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Girls Frontline Guide

Discord Server: ​https://discord.gg/5cVT49v

For any questions or suggestions, message on Discord: ​AKay#2784 ​Iorek​#8379
Added new t-dolls: Carcano series patch

This is the all in 1, how to play Girls Frontline guide. This guide gives all ins and outs of the game
and how you should approach the game. Basic information about the game as well as tier lists
and analysis of t-dolls can be found here. Most translation interface can be found in the wiki.

What server do I choose?

Digitalsky and Bilibili are the chinese servers, they get the same events and everything else, with
the difference being that Digitalsky is the original server and doesn't support Paypal like Bilibili.

If you're planning to play on China, then Bilibili is the better choice due to Paypal availability.

The Korean and Taiwanese servers run on Google Play, so they get all of Google's payment
options. They're running old events as of December 2017 to catch up with China. So I
recommend starting in either of these for more chances at past events and limited guns.

The friend system is restricted to each server (and it's relevant) so it's best that you and all your
friends play on the same server.

Digitalsky ​http://gf.ppgame.com/web/pc/index.html
Bilibili ​http://gf.biligame.com/
Korea ​http://www.girlsfrontline.co.kr
Taiwan ​http://gf.txwy.tw
Account Registration/ID Verification:​http://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Guide:Registration
Menu Navigation: ​http://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Guide:Main_Screen
Translated Story: ​https://girlsfrontlineenglish.tumblr.com/directory
T-Doll Information: ​https://gf.fws.tw/db/guns/table_list​ or ​http://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/T-Doll_Index
DPS Tables:

1. Is this game pay to win?
2. Best ways to use diamonds?
Echelons/Teams, ideally 8 so you can have 4 logistics, 2 auto leveling, 2 manual leveling.
After, you can choose more teams, dorms, or rings. In order to auto a map, you must have
all 3 medals.
3. Where is the beginners bonus?
Within the first week, you’ll have an additional banner (HK416) under the flag icon. You’ll
have 7 tabs, each for one day, and you’ll get a reward by clicking the first item of a series of
3. The other two are discounted purchasable items.
4. Who are in the Anti-Rain team?
M4A1, M4 Sopmod II, ST AR-15, M16A1
5. Are the best guns the highest rarity?
No, even some 2* t-dolls are best, however, skill values scale with rarity.
6. How do you get cores?
Scraping t-dolls of 3* or higher rarity
7. Best places to farm cores?
4-3E is everyone’s favorite, boss maps have are decent as well, 7-3E is also supposedly
8. How do I get crafting tickets quickly?
Daily quests, weekly quest, achievements, just keep doing logistics
9. How do t-doll gain and lose affection?
T-doll gain affection by winning fights and only lose it by having a t-doll reach 0 health in
non-boss and simulation battles. They lose 10 for the t-doll that died and 5 to the rest of the
10. How do I move friend teams?
Click on the friend team, 3 buttons pop up. 1st is attack nearby enemies, 2nd standby, 3rd
attack enemy HQ.
11. How do I unlock Large Scale Construction and Fairies Crafting?
30 S ranks/gold medals for Gun LSC and 60 S ranks/gold medals for Fairies. Night battles
are included for the S rank total but not for achievements.
12. What are battle reports and how do I make them?
Refer to the ​Dormitory​ section.
13. Should I rush dummy linking?
Yes, by dummy linking, you increase the xp multiplier you get for every battle, however, it
will cost more bullets and rations per refill.
14. Can special map drops, t-dolls and equipment drop when you auto battle them?

- I get a blackscreen when opening the game.
Reset your internet connection or try a VPN.
- I get the spinning wheel of infinity while logging in.
Keep trying, get a VPN, or come back later.
- The game closes itself mid update/download.
Free up space.

Initial Goals
1. Level up a couple of units so that you can start sending out logistics to get
2. Follow ​Team Goals Step 1
3. Purchase the 5th echelon, if need be, grind a few S ranks if you’re short
4. Continue to send out logistics for crafting tickets (white tickets) so that you
can use them to craft
5. Craft as much as you can while looking for SMGs and ARs initially, later RFs
and HGs
6. Continue to level, craft, do logistics, and buy echelons slots
Team Goals
1. Level up teams to clear story in order to acquire M4A1, M4 Sopmod II, and ST
AR-15 ASAP (Do not scrap the story team, it is one time only)
2. Use and level the “Anti-Rain team” (minus M16A1) with 2 SMGs while you
craft t-dolls worth leveling
You may swap Sopmod for better ARs and try to use optimal SMGs or use budget
3. Get another AR team or a RF team
4. Get an AR team or a RF team (the one you didn’t get from step 3)
5. Get more teams (MG, Nuke, etc.)
6. You’re on your own
Details: M4A1 drops at 2-6, M4 Sopmod II drops at 3-3, ST AR-15 drops at 3-6. Don’t
worry about formations and teams until you get these 3, use whatever to finish 3-6 or
cheese your way with friend teams. Save your cores, don’t go wasting them on girls that
won’t be use later.
Note: Avoid MG/SG teams early, they consume a lot of resources and time

- Rifle (RF)
DPS class. Can equip armor piercing shells to deal with armored enemies with ease,
targets backline first. Low Rate of Fire (RoF), needs RoF buffs to shine. Synergizes well
with Handguns.

- Assault Rifle (AR)

DPS class. Can equip night vision to negate accuracy debuff in night combat. Targets
frontline first and cannot equip armor piercing shells. High RoF but low firepower
compared to RF. Needs firepower and crit buffs to shine. Synergizes well with
Submachine Guns.

- Handgun (HG)
Support class. Some handguns boast very high evasion which makes them able to act as
dodge tanks. Synergizes well with every class in the game except shotguns.

- Submachine Gun (SMG)

Tank class. They have relatively high health pool and evasion but very low accuracy and
firepower. Synergizes well with AR.
- Machine Gun (MG)
DPS class. Can equip armor piercing shells to deal with armored enemies with ease. Low
accuracy but very high burst damage potential. Average clip size is about 14/15 bullets.
Average reload time is 10/11 seconds. Can equip ammo box to increase clip size. Needs
firepower and accuracy buffs to shine, targets the frontline first. Synergizes well with
Handguns and Shotguns. Lategame oriented due to very high resource consumption.

