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DA RIOs, PIOs, and AFID staff meet for 1st Semester Consultative cum


The Department of Agriculture (DA)’s Regional Information Officers (RIOs)

from its Regional Offices and Public Information Officers (PIOs) from DA
Bureaus and Attached Agencies/Corporations attended the 1st Semester
Consultative Meeting cum Workshop spearheaded by the Agriculture and
Fisheries Information Division (AFID) of the DA Central Office on June 27-
30, 2018 in Baguio City.

According to AFID Chief Cheryl Suarez, the activity is a great venue for the
information officers of DA to unify efforts in the implementation of
advocacy plans, information campaigns and directives of Secretary Manny
F. Pinol, share communication strategies, as well as best practices and
solutions to some issues arising from different communication activities.

In his message, Head Executive Assistant to the Secretary Ferdinand Pinol

recognized the important role of the information group to the
implementation of department’s programs and services as it serves as a
frontliner, being the first to act, to inform the public of the upcoming, on-
going and the success stories brought about by DA’s interventions to our

As part of the workshop several topics were discussed to retool the

knowledge of the information officers-participants. Among the topics were:
the art of communication; social marketing; and stress and anger

Also, the Halal Program; Pagkain Para sa Masa Program (Urban

Agriculture); and Freedom of Information Directives and Updates were