pezzonipeta, Vijayawada - 520 003
32 Fr. George Puthenpura PIME Parish Priest Catholic Church, Vissannapeta, Krishna Dt. - 521 215


SR. BRIGIT PUDOTA SA (1926-2018) for a well-deserved rest. Here she spent her
time in prayer and rendering spiritual
As a deer longs for flowing streams, so
counseling to the young Sisters. On 26th
my soul longs for you O God; When
August, 2017, her health began to deterio-
shall I come and behold the face of God”
rate and she suffered partial paralysis on
Psalm 42:1-2
her right side. She was confined to the
wheel chair and the sisters looked after her
Sr. Brigit Pudota
well, with constant assistance. Due to her
was born on 25th
advanced age, the medication could give
March 1926 to
her only temporary relief. On October 6th
Mr.& Mrs. Gre-
her blood pressure raised high causing
gory and
brain stroke as well as hemiplegiabringing
her to semi consciousness. The doctors di-
at Narasarao
agnosed her case as brain stroke. Sister re-
peta, Guntur
mained in this condition for three months
District. Her
while the sister nurses provided her every
baptismal name
possible care and treatment. She was ad-
is Mariamma.
ministered the anointing of the sick, twice
After her high
during this period.
school studies, Mariamma was inspired by
her uncle, Fr. Rayanna, a Jesuit Priest, to
On 5th January, 2018, at 9.30 p.m., Sr. Brigit
embrace religious life.
developed breathlessness. All the Sisters
gathered around her bed and prayed the
As a newly professed sister her motto was
chaplet of Divine Mercy and the holy ro-
“cura res tuas” (“mind your business”) and
sary. Even as their prayers ascended to
she never meddled with anyone. She went
heaven, her soul departed to the holy pres-
about doing any work with inner peace
ence of God at 10.30 p.m. Sister Brigit was
and harmony, with a silent prayer, “Lord
deeply devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
make me a saint and spare me not in the
and on this day, the first Friday of the
making”. Guided by such genuine motiva-
month, she was fortunate to join the heav-
tion, she offered herself totally in the ser-
enly choirs and perpetually adore the di-
vice of the Lord, through teaching and for-
vine heart of Jesus. May her soul rest in
mative mission. Sister Brigit was known
for her edifying sense of obedience and re-
markable sense of humility that prompted
her to ask pardon of a Sister, even the most
REDAELLI PIME (1922-2018)
junior one, if she had hurt them by word
or deed. All those who lived with her had
Father Leonardo REDAELLI died on Janu-
experienced the compassionate, sensitive
ary 15, 2018 in PIME house at Lecco,Italy.
and loving heart hidden behind her stern
He would have been 96 years old in the
external appearance.
month of February. He was born at
Bernareggio (Milan) on February 12, 1922.
After 61 long years of service in various
He entered PIME in 1933 at Treviso. He
communities, in 2012, Sr. Brigit was trans-
was ordained a priest on June 29, 1945 and
ferred to St. Antony’s Convent Vijayawada,
left for Bezwada (India) in 1948. He worked


mainly at Gunadala, running Bishop Grassi 1952. She was the 2 daughter of Mr.
High School and an orphanage as Corre- Mathew and Late Mariam Oottukalathil
spondent and Manager respectively. In family of Josegiri Parish in the diocese of
1967 for health reason he returned to Italy. Idukki, Kerala. She joined FCC on 20 th
He hoped to return to his mission in India June 1974. She made her first commitment
and he did return, but soon after his ar- on 4th May 1976 and perpetual profession
rival his illness reappeared and so he had on 22nd May 1982.
no choice but return again to Italy. He was
made Rector of PIME house at Sotto Il Sr. Jose Maria was one of the zealous mis-
Monte; in 1984 sionaries of FCC Nirmala Province
he was named Vijayawada. During her 42 years of reli-
chaplain at the gious life, she served the communities in
Columbus various dimen-
Clinic in Milan sions and ca-
and in 1986 he pacities like
returned to boarding in-
Sotto Il Monte charge, phar-
as the treasurer macist, in
for a couple of charge of
years. He con- Balavikasa
tinued to reside project (SMCS),
there welcom- at Maripeda
ing pilgrims as unit, and voca-
long as his health permitted. In Septem- tion promoter.
ber 2014 he moved to home for the aged
in Lecco. He is buried at his family lot at It was in the month of January 2016 that
Bernareggio (Milan). H was priest for 65 she was diagnosed having Carcinoma
golden years. stomach and secondaries to the pancreas
and internal organs. To this, her immedi-
Fr. Redaelli, through Fr. Redaelli’s Educa- ate response was “thy will be done”. It was
tional Society (of which Fr. Mallavalli clearly visible that she gave much impor-
Balaswamy is the current Chairman) had tance for her spiritual preparation along
helped the poor students of both the dio- with other treatments. As her condition
ceses of Eluru and Vijayawada who are in was worsening she was admitted in our
higher studies. May his soul rest in Peace! Jeevadan hospital,Kamareddy. She was for-
tified by the sacrament of anointment of
SR. JOSE MARIA FCC (1952-2018) the sick and the Holy Eucharist consciously
and yielded up her soul to her eternal de-
Sr. Jose Maria’swas the greatest gift that signer in tranquility on 25th January 2018
God has given us. Death is only a bridge at 1.10 pm in the presence of Rev. Fr.
towards eternal life with God. Certainly George Kallukalayil, the parish priests of
heaven is rejoicing with another soul reach- Sacred Heart Church, Kamareddy, Rev. Fr.
ing her true home. Yes, like the dew on Antony CMI, provincial councillors, com-
the mountain, our dear Sr. Jose Maria who munity members and the hospital staff.
was very close to the hearts of each one of “To serve the Lord with joy” was the
us vanished forever into the eternity. motto of her life and she was very joyful
with a smile that never faded. Even in her
Sr. Jose Maria was born on 15th December ill health, she radiated the joy to others.