- Shotgun (SG)
Tank class. Boast high health pool and armor but practically no evasion. Can equip armor
plates to further increase their armor and buck shells to deal AoE (Area of Effect) damage.
Synergizes well with Machine Guns. Lategame oriented due to being available only in
Large Scale Construction (LSC).


Handguns have team buffing skills. The rest of the classes either buff themselves or
debuff/damage the enemy.
If there's an arrow pointing down on a skill icon, it most likely means enemy debuff.
If there's an arrow pointing up on a skill icon, it most likely is a buff following the rules
stated above.
If there’s a crescent moon on a skill icon, it means the skill is stronger at night.
Skills can be upgraded in the research section from level 1 to level 10. This consumes
data chips which can be obtained by doing Combat Simulation: Data Sampling.
You should prioritize leveling up your DPS skills first, followed by tank and support.
Tiles and Formation
Each gun has tiles, and in the case of SMG and HG they are very important. Tile buffs are
applied multiplicatively after equipment bonuses.
You should aim to get as many tile buffs on your DPS as you can.
This means that AR and RF should NEVER (unless M16 who can equip armor) be in the
Tiles follow numpad enumeration, so:


Tiles 9, 6 and 3 are only used by shotguns.

Tiles 7 and 1 are used by DPS.
Tile 5 is used by your main tank and tile 8 is used by your offtank or a buffer.
Tile 4 is used by buffers (Ribeyrolles, M4A1, HG) in most cases.
Tile 2 is usually unused due to the way targeting works, if your DPS on tile 7 is exposed
then it will get targeted sometimes. Whereas exposed DPS on tile 1 doesn’t unless fighting
melee enemies.

Taking the above into consideration, your RF/HG and AR/SMG compositions or any
combination of those two should always aim to be in ‘F shape.’

Handguns buff every class

Assault Rifles buff Submachine Guns
Rifles buff Handguns
Submachine Guns buff Assault Rifles
Machine Guns buff Shotguns
Shotguns buff Machine Guns

There can be some exceptions to this rule, for example M4A1 and Ribeyrolles buff ARs
while being ARs themselves. UMP40 buffs SMG while being an SMG.

You can send echelons on logistics to gather resources and contracts.
Contracts are not guaranteed, however.
You can get Great Success in logistics which increases resource gain by 50%. The GS
chance depends on the level of the echelon, the chance caps at 60% on lvl 90~.
Unlocking a story chapter unlocks all of that chapter's logistics and there are 4 logistic
missions per chapter.
Combat Simulation
There are 4 simulation types:
- Enhancement pill (pill sim) Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
- Data sampling (data sim) Monday, Thursday, Saturday
- Experience (exp sim) Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
- Defense Drill - Available everyday
These days are for GMT+7 and under.

They use energy. You get one energy point every 2 hours. You can use up to 12 energy a
day. There are 3 difficulty levels, which cost 1, 2 and 3 energy respectively.

More info ​http://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Combat_Simulation

There are daily and weekly quests, the reset timer is 00:00 GMT+8 for dailies, weeklies
have the same timer but reset on Mondays. (Or Sunday if you're behind GMT+8)
Note that all quests are activated by default, except follow-up quests such as craft 3 dolls,
which will be activated after you complete the craft 1 doll quest.

Translations and rewards here ​http://en.gfwiki.com/wiki/Quests

Crafting is your main source of new, 3/4/5 star guns and equipment as drops are not
reliable due to abysmal drop rates. Crafting is done in the factory menu.

Gun craft requires Doll Production Contracts (AKA white tickets). Equipment craft requires
Equipment Production Contracts. (they look like blueprints).
You can often find recipes listed such as 400/400/91/30 or 4/4/4/2(+30) while the former is
expressed in its total values, the latter is actually 430/430/430/230. And the resources they
represent are Manpower/Ammo/MRE/Parts.

Dummy linking
T-dolls/Guns can be dummy linked at levels 10, 30, 70 and 90. Dummy linking increases
damage output, health and exp gained by 0.5x but also increases resource usage.
Dummy linking requires cores (which can be obtained doing quests and sacrificing 3 star
guns and up), or a duplicate of the gun. You should ALWAYS dummy link.

T-doll/Gun LSC is unlocked by achieving 30 map S ranks.

Equipment LSC is unlocked by achieving 60 map S ranks.

Guns do not gain stats by leveling (except health and armor in the case of shotguns), they
gain stats by being enhanced. To enhance you need to sacrifice fodder (2 star guns) or
use enhancement pills.
Leveling does increase their max stats.

Stat gain differs by class, as a rule of thumb:

HG are good for enhancing evasion and accuracy.
SMG are good for enhancing rate of fire and evasion.
MG are good for enhancing firepower and rate of fire.
RF are good for enhancing firepower and accuracy.
AR are good all rounders.
SG - you don't use SG for enhancing.

Note that there's no progress between stat points, if you sacrifice guns but you don't get a
whole stat point, they will be wasted.

Leveling up skills
You can level up skills in the research menu, leveling up a skill increases its values
(Increases buff/debuff strength, reduces cooldown, increases damage/duration, etc)
You can't use guns while leveling up their skill.
Map Clearing
Conditions for medals:
Gold medal is awarded for S-ranking a map.
Silver medal is awarded for capturing all nodes in a map.
Bronze medal is awarded for clearing a map.

Gold and Silver medal give rewards.

Gold medal gives gems depending on the difficulty: 10 gems for normal and 30 gems for
emergency. Night maps do not give gems.

Apart from S-ranking maps, you can get 30 gems a week by sharing, stacking log ins to
get gems every 7 days, completing achievements or buying them from the shop with $$$.
Sharing is done by going into your profile (your name on the top left corner in the main
screen) and tapping the share button, and then cancel.

Gems. What will you do with your gems?

First you're going to buy 8 echelons, 4 for battle and 4 for logistics.
Then you're going to buy gun slots as you will need them later on.

