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Feasibility study proposals

Title: Garden Shops specialized in vertical gardens

Location: Bagbaguin, Caloocan City
Customer: LGU’s, establishment’s owner and commoners
This proposal aims to provide unique and creative way of making gardens in metro
highways, expressways and skyways. It aims to give unique sight to the people.
Most gardens are horizontal in nature but with this vertical garden will be
recognized and it will give amusement to the people. Another purpose of this study
is to help the environment, creating garden in expressways and skyways in metro
could help to ease air pollution and can be used also as a noise barrier that helps to
reduce noise pollution.

Title: Composting Food Waste

Location: Manila
Customer: Farmers
This proposal aims to minimize waste food from markets and various restaurants.
The waste food except for meat waste will then be processed by machines to make
fertilizers that will be sold to farmers.

Topic: Spreading Cacao plantation here in the Philippines

Location: Negros Occidental
Justification: Since we have a deficit supply of cacao in our country and the demand
for it is increasing yearly not only in the Philippines but also globally , this proposal
is to expand our plantation of cacao so we can lessen the importation of chocolate
products as well as to increase our agricultural productivity.