We, the members of Franciscan Clarist Sacrament. She spent long hours in prayer
Congregation, especially Nirmala Province in the chapel even going late into the eve-
Vijayawada, miss her a lot. May the Lord, nings. She drew her strength from the Lord
the giver of life keep the precious soul of in silence and solitude.
Sr. Jose Maria into his ever living arms and
numbered among the multitudes in Sr. Georgia was doing fairly well until she
heaven to sing praises to the Lord. had an accidental fall on 18th December
2017, resulting in left inter trochantric frac-
Sr. Fatima FCC, Provincial Superior, FCC ture. Surgical correction of the fracture was
Nirmala Province, Vijayawada done using Enders nails and was under ob-
servation and
SR. GEORGIA SAL (1938-2018) care in ICU for
two days. She
Sr. Georgia entered into life eternal on 26th had been suffer-
January 2018 at 6.40 p.m. surrounded by ing from Diabe-
her beloved Sisters and family members tes mellitus, hy-
in prayer. Sr. Georgia was born on 6th Janu- pertension and
ary 1938 in Kalloorkad, Kothamangalam chronic back-
diocese in the district of Ernakulam, ache for long
Kerala. She was the fourth among the eight years; and the
children of late Mr. John and Mrs. kidneys were
Rosamma Tharayil. After the completion also getting af-
of her secondary education, she joined the fected. She was
Society of the Sisters of St. Ann, Luzern in on regular treat-
the year 1958. ment under various super specialists. As
her condition showed improvement, she
Sr. Georgia made her First Commitment
was shifted to the ward. But on the third
on 8 th January 1963 and the Perpetual day of the surgery she showed signs of ce-
Commitment on 17th October 1965. She rebral irritation and was brought back to
completed Nursing in St. Ann’s School of ICU and all necessary and possible inves-
Nursing, Vijayawada. Thereafter, she ren- tigations were carried out including MRI
dered commendable services at our vari- of the brain and consultation from Neuro
ous centres such as Shillong, Kondapalli, Physician Dr. Srinivas Reddy MD DM. She
Madugula, Ghodegaon, Songaon, seemed improving apparently but God
Jaggayyapet etc. Finally, she came to St. had a different plan. All on a sudden, she
Ann’s Hospital, Vijayawada in the year 1982 slipped into deep coma during 24th night.
and remained there since then.
The Neuro Physician diagnosed the con-
dition as brain stem stroke from which she
Sr. Georgia was a committed religious, se-
never recovered. Her condition deterio-
rious and responsible to the task assigned
rated steadily and on 26th evening at 6.40
to her. She touched the lives of the patients
p.m. her soul flew away to her creator. May
with her loving and caring approach re-
her soul rest in peace!
vealing Jesus, the Divine Healer. Her pas-
sion and hobby was reading and possessed
Sr. Moni, Secretary, Provincial house,
a wide range of knowledge.She was a per-
Prashanth Bhavan, Carmelnagar
son deeply rooted in prayer having special
love for the Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed





2nd Fr. Vadakel George and Fr. Vijaya Rao, OCD

16 Fr. Parambukatil Joseph OSB
24 Fr. Udumula Balashowry Reddy


1st Fr. Darsi Don Bosco
5 Frs. Eleti William Jaya Raju, Pamiti John Stephen
7th Fr. Saliketi Emmanuel
8th Fr. Gonthupolugu Kiran Babu
10th Frs. Akurathi Lourdu Bernard Kumar,
Golla Suvarna Raju
11th Frs. Bontha Lourdhu Francis,
Fr. M. Philomin Raju
13th Fr. K. Abraham Thomas,
15th Fr. Daram Sateesh
14th Fr. Mangilate Mathew
16th Fr. Godavarthi Maria Raju,
28 Fr. Jyothi Ruben (Ramesh)


13th Archbishop Samineni Arulappa, Hyderabad (2005)

14 Fr. Romulo Campus PIME (1985)
19 Fr. Purathechirayil Francis Sales (2005)
25 Fr. P. F. Andrade PIME (1953)