After that it's on you. You could buy more dormitory rooms to get more batteries, more
equipment slots, or a ring for your waifu, or coins so you can roll the new skin gacha and
regret it later on.
Midnight Battles
Midnight is the third map difficulty.
Midnight battles drop equipment only, although some exceptions may apply. Generally,
the win condition is to kill all enemies in the map before you run out of turns. Turns
remaining are displayed next to the turn counter.
Most of the time, there is no HQ to defend in midnight and you start with one or more
airports, which don't necessarily need to be defended at all costs.

Midnight, however, features two special mechanics, which are vision and an accuracy
debuff (-90% accuracy).
The map is obscured and you can't see what's in nodes next to your echelon unless that
echelon has a handgun or illumine fairy skill active.

Handguns provide +1 node vision at night and they are the only class that can do so, so
they are vital to night maps.
Accuracy debuff can be offset by equipping Night Vision (PEQ) which reduces night
penalty. However, it can only be equipped in ARs (for DPS, anyway). This makes RFs and
MGs poor choices against unarmored enemies (since armored enemies can't dodge) at
night. However, ARs can't equip armor piercing shells, which makes them a poor choice
against armored enemies that night maps tend to feature A LOT.

Midnight chapters are unlocked by completing the next emergency chapter. IE: completing
Emergency chapter 3 unlocks Midnight chapter 2.
Some guns have special equipment that can't be crafted but can be farmed in the last map
of a midnight chapter.

1-4N drops Springfield's ammo.

2-4N drops M1918 BAR's chip.
3-4N drops ST AR-15's black ammo.
4-4N drops MP5's exoskeleton.
5-4N drops Mosin Nagant's chip.
6-4N drops M16A1's armor plate.

Fairies are unlocked and crafted with Equipment LSC after achieving 60 map S-ranks.
Fairies provide strong level-based bonuses to your echelons. Each fairy has a skill, much
like guns. What this skill does and how it is enabled varies on their type, red skill fairies
are applied in combat, have no cooldown and can be used automatically by enabling the
automatic fairy skill trigger. Blue skill fairies need to be used manually, and they usually do
not provide combat buffs with their skill. They usually provide utility, such as Rescue Fairy
increasing the chance for rare drops and Command Fairy increasing base exp gain.
Each fairy skill has a different cost and the skills can be leveled in the same way as gun
skills, but it costs twice as much.
Fairies have talents that have a chance to trigger for extra battle bonuses, these talents
can be changed by calibrating fairies. The trigger chance is increased by strengthening
fairies and strengthening fairies increases their rarity, each gained star adds 20% trigger
chance for talents.
You can increase fairy skill points cap, gain rate and exp gain by upgrading components in
the Fairy Room.
You can find stat bonuses, trigger rates, as well as translations for skills and talents here

The dormitory is where your girls reside and the main way to gain their affection, and
batteries. Affection and battery gain is affected by room comfort and the comfort cap as of
December 2017 is 20k. You can get up to about 14k comfort by having a high level pet (2k
bonus?) and enough furniture to reach 10k comfort. Stacking furniture of the same set will
give you extra comfort, and that is how you reach 20k. If you’re planning to F2P, then your
cap is most likely 14k but pets are not worth it due to batteries being better spent

Furniture and skins are obtained from the procurement gacha and it uses procurement
coins, which can be obtained from daily and weekly quests, achievements, events and
logistic missions.

Batteries are used for upgrading the data, fairy and pet rooms and creating combat
Battery gain per dormitory room is about 60 every 24 hours at 12k comfort. Base gain per
room (0 comfort) seems to be about 40 batteries every 24 hours.
You can pick these batteries up at 11:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00 GMT+8 (Beijing time)
in your room.
Each dormitory room adds 80 batteries to the max capacitor cap.

It is recommended to upgrade the data room as much as you can first, as that is where
combat reports are made and combat reports will be your main source of experience after
you get your first level 100 echelon.


Combat reports
Combat reports are written by Kalina in the data room, they cost 3 batteries and give 3000
experience each. They’re given as gifts in the dormitory room and count as such for event
quests that require you to give X amount of gifts.

Combat reports use ‘global experience’ which is gained in every battle except combat
simulation (unless exp sim). Level 100 dolls gain exp like any regular doll, but most of it
goes towards global experience. They’re your main source of global experience but this
doesn’t mean that dolls under level 100 don’t provide global experience. The amount dolls
contribute is defined by the level of the respective component in the data room. Check the
wiki link above for data room component translation and help.

Leveling Stages
Most Popular Stages: 4-3E, 5-2E, 5-4E, 0-1, 0-2, 0-4, 5-2N, 6-3N
4-3E is a favorite map because it has really easy mobs and good 3* drop rate, it can be
finished in one turn and be corpse dragged.
Early Stages
1-2 Exp penalty above 15.
2-3 Put a HG in the base and main squad on helicopter pad.
2-1E Put a HG in the base and main squad on helicopter pad.
3-3E. Put a HG in the base and main team at the helicopter pad.

Humanoid Maps: nearly all of them

Mechanical Maps: 6-3 first node
Armored Units: 1-4N
Armored Mechanical Units: 5-2N, 6-3N

Crafting Recipes
T-Doll Recipes
Handgun: 130/130/130/130
AR/SMG/RF: 4/4/4/2 +30 (+30 means to all, 430/430/430/230)

(91 and 30 can be switch around as long as they add up to over 120)
Submachine Only: 400/400/91/30
Assault Rifle Only: 91/400/400/30
Rifle Only: 400/91/400/30
Machine Gun and SMG Only: 600/600/100/400
Shotgun: 6000/2000/6000/4000

Equipment Recipes
Optics/Scopes: 10/10/10/10
All Equips: 150/150/150/150
All Equips except Optics/Scopes: 151/151/151/151
Night Vision/PEQ: 100/10/100/10
Suppressor: 50/10/10/10
All Ammo: 10/150/10/50
Exoskeletons: 50/50/50/50
Exoskeleton Type-X only: 50/10/10/50
Body Armor: 10/10/50/50
Ammo Box: 10/10/10/150
Camo: 100/10/100/10
Use Crit Scopes on ARs and RFs, Suppressors on HGs and SMGs, EOT on MGs, ITI and
buckshot on SGs (some exceptions may apply)
All the equipment have the same innate stats, rarity are just scaling, you can maximize an
item's stats at ​Research​ by power up and calibration

