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Lifeline Assistance for Neighbours In-need

Scholarship Program
Revised 2015

Mayor Ma. Laarni Cayetano committed that under her leadership, all Taguigenñ os are special and all
should be given fair opportunity to study, find work, and have a brighter future. (“Lahat ng
Taguigeno ay VIP at walang maiiwanan. Lahat may oportunidad.”) She also believes that education is
a crucial key to social progress and human development. Hence, the comprehensive Taguig City
Scholarship Program was established under the Lifeline Assistance for Neighbors In-need (L.A.N.I.)

Taguig City’s L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program was established under City Ordinance Number 9, Series
of 2011 and the issuance of the implementing guidelines under EO 2011-11 with an initial budget of
P100 Million. The Program was triggered by 3 key factors:
1) Statistics showing that in the Philippines, of every 100 pupils that enters Grade 1, only
around 65 finishes Grade 6, only 58 proceeds to high school, with only 42 graduating. Of the
high school graduates, only 23 will enter college and only around 12 or 14 will eventually
graduate. The Mayor wants complete access to basic education, and to significantly
improve both the quantity and quality of our graduates, especially of our college
2) A Taguig survey in 2009 showing that education and scholarship were among the Top 7
concerns of the residents; and
3) The fact that Mayor Lani was a scholar and a working student in college. Through this
Program, she can reach out and provide scholarships to thousands, who, some day may
become the leaders of this City, and perhaps the country.


1. Bona fide resident of Taguig City for at least 3 years immediately preceding the
application. Must be a registered voter of the City if 18 years or older, and with at least one
of the parents also a registered voter of the city.
2. Of good moral character both in paper and in deeds.
3. Determined to finish the course or pass the bar/board examination
4. Committed to love and serve Taguig City



- To maintain the scholarship, scholars must submit the application form and required
documents every semester. General weighted average (GWA) for the duration of the
scholarship covered should not be lower than 2.5, with no grade of 5, dropped, unremoved
4, or incomplete, or these grades’ equivalent, and must carry a load of at least 15 units per
semester or its equivalent per trimester.
- For those with violations: 1st offense – probation/warning; 2nd offense – suspension; 3rd
offense – termination from the scholarship.
Table 1. Taguig City’s L.A.N.I. Scholarship Program Types, Intended Beneficiaries, Benefits
Scholarship Type Intended Beneficiaries Benefit per School Year
For those enrolling in or enrolled in the University of the
Philippines System (Luzon Campuses) & other public &
Premier/Specialized private colleges & universities certified by CHED as
P40,000 to P50,000
Schools Centers of Excellence in the NCR (see Table 2). This is
open to graduates of either public or private secondary
Top 10 graduates of public high schools IN Taguig,
Full P40,000 to P50,000
regardless of the schools or courses in college.
Those enrolling in or enrolled in DOST-listed priority
courses in DOST-listed schools (see Table 3.1), or if
persons with disabilities, must be endorsed by the city
Priority Courses and PDAO, or if taking up law or medicine, must be enrolled
P40,000 to P50,000
Skills Training or enrolling in top performing schools as listed by the
program based on the listing of PRC/CHED (see Table
3.2). This is open to graduates of either public or private
secondary schools.
Graduates of public high schools in Taguig or nearby
Basic + SUC/LCU LGUs, who are enrolled or enrolling in an SUC or LCUs in P15,000
the NCR.
Graduate of private school who are enrolled or enrolling
SUC/LCU P10,000
in an SUC or LCUs in the NCR.
Graduate of any public high school in Taguig or nearby
Basic municipalities or cities within the NCR who are not P10,000
enrolled in any SUC or LUC in the NCR.
This is a one-time assistance for residents who have P10,000 for first-time
already graduated, and are preparing for their takers or P5,000 for re-
Review Assistance licensure/board or bar examinations. Complete takers who did not apply
application must be submitted prior to taking the and qualify in their earlier
examination. take/s
This is for those pursuing Masteral or Doctoral Degrees.
They must be government employees, working either in Maximum of P60,000
Leadership and local or national government for at least 3 years, based (depending on units
Educators IN Taguig, and whose performance evaluation is at least enrolled in)
Advancement and very satisfactory.
Development (LEAD) This includes teachers (both public and private schools Thesis/Dissertation Grant
in Taguig). Applicants must not exceed 50 years old. of P40,000
Courses taken must be aligned with their profession.
Note: Please refer to the appropriate Scholarship Application Form for the Checklist of Requirements, as these
may vary depending on the Scholarship Type being applied for.


- For Premier, Full, and Priority Scholars with a semestral weighted average of “1.75” or
higher or its equivalent (must be equivalent to the average of cum laude or higher based
on the applicant’s school standards/handbook). Those who have a different grading system
must attach a copy of relevant portion of their student handbook or other attestation.

Scholarship information and application forms are also available at the Scholarship Secretariat
(Taguig) Facebook account and the City Government’s website: www.taguig.gov.ph. Scholars are
encouraged to check these sites regularly for announcements and updates.
Table 2. CHED Centers of Excellence in the NCR. Schools and Courses included in the Premier
Scholarship, aside from those in the University of the Philippines
1 Asia Pacific College-Makati Information Technology
Business Administration Education
Entrepreneurship Education
Information Technology
2 Ateneo de Manila University-Quezon City
3 Centro Escolar University-Manila Teacher Education
Information Technology
4 De La Salle University-Manila
Teacher Education
5 Philippine Normal University-Manila Teacher Education
6 University of Santo Tomas-Manila Biology
Teacher Education
University of the East – Ramon Magsaysay Mem. Nursing
Med. Center- Quezon City
Table 3.1. List of Priority Courses and Schools for SY 2013-2014 (Based on the List of DOST)
1 Adamson University Chem Eng’g, IE, Com Eng’g, EE, CerE, Mech Eng’g, ECE
2 De La Salle University ME, ChE, ECE, IE, EE, MfgE, CS
3 Don Bosco Technical College ME, ECE, CoE
4 Mapua Institute of Technology ChE, EE, IE, MetE, ECE, MiningE
5 Rizal Tech. University EE
6 TUP-Manila ME, ECE, EE
7 University of the East ME
8 University of Sto Tomas Math, ECE, IE, ChE, EE, Bio Chem, ME

Table 3.2. List of Other Priority Courses and Schools

1 - Aside from those enrolled in UP and UST, those enrolled in Ateneo, PLM,
FEU, UERMMMC, St. Luke’s College of Medicine, or De La Salle*
2 - Enrolled in Ateneo, San Beda College, UP, FEU-DLSU, UST, University of
Law Perpetual Help-Rizal, Arellano University, FEU, PLM, PUP, Lyceum, and San
3 People With - This will be evaluated based on merit and qualifications. All applying for
Disabilities (PWD)/ this should attach photocopy of ID from Persons With Disabilities Office
*All are included in the PRC’s outstanding Colleges of Medicine in the country, September 2012
**All are included in CHED’s top 20 performing schools, 1999-2009