Fairy Information

Fairy Recipes
Warrior, Fury, Armor, Shield, Taunt, Sniper, Bombard, Air Raid, Command, Rescue,
Illumine Fairies: 500/500/500/500
Defence, Reinforcement, Airborne: 2000/500/2000/1000
Mine, Rocket, Work: 500/2000/2000/1000

T-doll Information: ​https://gf.fws.tw/db/guns/table_list​ Use this as you read the info

Tier List

IMPORTANT: (This is not strictly who’s better, this is a rough outline)

Handguns​-Used for buffing other guns, can tank decently well
A Tier: Welrod MkII, M950A (Calico), Grizzly MkV, Five-seveN, Mk23, PPK, SPP-1,
Spitfire, Stechkin, Colt Revolver, Contender, Thunder.50
B Tier: Kiana Kaslana, Theresa Apocalypse, CZ75, Makarov, Type 59, M1911 mod 2

Submachine Guns​-Tanking, buffing ARs

A Tier (Tanking): RO635, UMP45, UMP9, Type 64 mod 2
A Tier (Offtank): SR3MP, Vector, Honey Badger
B Tier (Offtank): Skorpion
B Tier: G36C, Suomi, Thompson, Type 79, MP5 (with exo), MP7
C Tier: Mac-10, PPS-43

Assault Rifles​-Damage dealers

S Tier (Damage): ST AR-15 mod 3

A Tier (Damage): AN-94, K2, G11, G41, OTs-14(night), Zas M21, ST AR-15, AK-12,
M4A1 mod 1, 9A-91 (night)
A Tier (Buffs): Ribeyrolles, M4A1
B Tier: T91(night), Type 95, Type 97, M4 Sopmod II, TAR-21, HK416, T65 (night),
ART556, FAL, CZ2000 (night, possibly A tier), RFB, G36 (possibly A tier)
C Tier: Type 56-1 (with special equip), FNC
Other: M16A1, Murata Himeko
Note: Ribeyrolles and M4A1 are the only ARs that buff other ARs, use them in 3 AR teams

Rifles​-Damage dealers
A Tier (General use): WA2000, SVD, Lee-Enfield, T-5000, M14, G28, FN49 mod 3
A Tier (Hydra hunt): Carcano M1938, IWS-2000, Lee Enfield, G28
A Tier (Boss killing): DSR-50, NTW-20, M99
B Tier (General use): BM59, Springfield (with special equip)
C Tier: Mosin-Nagant (with special equip), M1 Garand, SV-98, XM3 (night), G43 (night),

Machine Guns​-Burst damage, has reload time

A Tier:​ ​PKP, MG5, PK, M2HB
B Tier:​ ​Negev, MG4, Mk48, M1918 BAR, M1919A4, LWMMG, Type 80

Shotguns​-Tanking, buff MGs

A Tier:​ ​M37 (Ithaca), Seele Vollerei, Saiga-12, S.A.T.8, USAS-12
B Tier (buff tiles): KSG, Elphelt, Type 97 Shotgun, M590, NS2000, M500
B Tier (damage): RMB, M1887, SPAS-12

Budget Units​ (2* and 3*)

Makarov, Astra Revolver, PPK, Bren Tren (Type 59 is a campaign drop), M1911
Sadly most HGs are 4* and 5*

Submachine Guns
Skorpion, PPS-43, Mac-10, Sten MkII, Beretta 38, Type 64

Assault Rifles
FNC, ARX-160, OTs-12

M14, M1 Garand, SV-98, G43, BM59, SKS

Since you will not be using MGs and SGs early, as is consumes too much resource, there
will not be a budget list for them

Safe T-Dolls to Scrap

^=if you don’t need her
~=if you don’t have their special equip
‘=if you don’t plan on investing/using her
Handguns​: C96, P08, P99, Type 92, Astra Revolver^, M9, Tokarev, P7

Submachine Guns​: Sten MkII, Micro-Uzi, Mac-10^, Z-62, PPS-43^, Shipka, MP5’, PP-90

Assault Rifles​: STG44, OTs-12^, ARX-160^, AK-47~, FNC^, Type 56-1~, FAMAS,

Rifles​: SV-98^, Hanyang Type 88, OTs-44, M1 Garand^, Mosin Nagant’, Springfield’,
PTRD, Kar98’

Machine Guns​: Bren, Ameli, MG3, M60’

Shotguns​: KS-23, Super-Shorty

Note: You don’t necessarily have to scrap them, as SGs are hard to come by. They may
find use.

In Depth Analysis of Tier List

Welrod MkII​: RoF and damage tile buffs and great orientation, strong skill (decrease
accuracy of enemies=more dodge), can tank a lot with good dodge, good in tons of teams
M950A (Calico)​: RoF and Accuracy tile buffs for RF team with slightly awkward
orientation, amazing skill for Rifles (RoF up)
Grizzly MkV​: Damage and dodge tile buffs with awkward orientation, has a damage skill,
can be used in RF and MG teams
Five-seveN​: Good RoF and Crit tile buffs for RF teams, RoF and Crit skill for RF teams
Mk23​: Strongest damage buffer for MGs with great orientation, damage skill with bonus at
SPP-1​: Accuracy and damage buff (mostly accuracy), enemy evasion decrease skill, great
for night or MGs
Spitfire​: Best damage and accuracy tiles for 2 MG 2 SG team, enemy RoF decrease skill
Stechkin​: RoF and damage skill for RF teams, RoF skill for RF teams
PPK​: RoF and crit tiles with good orientation for RF team, damage and crit skill, 2nd
highest dodge for HGs
Kiana Kaslana​: Decent tile orientation with decent damage and tile buffs, her skill can be
more viable if her crowd control has more uses
Theresa Apocalypse​: RoF and Accuracy tile buffs, consistent skill for damage, initial
cooldown of 1 second is near instant, Theresa can fit well in RF and potentially other
teams because of her skill
Contender​: Best tiles in the game both buff and orientation (damage and crit), skill is
mostly useful for boss battles, great for MG teams.
Thunder.50: ​12x damage nuke on her skill, can be used in the same way as CZ75. Great
tiles for 2 MG squads make her a very good option as a Contender/MK23 replacement.
CZ75​: Damage and RoF tiles with tomahawk skill, used in 5 HG team
Colt Revolver​: Accuracy and damage tiles, damage skill, used in MG and RF teams
Makarov​: Nearly identical to Welrod with less scaling on tiles and skills
Type 59​: Holds same niche as SPP-1, damage and accuracy tiles with enemy dodge
down skill

Submachine Guns
SR-3MP​: Insane damage skill, great crit and RoF tiles and orientation, another damage
dealer not the main tank, has low base accuracy, must buff with accuracy to efficiently use
Honey Badger​: Damage skill not as strong as SR-3MP but can take a hit due to extra
evasion. Most of her value lies in her great tiles.
G36C​: Good damage and RoF tiles and orientation, good invulnerability skill
RO635​: Good RoF and accuracy tiles and orientation, great enemy damage down and self
dodge skill
UMP45​: Amazing damage and crit tiles, good smoke grenade skill (enemy RoF and
movement speed decrease), high dodge, even higher dodge with special equip but still
good without it
UMP9​: Good RoF and accuracy tiles and orientation, stun grenade (only unusable at
bosses), high dodge, even higher dodge with special equip but still good without it
VECTOR​: Good single target RoF tile, best molotov skill, niche use as clearing scouts
Suomi​: Good RoF and accuracy tiles with awkward/bad orientation, good dodge skill but
long start up cooldown, can be good in a team with good backline clearing
Type 79​: Good damage tiles with awkward/bad orientation, stun grenade skill, can be
good in a team with good backline clearing
MP5​: Decent crit and accuracy tiles with awkward/bad orientation, invincibility skill, bad
health and dodge but is somewhat usable with her exo
Skorpion​: Good single target RoF and accuracy tile, molotov skill, 2nd highest dodge,
niche use as clearing scouts, good unit to use in a farming team with G11
Thompson​: bad tiles and awkward/bad orientation, invincibility skill, highest health SMG,
can be used to tank bosses as a budget replacement for G36C
Mac-10, PPSH-43​: Tiles are good enough to use early game

Assault Rifles
Generally, these guns are usually solely based on dps tables: how much damage they do

AN-94​: Amazing passive with a great active that is essentially a 100% damage buff, initial
CD is the same as G11, but the duration is 5 seconds with 8 seconds CD, will outdo G11
in long battles, the passive also means she will be dishing out very good damage from the
get go. Currently the best AR against unarmored.
AK-12​: Great tiles that will buff your offtank SMG even from tile 1. 6s CD is a bit subpar,
but her skill is very strong in the sense that she’s consistently dishing out high damage
numbers, 5 / 8s like AN-94, great base stats.
K2​: Her skill is essentially a 56% damage buff passive, which means she will be doing a
lot of damage right from the start. However, since her damage is divided into 3 ticks, she’s
hard countered by armored enemies, do not try. You can get away with some RoF buffs
on her, but prioritize damage and crit. Mediocre at boss fights.
M4A1​ mod 2: Her skill has the same values as G41 but with better stats to go with it,
second skill can be used to kill high armor enemies, like IWS.
ST AR-15​ mod 3: With her new chibi animations, AR15’s effective rof cap is 116,
compared to AR’s 108, which means she will be doing a lot more damage than she
should, gets 10% extra damage on her skill, when attacking targets marked by M4A1 mod
2, the damage is increased to 20% instead, yet another special equipment that buffs her
dps by a decent amount, everything adds up.
G11​: Once considered the best AR in the game but is starting to fall out of flavor due to
AN-94 and long initial CD. 3x bullets skill is essentially a 200% damage buff, still really
good at night against unarmored enemies.
G41​: 4th strongest daytime damage skill in the game, still really good at night, accuracy
buff can help in a SR-3MP team. Currently the second strongest anti-armor AR after night
OTs-14​: Strongest night time damage buff in the game while during the day only lagging
5% damage behind G41’s skill. Strongest accuracy tile buff, can be used in SR-3MP team.
ART556​: Strongest damage skill with an additional RoF but with low skill length and high
initial CD, best compared to TAR-21 in term of unit similarity but just below in power level
to G41 due to the low skill length.
RFB​: Really strong skill, 80% damage, 40% accuracy with focus backline. Focus backline
is great because it targets the dps units first instead of normally the front tanks. However,
6s CD and low RoF hurt her too much.
FAL​: Strongest grenade t-doll, having 3 grenades launch instead of just 1 increases the
average damage because more chances of landing it on a grouped/high health targets.
9A-91​: 4* version of OTs-14 but with the addition of a special equip, powerful addition to
night, however she can edge out OTs-14 in damage during the day.
ST AR-15​: Highest damage before skills, 45% RoF skill still really good.
Ribeyrolles​: 1 of 2 ARs that buff other ARs, 20% damage tiles with a powerful skill: Buff all
guns in her affected tiles (includes all other classes) by 25% damage, accuracy, RoF
M4A1​: 1 of 2 ARs that buff other ARs, 18% damage and 30% crit tiles, one of the few crit
tile buffs
T91​: Decently good daytime skill but is most effective during night, crit buff is generally
wasted as you would usually have 88% crit with 1 30% crit tile buff and max VPL scope
Type 95​: Quickest initial skill cooldown of 2 seconds because of it, getting the 50%
damage skill is good if you plan on killing at units before your other t-dolls activate their
Type 97​: Same as Type 95, 2 second cooldown but her skill is slightly worse at RoF
M4 SOPMOD II​: Strong stats, highest damage grenade unit before skill
TAR-21​: 4* version of ART556, quick burst of damage with skill
HK416​: 5* stats good enough to use, strongest single grenade skill, 40% damage tile buff
can be paired with a molotov SMG
T65​: Budget night unit, replaces a lot of ARs that don’t have night skills
G36​:70% damage skill with somewhat decent stats
Type 56-1​: Only really usable with special equip, not so great stats with a grenade skill
FNC​: 60% damage skill
M16A1​: Can equip armor and has a special equipment exo for more tanking abilities. She
is used specifically for corpse dragging.
Murata Himeko​: Bad stats, her skill is useful but only affects 3 targets, used to slow down
enemies and to quickly weed out targets at the start
Zas M21​: Quickest nade wind-up, pretty good at dismantling the frontline in very quick
succession, can also corpse drag at lvl 60 without dummy links in 6-3N.

WA2000​: strongest RoF buff skill, highest damage to mobs
SVD​: 2nd strongest RoF buff skill, only lags behind WA2000 and Lee-Enfield in overall
damage, however Lee-Enfield does not have a RoF skill and can overkill units while SVD
can quickly kill many units better
Lee-Enfield​: 2nd highest mob damage with damage buff skill, better at killing a couple
units than many units, can be paired with IWS to make a very strong Hydra hunt squad
that doesn’t struggle against other mobs.
T-5000​: RoF and accuracy buff skill, on par in terms of damage with M14, accuracy buff
helps a bit during night
M14​: 3* version of Lee-Enfield however her base RoF is ridiculously high and can
sometimes out dps her predecessor
DSR-50​: Strongest damage skill to armored units, used to one-shot bosses
NTW-20​: Strongest damage skill to non-armored units, 2nd strongest skill to armored
units, used to one-shot bosses
M99​: 2nd strongest damage skill to non-armored, 3rd strongest skill to armored units, the
worst out of the 3 but will be used as a replacement to DSR-50 (she’s an exclusive unit)
IWS 2000​: Strongest damage buff skill, however it lowers RoF, best used to kill Hydras.
Carcano M1938​: Does 45x damage to non boss/elite mobs, currently best used to kill
G28​: 4* version of Lee-Enfield
XM3​: Great night RoF skill, except it’s 8s initial CD. Still subpar to WA2000 and SVD.
G43​: mediocre RoF skill during the day, but the second highest RoF skill during the night
Springfield​: Highest damage before skills but damage skill, generally just a semi-decent
gun with her special equip, has application in easy chip sim.
Mosin-Nagant​: same as Springfield except a bit worse
M1 Garand and SV-98​: Good enough stats to be used early

Machine Guns
PKP​: Although it seems to have an RNG skill (20% chance to shoot an additional bullet
dealing 1.5x damage), it’s consistent enough to be one of the best MGs in the game
MG5​: Passive skill of every 4th bullet dealing 3x damage, passive skills are generally the
best in the game with exception to boss specific MGs. Passive skills do not have to wait till
the 2nd volley to take effect and usually by the 2nd volley most units are dead so you
won’t get the full value of the activated skill
PK​: 4* version of MG5
M2HB​: 3* version MG5
Negev​:Used primarily for long boss battles where she gets to effectively use her passive,
50% damage buff per reload lasting 25s, can stack. Also to note, she has one of the best
tiles granting 20% armor to SGs.
MG4​: Solid MG with decent activate skill, 35% damage +4 rounds.
Mk48​:Shortest activate skill cooldown (3 seconds) and can be used during the 1st volley.
Basically a pseudo passive skill.
M1918​: Strong activate skill (70% damage) and has a farmable special equipment. Very
good when you need a comp to burst something down in a specific volley, like 10-6 Judge.
M1919A4​: 3* version of Mk48
LWMMG​: 2* version of Mk48
Type 80​: Same skill as M1918 BAR, but without armor tiles and uglier makes her a worse

Shotguns (Use what you can get really)

M37 (Ithaca)​:Best general use SG, strongest damage skill in the game with good tiles.
Seele Vollerei​: Good Damage and Accuracy tiles and has great damage with her skill, she
never has to reload and every 5th shot deals extra damage
Saiga-12​: One of the best tiles for 3 MG team, damage dealing skill.
S.A.T.8​: One of the best tiles for 3 MG team, great general purpose defensive skill of
gaining a small hit shield.
KSG​: Best used in boss battles that will gain the value of her defensive skill of increase
armor and evasion, has pretty good tiles.
Elphelt​: Worse version of Ithaca but still good, less damage skill with good tiles.
Type 97 Shotgun​: Great tiles for 3 MG team but bad skill.
M590​: Great 2 SG team tiles with defensive skill.
NS2000​: Great 2 SG team tiles with offensive skill.
M500​: 3* version of M590.
RMB​: 3* version of Ithaca but tiles dictate for a 2 SG team.
M1887​: Decent damage skill but only single tile MG buff.
USAS-12​: Great damaging skill but only single tile MG buff, great against Judge and Garm
with SLUG ammo.
SPAS-12​: Strong damage skill but awkward tile orientation.

Bad T-Dolls or Out of Meta T-Dolls Analysis

Only includes 4*s and 5*s
Noel​: Good RoF buff but dodge buff and damage skill are worthless, does not contribute
any team buffs for damage and her skill damage is completely worthless if it hits a dying
enemy, unlikely to see any meta
Kiana Kaslana​: Similar buffs to Grizzly, however her skill is not up to par. Increase
damage to enemies is good, but it only affects 3 enemies. May see use in the future if the
imobility crowd control comes into favor
NZ75​: Awkward tile orientation, similar buffs to Grizzly but has lower damage and more
dodge, her skill is unpractical in most comps as reduce enemy attack speed doesn’t really
help kill the enemy nor does wanting to reduce the damage taken as optimally, you’ll want
to not take damage at all. The best use of reduce enemy attack speed is for SGs since
they have the armor for flat reduced, however, her tiles are subpar on MGs
P7​: Has good RoF buff but dodge buff and dodge skill are worthless, does not contribute
any additional damage outside of the RoF, highly unlikely to come into any meta

Submachine Guns
Shipka​: Decent tile orientation with RoF buff but dodge buff and dodge skill. Dodge is bad
since she has low base health to begin with. Unlikely to see any meta
MP5​: Decent tile orientation with great crit buff and decent accuracy buff with invincibility
skill. Not particularly great nor terrible. Can be used as a budget unit but more useful as 3
cores. Unlikely to see any meta because there are superior SMGs to her.
PP-90​: Decent tile orientation with near useless tile buffs. Has dodge skill but her health is
one of the worst. Unlikely to see any meta.

Assault Rifles
Type 56-1​: Bad stats, nade skill. Has plenty of superior t-dolls above her.
FAMAS​: Same as above.
AS-VAL​: Weak stats, night skill is good but her stats hinder her, can be used as a budget
night unit but don’t feel bad for scraping her

Mosin Nagant​: With her special equip, she has high base damage. However, this does not
compensate for her skill (5.5x damage to furest target) as it is not useful for mob clearing.
Is nichely used for easy chip sim. She is outclassed by in both single target and mob
clearing but can still be used for both.
Springfield​: Same as above.
PTRD​: A nuke rifle but M99 and NTW-20 out class her. Can be used for as a budget unit
but since you’ll only make one nuke team, you’ll want to pick up the 5*s instead of wasting
time on leveling her.
Kar98​: Bad skill, double shots delayed and is only nichely used for mob clearing.
Outclassed in mob clearing nearly all of the time as buffs are just better to kill enemies.
Carcano M1891​: Cool RF buffer but the numbers are much too weak

Machine Guns and Shotguns

MGs are solely based on their stats but more importantly their skill, night MGs are used
per preference
SGs are mostly determined by tile buffs and sometimes by their damage

Usage of T-Dolls
Uses Handgun
General Mob Clearing Theresa Apocalypse, Welrod MkII, M950A, Grizzly MkV,
Five-seveN, Mk23, SPP-1, PPK, Stechkin, Spitfire, Colt
Revolver, Makarov, Type 59, Thunder.50

Bosses Contender, Theresa Apocalypse, Welrod MkII, Grizzly MkV,

Mk23, Colt Revolver, Thunder.50

Nighttime Usage Mk23, SPP-1, Type 59

Other Specific Uses CZ75, Thunder.50 (5 HG team)

Uses Submachine Gun

Tanking/Buffing G36C, RO635, UMP45, UMP9, Vector, Suomi, Type 79,

MP5 (with exo), Skorpion, Thompson, Honey Badger

Bosses RO635, G36C, Thompson

Scout Killers Vector, Skorpion, KLIN, PPS-43

Other Specific Uses SR-3MP, Honey Badger, Vector (off tank damage dealer)

Uses Assault Rifle

General Mob Clearing G11, G41, OTs-14, ART556, RFB, FAL, M4A1, ST AR-15,
TAR-21, Type 95, Type 97, Type 91, HK416, M4 Sopmod II,
G36, Type 56-1 (with special equip), FNC, K2, AN-94, AK-12

Nighttime Bonus OTs-14, 9A-91, Type 91, T65

Scout Killers FAL, M4 Sopmod II, HK416, Zas M21

Other Specific Uses Ribeyrolles (AR buffer), M4A1 (AR buffer), M16A1 (hybrid
tank), Zas M21 (6-3N corpse dragging)

Uses Rifle

General Mob Clearing WA2000, SVD, Lee-Enfield, G28, M14, T-5000, G43,
Springfield, Mosin-Nagant, M1 Garand, SV-98, XM3

Bosses DSR-50, NTW-20, M99, IWS 2000

Nighttime Bonus G43, Type 81 Carbine, XM3

Other Specific Uses Springfield and Mosin-Nagant (easy chip sim)

Uses Machine Gun

General Mob Clearing PKP, MG5, PK, M2HB, Negev, MG4, Mk48, M1918 BAR,
AEK-999, M1919A4, LWWMG, Type 80

Bosses Negev, MG4, M1918 BAR, Type 80.

Nighttime Bonus AEK-99, M60

Other Specific Uses

Uses Shotgun

Damage M37, Seele Vollerei, RMB-93, M1887, Saiga-12, Elphelt,

M1897, USAS-12

Tanking/Buffing KSG, S.A.T.8, Type 97 Shotgun, M590, NS2000, M500

Bosses KSG, M590, Elphelt, S.A.T.8, USAS-12

Other Specific Uses

Fairy Analysis
Yae Sakura​: Good damage and crit damage buff, decent damage with skill (comparable to
air raid), decent skill but good buffs
Kaguya​: Decent crit damage and accuracy buff, skill does % damage to 3 nodes (20% or ⅕
of a team at lvl 10), situationally good for smaller maps
Chloe​: Semi-decent damage and accuracy buff, skill is useful for tanking damage while
dealing a little bit of damage as well, the tanking aspect is the most important part of her
Warrior​: Good damage and accuracy buff with a damage and RoF buff skill, realistically
the best stat buff due to being cheap to construct and having most of it as a skill. (not
gated by rarity)
Fury​: Crit damage buff and small damage buff with a accuracy and crit buff skill, mostly
useless as accuracy and crit (assuming already 88% crit buff) are the worst buffs
Armor​: Armor, crit, damage buff with armor up skill, specifically used for MG teams, decent
fairy for MG teams.
Shield​: Damage, accuracy, big dodge buff with a shield given to all units when the battle
starts. Best utilized when the battle is short and trying to remove the small initial damage
which requires repairs, which is usually just normal battles. Only gives shields to SMGs.
Defense​: Damage, evasion, armor buff, skill reduces damage taken. Generally the worst
defense option for fairies while also requiring the most fairy points.
Taunt​: Damage, accuracy, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with a tank dummy skill. Can
be used in any team, buffs are good and the dummy can tank the damage long enough to
kill everything (normal battles).
Sniper​: Accuracy, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with straight damage skill. Used in
single target battles, but not really worth it to invest in.
Bombard​: Strongest firepower buff in stats, decent skill, great for MG and AR teams.
Air Raid​: Damage, accuracy, evasion, armor buff with really fast damage to all enemies
skill. Used to corpse drag because it does enough damage (even at lvl 1) to kill all doggos
(swarm). Skill is very worth leveling.
Reinforcement​: Damage, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with skill that gives a temporary
dummy to a the most damaged t-doll. Applicable to long missions
Airborne​: Decent buffs, but being expensive and rare to craft means you won’t be getting
as much out of them as you would expect to, so she’s mostly used for her great utility skill.
Mine​: Damage, accuracy, evasion buff with skill planting a bomb on an empty node. Not
very useful as it would require the enemy to run over it while only damaging at most 50%
of the enemies overall hp. Completely useless for bosses, you would want to run
something more useful instead of this fairy.
Rocket​: Accuracy, armor, crit damage buff with skill deploying a mortar on an empty node.
Bad for the same reason as mine, requiring enemy to move into range while not instantly
killing them.
Work​: Damage, accuracy, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with skill that puts down a
bunker that inhibits enemy movement while echelons on that bunker gain buffs. Primarily
used to direct enemy boss movement but is situational considering that their movements
are all rng and that some bosses don’t move at all.
Command​: Damage, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with skill boosting xp for one battle.
Great for leveling, being cheap to craft paired with her good stat buffs means she’s pretty
decent even without a battle skill.
Rescue​: Damage, accuracy, evasion buff, great at night boss battles, cheap to craft and
common, very good stat buffer for AR SMG teams. Her skill is, well, your call.
Illumine​: Accuracy, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with skill increasing night vision range
by 2 nodes with accuracy buff. Useful for big night maps. You get one extra node at SL3
and the second one at SL10. If you plan on investing, go all the way.
Golden​: Damage, accuracy, evasion, armor, crit damage buff with skill turning your bullets
to gold (no actual benefit). Only used for it’s buffs and bragging rights.

Note: Keep an eye out on t-dolls that have RoF skills when buffing them, the RoF cap is
Handguns​: Hard to buff these units as they can only buff each other or have RFs buff their
cooldown timers, really not important to try and maximize buffs on these, just keep their
dodge powered up and their dodge equipment powerup as well.

Submachine Guns​: Try and pair up buffs that increase dodge, all other buffs are irrelevant
for units just there to buff ARs and to tank damage. Units with molotovs or other damage
effects should be also take advantage of damage buffs. It is more important to buff
damage dealers rather than to buff SMGs as they are just tanks.

Assault Rifles​: Try to maximize all buffs as these are your damage dealers. Prefer damage
and RoF buffs rather than accuracy (unless specifically for night). One crit buff of 30% is
enough to get 88% crit with a max VPL scope, don’t waste crit buffs by stacking more than

Rifles​: Maximize all RoF buffs as possible, the trend in RFs is that high RoF is always
better as they usually will overkill units with their damage, do not try to use more than 2
RoF buffers as the units will most likely hit RoF cap. Nuke RFs meant to kill bosses want
buffs that boost damage, RoF is unnecessary to focus as there is only 1 unit to kill.

Machine Guns​: Damage and accuracy buffs are the most important for these units. They
generally have bad accuracy and RoF is useless on MGs. MGs have a fixed 3 shots per
second and RoF only affects reload speed, however it is calculated as 4 second reload +
200/RoF seconds. RoF buffs make a really negligible difference.

Shotguns​: SGs likes all buffs but you don’t really have a variety of MGs to choose from.
Just try to do your best getting buffs to connect.
Team Formations
Important: Never put units on the very frontline unless they are SGs, you just get less time
to shoot them and more time taking damage if you put them there. Always default to F
shape formation, some boss battles require you to move your units to different spots
DURING the battle, not before.
3 AR, 2 SMG
Use an AR buffer like M4A1 or Ribey, use SMGs that have good tiles buffs (one with at
least 3 tiles), use only 1 crit buff, it is enough to get 88% crit with max VPL scope, you can
stack crit buffs only if you don’t have leveled crit scopes on your t-dolls but there is limited
amounts of tile crit buffs, so space them out over several teams

2 RF, 3 HG
2 sustain damage RF's (RoF and Damage Up skills) in the back corners, at least 2 RoF
buffing HGs, preferred HGs: Calico, PPK, Five-seveN, Grizzly, Stechkin, Welrod,
Makarov, Colt

(2 MG, 2 HG, 1 SG) or (3 MG, 1 HG, 1 SG) or (2 MG, 1 HG, 2 SG), preferred HGs: ​Mk23​,
SPP, Spitfire, Colt, Grizzly

Welrod/Makarov, 1 SMG, 2 ARs, 1 RF
SR-3MP (with EOT sight), Welrod, OTs-14/ART556/G41, G11, choice of gun

DSR/NTW/M99 (choose 2), 2 damage up HGs, Welrod or Makarov or Tommy

IWS, 3 RoF HG buffers, Lee Enfield (or another RoF HG)

Some maps may require specific teams

Nighttime Formations
Nighttime battles have an inherit 90% accuracy debuff, use PEQ/Night Vision on ARs
SPP-1 and Type 59 can swap in for increase accuracy/decrease enemy dodge

Hybrid/General Use
Welrod/Makarov, 1 SMG, 2 AR, 1 RF
The team can pretty much kill whatever it wants, will get stopped at certain bosses though

3 AR, 2 SMG
Preferably 9A-91, OTs-14, RFB Type 91 and/or Ribeyrolles but all other ARs are still
usable, 2 SMGs (tanks)

2 RF, 3 HG
Same as daytime, try and use G43 and/or Type 81 Carbine if you have them (SPP-1 and
Type 59 are easy to swap in here)

2 MG, 2 HG, 1 SG
Preferably AEK-99, M60 mixed in, stick to the PKP, MG5, PK, M2HB. Handguns ​MUST
include either SPP-1 or Type 59

Corpse Dragging
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zvrbOEd5Vg​ for reference

1. Have 2 high leveled (x5 dummy link preferred) ARs (or MGs)
2. Put 4 fodders (units that will just gain the xp) into a team and put in one of the ARs
3. Run a map that requires a single unit to hold base and the other team clearing in 1
4. Put the other AR in the single unit
5. Refill only the AR in the single unit (you should have auto resupply disabled)
6. Swap ARs in the teams
7. Clear the map with the only refilled AR and 4 fodders (you will have to retreat
fodder in order to give enough time for the AR to kill everything)
8. Repeat from step 5
9. Profit
Air Raid Fairy Corpse Dragging
5-2N or 6-3N and only attack the armored doggos, exit and repeat